Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013

Vettel has more wins than Alonso after ‘grand slam’

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013With the 33rd victory of his Formula One career, Sebastian Vettel has now surpassed Fernando Alonso as the driver currently competing in the sport who has the most wins.

Vettel’s Singapore Grand Prix win was the third ‘grand slam’ of his career, which included pole position, fastest lap and leading every lap. Alonso is the only other driver on the grid to have achieved this and he also did so at Singapore, in 2010.

Six drivers have more ‘grand slams’ than Vettel:

Rank Driver Grand slams
1 Jim Clark 8
2 Alberto Ascari, Michael Schumacher 5
4 Jackie Stewart, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell 4
7 Nelson Piquet, Sebastian Vettel 3
9 Juan Manuel Fangio, Jack Brabham, Mika Hakkinen 2
12 Mike Hawthorn, Niki Lauda, Gerhard Berger, Damon Hill, Fernando Alonso, Stirling Moss, Jacques Laffite, Gilles Villeneuve, Jo Siffert, Jacky Ickx, Clay Regazzoni 1

Vettel also drew level with Alonso in terms of fastest laps – both have 20 – and the pair finish one-two for the third race in a row.

The Red Bull driver passed Nigel Mansell in terms of laps led – he’s now led more racing laps than anyone bar Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. However despite having spent 2,147 laps in the lead that is still less than half Schumacher’s total of 5,111.

Vettel has now led 394 laps this season – more than half of all the racing laps so far.

Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Monaco, 1992Red Bull achieved their 51st pole position giving them as many as Renault. Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Lotus are the only teams ahead of them on the all-time list.

It was also the 207th pole position for a Renault engine. One more will see them tie Ferrari’s record for the most pole positions of all time.

Vettel’s third win in a row continues to squeeze the life out of the drivers’ championship. Only the top six drivers are mathematically still in the running: the Red Bull and Mercedes drivers, plus Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.

This was also Vettel’s third consecutive win in Singapore. He is the first driver to score three consecutive victories at the same track since Felipe Massa in 2008:

Driver Race Years Wins Notes
Ayrton Senna Monaco Grand Prix 1989-1993 5
Juan Manuel Fangio Argentinian Grand Prix 1954-1957 4 Shared win with Luigi Musso in 1956
Jim Clark Belgian Grand Prix 1962-1965 4
Ayrton Senna Belgian Grand Prix 1988-1991 4
Jim Clark British Grand Prix 1962-1965 4
Michael Schumacher Spanish Grand Prix 2001-2004 4
Michael Schumacher United States Grand Prix 2003-2006 4
Michael Schumacher Australian Grand Prix 2000-2002 3
Michael Schumacher Belgian Grand Prix 1995-1997 3 Won ‘on the road’ in 1994 but disqualified
Kimi Raikkonen Belgian Grand Prix 2004-2007 3 No race in 2006
Michael Schumacher Canadian Grand Prix 2002-2004 3
Alain Prost French Grand Prix 1988-1990 3
Juan Manuel Fangio German Grand Prix 1954-1957 3 No race in 1955
Ayrton Senna German Grand Prix 1988-1990 3
Juan Manuel Fangio Italian Grand Prix 1953-1955 3
Michael Schumacher Japanese Grand Prix 2000-2002 3
Graham Hill Monaco Grand Prix 1963-1965 3
Alain Prost Monaco Grand Prix 1984-1986 3
Jim Clark Dutch Grand Prix 1963-1965 3
Michael Schumacher San Marino Grand Prix 2002-2004 3
Sebastian Vettel Singapore Grand Prix 2011-2013 3
Jackie Stewart Spanish Grand Prix 1969-1971 3
Mika Hakkinen Spanish Grand Prix 1998-2000 3 Lost 2001 win on last lap to Schumacher
Felipe Massa Turkish Grand Prix 2006-2008 3
Graham Hill United States Grand Prix 1963-1965 3
Ayrton Senna United States Grand Prix (Detroit) 1986-1988 3

The changes to turn ten and resurfacing work on the Singapore track meant lap times fell by three and a half seconds this year. This was the second major change made to the circuit, the last being in 2009, when the first corner plus turns 13 and 14 were altered.

Vettel’s pole position time of 1’42.841 was the fastest seen on any of the three configurations of the track used since 2008. However Vettel’s fastest lap of the race fell short of Raikkonen’s lap record for the first version of the track (1’45.599) and Jenson Button’s on the second in 2011 (1’48.454).

