Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Suzuka, 2013

2013 Japanese Grand Prix team radio transcript

2013 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Suzuka, 2013The Japanese Grand Prix provided a fascinating strategic battle between Red Bull and Lotus, and there was much more going on as well.

Messages during the race revealed Ferrari’s unsuccessful attempt to order Felipe Massa to let Fernando Alonso pass him.

Several drivers collected penalties during the race including Daniel Ricciardo, who was furious about being penalised for going off the track while passing Adrian Sutil.

At the front of the field the battle for the lead eventually resolved itself with Sebastian Vettel using his pace advantage to pass Romain Grosjean using a three-stop strategy, while Mark Webber pitted three times on his way to second, after taking a critical few laps longer to pass the Lotus.

Here’s how the Japanese Grand Prix unfolded in the team radio messages that were broadcast during the race.

2013 Japanese Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* From To Message
PR Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg 15 minutes to go
PR Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez 10 minutes
PR Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK can we have pit lane speed limiter off please. For the formation lap start we’re going to have two static bite point and second gear KERS release. All your procedures. And before the start we do two rolling bite points and then four burnouts. Just keep it short and leave enough time in between.
PR Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg So remember step [distorted] as soon as the blankets are off. And then there will be recovery ten at one point during the formation lap, per call, and also to go backeventually. Everything else as per programme.
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton For your information Nico’s laps to the grid he found it initially on the nose so he took one degree of front wing out, then thought it went a bit too much to understeer balance, but the tyres weren’t in the working window, and that will help the issue a bit. I think we saw on our own laps we’re happy with takinganother half-a-turn off.
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington So has he kept a full hole out, yeah?
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Negative, he’d come back up, he’s put the hole back in.
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington They overall take two holes out like we did?
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton They’ve made their standard race adjust which is more than us, obviously they’ve taken more than three, three-and-a-half holes.
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington We’re two-and-a-half holes down.
PR Unknown Lewis Hamilton To Bono and Lewis, I’m just butting in here. Nico’s actiually six-and-a-half turns down from his end of qualifying run. But we are seeing that those top turns don’t really do a great deal. We are three-and-a-half turns down, which is two-and-a-half turns in balance because obviously the front’s lower with this weight on it. We are two-and-a-half turns down on aero balance, three-and-a-half absolute.
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Let’s take another half a hole out as we discussed and I’ll come down on my diff.
PR Simon Rennie Mark Webber For your info track temperature is starting to drop a little already. It’s now three degrees cooler than P2 but it is going to get a bit lower, OK? And as usual we’ll assume everyone’s on [medium], I’ll tell you if anyone of interest is on [hards].
PR Paul Davison Jules Bianchi Back to P1 for a couple of seconds andthen P2 again.
PR Simon Rennie Mark Webber Everybody on [mediums] apart from Ricciardo in P16 and Pic at the back. Normal procedure once we’ve fired up, want to go KERS seven, eight, seven. And then when we put you on the ground with 30 seconds to go there’ll be one static bite point. You’ll need to be hard on the brakes.
FL Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Warm up tyres and brakes, learn all gears.
FL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Reminder: We’ve going to be doing two burnouts out of turn 11. So keep working those tyres and getting some energy in the brakes. Rear brakes are still cold.
FL Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo All the gears are synchronised.
FL Juan Pablo Ramirez Giedo van der Garde Cool engine from exit hairpin. So you can get 70% throttle but stay as much high gears and low rev please.
FL Unknown Sebastian Vettel All systems are good so usual reminders it’s bite point learn and one burn-out. We need good clutch prep so straight to your box, focus on KERS at the start and KERS eight when you stop.
FL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton You’re going to stop in your box, steering straight, brake balance for turn one. You’re going to a bite point find then you’re going to do neutral, then RS modes, and you can hold overtake to keep temps down.
1 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Check the front, potential front wing damage, you have to have a look. Front left.
1 Jules Bianchi Paul Davison Bianchi was hit by Van der Garde at the first corner and both retired.
OK I’m out.
1 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi No reply broadcast.
Are you OK, mate?
1 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel At the moment from data and visually it looks OK. Stay out.
2 Tim Wright Charles Pic Pic had been given a drive-through penalty before the race even started and served it on the first lap of the race.
Box this lap, Charles. Drive through the pit lane this lap. Toggle down.
2 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Hamilton had to pit with a right-rear puncture on the first lap following contact with Vettel at the start.
Right-rear puncture. We’re going to be switching to the [hard] tyre for a long stint. We’re going to go down one-and-a-half turns
