Furious Perez demands action on Maldonado

2012 British Grand Prix

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Silverstone, 2012Sergio Perez had harsh words for Pastor Maldonado after retiring in a collision with the Williams driver in the British Grand Prix.

Perez was trying to pass Maldonado on the outside of Brooklands on lap 11 when the pair made contact.

Speaking to the BBC afterwards, Perez called on the FIA to take action against Maldonado: “Pastor is a driver who doesn’t respect other drivers. It’s just a matter of fact.

“I was already in front, and if not he should have given me enough space not to crash, but he tried to push me all the way to the outside. I don’t understand the way he is driving.

“I really hope the stewards can make something because the last three or four races he has done something.

“It is not the first time he has damaged my weekend. He did the same in Valencia, and they gave him a drive-through, which I think is not enough.

“This guy will never learn if they don’t do something, because he is a very dangerous driver and he can hurt someone.”

Maldonado collided with Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the European Grand Prix.

Afterwards Maldonado said: “It was a very disappointing moment because the race was going well for us.”

Describing the incident he said: “The corner was mine. Sergio was on the outside of the corner trying to take the position from me. I tried to defend and on the entry I lost the rear of the car, I think on cold tyres.”

Update: Maldonado handed reprimand and fine

2012 British Grand Prix

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136 comments on Furious Perez demands action on Maldonado

  1. HoHum (@hohum) said on 8th July 2012, 16:37

    My suggestion: 10 grid place penalty.

  2. Nick.UK (@) said on 8th July 2012, 16:37

    F1 Fanatic does not need new debates on Maldonado, surely we can just re-read last weeks arguments…

  3. charles (@charles) said on 8th July 2012, 16:41

    strip him of hes super license
    if people don’t let him through or over take him he takes them out
    spa 2011(quail)- Monaco 2011 + 2012 – Valencia and many more

  4. James_mc (@james_mc) said on 8th July 2012, 16:42

    Unfortunately for him it’s not just other drivers’ races he’s ruining, he’s jeopardising his own positions too!

    • Nick.UK (@) said on 8th July 2012, 16:46

      Who cares if he is ruining his own races, that’s his problem. It is the team we should worry for, he is destroying Williams hopes for the season. They could finish as high as 5th if the drivers would get it together! If Force India and Torro Rosso move forward and they drop back to 9th it would be such a tragedy. To have made such a staggering comeback and not have to results to prove it; all because their drivers can’t perform at the level the sport requires.

  5. DT (@dt) said on 8th July 2012, 16:45

    i honestly can’t believe some of the comments on here. Pastor is a dangerous driver and needs to be dealt with. Today was more of a racing incident but he contributed to it. if you push your car too much is such situations, an accident is inevitable. He’s also been seen to make deliberate moves on other drivers causing accidents. The fact that other drivers and commentators are concerned about him speaks volumes

  6. Carlo said on 8th July 2012, 16:49

    I wouldnt call MAL’s aggressiveness and abusive maneuvers a “style of driving” but a rather stupid way to try to defend his position because in the end, he’s screwing up himself too as he is not achieving anything. I call his stuke “lack of respect to other drivers, lack of brain, and and unfruitful aggressive way to drive that puts orhers not only in danger of leaving the race early, but risking their life” and an if he doesn’t get severally penalized after this, to me the sport will lose more credibility.

  7. W-K (@w-k) said on 8th July 2012, 17:04

    Certainly Maldando needs to be calmed down, and a ban for a race or two might have some effect. But somehow I doubt it, his career before F1 was quite often full of incidents, including a 9 race ban for hitting a marshal at Monaco. And in the 2008 Silverstone GP2 race, he stalled on the dummy grid, picked up a penalty for speeding in the pitlane as he joined the race, another penalty for passing under yellow flags, and crashed into Adrián Vallés and Kamui Kobayashi on the final lap. I personally don’t consider him suitable for F1.

  8. MahavirShah (@mahavirshah) said on 8th July 2012, 17:09

    I think there is a serious question over Maldonado’s attitude towards other drivers. I would not be questioning it if Spa and Monaco had not happened. I see such a difference between Kobayashi ( who early on would try similar overtaking moves) and Pastor now. I think there is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed. Maybe not by the FIA, but by Williams. In the end Williams loses the most with a decent driver who has been in huge scoring positions, giving it away through amateurish racing.

