Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013

2013 Singapore Grand Prix grid

2013 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013

Row 1 1. Sebastian Vettel 1’42.841
Red Bull
2. Nico Rosberg 1’42.932
Row 2 3. Romain Grosjean 1’43.058
4. Mark Webber 1’43.152
Red Bull
Row 3 5. Lewis Hamilton 1’43.254
6. Felipe Massa 1’43.89
Row 4 7. Fernando Alonso 1’43.938
8. Jenson Button 1’44.282
Row 5 9. Daniel Ricciardo 1’44.439
Toro Rosso
10. Esteban Gutierrez No time
Row 6 11. Nico Hulkenberg 1’44.555
12. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’44.588
Toro Rosso
Row 7 13. Kimi Raikkonen 1’44.658
14. Sergio Perez 1’44.752
Row 8 15. Adrian Sutil 1’45.185
Force India
16. Valtteri Bottas 1’45.388
Row 9 17. Paul di Resta 1’46.121
Force India
18. Pastor Maldonado 1’46.619
Row 10 19. Charles Pic 1’48.111
20. Giedo van der Garde 1’48.32
Row 11 21. Jules Bianchi 1’48.83
22. Max Chilton 1’48.93

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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61 comments on “2013 Singapore Grand Prix grid”

  1. Much closer than I thought at the end, I so wish Nico found a tenth somewhere.

  2. Great work from Gutierrez in Q2. Shame he didn’t even try in Q3 :/

  3. Brilliant lap from Nico.
    Alonso should work more)

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      21st September 2013, 15:16

      I don’t think its a matter of Fernando having to do a better job. It’s pretty plain that that Ferrari is just a dog to drive. The rear end is all over the place.

      1. Isn’t Alonso supposed to be a Singapur specialist, one of the few drivers to be able to push a sub-good car to its limits and the currently best driver on the grid?

        No matter what the answer to those questions are, if you have been beaten by your team mate you have done something wrong and were simply not fast enough.

      2. It may be a dog to drive, but Massa on that dog qualified one place higher.

        We’re talking about a driver who was sacked of the team in comparison to a two-times world champion, by many considered the best on the grid. You add the fact that this is supposed to be one of the races that suit him the best, and the conclusion is simple: he wasn’t good enough. And it’s not the first time.

    2. @slava i Hope Nico gets the better of Vettel on Lap 1 and laps up his third win of the season, 2 better than his team mate Lewis Hamilton

      1. Fingers crossed for your wish) we all need fight for a win, otherwise it would be boring.

      2. Wont happen. If you watched FP, you’ll know RBs race pace is way too strong, plus, Rosber starts on the dirty side ofa grid, which at this circuit is a bigger disadvantage than normal. He will be lucky to be 3rd by turn one, never mind challaneging Vettel.

      3. Lewis will be fine, he still will finish ahead this is the first qually in ages i count Nico beating Lewis on merit. Monza Hamilton wrecked floor. And really Ham deserved to win Silverston imo. Nico was nowere that weekend he coulnt even really keep Vet honest untill safety car came out. Hamilton has really stepped up, i was a worried man lol at Nico’s pace 3 poles in a row had me nervous for LH. But then after Monaco Hamilton has had the measure and got 4 poles in a row. All Rosbergs retirements would still not mean he would be anywere near Ham in the championship. Vettel mega lap the guy is a legend guys. My 2nd fav driver behind Hamilton, although i think its a bit of a shame that Vet will have 4xWC before Ham gets his 2nd. I dont think their is that much between them. And Alonso WOW!!!

      4. Yeah, three wins to Lewis’ one sounds good on paper, but Lewis’ sole win was more impressive by far than the two that Rosberg’s racked up so far. In Monaco the difference between him and Lewis was almost negligible, but Rosberg was just ahead. That enabled him to go it slow for a vast portion of the processional “race” we saw and maintain his position. And Silverstone he only “won” after the two drivers in front of him (who both had had the firm measure of him up until that point) dropped away for differing mechanical reasons, one of which was Lewis, who would have won the race far more convincingly than Nico managed after inheriting it (which he still almost lost to Mark Webber). If he does win Singapore, it would be his first convincing winning performance this year, whereas Lewis has already turned in one of those, and more besides.

