Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Interlagos, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

2012 Brazilian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Interlagos, 2012What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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240 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. I’m surprised to see so many people saying the penalty for Hulkenburg was unfair or harsh. It was straightforward and fair in my opinion, he caused an avoidable collision, and the penalty for that is a drive through.

  2. Gutted that Hamilton didn’t win his final race McLaren (or more importantly, being taken out in such a manner), and also that Alonso didn’t win the title.

    But it was undoubtedly a 10. The first 10 laps had an entire grand prix worth of narrative and excitement alone. The only slight disappointment was the final 10 laps being a bit too depressing due to the near-certain, looming outcome, but overall it was so good that it couldn’t possibly detract much.

  3. My First 10/10 to any race this season. Just because I am now not in talking terms with most of my family coz I never left the TV screens once, because I was not able to.

  4. I couldn’t even watch it because my satellite hasn’t worked in two weeks, but the F1 Fanatic race feed had me on the edge of seat. From what I was following it seemed like possibly the best race in years!

    I couldn’t watch Austin the previous week either, but at least I was at the race and got to briefly meet Kamui and Checo.

    1. Really sorry you weren’t able to watch such a classic race – hope I managed to transmit some of the fever to you. It was a cracker.

      1. Keith, you absolutely did! The live feed was great. I’m afraid if I was able to watch it, my brain would have jumped out of my head.

        As always, you produce the best F1 site on the internet. Looking forward to next season when I’ll have upgraded my system at home. I’ll be following you during the silly season to get the news and signings before March. I’m also glad that NBC here in the States has nabbed most of the Speed broadcasting team for the 2013 season. It seems they’re taking F1 seriously. Let’s hope!

        No more Schumi, and sadly possibly no Kobayashi either next year, but at least we have F1 Fanatic and a solid broadcasting team for the US market. Thanks for your had work and dedication to F1, Keith!

  5. A couple of random thoughts:-

    1. It had been said in the lead up to the race that, if Caterham could regain 10th place and win the prize money which goes with it, they might be able to retain Heikki rather then replace him with a pay driver. My question is, given his apparently dis-spirited performance in the last 6 or 7 races, will they actually want to keep him?

    2. The commentators on Channel 10 (Australia) made an interesting point about Kimi’s off course venture. Had he bothered to do the track walk on Thursday, he probably would have known that the gate was closed. I like Kimi a lot, but perhaps he’s taking the laid back thing just a bit far?

    1. Doubt any driver would have looked out for that, or even bother with that road, Kimi just happen to have a similar incident back in 2001.

      His drive this season should be a studied by all rookies before they start racing in F1. The way he avoids the incidents (pre-emptively and reacting) together with his close wheel to wheel action is exceptional.

      There are plenty “wannabe” perfect drivers on the grid, we need Kimi to be Kimi!!!

      1. That off he had today was too hilarious!

        Kimi Raikkonen had a brilliant season to finish 3rd, I think he can be a real title contender next year.

    2. It looked rather like Raikkonen overshot the corner and went onto the access road rather than run over the grass. He then drove down the access road expecting to rejoin the track proper – until he realised it wasn’t going to rejoin the track. I’m not sure how a track walk would have helped him to remember every access road on the track.

  6. I never thought I would rate a race 10/10, but this race was incredible and fully deserves a 10. It’s the best race I have ever seen since I started watching F1 in 2007 thanks to Hamilton

  7. they might be able to retain Heikki rather than replace him with a pay driver

  8. Easily a 10/10 for mine. Would have been a great race anyway, but throw in the changing championship implications throughout the race, and it becomes one of the best races of all time. And just imagine if Murray Walker was commentating this one ;)

  9. Looking back at my previous comment on an earlier article, I realise that if I don’t give this race a 10, then I’m obviously missing something big… A race truly deserving of being the finale to an incredible season…

  10. 0/10

    Bitterly disappointed with the result. Sebastian Vettel did not deserve to be World Champion.

    1. This comment is sad on several levels.

    2. A true F1fanatic is able to appreciate a good F1 race, even if the favorite driver is perhaps taken out at the start of a race. But You have to live with the fact that one of the all times F1 most epic races, which we will be talking eagerly about and using as a reference to measure all future races against, You gave a 0/10. I feel sorry for You and I hope You get over it soon and that You will try to watch the race again and appreciate all the action and drama. I’m sure Alonso will be back as a formidable competitor again in 2013, but it will be a looong wait to first race in march.

      1. Actually, I would also argue that the race was bad because there was far too much going on. I spent more time looking at the timing splits at the bottom of the page, trying to figure out who was where at any given moment, than I did at the actual racing. If I need to rewind parts of the race just to figure out what is going on, then I’d say there is too much going on. It stops being “action and drama” and starts being randomness.

        1. I have live timing running along side.

          Hulkenberg vs Hamilton vs Button was amazing. Sector by sector was intense, even more impressed by Hulkenberg now, sad it’s Perez going to McLaren and not him. I bet Lewis was going in the car: “Gee he is fast”. Too bad they collided, but hard to call, Nico saw the opportunity, maybe if Caterham was not there he would waited another lap, this was a too much of an opportunity for any driver.

        2. I disagree. There was action but it wasn’t all random. Watched the race with the live timing same as @Kimi4WDC you could see just through each sector time the changing conditions. Lap times would often be seconds apart from previous laps and it was whoever could constantly react to the weather. That’s not random, that’s thinking on your feet, adaptability and big big balls to know it’s gonna stick and not throw you into a wall.