  9. Nikolai said on 8th July 2012, 17:13

    Maldonado’s collision with Perez by all means could appear to be a racing incident from a first glance but if you watch the replay a number of times in slow motion from both BBC camera angles (corner entry and exit) Maldonado can be seen muscling his way into the apex and forcing the Williams rear end into the Sauber and off the track the moment he realizes Perez was about to take the position on the outside of the turn. The replay shows just how ‘much’ force he hit Perez with. Not too hard, but plenty hard enough to nudge him off and continue himself.

    If you’ve ever raced in karting this ‘deliberate’ and intentional form of cheating can easily be made to appear as ‘unintentionally’ running wide and forcing the overtaking outside car off the track whilst using the opponents car as a barrier. Perez knows this, he wasn’t angry, he was genuinely shocked and appalled at his driving once again.

    Maldonado’s stunt at Silverstone may not have been as obvious this time as his other deliberate vengeance attacks earlier in the season but it can be seen as a clear defensive attack if you’re willing to watch the replay a few times.

  10. Tete said on 8th July 2012, 17:17

    He needs a ban or suspension from at least one race. He has been penilized 5 times this season in the 9 races so far. He needs to be take out for a race, he needs to learn and I ‘m afraid that he might get injured or killed someone if he is not penilized the way he should be.

  11. Polishboy808 (@polishboy808) said on 8th July 2012, 17:30

    I don’t get why people are blaming Maldonado this time. The fact is that it was a racing incident. It could have been avoided in two way; either Maldonado would let off and let him go, or Perez would give him a little more room. Some people say that Maldonado still had plenty of room on the inside, but the fact is that that corner was a late apex left hander, where they keep off the kerb all the way until a little kink in the track to the left, just before they turn right. At that point, the drivers try to get their car to point at that kerb, and the best way to do that is to keep a line that can be considered less than optimal in other circumstances. To say that he had plenty of room to the inside is insane. Sergio had already squeezed him a little bit, and if Maldonado was to go further inside, he would lose so much speed that he would have been passed easily. It was a racing incident, and while other times Maldonado was the one to blame, this time I definitely don’t see it that way.

    • “I don’t get why people are blaming Maldonado this time. The fact is that it was a racing incident. It could have been avoided in two way; either Maldonado would let off and let him go, or Perez would give him a little more room.”

      No, if you watch again, theres atleast 2 cars width between Perez and the kerbs. Secondly, the accident was caused because Maldonado lost it mid-corner, he lost it mid-corner because he carried too much speed on entry.

      Completly his fault, no question.

      But even that is besides the point of most peoples anger. This inncodent, regardless of its serverity, only goes to highlight Maldonados temperment. He seems unable to race side by side with anyone. and given his history, you have to say the stewards are being far too lieniant on him.

      Theres a reason there are certin footballers who have considerably more yellow/red cards than others, some people are just too stupid and or/agressive.

  12. in my opinion maldonado tried to drive perez off the track. however as we have seen several times this season the stewards think this is ok ( rosberg against hamilton, rosberg against alonso and hamilton against maldonado.) the stewards should be consistent. they either punish all drivers who do this or they punish no-one. personally i dont want f1 turning into touring car but if stewards allow this behaviour then drivers are going to take advantage.

    • Nikolai said on 8th July 2012, 18:01

      @ nr.

      Holding the outside line of the track and forcing the opponent to run wide is not the same as colliding into another car in order to retain your position.

      I’m not saying Rosberg was right or wrong but Rosberg didn’t take hamilton or Alonso out defending his position and Hamilton didn’t take Maldonado out of the race defending his. Maldonado however, managed to get Hamilton ‘air born’ re-joining the track at very low speed and has taken Perez out at Silverstone today. It’s not the same thing at all

      • i am not saying he was right to do what he did but the the stewards do think all the incident were similiar. personally i think you should allow drivers at the side of you space and all of those drivers deserved penalties. the only reason lewis didn’t hit pastor was pastor left the track. lewis was not holding the outside line because pastor was there. if pastor stayed on track they would of hit. if lewis stayed on track when rosberg ran him off the road they would of hit. i do not see any difference between these incidents. you can not hold the outside line if someone is outside of you.

  13. jsmith944 (@jsmith944) said on 8th July 2012, 18:19

    Maldonado = de Cesaris of the 2010s.

  14. Dane (@n0b0dy100) said on 8th July 2012, 21:12

    I’m sure sooner or later Frank Williams will look at the number of points Pastor has thrown away with reckless driving and have him calm down his style. Constructors points equal money at the end of the year.

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