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Rate the race: 2012 Korean Grand Prix

2012 Korean Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Korea, 2012What did you think of the Korean Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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214 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Korean Grand Prix”

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  1. Not bad race,
    Racing and overtakes a plenty.
    Monaco was clearly the most boring this year by far, even though it’s a “Historic Track”.

    1. I remember rating the Monaco race 8/10: it might have been as spectacular as for instance Valencia, but the racing skills the top 5 or 6 drivers displayed were very, very impressive.

      1. *it might not

  2. Michael Naumann
    14th October 2012, 9:59

    Driver of the race: Hamilton.

    Brilliant how he managed to simulate his next years car [*******] with the astroturf.

  3. Monaco was a complete bore fest.
    No racing, no overtakes no nothing.
    Kimi and Lewis showed great skill today.

    1. Overtaking doesn’t instantly mean a great race; last years dice with hamilton and Webber was mesmorising.

  4. Vettel can thank Webber for letting him past at turn 1 on lap 1. Team orders – Definitely. The race was quite processional there on. I am beginning to rate Nico Hulkenberg higher than Paul Di Resta. He drove very well and very controlled. His passing was clean and fair and intelligent. Average race, 6 at best.

    1. @mahavirshah
      Yeah, Webber challenging Vettel on turn 2 was a team order as well, I assume.

      1. @yobo01 Before the race people were discussing how Vettel was on the dirty side and how the track would be too dusty. It looked like Webber gave Vettel the space to take the lead. And practically why shouldn’t they. Webber wont have a chance to win WDC. Massa was explicitly told to stay “2-3” seconds behind Alonso as he was catching up as the fight is between Alonso and Vettel. I am not condemning team orders. I wouldv’e issued them as well if Webber was ahead. And furthermore, they have done it in the past, maybe not explictly but they have.

        1. @mahavirshah Webber left a little bit of space because he didn’t want an accident with his team mate. But it was clear that he didn’t want 2nd place, he tried to overtake Seb in turn three (I wrote turn 2 before, but it was 3) and it didn’t work out. I don’t think there were team orders, there was extra caution. If they had wanted Seb to be ahed of Mark they would have used a team order later in the lap, it’s too risky at the start.
          Besides Alonso gained the place on Hamilton. And Lewis left some space as well.

        2. @mahavirshah
          If you look at the all the races held on this track it is quite clear that the dirty side is actually not that dirty. Nor is the run to the first corner very long and the guy on the dirty side starts on the inside which, in case he can get a good start, is very useful.
          It would be WAY too risky to order Webber to start slow to let Vettel past. He could quickly find him self fighting for 10th place, and if Vettel messed his start up as well, then it would be game over for RB to control the outcome of the race in any way.
          With such a long straight directly after T1 and 2, the thing they would do, would be to wait until both cars are through the first corner with all parts attached and then shuffle the positions around into T3 or maybe even T4 if things are tight at T3.
          Yes Webber did make it somewhat easy for Vettel, but I don’t think his slow speed was because he was ordered to let Vettel through.
          I think it was the other way around. Webber knew that he mocked up the start slightly, so he made sure to block Hamilton on the outside, then Vettel made sure that Alonso couldn’t split the RB’s, and then Webber just let him go. He couldn’t have done much from his position into T1 to defend his position, as Vettel was very quickly alongside him.

          1. I am pretty sure that whenever it came Webber was not going to defend against Vettel, I think the race went exactly as they hoped it would and Webber did the job they pay him to.

      2. yes it was. to stop anyone else having a stab at him.

        like someone else said its what webber is paid to do.

        not bad for a no.2

  5. 4/10. pretty boring race. The second half of the season has been dull with Monza and to some extent Spa being the exception. With Lewis leaving Mclaren, somehow again all sorts of problem are appearing in his car. RedBull again going to win both championships, its Vettel’s championship to loose now. Fernando really needs to win in India otherwise he can say goodbye to his dream of getting first championship with ferrari and hope ferrari produces a better car in 2013 to again bid for championship.
    As for Mercedes, they are touching more low with each weekend. In middle of season they were fighting places with Saubers and Force Indias and now even Torro Rosso are better in race trim. I wonder by season finale even Caterhams can outpace them.

