Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2012

Hamilton says wing switch was join decision

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2012In the round-up: Hamilton says he supported the decision for him to use the old-specification rear wing during qualifying.


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Lewis Hamilton: “It was obviously the wrong way to go…” (Adam Cooper)

“This morning in practice three I had some instabilities with the new wing that we were trying. And at the time we had a relatively big gap between ourselves and the Red Bulls and the Ferraris. And so we felt on our side of the garage that we should try something to fix it, and for us that was to potentially go to the wing that we used in the last race.”

Hamilton gets in a tangle on and off track (Reuters)

“Asked about [his post-qualifying Tweets], and why they had disappeared from his account, Hamilton at first feigned ignorance and then explained to reporters he wanted to ‘rephrase some things I said’. He then sent out a further tweet after the meeting, with another acronym based on an obscenity he suggested his followers could look up on Google if uncertain, that also subsequently disappeared.”

Lewis Hamilton: I don?t know if I?m staying at McLaren (The Sun)

“There are lots of sticking points. You never just sign the first contract that?s given to you because most of the time it’s s***.”

Webber knew he’d get penalty (Sky)

“The thing is, when you get a group of cars together, everyone’s on the DRS. I want to pick individual fights, because everyone’s on the DRS and everyone’s doing the same top speed. You need to get people in isolation and then you’ve got a chance after Eau Rouge. But if everyone’s together, the DRS doesn’t work.”

Alonso won’t rely on rivals’ mistakes (Autosport)

“I think the aim is to improve the car because we know one is the gearbox [Webber] and then maybe Hamilton not making the most of the car today.”

Belgian GP – Conference 3 (FIA)

Jenson Button: “Especially with these temperatures and limited running it’s been difficult to get the tyres in the working range. This morning it was the other way around, they were working very well and then later on in the run they weren’t working so well. In Q1 it was the other way around: lap one, I just had no front grip at all as you probably heard me say, and then it was better on lap three. It’s really difficult to understand how hard to push on an out lap and also if you’re doing a three lap run, on the second lap how hard to push, whether you should put more heat into the tyres, the bulk or the surface. It’s not just drive round as fast as you can any more. It was good to get the balance today and get it right.”

McLaren MP4-27 – new rear wing (F1)

“Its profile is different, and eminently suitable for the fast Spa-Francorchamps circuit.”

Schumacher still revved up (The Telegraph)

David Coulthard: “Michael was a remorseless winner. To some he will always remain a tainted champion rather than a great one; someone who was prepared to push the rules so far that he frequently broke them. But he was an exceptional driver too. You do not win 91 grands prix in all conditions and on all types of tracks without being special.”

Lotus: DRS Device Analysis (ScarbsF1)

“One issue facing the FIA and other teams is that the Mercedes DDRS solution will be banned in 2013, via wording to prevent secondary use of the DRS opening. But being passive, the Lotus system does not employ this solution to stall the wing. As it stand the Lotus will be legal for 2013, but the FIA are likely to find some wording to also outlaw this method of drag reduction.”

The Renault Report: Belgium (Williams)

“One area you need to be particularly careful with though is covering the umbilical connection. If water gets into it, it can trigger unwanted results. For example in Hungary 2006, Nico Rosberg?s pit lane limiter was triggered when water shorted across the pins. He was shifting through the gears and suddenly the garage limiter was triggered, throwing the car massively off balance!”

Comment of the day

A paean for Spa-Francorchamps from Ted Bell:

The spectacle of Grand Prix racing at a venue proven to be not only the drivers favorite but is acknowledged by fans and critics as the best place to see this generation of race machine where it has the opportunity to breath and get out there and run with a head of steam.

The pictures reflect the uniqueness of this place and really show why Spa is what it is. To see these magnificent machines run through the forests with its hills and its valleys test them as no other place can is why we the fans of Formula One are so passionette about our sport.

When the demand for many more new race venues in the near future calls for thinning out the lesser tracks I hope that common sense will prevail and tracks like China, Valencia or Korea find themselves on the chopping block ever before a special place like Spa is thought of as expendable.

Ripe with history, a place that tests man and machine like no other deserves in reality to remain on the schedule and has proven itself to be worthwhile and on most must-see lists.
Ted Bell

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On this day in F1

Juan Manuel Fangio scored his fourth world championship victory on this day in 1956.

Fangio finished second for Ferrari at Monza after taking over team mate Peter Collins’ car. Collins relinquished his ride despite being in contention for the championship himself.

Stirling Moss won the race with Ron Flockhart third.

Image ?? McLaren/Hoch Zwei

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