          And with your case against Vettel, I’m not a fan and I would’ve preferred Alonso to win. But I have gained a lot more respect for him (in the cockpit at least) this year. Not a huge fan of his personality but it’s what they do on the track that matters isn’t it? Once again he had the misfortune of having the fastest car (generally) in the latter half of the season, but did exactly what was needed of him to claw back points and eventually come out on top. All his comeback drives this year were kinda lucky, but only as lucky as Alonso was for pretty much every race this season, and when he got the chance to win there was only ever going to be bad luck to take that away from him.

          In my eyes, Ferrari were less deserving of 2nd place in the WCC than Vettel was of the WDC after the pile of bolts they brought to Melbourne and barely improved through the end stages of the championship.

          But none of this should even come close to tarnishing what was a great race of this generation. Brazil ’08 was a fantastic championship decider, but while the tension was there this weekend it didn’t need it, this could’ve happened early in the season like Brazil ’03 and would still be remembered as a great.

          You’re just lacking a bit of perspective between being a racing fan and a solo driver fan/hater. Being a Hamilton and Alonso fan I was disappointed with how the race finished, but in my preferred stance as a racing fan I was immensely proud of all of them for the race they put on, everyone was fighting tooth and nail and that’s what F1 should be, not just some petty rivalry between drivers and fans.

    3. Yeah – Alonso deserved it. I mean, who else could cause two drivers 20 seconds in front of him to crash so he got gifted a second place finish.

      And he made Vettel and Grojean’s alternators blow up in Valencia – because the 35 points net points difference from that result wouldn’t have put Alonso out of the title race.

      Or, perhaps, it wasn’t just Vettel who benefited from luck today. Or all season.

    4. I think the term “butthurt” is what describes your comment the best PM

    5. Prisoner Monkeys’ reason for commenting on this site seems to be to go against popular opinion in every single instance so this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

      1. +1
        Probably the most astute comment on here Mark.

      2. @mark-hitchcock – Comment of the season.

  11. Best race this season. If only Hulkenberg or Lewis would have won it, but still deserves a perfect 10.

  12. Kimi finished all laps this seasns bar 1 :)
    He finished 1 Lap behind the leaders.
    I am still hoping for 25s penalty for the yellow flag.
    What a race, considering I only watch the live timing and the F1F live blog.
    Congratulations to all.

  13. Sebastian Vettel did not deserve to be World Champion

    @prisoner-monkeys Who did, the guy whose team mate gives up track position and grid spots for him?

    Don’t get me wrong, Alonso has driven superbly this season, and will get my number one spot in the end of season driver rankings. Ferrari are also entitled to employ whatever tactics they choose, provided they don’t break the rules.

    However, any claim to a moral victory is lost when you employ tactics of that kind.

    If Alonso had won with a second place given up to him by Massa, THAT would have been undeserved.

    This constant belittling of Vettel is truly tiresome.

    1. @tdog

      Who did, the guy whose team mate gives up track position and grid spots for him?

      I’d rather him than the guy who had both his team mate and another team give up track position for him.

      I can understand team order. They’re legal, part of a team sport, and to be expected when one driver has a shot at a championship and the other does not.

      But for Red Bull Racing to be in a position where they can order Toro Rosso to move aside simply because the same company pays their bills is very unfair.

      1. But for Red Bull Racing to be in a position where they can order Toro Rosso to move aside simply because the same company pays their bills is very unfair

        I must have missed those team orders, no doubt you have evidence?

        In any event, I don’t want to get too far off topic. We all have our subjective views about who is the most deserving. Ultimately, we have a points system to determine who deserves the title.

        Why not just be gracious, say congratulations to Vettel, commiserations to Alonoso, and let’s all look forward to 2013, which can’t come soon enough.

        1. Why should I congratulate Vettel? He might be World Champion, but I don’t think he deserves it. I don’t think he’s deserved any of his championships. I place considerable value on a driver’s attitude, and I find Vettel to be childish and the product of an unscupulous win-at-all-costs corporate culture, and I can’t respect that. If I can’t respect a driver, how can I congratulate him?

          1. Why do you consider him to be childish, or so much more childish than the other drivers on today’s grid? And how can you justify disrespecting Vettel, but respecting any of his rivals without displaying clear double standards?

          2. I find Vettel to be childish

            So says the person who earlier said he gave the race 0/10…

    2. Tyler massa was on slicks I think when alonso passed him.

      The guy with the most points deserves it. You can have luck with yellow flags, no pen after blocking, rule interpretations etc but it doesn’t matter how you score them as long as you do. Red bull are very good at it.

  14. OMG what a race!


    SC at the ruined it.

    Raikkonnen was awesome to avoid demolishing Vettel at the start, i guess he knew the gravity of the situation?

    Can someone breakdown Senna and Vettel accident??
    I say racing incident.

    1. Senna was trying to have a look up the inside as Vettel left him a big gap and then he cut across the track to take the racing line.

      Not saying it’s Vettel’s fault but by leaving a big gap, it invited Senna to have a look.

      Racing incident for me.

  15. 10/10
    Quite simply, it had everything

  16. I still think Brazil 2008 was a better GP for tension and gutchecks. But if I compared every race to that, nothing would ever get a 10 again. This ran that 2008 race very close, though, and this race deserves every point of its 10/10.

    I liked this result much more than the 08 result, though. Less heartbreak for me. :D

  17. This season FIA have been very reasonable with their decisions.
    Credits to them.

    This season will also be remembered as one of the worst for McLaren.. what happened?
    The World Championship title should’ve been Hamiltons this year. He would’ve now had over 300 points.

    See you all next year, replacement for Jake (BBC) will be………………. CHRIS EVANS!
    You heard it here first.

  18. No matter Brazil never forgets to entertain us.

  19. Interlagos should be raced three times a year:
    1. Brazil GP
    2. South American GP
    3. South Atlantic GP

  20. If it weren’t for that final safety car, it would have been a 10. But my jaw was on the floor for the first half and my nails were in my mouth for the second half!

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