Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Interlagos, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

2012 Brazilian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Interlagos, 2012What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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240 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. Was there any question about this? An easy 10, and I regret giving out that score earlier this season.

    The race had everything: drama, controversy, fantastic racing, amazing drives, humorous moments and a great result at the end of it. Races like this come very rarely, and will be remembered as absolute classics for decades to come. In short, the best race in years.

  2. Oh, and the Caterham thing…

  3. I was really hoping for a Hulkenberg win, he was driving brilliantly until he lost his car and took Hamilton out in the process. I thought the penalty was harsh, for what was a racing incident. Also gutted for Hamilton, he deserved a better finish in his last race with McLaren.

    Still, what an insane race, it had anything a championship finale should have, and much more. The past races have been spectacular, I never expected this to top those. 10/10, congratulations Vettel.

  4. 8 from me. Hulk did’nt deserve a penalty and very, very dissapointing finish under yellow. F1 really needs to look at bringing in GWC like NASCAR.

    1. It was slightly disappointing to see it finish under a safety car but actually I think it was a great way for all the drivers to finish, all in formation. This may be the last time for a long time that we will see 12 teams together on the grid – so it was fitting in a way that there was a slow train of cars across the finish line.

    2. Same thought here. I gave it an 8 because, hmm … I was hoping for a different champion (guilty :)).

    3. The fact that it finisehd ‘behind the safety car’ (not quite, since the safety car has to peel off before the chequered flag) wasn’t a big deal, since it was only one lap to go and I think events had reached equilibrium by that point anyway. It was a shame but it didn’t take away from the racing any more than if the race had happened to be one lap shorter.

      Hulk didn’t deserve a penalty (the crash was his fault but I don’t think he did anything deserving of a penalty). Overall Hulk had bad luck, given that he should have been fighting it out with Button for the win had the first safety car not been brought out – I imagine they would have lapped the vast majority of the field with the lead they had.

      1. Usually causing an avoidable collision awards you a penalty which is deserved

        1. @tmekt given the track condition, they could’ve let him go. There’s a difference between racing incident and avoidable collision.

          Perez at Abu Dhabi? Avoidable collision (returned to the track recklessly)
          Hulkenberg at Interlagos? racing incident… it was just unfortunate that it ended like that.

          1. Yeah well I don’t have the same data as stewards so I can’t really comment on this precise case (I said “usually”)

            You’re right obviously: it might very well be that Hülkenberg couldn’t have avoided the crash. I do find it likely that if this was the case he wouldn’t have been penalised.

    4. F1 really needs to look at bringing in GWC like NASCAR.

      You’re right, @mattynotwo . It’d be very good if F1 could find a way to avoid races finishing behind the Safety Car…

  5. Keith, can I adjust my votes for the last three years?

    1. This race is the new benchmark for 10/10!

  6. Is there an 11?! Unbelievable race, not a boring moment! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to conclude what has been an epic season!

  7. 10/10. First of all congrats to Vettel, making up 15 places in 20 laps after pointing the wrong way is truly remarkable. After watching F1 for 12 years this is probably the first time I’ve been left so confused in the middle of the race. What a fantastic way to end the season with so much drama from start to end. Bring on 2013!

  8. FOM’s TV director needs to be fired, atrocious today

    1. +1, simply awful how many passes were missed, many cut away from as the attempt was just being started

      1. Usually I am annoyed by the replays of the start, today I was shouting. Honestly, split screen it or something, but this is getting rrrrridiculous.

    2. For once I felt forgiving- there was so much happening that at times there was nothing they could do but miss something exciting.

    3. +1

      When there’s so much happening on track, you do not need to show us a replay of the team sitting in the garage.

      1. nor a 2nd replay of an incident, now from a different camera – while missing the current one so you need another replay.

  9. Best race of the year, hands down. Suspense from start to finish,battles up and down the field and a worthy champion at the end.

    P.S. I’m a Ferrari fan!

  10. 15738123. Or failing that, 10. Amazing race/

  11. Perfect race, 10/10 for the entertainment… sadly the the championship result was a 1/10

    1. Nicely said.

  12. Best race I have seen in a loooong time, even better than Austin!

    Gutted by the drive through fot the Hulk :( For most of the race I couldn’t have cared less for the championship, I just wanted Nico to win!!!!!

    Kimi on the escape road was a highlight , haha

    1. I was rooting for the Hulk too, that would have been a rad finish.

      And I def thought Kimi was opting to retire, but nope, just got lost! Hahaha

  13. 10/10
    I’m still dizzy

  14. Excellent race! The perfect way to end a championship! An abolsute thriller with all the right ingredients : constantly changing weather, light rain (just enough to put the intermediates, but not enough for the full wet tyres), Vettel having to fight from the last position with a broken exhaust, strong races from underdogs (Hulk who should have finished on the podium, his penalty was unfair, Kobayashi, and in a certain way, Massa), constantly changing situations where the championship would go to one or the other driver, unpredictable winners (such a shame that the Hamilton-Hulk incident took place), funny situations (like Raikkonen wanting to race on the old circuit), safety cars with restarts not disrupted by drivers a lap down, and also other battles entertaining to watch (like the battle for the 2nd and 10th place in the constructor championship).

    A well deserved 10/10

  15. How can you give this thriller anything but 10/10?

  16. Move of the race = Räikkönen’s quick reactions whilst taking extreme evasive action on Lap 1 to avoid Vettel’s rear end.

    1. Entertainer of the Race = Raikkonen
      For fights against Schumacher, radio comments and, of course, taking a detour to the old circuit for the lolz of it (and still claim a point from it, too)

    2. +1 Kimi’s season be in a tutorial DVD for wheel to wheel driving F1 car. Young drivers take notes.

  17. I had to keep the disappointment of Alonso’s loss away while rating this race.

    The 1st race I’ve ever rated 10

    1. you are a true sport @todfod.. hard luck today

  18. 9. Pity Hulk missed out on a win. Hamilton takes over from Webber as “Unluckiest driver in F1” for this year.

  19. The right definition of “Season Finale”.

  20. Could not be anything other than a 10… will go down as an absolute classic

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