Mark Webber became the second driver in F1 history to receive a ten-place grid penalty due to collecting three reprimands during the season. Pastor Maldonado also did so last year. Here’s how many reprimands each of the drivers have collected so far this year:

Driver Team Event Infraction
Mark Webber Red Bull Bahrain Contact with Rosberg
Mark Webber Red Bull Canada Speeding under yellows
Valtteri Bottas Williams Canada Speeding under yellows
Kimi Raikkonen Lotus Monaco Speeding under Safety Car
Adrian Sutil Force India Australia Driving too slowly in pit lane
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Britain Passed pit entry bollard on wrong side
Jules Bianchi Marussia Britain Missed weighbridge
Nico Rosberg Mercedes Britain Speeding under yellows
Charles Pic Caterham Belgium Rejoining the track in an unsafe manner
Paul di Resta Force India Italy Caused a collision with Grosjean
Mark Webber Red Bull Singapore Entered track without marshal’s permission
Fernando Alonso Ferrari Singapore Driving in a potentially dangerous manner

Esteban Gutierrez made his first appearance in Q3 and had his best starting position with tenth, but like every other rookie in the field this year he is yet to score a point.

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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  1. Vettel only the 2nd man after Clark to get Grand Chelems in 3 or more consecutive years. Clark did in 4 too! (1962-65?)
    Vettel now the only man to have outqualified his teammate at all 13 races (though Bianchi’s 1 loss was not his fault)- he’s also beaten Webber every race except for when he DNFed at Silverstone… however Alonso hasn’t lost to Massa in a race when both finished since China 2011!

  2. Apologies if this has been mentioned above, but I thought it quite nice that the drivers who finished 1, 2 and 3 on the podium have won 3, 2 and 1 championships respectively.

  3. Since Gutierrez reached Q3, Maldonado (along with the Caterham and Marussia drivers, naturally) is the only driver to have not reached the final part of qualifying this season.

    Despite the changes to the circuit, this was the second slowest Singapore GP, with the 61 laps lasting 1h59min13s.

    1. @kaiie
      Which is honestly surprising, given Maldonado was revered as a great Qualifier last year.
      It’s a shame that Williams have fallen so far back again.

  4. Adrian Sutil Force India Australia Driving too slowly in pit lane

    Love this one!

  5. qwerty123456opo
    23rd September 2013, 20:19

    Arent Schumachers Monaco victories missing from that list?

    1. Schumacher never won three-in-a-row at Monaco.

  6. Renault’s 160th fastest lap as an engine supplier – equals Ford Cosworth (the latter’s tally excluding 1 just as Cosworth). Ferrari are ahead on 231.

    3rd race in a row with the same top 2 in the same order: last happened Europe-Canada-USA 2004 (Schumacher-Barrichello). Last time it happened ‘on track’ (as R Schumacher was DQ’d from 2nd in Canada 2004) was Europe 1997 – Brazil 1998 (Hakkinen & Coulthard).

    Close call – Belgium-Italy-Singapore 2011 (Vettel won all 3 with Button finishing 3-2-2).

    Close call – USA-France-Germany 2006 (Schumacher won all 3, Massa finished 2-3-2).

    Close call – Spain to Canada 2006 (3 Alonso-Schumacher 1-2’s in 4 races – the 2 races prior to that were Schumacher-Alonso). If only Schumacher hadn’t done *that* at Monaco…

    First time Vettel has won 3 races in a row at the same track.

    The worse Raikkonen qualifies at Singapore, the higher he finishes.

    Grosjean in 2013 has had 4 points-scoring finishes, then 4 no-scores, then 4 more points-scoring finishes, and now a no-score.

    Pic’s lowest classified finish.

    Only Webber and Chilton are yet to start a race ahead of their team-mates this season.

    And some from (who also pointed out the Hakkinen-Coulthard one that I initially missed above):

    Red Bull have managed the same number of podiums and wins so far in 2013 as in the whole of 2012.

    Last driver to win a dry race by a bigger margin – Raikkonen in Hungary 2005. Hamilton won the wet Britain 2008 by over a minute.

    Alonso has scored the same number of podiums for Ferrari as for Renault (41).

    Raikkonen has now finished on the podium at every track that he raced on prior to his sabbatical.

    Both Lotus drivers have finished on the podium after starting outside the top 10 once this season – the only drivers to have done so in 2013.

    di Resta has had as many non-mechanical DNFs in the last 3 races as he had in his first 2 seasons (3).

    Ricciardo’s first driving-error DNF.

  7. only Sutil could get a penalty for going too slowly… haha!

  8. Does anyone else feel like there are two categories anymore?

    1) Vettel’s race against the record books;

    2) RB #2 and Co. versus the rest of the field?

    This weekend, Vettel made the rest of the drivers look like they were driving CRT machines. He is superhuman in an F1 car, but outside the car he is just a boy. Those interviews with him, each time, show how humble he is and how circumspect he is about his life, and his role as the T-Rex of forumla 1.

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