  4. The man is so quick that I believe he can sit down tomorrow and still win the race

  5. I actually can’t wait to see Massa race Alonso tomorrow. forget about Vettel, that is going to be the real race tomorrow.

  6. I am wondering what would happen if Ferrari found a problem with Massa’s car now and would have to change the gearbox…. Considering his current situation a the team, could Massa publicly question the decision, demanding proof?..

  7. Vettel on pole was expected. Kimi out in Q2 was not. Also, its surprising how much the tyre changes have compromised the pace of the Force Indias…they are literally reduced to back markers!

  8. Oh wow, Massa ahead of Alonso again… please don’t move over for him tomorrow. Gutierrez finally outqualifying Hulkenberg doesn’t surprise me IMO, it’s pretty much the same reason why Petrov finally outqualified Kubica in Hungary 2010.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      21st September 2013, 15:12

      This is the perfect litmus test to see if he plans on backing up his claim of driving for himself.

      I really hope he does.

    2. And the reason is?

      1. @nickf12013
        Well no matter how good you are you’re bound to lose the upper hand to your teammate at least a couple of times… unless your teammate happens to be someone like Alex Yoong.

        1. @woshidavid95 I think someone forgot to inform this to the young German on pole :)

          1. Well, there’s always the possibility that Webber is in fact Alex Yoong in disguise… :P

          2. @kimrogue
            True, Vettel has made it 13-0 so far but there are still 6 races and I won’t be surprised in the least if Webber finally manages to outqualify Vettel for the same reason why Massa managed to get ahead of Alonso a few times in 2010/2011, or why Petrov also did the same to Kubica. But I must say, Vettel’s either just that good and/or Webber is underperforming the car.

    3. I’m a Webber fan but I hope Felipe can get one of usual great starts and take it to the front guys early.

  9. Ferrari are well and truly finished for this year.

    I cant help but wonder why Fernando cant qualify well..he was ahead of Massa all the way until the end.

    Hopefully Nico starts well…but cant see past Vettel.

  10. I can see that Kimi is giving his all!

  11. That’s my problem with Alonso this year. He’s not pushing the car as much as he could (and should!) in qualifying. It’s not the first time he’s been bested by Massa. Sure, he’ll make a superb race (probably will pass Massa on the start), but this is one place he shouldn’t need to recover.

    On the other side, Vettel has been virtually flawless, pushing his car to the limit every weekend (surpassing Webber every single time).

    One can argue Alonso had a better campaign that Vettel in 2012, but I don’t see that this year.

    1. It’s easy to be fastest when you are confident in your package. Race by race Vettel gets everything what every racer needs: fast car. Alonso haven’t got that for 4 years.

      1. First, the Ferrari is not a bad car. It’s not as fast as the Red Bull, but it’s still a frontrunner. Secondly, Massa outqualified him on the same car, and that’s my point.

        Whatever quality the Ferrari has, Alonso is not piushing it to its 100% on qualifying. That’s my point.

        1. Whatever quality the Ferrari has, Alonso is not piushing it to its 100% on qualifying.
          I remember Alonso outqualified Massa by half a second and even more. I don’t believe that you believe that Alonso is so terrible qualifier:-) So I don’t think its correct. But, yeah, Alonso should have worked better here.
          And, of course, it doesn’t matter how good is your car if you’re always second. It only means that you’re first to lose (and you always lose). And that actually kills Alonso’s performance.

      2. Meanwhile Vettel qualified on Pole with what the community deemed to be in the fastest car, Webber was no where to be seen.

    2. That Ferrari has no grip what-so-ever. Alonso and Massa look like Bambi on ice when it comes to qualifying.

      1. no grip what-so-ever

        Talk about exaggerating :P

        But again, that’s not the point. Grip or not, Massa bested him. Alonso is the two-times champion. He’s the one fighting this championship. He’s the Ferrari pilot next year. He should be pushing the car to its limits on qualifying. But he’s not.

