Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Belgian Grand Prix

2012 Belgian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2012What did you think of the Belgian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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164 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Belgian Grand Prix”

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  1. The most boring of them all.

    1. I wonder what you look for in a race (not criticizing, just curious)

      1. The English commentators and the crew are bias. I don’t understand why they have to focus on J Buton’girlfriend all the time?
        Who cares she has got nothing to do with the race and a nobody.
        We don’t want to see her being flashed on the screen so often.
        They should show more of Vettel and the other drivers.
        It is their show ,and some old girlfriend!

        1. The ‘English’ crew don’t control the TV images.

          1. @andrewtanner Indeed. Confirmed from the kitchen :) There’s a global TV feed you receive and just transmit through your frequencies.

            For me, it was 9, because I was in the studio of the local national TV, commenting the race as tech analyst and second host, but it would otherwise be 7 – I expected more racing. Probably Romain took out most of the show …
            Watch the Bulgarian F1 coverage, then .. We’re not biased :)

      2. Alonso winning maybe…

    2. was hoping that all the tittle contender to battle it out on track…

      1. Was very good till the first corner.

      2. He did battle

    3. Sucks to see your driver lose the race through no fault of his own, doesn’t it?

      1. It would be easier for me if Alonso made a mistake and went out or if his engine exploded. This way an idiot hit him, and almost injured him. That Lotus was in the air so close to Fernando’s head.

      2. @f1fannl
        I see where you are coming from with that message… and it´s different when it´s mechanical failure that takes out your driver and when it´s someone elses bone-headed driving that does it… I guess Hamilton and Alonso fans will agree with this…

        1. How so. Was Vettel somehow to blame for the failure?

          1. @f1fannl
            That´s just it man.. Vettel can´t blane anybody but Renault for that… Alonso, Hamilton and Perez in the other hand… have Grosjean for a very stupid start to blame…. So you see… these are 2 very different things… and it´s more frustrating to suffer this type of DNF than an engine failure…

            Example: Carlos Sainz´ engine failure 4oo meters before the finish line in what could have been a world rallye championship… who do you blame?? See where I´m getting at? It´s different.

          2. I disagree.
            In Vettel’s case it was pretty much clear he was gonna win that race. So he lost a well deserved victory and 25 points after absolutely dominating the weekend. Alonso, Hamilton and Perez however had just started. So, in a way, Vettel’s misfortune was more cruel.

            I know people say mechanical failure are part of F1 but nowadays having a car failure is just as rare if not less likely to happen than being taken out by another car.

    4. it’s normal to fell that the race is boring when someone saw his favorite driver out of the first corner because of someone else’s fault for me the race was normal except for some Vettel’s overtaking i think this is the first time i saw Sebastian driving like crazy but without taking silly risks that was a brilliant dive by Seb

      1. @tifoso1989

        it’s normal to fell that the race is boring when someone saw his favorite driver out of the first corner because of someone else’s fault

        I agree on that! And I also agree that we at least saw some very good overtake moves by a lot of different pilots but… it sort of loses something when the leader is not in the race…

    5. I was at the track and inclined to agree. Not one of the best – Grosjean has a lot to answer for! As does the video feed director – everyone saw Kimi on Schumi at Eau Rouge but Kovy passing a Marussia there on lap 26 was completely missed! Hat’s off to Kimi and Seb for keeping it interesting

      1. Three-time world champion Niki Lauda: “I have never seen such a stupid accident from Grosjean. I would stop him for two races to start thinking, it was the second time he has done something like this.”

        1. I could not agree more with Mr. Lauda…

    6. The worst of this race people on the podium laughing off about the accident, too bad Jenson.

    7. You must have switched it off after the SC came out then @valentino

  2. Great race. Wished end had been a little more exciting.

  3. Sadly no fight for the lead, but plenty of action all round with some stunning drives. Really good race I think. Gave it 8.

    1. Normally only fight for lead rewards a 10 in my book, but Kimi’s battle through eau rouge and the fact that it’s Spa we’re talking about made it a 10!

    2. 9, my highest-ever mark round here. Belgian GP has and had everything running good for it, just missed a fight for the lead. What a GP!

  4. Great but not at the level of the past ones.

  5. 7 for me. Grosjean should be taken out of racing for the rest of the season.

    1. agreed, he effectively ruined the race. Took out so many people. It looked like Maldonado jumped the start as well.

      1. Maldonado and grosjen should be out of f1

        1. Karthikeyan as well

          1. Schumacher as well

          2. @Sorin Schumacher as well??? ok i join this all the F1 drivers as well

    2. Well, that’s a bit much. Maldonado has had more crashes than Grosjean, and jumped the start, and crashed today as well.

      1. Except that Maldonado hasn’t caused a multiple pile up. You can’t just sweep diagonally across the track from the grid at Spa and hope it will work out. Alonso was lucky to escape serious injury.