  6. It’s very close with the tires though.

  7. It’s hard to separate my emotions over Hamilton’s frustrating third mechanical calamity (is it me, or is this becoming a little suspect now? Suspension failiures are an extremely rare occurence, usually an isolated instance, yet Lewis has had two in a row — of exactly the same nature), and the actual quality of the race. I think special attention needs to be payed to Hamilton’s fortunes in India — should something similar hamper his efforts again, then I think it will become undeniable that there is something fishy going on behind the scenes. It’s at least made me more assured of his decision to depart to Mercedes being the right call. It’s no less likely that McLaren’s self-destruct tactics would hurt his chances next year, just as much as an uncompetitive car from Mercedes could. But this was the most painful race to endure as a supporter as his, but he didn’t give up and still, even suffering as he was, provided almost all of the excitement in what was an otherwise dull procession — fighting with Kimi (I love these two going up against eachother) and ‘The Hulk’. It was also a shame about Button’s misfortune, although the irony of his first assault being at the hands of Sergio — his future team mate — was slightly amusing. However, what the hell was Kobayashi playing at? Hero to zero seems to be a common theme this year (Pastor Maldanado – Spain to Monaco, Sergio Perez – Monza to Singapore and Kamui – Japan to Korea). He claims he was boxed in by both Button and Rosberg, leaving him nowhere to go, but before he entered the braking zone, he was firmly behind both, and only came sailing between them, taking both out, about halfway through it. His mistake was no less idiotic than Grosjean’s misdemeanours in Belgium and Japan. It seems ever more likely that he will lose his seat, and that the result in Japan, as hinted by Monisha, has made no difference to that.

    It’s a shame what’s happening now — I appreciate and respect what Red Bull and Vettel are able to achieve together, but there’s no doubting it’s making the season less interesting as we head in to the final run. This is also down to McLaren’s inabiliy to make the most of their dominance early season, and upon the return from the summer break. It’s Martin Whitmarsh’s irritating way of waving off their constant mistakes as ‘just one of those things’ and something that will ‘hopefully’ be rectified in the next races. It took the team far too long to sort out their problems in the pits, it took them far too long to find the pace they lost during the summer and it’s taking them too long to sort out their string of car failiures — which stretches all the way back to Monza for christ’s sake. It’s just not enough for a team that likes to class themselves as the most professional on the grid (Ferrari and Red Bull doing far more to warrant that title), that have been as successful as they have and have two supreme drivers (well, two for these last four races). I used to be a McLaren supporter, but I’m following Lewis nex year and Brawn’s team will be who I’m rooting for — hoping McLaren develop the poor car they deserve next year after squandering so much this year.

    Vettel deserved the win to day, and all credit to him (does he have to keep developing signiature winning actions, though? Seriously, the stroking of his car is as irritating as that finger and just another example of his showmanship that I just don’t like. Celebrate by all means, but stop doing so much for the cameras and almost rubbing it in the faces of those watching who might not support you.). However, it was an easy win in a car that’s showing similar dominance now to that of his 2011-spec machine, and is making the Championship’s run-in look like an easy task in the end. I’m still holding on to hope for Alonso (Hamilton’s now out of it through no fault of his own), because it would seem a shame to me if Vettel becomes a three-time title holder before Alonso — who I firmly believe has done more to earn it this year. It just doesn’t look likely, though, given the cars’ relative pace. Still, anything can happen I suppose.

    As for the race, overall. Not much action surrounding the more interesting positions, no fight for the lead and a generally boring race as a result.


    1. @howard
      I can certainly understand your frustration. It suddenly looks like McLaren are incapable of providing a reliable car (at least to Lewis).
      Their dominance at the beginning of the season is however, exaggerated!
      They’ve never had the gap/advantage in performance that RedBull now enjoys (and have enjoyed for the past two seasons).

    2. +1. I agree with pretty much all of this.

    3. Great post.

  8. The most boring race of the season, please get that track out of the calendar… Korean people doesn’t even know what an F1 is!

  9. Leaning 7. Best opening lap seeing almost 4 cars abreast on turn 4. Solid mid field action, especially the Torro Rosso’s and Hulkenberg. Another tactical mistake by Ferrari by not including Massa in the mix with the Bulls, like Mika Salo helping Irvine. Though Alonso finished on the podium it was quite visible that he wasn’t truly among the top 3 drivers. Don’t think Alonso or Ferrari have it in them to challenge the Bulls.
    And good job by the Maranello squad to move ahead of McLaren. How to make a mess of a good car? Call McLaren.

    1. @ridiculous Korea does seem to produce great action for the first four corners of the race… and that’s it.

  10. It wasn’t that bad, I gave it a 7.

    The top 5 was pretty much decided after the first few corners, but there were a lot of interesting battles. Hulkenberg defending from Grosjean, the two Toro Rosso climbing up, Hamilton going down…

    The last few laps were quite interesting, Vettel’s race engineer was very worried, and I expected something to happen.

    I didn’t like the DRS zone. Sometimes overtaking was far too easy. I think that they should’ve chosen a different straight.

  11. 4/10. A mark added for Hulkenburg’s amazing overtake on Hamilton and Raikkonen, which helped keep me up. Awful track, and the astroturf disintegrating at the end was a farce.

