Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Interlagos, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

2012 Brazilian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Interlagos, 2012What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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240 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. It’s the first time I voted for a 10. Although my favorite didn’t win it had the highest entertainment value I’ve ever seen…
    At least I got to cheer for Caterham (although I feel sorry for Marussia).

  2. The first half of the race looked like highlights…such fast paced action…..Sad to see Hulkenberg not winning

  3. straight 10 from me. how vettel’s car survived that first lap incident escapes me.
    best race of the season, and mclaren’s tooned was also the best of the year ;)

  4. It’s a 10, not quite as tense as 2008 but still one of the best races ever.

    shame about the 2 saftey cars, Hulkenberg deserved 2nd after staying out with Button on slicks

  5. The only stain in a hell of a race, was Hamilton been shoved off and not ending his season in McLaren with a win and a 2nd place for Button, in order to pass Kimi in the Drivers Champ and Ferrari in the Constructors… We can’t have all. Great race!

  6. As a stand-alone race, it was fantastic, and had everything. I can’t think of anything missing.

    I still struggle a bit with the level of access we get these days. Some of the little bits of information and insight we get, like the yellow flag controversy, Hamilton’s disappointment of no immediate apology, and Vettel’s ‘dirty tricks’ comment… it all takes some of the shine away, somehow. And the different interpretations of Vettel/Senna collision from different commentators using various levels of technology, it all takes away some of the mystery of the heroics that are performed at these weekends. It humanises the drivers, I suppose, and that can mean that they sometimes seem petty and spoilt and less than the ubermensch that they used to be. Maybe its because I’m just growing up a bit myself.

    Quick thanks to @keithcollantine (and associates!) for all the hard work this (fantastic) season! And good look keeping up with all the comments over the next few days!

  7. I was there yesterday at Interlagos watching the race on grandstands A by the main straight. Gotta say, it was an amazing race, even for us who were watching at the track getting soaked by the rain. There was so much going on at the same time that we didn’t know where to look at, if we tried to look at the large screen showing the replay, we’d lose an overtake in the main straight or in the middle sector. Everyone there was just blown away after the race ended, we were privileged to have seen history being made live.

    Comparing this year’s race with 2008, for me 2008 was still better (and I am Brazilian!). This years race probably had more twists and turns, and was more action packed, but the fact that in 2008 nobody knew who was going to be champion until the very last minute made it the ultimate thriller. We’ll probably never see something like that happen again. And for me, it will always be a moment that I’ll never forget, the disappointment was so intense, I mean, we were watching a Brazilian driver about to become champion, something we have been waiting for a long time since we lost Senna, and on top of that, he would be champion in Brazil! When I saw Hamilton passing Glock on the last turn, we were just speechless. So, I guess this year’s race was more fun, but the 2008 GP was more emotional and intense.

    1. Comment of the day!!!

  8. 10 for the race and driving skills

    -1 for the fia not even investigating the obvious. No seb blame it was fia fault.

    10 for vettel and alonso for giving us a hell of a show all season

    1. why what did seb do? the speeding through yellows or did i miss somthing?

  9. I gave it a 9. Absolutely brilliant race with lots of excitement throughout.
    I couldn’t give it a 10 simply as 10 means perfect and this race wasn’t that – it was a solid 9. Hamilton and Hulk had a great battle – if that had carried on to the end instead of Hamilton being taken out, it would have been better. If the race for 10th in the constructors had gone down to the last lap Riccardio vs Petrov, it would have been better.
    Absolutely brilliant race though and better (despite the result) than 2008.

  10. It was great, and for his imperious performance over the last three races he deserves it. Still struggling a bit though with why Vettel received no penalty when he was so obviously at fault cutting across Senna……and yet, stewards were so quick to chastise HUL regarding Hamilton……

  11. as a mclaren fan i was rooting for alonso how lucky was vettle to take a whack like that twice in the same firstlap crash alonso deserved it more in y opinion i dislike him but he should not have been in the titel race with that car,but teflonso scraped through to the very end,i was kina waiting for some vettle massa tangling,but never happend:(

  12. Brazil,USA,Valencia Abu Dhabi my top 4 races! Any doubt????????

  13. Just thought I would throw something out there about Vettel’s “stunning” drives here in Interlagos and also in Abu Dhabi, obviously talking about how he manages to get from the back to the front in almost no time whatsoever.

    When Vettel is stone cold last you have to take into account the fact that all 6 of the “slower cars” put up ultimately no fight to hold him up, they know they won’t be able to keep him behind them so they almost let him threw (one of the reason the 3 new teams have been a bitter disappointed). On top of the both Toro Rosso drivers move out of the way which is very disappointing in terms of a race, and lastly if needs be Webber will move over. That’s 9 cars that Vettel essentially doesn’t have to pass when he gets pushed to the back of the grid, add to that retirements/1st lap collisions which take out 3/4 cars and vettel is amost in the points without having to make a “real overtake”.

    Looking at it from that view it’s hardly surprising that he is able to just storm back up the field with a fast car. However I don’t want to take away from the drive yesterday especially because of the fact that his car was heavily damaged. Gutted for Alonso as I feel he “deserved” the title considering how average the Ferrari was for most of the year, but the 2 first corner incidents with both Lotus’ have cost him dearly, and Vettel was able to pounce at the end of the season.

    10/10 for the race truely edge of the seat stuff, and it just goes to show, never listen to the weather forecasts!

  14. Great race and great battles till the end. Alonso and Vettel clearly drove their hearts out and eventually the man who deserved the title won it. Sad to see Hamilton’s plight in his last race for McLaren. I wish him good luck for the next season. Even if he is not able to fight for the title in the W04 (which remains to be seen considering how slow the W03 has been) let him at least have enough luck throughout the season to finish in points. Button again proved he is the master of wet by driving superbly in tricky wet conditions. Congrats to him for the race win. Cliff-hanging wheel to wheel action between Raikkonen and Schumy spiced up the on-track battles. Last but not the least the race did provide some laughter amid all those epic battles when Raikkonen followed a different path to rejoin the track. Sadly the gate was closed and funnily enough in his interview he said he knew where he was going and will make sure the gate is open next year. Fantastic end to the 2012 season. I’m already looking forward to 2013!!!

  15. Such a phenomenally exciting race – just a shame it ended under the safety car. Although at least that gave me a chance to get my breath back!

  16. I have a fun theory that sadly was not played out – perhaps because of the safety car. If Alonso had realised that he wasn’t going to win the championship, I think he would have let Massa through to repay him for all of his good work through the year. I have absolutely no evidence of this, but it’s the start of the silly season….

  17. the Safety car was joke!!

    1. @dev It was necessary. Did you not see the puncture?

  18. If I could I would give it a 9.4, meaning it rounds down to 9 for me. What a finish to the season. It almost had it all and that’s why it wasn’t a perfect 10 for me. I’m so glad I’m not a Vettel or Alonso fan because I would have had my heart on the floor for most of it. The wet weather really did throw up a stir and the changing of the lead between the McLaren drivers was reminiscent of Hungary last year in similar conditions.

    Fantastic to see Hulkenberg up there on merit and such a shame to see Hamilton end his McLaren career like that.

    The only part of the race that lacked excitement was the 3rd quarter where nothing much happened and the track was drying. This race will keep me going until March next year for sure.

  19. I voted the race a 10, the fact that the producer actually missed Jenson re-taking second place from Massa, and one of the leader changes, just about says it all . . . so much action that even they did not know where to look !!

  20. If that’s not a 10, I don’t know what is. I would vote it a Spinal Tap 11 if it let me!

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