        1. If you say so.

        2. Seriously though what you doing on here? you should be working for a F1 team.

          1. What kind of reply is that? The topic was Alonso vs Massa on qualifying (to define the state of the car and who’s pushing to its limit). If you don’t want to talk about it anymore, simply stop replying.

  12. So. Imagine this situation.

    The guy that’s been dominating the whole weekend sets a time which he thinks is good enough for pole. While 8 drivers give it a go again, the dominating man watches from the pitlane. Suddenly, it’s a massive shootout to see who can get the better of him and throw an enormous surprise. It’s game on, babe. It’s game on.

    We, the spectators, rub our hands and watch carefully to this last do-or-die minute of qualifying at a very difficult track.

    But no. TV Director thinks otherwise. And shows the WHOOOOLE lap of Massa. Who only qualifies 6th. We get to see Rosberg, just behind him, for 3 seconds and he goes 2nd just 0.091 seconds behind.

    Being a TV director must be a difficult thing. But they had shown Massa at every part of the qualy and it was OBVIOUS he wasn’t going to go for pole ! He was struggling badly ! So why the …. did they not show ANYONE ELSE?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I hope you lose your job, TV director. You’ve been letting me down for years now. But the SINGLE moment things could get exciting, you … it up !

    1. @fer-no65 I agree, it was awful. Not only they kept showing Massa’s lap, they wasted quite some time filming his in-lap too! I think they kept filming him until he was navigating turn 2, while everyone was coming behind him setting quick laps. We barely saw any of Rosberg’s lap, we didn’t see why Alonso was slower than Massa, and we didn’t see any of Romain’s lap too (or maybe I was too distracted because I believe they were showing Vettel celebrating when Romain finished his lap).

    2. @fer-no65

      You weren’t excited seeing Massa set a time that even the mighty Alonso couldn’t beat?!
      Well then there’s no pleasing you. ;)

    3. +1

      It was SO frustrating to watch.

      It is always the case that the first guy to start their last lap gets full coverage of their lap, then they do the pit straight shot to pick up every one else crossing the line. It pathetic that FOM doesn’t have the smarts to pick up the truly exciting battles or even monitor the sector times to see who is quick and who is not.

  13. Oh boy am I glad I didn’t get Sky F1 installed. Patience pays off. What a dull dud season.

    1. The session was everything but dull. Or did you simply see Vettel on top and that’s what made it dull to you? ;P

      1. Repetitive Snoozefest.

    2. @liambo Sit out the next season too and then decide again…

    3. Massa beating Alonso? Rosberg beating Hamilton? Grosjean beating Raikkonen? It all means nothing to you apparently.

      1. Of course it means little if Vettel is first.

          1. Because some Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen fans seem to believe that any race they’re surpassed by Vettel (which happens often these days) is boring.

            Which is a shame.

    4. @liambo
      Did you actually watch the session, or did you just assume that it was boring because Vettel is on pole?

  14. Rosberg outqualified Lewis on his strong track…

    1. @noob So did Massa at one of Alonso’s strongest tracks…

    2. Rosberg goes pretty well here too, being in contention for the win in 2008 and 2009.

  15. It’s not that I like seeing Vettel winning, it’s more that I like seeing Alonso not winning.

  16. So Massa DID beat Fernando… again.

    1. Rosberg did Hamilton, Grosjean did Raikkonen and Guttierez did Hulkenberg.

      Whats ur point?

      1. Underperforming driver beats double champion teammate?

      2. @todfod

        Probably his point is that Alonso isn’t performing at optimum level. To which I agree.

    2. The warrior dulls not the blade of his sword in the time before battle commences. #samurai

      1. I wish I could throw a “like” to your post, miss :)

  17. I know he touched the wall in his last lap, but I fail to understand why Giedo Vd Garde got out earlier then Pic for their last run. After all, he was fastest over the weekend until now. And with such track evolution…

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