        1. Yet but im sure it wont be long

          1. i agree maldonado is just dangerous, and its lucky that one of his crashes has ended up like grosjean, i think grosjean is unlucky to get all this abuse when there are worse drivers out there, but the race ban is fair, anymore and your just being silly,

        2. I can only assume Romain didn’t know Lewis was alongside. He had nothing to gain by swiping across like that & must have known it could only result in a crash. That’s why it’s bizarre. No-one would take that risk unless they didn’t know…

          1. So Lewis is in the wrong for not lifting off the throttle whilst being squeezed immensely? Honestly, they were something both drivers could’ve done to prevent the whole incident. Racing incident for me If Grosjean didn’t know that Lewis was in his blindspot whilst looking in the mirrors (If he did) but If any fault, then Grosjean’s the one that should have it.

            8 for me quite frankly, +1 for the start, +1 for some great action & +1 for overtaking not being as easy as people anticipated due to different gear ratios used by teams, which might have been caused by limited dry running in Friday Practice.

          2. Lewis did nothing wrong. Could have probably avoided it, but it’s the start & there’s a lot going on. Looks to me like an unfortunate accident.

      2. Replays show the lights went out before he visibly moved. It will be up to the stewards and Timing & Scoring to determine, but I say he did not jump early.

        1. I understood that they factor in trying to anticipate the start: if the reactions are faster than humanly possible, it doesn’t matter if the lights went out a few fractions before. It’s a jump start.

          1. LOL. What?!?

            If the lights are off before the car moves it’s NEVER a jump start. It’s ridiculous you would even suggest that. As soon as the lights are off the race is officially underway. It doesn’t matter if someone starts 0.5 seconds or 0.5 milliseconds after the red lights go off.

          2. That’s the way it works in F1: You are only allowed to push your foot on the throttle once the lights have gone out. That’s different from the rules in, say, WRC, where it’s the car that must not accelerate before the lights go out.

            I think it’s much better the way f1 does it – it should be about reaction to the lights going out, not about who can get the best timing. And to further discourage that, they even randomise the amount of time between the 5th light turning on and all lights turning off, so that if someone presses the gas before the lights go off, they have no excuse.

          3. thats correct, if you react quicker than its humanly possible then its a false start

    3. It’s not the first time he has not been paying attention at a start: of course the Monaco GP, but also the European GP was very reckless. But taking him out of racing is very harsh: I would rather recommend this to Maldonado…

    4. That’s a bit harsh. Many other drivers have made similar mistakes early in their careers.

      I do think a one race suspension might be in order though. Interlocking wheels like that is potentially very dangerous, and a grid penalty would not send a strong enough message.

      1. I agree, FA also did stupid accident and red-flag in Brazil 2003..and I still learn to forgive him.

        1. Forgive him for what? Because of him was red-flaged the race. For that you want to forgive him? Grosjean just tried to kill him today. This is uncomparable…

    5. @suka
      Not at all. Yeah sure he made a mistake, but it wasn’t a stupid or exstremely dangerous move as such. It was simply a misjudgement of the distance between him and Hamilton. The result was very unfortunate, but that wasn’t in his hands, that was simply just bad luck.

      1. I know it’s a bit harsh I only said so to emphasize him REPEATING over and over the same mistake. He did almost the same thing in Monaco.
        He is not learning.

        1. @suka
          Ah okay, well I can understand that. But Maldonardo is also a repeated offender, and he hasn’t been punished with a race ban so far, and I don’t think Grosjean is more deserving of one.

          1. Maldonado seems to strike with intent out of anger. Grosjean doesn’t seem malicious, but dangerously unaware of those around him. That said, my impression was that he was squeezing Hamilton deliberately in this case. Just checked the video: Grosjean sweeps across track towards Hamilton, PAUSES, then edges even further to the right. Definite atempt to shut the door, aware Hamilton was there.

    6. A little harsh!
      But I expect a 10-place penalty at the very least.

    7. He did take out your favourite driver didn’t he?

      1. Actually, two of them, Lewis and Alonso; my third favourite (Scumacher) was okay. But, in Australia, Monaco and where else, I forgot, had taken others’s favourite drivers, too. It doesn’t matter whom he takes out, he is just dangerous and I’ve wanted to be patient as he is practically a rookie but 4 times it’s too much now.

  6. Lots of good overtaking. Bit boring for 1st, dramatic 1st corner. Without corner 1 the race would have been better with much closer racing at the top 3

  7. Good entertainment, right to the Marussias !

  8. Brilliant race, only fault with it was the lack of a challenge for the lead; to be honest though I don’t really care!

  9. I loved it, plenty of wheel to wheel racing, which is the best thing about F1. Button’s dominant win wasn’t the most spectacular, but still a great performance.

    1. What was so great about it?? Running unchallenged is just plain boring!

  10. After the first lap it seemed that the whole life was taken out of the race. or maybe it was because i am an alonso fan.

    1. or maybe it was because i am an alonso fan

      That must be it.