  12. 4/10
    There could have been many entertaining battles, but in 99% of them drivers got through halfway-through the DRS zone, making it far too easy. Even the moves at turn 4 were a direct consequence of this.
    Hulkenberg, Hamilton and the Toro Rossos were the only positive note of the race, but not enough to give it at least 6.

  13. 5/10 You know a race is dull when the most exciting thing was the grass being mowed, and it wasn’t even real grass.

    1. Well said, thank you

    2. Good one! :D

  14. Wasn’t special, I gave it 5.

    I do feel like we’re all a bit pampered these days, due to the generally golden era we’re in, and how amazing some of the early races this year were.

    Yeah we’re not getting the surprise results or crazy fluctuations right at the end as tyres die anymore, but I found that race a captivating watch.

    I remember, now just in early 2000s, but still up through to 07-08 which were largely great seasons, that there were often races that were absolutely monotonous processions, and Martin would, despite obviously needing to sell the product for his employer, admit as much afterwards.

    But I felt that race was always captivating. If some of the threatened things had happened (like a last lap Vettel failure and Massa being let by Alonso and challenging Webber) we’d all have loved it far more. But it’s not about the end result. The threat of things happening is what it’s about, whether they end up happening or not.

    Not a classic race and no genuine battles in the top 5, but not too dreary. There was a good amount of quality racing in the mid-field, and always a solid tension and captivation as the race slowly ‘deteriorated’ (in the sense that cars and track alike were all slowly dying, it creates tension with an ending).

    It was almost definitely a better race than Suzuka actually. At least Vettel wasn’t half a minute clear and there was some nerves at the end, and there was so much more passing and good racing.

    I gave Suzuka a 6 for the epic podium result and the pleasure it is to watch the track. But I also think Korea gets a slightly bad wrap. It’s not THAT awful a track. I mean it’s a boring Tilkedrome, but the problem with Korea is more the concept. Why are we there? The location is awful, the maintenance (or lack thereof) between each year’s race is awful, the crowd is awful. The track is not that bad though, Martin said so too. It’s nowhere near as bad as Fuji or 2010 Bahrain. It’d beat Abu Dhabi and Valencia too certainly.

  15. 8 – I found it incredibly exciting to watch, particurlarly when Webber and Alonso were charging hard, and their tyres were on the edge.
    That was awesome, and I also loved massa reportedly telling the team he is faster than Fernando.
    The battle between H├╝lkenberg and Grosjean was ace, espescially when Hamilton got involved,a nd seeing the Mclaren wobble about was quite tense as well.

    As I’ve always said, there can be processional F1 races, but they are never boring.

  16. Vettel always succeeds in making F1 boring

    1. @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1
      Blame the others for not putting up a proper fight. Vettel just does his best. You can’t blame him for wanting to take advantage of the situation.

  17. 6/10. If Ferrari didn’t use team orders it could have been a much more eventful race and a better outcome.

  18. I gave this an 8, because whilst 75% of the race was processional, I’m a sucker for good on track battles, and there were plenty. There were obviously things that let this down, such as the Vettel dominance, and then Rosberg’s car not getting removed quick enough (I think that actually hampered Webber, who I believe could have DRS’s Vettel, which could have lead to a spectacular race). The on track battles however were fantastic, and there were plenty of them, and they were mostly good. The ones that involved Hamilton were brilliant, especially him V Raikonnen. And then there was the Ham, Gro, Hulk, fight, which was a brilliant little scrap, and I think possibly one of the best overtakes of the season from Hulk, maybe even a contender for the top.

    1. Also, to add to this, there was the problem with the astro-turf, which stopped what could have been a three way fight for 8th place (maybe even a 4 way fight, if the battling slowed to allow Perez up).
      I think the biggest disapointment was the FOM coverage. They were showing the cameras on a lot of the wrong places, and missed quite a lot of fighting.

      1. There was no way Webber was going to pass Vettel unless it was to give him a tow, the race went exactly to plan for redbull.

  19. There were plenty of battles,
    This track has a pre programmed biased view on it to start with,
    With comments about grass ***!

  20. That was, quite honestly, the most boring race in the history of F1!

    1. No. It really wasn’t.

    2. What an exaggeration. Seems like we all forgot about Bahrain 2010.

      1. @guilherme @djdaveyp87 And that’s not even the lowest-rated race we’ve had since 2008.

        (That’s still the 2010 German Grand Prix, in case you’re wondering)

        1. @keithcollantine Ah, quite naturally! :P

        2. Keith. You should actually write a feature (with poll) pondering what the worst race of all time is?

          There’s obviously so many different criterias. The ‘worst’ of all time is very possibly Imola 94 (or Spa 60 even, looking back).

          By a different criteria again you could say Indianapolis 05.

          But the focus would be on what is the most BORING race of all time. I honestly can’t think what it might be. In modern times I’d put money on something from 02 winning. Luckily, I had the pleasure of not really watching every race religiously until 03.

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