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Rate the race: 2012 Korean Grand Prix

2012 Korean Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Korea, 2012What did you think of the Korean Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Korean Grand Prix

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214 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Korean Grand Prix”

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  1. Bob (@bobthevulcan)
    14th October 2012, 12:38

    Not sure why, but the whole race seemed awfully lackluster. Vettel slid into the lead and was never really under threat for the remainder of the race. There were some interesting battles up and down the midfield, of course, especially Raikkonen and Hamilton, and the performances of Williams, Toro Rosso and Force India. The closing stages were awful – all I saw was a pack of cars circulating around, coasting to the finish to conserve tires. Overall, a solid 4/10.

  2. I voted a six. It was an intriguing, but not necessarily exciting race, and I liked seeing it set up a mini-championship for the last few rounds.

  3. The most exciting thing about the whole race was the oblivious podium lady who stuck around to ask Vettel questions while Herbert had the mike. Funny, and the first bit of enthusiasm from anyone all weekend. Also another advantage for having the post race interviews on the podium rather than a sterile room full of bored journos.

    1. @hairs Also, where did Alonso disappear off to at one point?

      1. Maybe he forgot about the podium interview?

      2. @keithcollantine Maybe he was herding podium girls?

        There’s a tasteless joke available re: Alonso having to fight for Vettel’s leftovers in the championship but I’m too classy to make it, obviously.

  4. Some good on-track battles, just a pity all of them were meaningless. 6/10, would have been much better if there were battles at the front.

  5. 5/10 from me. My lowest of the season. Very little happened! Still, good that The Hulk managed to improve on his qualifying (just) and somehow Petrov kept Kovalainen behind him.

  6. Absolute garbage. Everything thats wrong with F1 in one dull race. 3/10.

  7. If this was in a Euro country people would be raving about.
    Monaco had 0 NIL racing or overtaking and people still rate it.
    Massive LOL.

    1. @howard I find the idea that races held in European countries automatically get higher ratings a bit bizarre. Particularly given that the European Grand Prix has (this year aside) usually been one of the lowest-rated races.

    2. I rate Monaco, because it was extremely tense; I believe that overtaking doesn’t necessarily mean an awesome race.
      Instead, I try to look beyond the obvious, and to see the skill involved in driving at Monaco, in light drizzle, on slicks.
      That was awesome.

      1. There was plenty of skills today.

        1. so i gave it an 8

          1. What do you rate the actual good races, out of interest? Honestly?

          2. I rate the really brilliant ones either 9 or 10; korea was actually quite good, espescially in comparison to races in years gone past.
            And for me, overtaking isnt the only factor for a good race, and neither is a good battle for the lead; i think that a race is good when it’s either:
            There’s a lot of scrapping for positions
            A situation like Monaco, where one slip-up will mean a lot of dropped positions

            Basically, I love to view the drivers massive skills behind the wheel, which is why wet races are so endearing to me.
            Is that clear enough, as I tend to waffle on?

          3. This sums it up:
            There are never boring F1 races. You get processional races, but they’re never boring @ecwdanselby

          4. When presented with a scale of 1-10, I think it’s safe to assume a relative judgement.

            For instance, comparing this race to mowing my lawn I’d give it a 10. Comparing it to other F1 races however, I give it a 4.

    3. Very true. But i remember having voted something like 4 to this year’s Monaco GP, so at least i am consistent here.

    4. There’s not another Monaco, mate. It’s the history, prestige, and the fact the track is 100% illegal (it does not comply with today’s rulebook, that’s for sure).

      F1 cars should not be getting that close to barriers going that fast. It’s the spectacle. I saw it in person in 2009 and it’s incredible. It just doesn’t look real.

      That’s why there’s a bit of an allowance for Monaco.

  8. Really quite boring – I voted 5. Nothing much happened.

  9. This was as boring as Singapore, if not worse. I was watching with my girlfriend and said to her, after Vettel had taken the lead at the first corner, “that’s the race over”. And it was. Predictable races are seldom exciting, and this was as predictable as they come. I can only rate it 3/10.

    1. @estesark Are you trying to get her interested in F1?

      1. @keithcollantine – I have been trying, and I think I’ve succeeded! Last year she was with me as I watched quite a few races, but without much interest. This year I invited her to make some predictions with me ahead of each race, and because of that, she’s been keen to watch them. In fact, she’s disappointed that there isn’t a race next weekend, whereas I don’t mind a break after back-to-back races. More of a fanatic than me, then – I’m very impressed!

        1. @estesark Wow, good work!

    2. I tried explaining DRS to my wife a few months back. Safe to say her fleeting interest in F1 is now very much over.

  10. That’s a 5 for me. I enjoyed the 1st quarter of the race, although my 2 favourite drivers were gone by turn 3 (KK, JB).

    I can’t find any real quality to that track: 3 straights in a row, and then a collection of tedious turns, nothing more. I quite like the last turn, that’s all.

    India left me a better taste last year. I am curious to see it again. I already miss Turkey !

  11. 5 from me.

    Anyone giving it an 8+ is crazy. Sorry that isn’t constructive, but you need to watch more races if you think that’s the case.

    Struggled to stay awake. Vettel leading out of turn 1 is a race killer.

    I know people are saying ‘but what about the rest of the field?’. We’ve kinda been spoilt. I want battles (or at LEAST a challenger) for 1st place!

    As PrisonerMonkey said, the yellow effectively killed the race. Why it took about 10 laps to remove a stricken car is beyond me. It meant Vettel got his usual comfortable lead and would not be touched.

    Have to laugh at the fake tension created at the end. Like the Vet was ever going to bust a tyre on the final lap lol Maybe Bernie had a word in Rocky’s (sp?) ear…

    1. Anyone giving it an 8+ is crazy. Sorry that isn’t constructive, but you need to watch more races if you think that’s the case.

      Been watching F1 since the early 70s, Been watching some lower category races even longer.

      Going by todays standards 90% of races through the 70s/80s would be getting scores of 1 or 2 as they wer every similar to today but with a lot more dnf’s.

  12. 3/10 for me

  13. I gave it a 7.

    It wasn’t the most exciting, and by around lap 30 I knew barring disaster the top 4 were locked in place. However I found myself really enjoying several battles throughout the field, and Hamilton was as entertaining as ever even though he was going backwards. His fights with Kimi and Grosjean/Hulkenberg were particular highlights for me.

  14. Michael Brown (@)
    14th October 2012, 16:58


  15. 5/10 – great battles bar the front. Great drives by Massa, Hulk, Lewis all things considering, and Vergne. The anticipation of action keep me intrigued.

  16. 5: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Watching the Space Shuttle crawl through LA’s more exciting… least we didn’t have to get up at 5am.

  17. Red Bull cruising to victory, McLaren being forced to retire one driver while the other has to deal with mechanical issues, Ferrari issuing team orders (yes it’s for the championship points but it doesn’t provide entertainment) while virtually everything else was a procession, and on top of that Gangnam Style being squeezed out everywhere.

    Yep, this was the worst GP of the year I think.

  18. 8/10. Great driving from many drivers. Great victory of Vettel, again!

    1. “Great victory of Vettel, again!”
      Agreed, but it’s meant to be a race…

  19. Interesting start and then 2 hrs of borefest presented by Seb, and also suck for the championship

  20. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..


    Hamilton pushing Kimi around needlessly in the first few corners was interesting. I’m glad he drifted back. I find his aggressive style abhorrent at times.

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