      1. I know how you feel mate. Im a Hamilton fan and after the first corner I was less than impressed haha. Just seemed boring to me. Yes there was wheel to wheel action but still I didn’t feel very entertained.

  11. Grosjean spoiled the race in my opinion.

    1. Sviatoslav Andrushko (@)
      2nd September 2012, 15:49

      And DRS too.

    2. But saved the WDC contest

      1. Taking out the driver who actually needs the point advantage to have a chance to get the title does not really help it very much…

    3. Grosjean has been given a 1 race ban for that incident and seems rightly so.. endangering the lives of others is simply not acceptable.

  12. I’ll give it a five; average, in every sense of the word.

    There were shimmers of excitement, mostly thanks to Vettel, who’s number of overtakes at the bus stop chicane I greatly enjoyed. However, the likelyhood of a serious challenge for the lead became minimal after Grosjean’s desire to merge with Hamilton’s car resulted in the loss of the ones who would most likely mount that challenge; Alonso, Hamilton, Perez, Maldanado (providing he was able to keep it together, he certainly had the pace) etc.

    Great win for Button, happy for him. It must be said, though, it was made significantly easier, with him having a Force India as his main challenge for a large portion of the race. Still, it’s pretty likely he would have won regardless.

    1. I think we saw a lot of tight battles @goodyear92. Between Kimi, Schumacher, Hulkenberg, Vettel, Webber and at times Bruno Senna, then DiResta, Rosberg, Vergne, Ricciardo and Massa were fighting all the way through the race. And even quite a lot of action between the Caterhams, with Kobayashi in there, and Pic and De la Rosa at times as well.
      If that is average, then let the whole season be as average!

      1. Well said @bascb, but isn’t that about average for this season so far? I would have liked to see a battle for the lead, but as you say @goodyear92, Button looks like he would have won it anyway.

  13. Really enjoyable but I can’t help but feel it should have been better had the accident not taken out so many drivers/ruined races.

    1. Agreed, I would like to have seen what the two Saubers could have achieved.

  14. Could have been better if some of the best drivers hadn’t crashed out in the first corner.

    Could have been worse if Raikkonen hadn’t been there.

    All in all 8.

  15. Lot of great overtake good race

  16. Would have been just a 7, even though I am a Button booster, because the first corner shenanigans robbed us of a potential classic and it was too strung out by the end. But Jacky Ickx made it an 8 by telling Kimi that he was “finishing turd”. Awesome.

    1. “Kimi, you Finnish turd” xD

      1. Exactly! I almost called shenanigans on Mr Ickx – it was all too perfect. :o)

      2. lol. … very funny…

  17. I was really looking forward to racing challenges from the lesser names like Kobayashi and Perez. A shame that Grosjean’s moment of madness deprived us of two championship contenders as well.
    Overall, not bad and good entertainment to see the Marussias trying to beat each other up! JB could not have done anything more to enliven the race apart from crossing trhe line backwards. 6 overall, I think.

  18. I’d say it’s worth an 8, 8.5. Quite entertaining all in all. Sure, not as great as other races here in the past. Most of them actually. But…still a good way to get back into business after the summer break.

    That battle for 3rd and onwards between Schumacher, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg and Webber is not something you see everyday. Plus, it might have been just produced one of this year’s best overtakes – Raikkonen on Schumacher just into Eau Rouge.

    Vergne’s campaign through the field – nice to watch as well. Those onboards might have convinced me he’s not such a bad driver afterall. Also, I could watch those onboards from Vettel all day as well.
    Good to see Massa having another decent weekend.

    Too bad Raikkonen didn’t find the pace to challenge for the lead, too bad the Saubers and Alonso got taken out of contention at the start, too bad Button looked like the only driver who managed to get 100% out of his car. All these things have definitely dialed down the quality of the race and the rating as well.

    Still, we had more racing than technicalities this time. That can only be a good thing. 8.

  19. 9 for me: first corner took away a lot of the fun, but it did mix up the field. I loved to see Vettel fighting his way to second place, and the Raikkonen-Schumacher fight was pure brilliance. I mean: first time around, Raikkonenn doesn’t get past Schumacher despite DRS, second time around he passes him at the Bus stop, but gets passed again on Kemmel straight. This means he needs to think of something different, so he passes him at Eau Rouge, Webber-style. I don’t know if this is what he was thinking, but anyway you slice it, that was a brilliant move. Battles for every position except first, Jenson was just dominant this weekend so congrats to him!

  20. This race could have been really interesting but this sort of events happen when 1-2 crazy youngsters try to overtake all the field in 1 corner.
    Great job,Grosjean….1 fault-4 cars out!
    Keep it up with the great job you do !

    1. Grosjean was definitely driver of the day. Almost as good as Liuzzi at Monza last year.

      1. he should be starting from the pit lane….i guess its his fourth first lap crash

        1. It’s his third actually, the other ones being the 2012 monaco GP and the 2009 Belgium GP.

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