3 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Lead pack are in 130R at the moment.
4 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Just controlling those rear temperatures, 16.5
4 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Temps are on target. You can look after the front in turn one under the yellow.
4 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Rear tyre temperature high. Track is clear turn one.
4 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington What happened?
4 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We’re going to have to review the data, we’ll get back to you.
4 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Yellow, yellow. We are going to lap 19 so target lap 19.
4 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Yellow flags were re-deployed at turn one while the Bianchi/Van der Garde crash was cleared.
Gone yellow again in turn one so DRS is disabled again.
5 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Track clear.
5 Tim Wright Charles Pic Track is clear. Use the race KERS pattern not the qualifying pattern.
6 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Alonso was immediately pressuring Massa to pass him after the DRS zone was enabled.
Fernando should have the DRS.
6 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington How bad is my pace? Car doesn’t feel right.
6 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Looks like we’re missing some aero performance so looks like we’re about a second down.
6 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Yeah, the car’s all over the place.
6 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Brake balance one click forwards.
6 Tim Wright Charles Pic You are 16 seconds behind Chilton but you are nearly two seconds a lap quicker at the moment.
6 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel From an early stage Vettel began saving his tyresso he could attack later on.
You’re currently plus four to Rosberg. It’s worth dropping back to save your tyres. Two second gap is good.
7 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Target five at the end of this lap. Continue trying to get a gap to Massa, gap is 1.5 at the moment.
7 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu There’s too much rear.
7 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK, copy that.
7 Simon Rennie Mark Webber We need to start looking after the rear tyres. If you cannot pass Grosjean, make a two second gap, we’ll close it up closer to the pit stops.
7 Tim Wright Charles Pic We need to use the race KERS pattern. Turn 11 25%, turn 14 50%, turn 18 25%.
8 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa This was a coded message telling Massa to let Alonso past. It was repeated the second time with very clear enunciation. But Massa didn’t obey and it took until lap 20 for Alonso to find a way past his team mate.
Multifunction strategy A. Multifunction strategy A. Now, please.
8 Dave Robson Jenson Button Box this lap.
8 Jenson Button Dave Robson Box this lap, up one turn.
9 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton The garage is clear so you can pull straight into the garage. The guys will guide you in.
9 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Like Pic, Rosberg appeared to be not using the ideal KERS deployment pattern for the race.
You are in your Safety Car window and do not boost out of turn seven, not in the race schedule, not good.
9 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Hamilton pulled into the pits to retire due to the damage sustained at the start.
Sorry guys.
9 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Not your fault Lewis, looks like you got tagged by Vettel’s front wing.
9 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Your lap time is good. Target plus minus zero.
10 Mark Temple Sergio Perez How are the tyres and balance?
10 Sergio Perez Mark Temple At the moment it’s OK. I am starting to lose the rears. But at the moment it’s OK. I think we stick to plam.
10 Mark Temple Sergio Perez OK, understood Checo. We’ll monitor the cars that have pitted behind. We may decide to swap to Plan B but at the moment we’re still on Plan A.
10 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Maldonado pitted and came out ahead of Sutil.
You’ll be racing Maldonado.
10 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Engine 21.
11 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg No reply broadcast.
Nico I go minus three clicks for [hard], OK?
11 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg We’re thinking of going Plan B at the moment.
11 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross [Distorted] I need to know what to do.
11 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg This interesting coded message was heard more than once during the race.
So target three, important to pull the gap to Massa, currently 1.8 seconds. So Nico if you’re feeling comfortable like some hoagie 25s, just to help on fuel.
12 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Box, Mark.
12 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Box this lap, please Kimi. Clutch 11. It will be tight with Button on the exit.
12 Simon Rennie Mark Webber You’ll be close to Ricciardo at pit exit.
12 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Button’s behind you.
12 Sergio Perez Mark Temple OK, box.
12 Mark Temple Sergio Perez And let’s give it everything, let’s really push on the in-lap.
13 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Grosjean is in this lap.
13 Dave Robson Jenson Button Racing Checo at the exit.
13 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Gaps are safe. Start to look after the rear tyres now.
14 Sergio Perez Mark Temple Rosberg left the pits in front of Perez who had to avoid the Mercedes. Rosberg later got a penalty.
What happened with that Mercedes?
14 Mark Temple Sergio Perez I don’t know Checo, we have spoken to the FIA.
14 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Could race Alonso out of the pits… OK, he’s behind.
