Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber, Suzuka, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Japanese Grand Prix

2012 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber, Suzuka, 2012What did you think of the Japanese Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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  1. For a Suzuka race, apart from the start chaos, it was a boring race. Vettel vanished ahead, Massa did the same after the 1st pit-stop and the much expecting battle between Koba and Button never happened. Some minor battles of the Perez-Hamilton-Raikkonen triangle were good but that’s all.

  2. 7/10.

    Happy for Massa and Bashi as they’re both deserving and nice guys. Abit of justice seeing Alonso crash out after his comments about hoping the other drivers will DNF.

    Great salvage of points from Hamilton, rising from 9th to 5th with a shoddy setup. Also good to see Mclaren not issue team orders, the way it should be.

  3. Solid 7/10. It was uneventful yet suspenseful, if that makes any sense. Sure, Vettel cruised, but behind him the positions could’ve been anything, and most of the battles kept me on the edge of my seat. Also there were some great performances that were really nice to watch.

    The biggest problem was of course following another car. As soon as you got within a second, there was the old problem of dirty air. If you didn’t have large enough speed advantage (i.e. Senna on fresh set of soft tires against bit older hards) your own performance would drop off in a few laps, so the “attack window” was rather small.

    Not a classic, but a good race nevertheless. Hopefully Korea is a bit better.

    1. Yes, the dirty air seems worse than ever. Webber and Grosjean, coming up through the field, had to back right off as they followed a much slower Caterham through the S curves in the first sector.

      I wish they’d do something radical with the front wings and aero – like the original plan for 2014, or the Delta Wing with its underbody downforce and no wings. Or at least give us a low, wide rear wing again. The tall, spindly ones still look wrong to me, and don’t seem to work at all.

  4. pretty boring due to the track, shame for perez, webber and alonso, also a shame we didnt get to see vettel start from 5th where he should have!

  5. Pile of dung. 6/10 Can only see one outcome in championship now unless kimi or alonso get some much needed downforce for these last races.

    1. @glenj Wow, if you rate a “pile of dung” 6/10, I’d hate to see the sort of thing you’d give a 1/10!

  6. Yeah it’s all about the result.

    Not at all a classic race with much particular excitement, but first corner dramatics are always exciting (as painful as they were this time as a Webber and Alonso fan), and the ending was so tense, watching Kamui just hold on.

    So happy about Felipe and Kamui though.

  7. 6 from me,some good racing but it wasn’t the best.

  8. I think people have become used to have duels everywhere and overtakes every minute.
    I find it refreshing to have a more oldschool type race. Yes it wasn’t an overtaking mayhem, and the DRS didn’t work great, but it was all for the better I think. We had solid battles throughout the race, and it made for some excellent overtakes. Albeit few, most of them were the sort of, at the edge of your seat, overtakes.
    It could have been better. A fight for the lead would definetely have spiced things up, but I think it was a solid 7/10 still.

  9. 7/10
    Vettel treated us to only the 52nd Grand Chelem ever
    Some good scraps lower down
    Not the best race but the usual suspects will give it a low score because of thee result

  10. 4/10. Snooze-fest for most of the race.

    So happy for Kamui!

    Vettel win and Alonso out keeps the interest going. I like Vettel and his ‘cheeky rascal’ demeanor. But he does need to get more of a grip when things go wrong.

    The only thing I don’t like about him winning is listening to the dreary austrian national anthem (sorry Austria its just how I feel), could they not edit it down, speed it up or put a beat to it?

    Reminds me of the billy connelly sketch about national anthems. For Billy Connelly there’s not that much swearing. He is making the point about the British anthem but I feel it applies to Austria as well.

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      7th October 2012, 14:37

      Yeah, I think I prefer listening to God Save the Queen over the Austrian (and the German Anthem), even though I’m a Vettel fan (and I’m not British, not even European).

  11. I didn’t enjoy it. I am happy to see a vintage Massa drive and delighted for Kobayashi but I enjoyed the podium ceremony with the fans chanting for Kobayashi more than the race itself.

    Race 3/10

  12. I think the biggest shame of this race was what happened to Webber — getting assaulted by “First-lap Nutcase”. It’s likely he would have provided some challenge to Vettel’s cruising victoy, given the pace he’s shown all weekend. It would have been the sizzle that this race was lacking throughout — barring the first lap incidents, Perez’s slightly embarrassing hairpin spin and Jenson chasing down Kobayashi in the last few laps. It’s probable that Vettel would have won regardless, but it still would have been nice to see some harrassment from Webber. However, it gets additional points from me for seeing Massa on the podium with a convincing drive to second, and Kobayashi (a driver I love) on the podium at his home race. The Japanese fans were also brilliant, chanting “Ka-mu-i!”. Plus, Lewis’ bold move on Kimi, and Kimi’s respectful driving in response, warrants an extra point.


  13. 6/10. While it was nice to see Massa and Kobayashi on the podium, apart from the start the race itself was really uneventful. As great as the circuit is the last memorable race here was when Kimi won.

  14. Michael Brown (@)
    7th October 2012, 14:45

    Boring. Nothing spectacular happened for a while until it became apparent of the battle for 3rd.

  15. With a 5 it’s my lowest score ever. If it wasn’t fot Kobayashi it would have been even more boring. But that’s mostly becuase the start wiped the rest of the season out. Only a miracle can turn the rest of this season into something exciting.

  16. I would have given this a 4 if it wasn’t for the Massa/Koba podium, +1 for that in an otherwise unremarkable race.

    Vettel is a shoe-in for the championship now, pity for Alonso.

  17. 5 because of the track and some daring overtakes, but the cars were mostly too strung out for any real excitement, and it was miserable seeing Alonso taken out so soon. Hooray for Kamui though!

  18. 7.
    Chaotic(or say dramatic) start. Not often seeing alonso spinning out just by his own.
    There isn’t much action afterward but those few passing are some quality ones, not the usual “DRS passing”. Especially the one Hamilton take on Kimi right after pit, it really took my breath.
    Sorry to say this but Grosjean made me lol….
    Also, the last charge by button is great, and note that he had nothing on his steering wheel.
    Last, the result is great, Massa in P2 and Kobayashi on podium on his homeland.

  19. Good race (yes , good!!!) shame that Alonso and Webber hit trouble but how good it was to see Massa back on form, Kamui’s first podium with his crowd!!! and of course Vettel (“boring”) Grand Chelem. 7/10

  20. 5/10

    Was an alright race, but there was little action past the midway point, and the result kid of cemets Vettel’s 3rd title.

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