Join in the F1 Fanatic 2012 season review

2012 F1 season review

The 2012 F1 drivers, Interlagos, 2012With the 2012 season all over bar the shouting F1 Fanatic’s traditional end-of-year review is set to begin.

This year’s review will run up until the beginning of 2013 and include:

  • The F1 Fanatic Driver Rankings 2012
  • Team-by-team reviews for every competitor
  • Plenty more stats, facts and pictures from the season
  • The 2012 F1 season quiz
  • Your best and worst moments of the year
  • A look back on how accurate our predictions for the year ahead were
  • Many more articles plus a selection of the best from F1 Fanatic this year

This being F1 Fanatic there are lots of opportunities for you to contribute to this year’s season review. Here’s how:

F1 Fanatic Driver Rankings

The F1 Fanatic Driver Rankings have been a long-standing feature of the end-of-season review. They will of course be back again this year and as always your comments on the drivers are invited.

Who were the best and worst drivers this year? Join in this forum thread to add your views:

Read the previous F1 Fanatic driver rankings here.

The best and worst moments of 2012

What were the highlights and lowlights of the season for you? Have your say here:

Pass of the Year

The Pass of the Year poll will be open soon. As always the shortlist will be drawn up based on your nominations from each race weekend of the season.

Name what you think was the best pass from each race of the season in these threads:

Last year Mark Webber’s pass on Fernando Alonso in the Belgian Grand Prix was voted Pass of the Year.

Your 2012 race experiences

Tell everyone about which F1 races you went to in 2012 and share your pictures and video from the races:

If you’re already planning a race trip for next year, there are discussion threads set up in all the forums which you can find via the 2013 F1 calendar.

An F1 Fanatic account is required to participate in the forums. If you do not have one, register an account here or read more about registering here.

More F1 season reviews

Image ?�?� Sahara Force India F1 Team

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22 comments on Join in the F1 Fanatic 2012 season review

  1. sorin (@) said on 29th November 2012, 15:18

    Overall, 2012 is a loss for Mclaren…all the way

  2. Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 29th November 2012, 15:50

    I’ve never taken part in this but now I absolutely have to do it after such a special season.

  3. SoLiDG (@solidg) said on 29th November 2012, 17:49

    As a Belgian I have been to the Belgian GP.
    These are my (not extremely great) pictures from friday.
    The weather was terrible, so taking pictures was not an easy job :)
    On sunday I was lucky to get gold tickets via LG. Seats on the eau rouge tribune.
    Lovely seats, but wasn’t able to take more pictures.

    Hope you enjoy them.

  4. Dane. (@dane-1) said on 29th November 2012, 23:00

    This is my favourite pic of the year………

  5. A-Safieldin (@) said on 30th November 2012, 8:37

    Hey Keith how about doing a piece on the Predictions Championship winners and maybe each one of them can give us an insight into their strategy, I think that what be a fun feature article!

  6. SennaPart2 said on 30th November 2012, 11:42

    Noticed the paired postures??
    Lewis and Jenson with same hand posture, vettel and Schumi with same hand posture, Alonso and Kimi with similar hand posture and both wearing sun glasses! interesting.

  7. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 30th November 2012, 13:27

    I’ll get involved over the weekend :)

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