Button: “I’d give Fernando a run for his money”

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In the round-up: Jenson Button says it “would be very interesting” to be Fernando Alonso’s team mate.


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Jenson Button talks Hamilton, Perez and F1 controversy (ITN via Dailymotion)

Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Silverstone, 2012“There are many guys you’d want to challenge of being their team mate. I think with Fernando we all know how difficult he is as a team mate. He’s very fast, he’s very intelligent and for a lot of people that scares them.

“For me I’d really like to be Fernando’s team mate – but I’m not saying I want to go to Ferrari – I’m just saying that alongside Fernando would be very interesting, to see how the guy works. I think I’d give him a very good run for his money.”

HRT fails to find buyer before deadline (Autosport)

“Sources indicate that the team is now working to pay its creditors and that the plan is for the team to shut down without unpaid debts.”

Co-Founder Is Bullish on Grand Prix in Texas (The New York Times)

Circuit of the Americas chairman Bobby Epstein: “At a NASCAR race, you are elevated and you see so much of the racing. Clearly, the American fan is used to being able to see a race. Here, from the seats you will see five to ten turns out of our twenty turns. This has been one of the most intentional parts of the design process, so that the die-hard race fan comes and says, ‘This is the greatest experience in the world.'”

US director Ron Howard takes on world of Formula One (Asia Ona)

“Asked whether the American public is ready for a F1-based film, Howard replied: ‘I know I’ve had a lot of very commercial movies, but I’m not a marketing guy, I don’t think that way. I didn’t think Apollo 13 would be very commercial and it made the top 10 that year. I do my best to try and make it an experience for the audience so that the majority of people who go will come away feeling that they got something out of the movie.'”

Vettel/Vergne Incident (Speed)

Adam Cooper: “[Ferrari’s] first contact with the media could have been to say that while it had noted with interest the stories on the internet the team accepted that there was no issue, wished Sebastian Vettel well, and looked forward to 2013. Instead a similar message emerged rather too late, after the damage had been done ?ǣ and without any form of apology to Red Bull and Vettel.”

Hearts and minds (Darren Heath Photographer)

“Ever so slightly caught up in the moment I took a step towards Fernando and we embraced. ‘Hard luck mate, hard luck.’ ‘Thank you,’ came the reply and the party of four headed up the rusting spiral staircase to the podium above.”

Webber chopper’s tern for the worse (The Sydney Morning Herald)

“Formula One driver Mark Webber’s adventure marathon has blown up a wildlife storm in Tasmania, where an event helicopter rotor blasted a nesting colony of threatened fairy terns.”


Comment of the day

@James_mc is saddened by the departure of HRT:

Very sad news.

From when I started watching F1, I have always had a certain respect for the teams near the back of the grid who are not winning, or even scoring points.

Kudos to a group of guys who really only wanted to go racing. Like Minardi before them, I will mourn their passing. Perhaps because they didn?t have an obvious ??figurehead?? at the helm and were owned by a bank, HRT never achieved the same cult status as Minardi did.

I?d bracket Sauber and formerly Jordan in a similar location ?ǣ independents who want to go racing.

For me Force India are just one man?s vanity project, and don?t anyone dare try and tell me that Toro Rosso are the same as Minardi. Yes, they use the same factory and base but they bear as much relation to Minardi as ??Lotus/Genii?? does to Teddy Toleman?s outfit of the 1980???s.

Not a Minardi in my heart, but I for one shall mourn their passing and all-to-brief foray into F1.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to KateDerby and US Williams Fan!

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On this day in F1

Yesterday we were talking about HRT not gaining an entry to Formula One for 2013, and ten years ago the story was much the same regarding Arrows. The team had failed the participate in a race since that year’s German Grand Prix, and the FIA unsurprisingly rejected its entry for 2003. The team later went bankrupt.

Image ?? Pirelli/LAT

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113 comments on Button: “I’d give Fernando a run for his money”

  1. Dafffid (@dafffid) said on 2nd December 2012, 10:41

    The demise of HRT should bring with it one piece of good news: an improvement in qualifying.

    With three backmarker teams Q1 was always tedious, waiting 20 minutes (when 15 would do), just to knock only one car out – and if a higher runner broke down or binned it early, that made the entire process a foregone conclusion.

    Presumably, with 22 cars, they’ll amend the rules and exclude six and six cars across the two sessions (and hopefully shorten Q1 by five minutes) – with two cars KO’d that already improves matters.

    But I think they should go a different route: they should continue to knock seven and seven cars out, leaving a top eight shoot-out. That would make the penalty for poor runs in Q1 and Q2 far more severe for complacent drivers and teams, and make each of the three sessions genuinely exciting; the scramble to get out of Q2 will become far more intense.

    To work at its best though, they should remove the absurd requirement for the front-runners to start on their qualifying tyres – so all cars in Q3 really try to set a competitive lap, and end the situation where often P11 & P12 have been better slots than P9 and P10. (Forcing them to run would just be dumping another unnecessary rule on top of an already bad one)

  2. maxthecat said on 2nd December 2012, 11:50

    No one gave Button a chance against Hamilton and he outscored Lewis during their time as team mates. I can see Jenson at Ferrari in 2014 if Vettel chooses the easy route and avoids racing Alonso on equal terms.

  3. Jimmy Clark said on 2nd December 2012, 11:58

    The most important thing,is to love and enjoy racing.As you all see,Jenson was happier a lot more times than his teammate and seemed to enjoy racing more…And if you thing like a mature racer,you know that “consistency is the key”.Hamilton in Spain 2012??? Button in Canada 2011 !!! As for the reason of all our comments here,Alonso is really a great driver to challenge with and Jenson is REALLY having fun…

  4. Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 2nd December 2012, 15:48

    Maybe I’m seeing a different Alonso, but I’m not sure how he can say he has “charisma in spadefuls.” From what I’ve observed, Fernando rarely seems to smile, expects to be placed on a pedestal above his teammates and then throws a fit when they don’t bow to his whims. This is the main reason I have been turned off of him. I have the utmost respect for him as a driver. Especially after witnessing what he did this year with that Ferrari. I like the underdog, normally. But his attitude exudes a feeling of entitlement that began to lose me since I started watching and ultimately alienated me at that fateful Hockenheim ’10 race.

  5. DaveF1 (@davef1) said on 2nd December 2012, 16:35

    “I’d give Fernando a run for his money”

    In the ‘hottest girlfriend competition’ you certainly would Jenson, but that’s about it.

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