14 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Alright Sebastian keep going, good job. That’s extending your window, that’s very helpful, good job.
14 Mark Webber Simon Rennie What’s the multi, mate?
14 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Toggle KERS, multi two.
15 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Rear tyres worn down to 40% at the end of that stint.
15 Paul di Resta GianPiero Lambiase The front’s locking.
15 GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta KERS three and rearward brake balance if you need to, Paul.
15 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Look for the two-second gap again.
16 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Obviously Sebastian, Grosjean and Webber got the undercut, they’re still ahead of you. But you’re creeping up on them, OK. It’s all working to plan. Good job.
16 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Let me know the pace, please.
16 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel 37.7.
16 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Max two and try diff mid seven.
16 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg We need you to box this lap for a drive-through.
16 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Rosberg has been given a drive-through for the pit exit. Let’s keep going, make sure we get to our target lap. Use the same plan as we did in the last stint.
17 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil How is the car, Adrian?
17 Adrian Sutil Brad Joyce Understeer in the high speed.
17 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa As you saw, so, Rosberg got a drive through so we are in sixth position.
17 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel You’re -3 Webber, Webber 38.1, Grosjean 38.1. So you can just sit there for a while.
18 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Ricciardo in front with [hard tyres] might make a train.
18 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel You’re currently +12 Ricciardo. He hasn’t stopped yet. Next car back is Hulkenberg right behind him.
20 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Censored by FOM. Hulkenberg was feeling pressure from Alonso while also trying to pass Ricciardo who hadn’t pitted yet.
**** he’s quick on the straight. Same **** as last year.
20 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Nico our position is not in danger. Keep calm, keep racing.
20 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Situation is Ricciardo has not stopped yet, he is holding up P4 backwards to you.
20 Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Push for the Ferraris. Watch Raikkonen behind.
21 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Target five at the end of this lap. Use the tyres for target five.
21 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Should I box this lap?
21 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo One more lap Daniel.
22 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Rosberg passed Button on lap 22.
Important to get past Jenson. Push the tyres to do that, if we need to stop earlier it’s not a problem.
22 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Box, Jev.
23 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Multi three and engine 22. Press the reverse button once and toggle KERS.
23 Jenson Button Dave Robson Got a lot of vibration again but it’s not from the front ’cause I haven’t locked these tyres up. It must be coming from the rears.
23 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK, understood.
23 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Give me feedback on the tyres and do you want front wing adjustment next stint? Same tyre.
23 Valtteri Bottas Jonathan Eddollls Same flap. How many more laps?
23 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Copy front wing. Target seven more laps,
24 Jenson Button Dave Robson Really struggling. Got a bit more front end in the car now but no rear. Still lot of understeerbut nor rear.
24 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Too much understeer in the car. Plus point four.
24 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy. Try torque five for understeer.
25 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg You’re doing well. They’re opening on the rear.
25 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach How many laps to target?
25 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Eight or nine Nico.
25 Jenson Button Dave Robson Is it strategy A or B? I’m busy but let me know.
25 Dave Robson Jenson Button This is going to have to be B.
25 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Excitingly, for the second weekend in a row the word “bananas” appears in the radio discussion.
This is good pace, don’t go bananas, Mark is right behind Grosjean now so his pace will calm down. Watch out for Pic.
25 Dave Robson Jenson Button Need to watch the rears in turn seven.
26 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Webber is told to pit unless Grosjean comes in.
Box, Mark, opposite Grosjean.
26 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Grosjean 37.9. Close the gap progressively. Default 17.
26 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Still no management at the moment. Rear temperatures are 15, that’s the only thing we need to be careful with, they’re 15 at the moment, still under control.
27 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Mix three and Webber just pitted, he’s converting to three stop.
27 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu OK.
27 Mark Temple Sergio Perez There is a lot of traffic behind still so pitting early will not help at the moment so let’s make sure threse tyres are good at the end of the stint, or if you can, get past Gutierrez if he struggles more.
27 Sergio Perez Mark Temple What do you think on the [hard] tyres? I don’t like it too much.
27 Mark Temple Sergio Perez OK Checo understood. Which tyre we fit will depend on how many laps to go. At the moment we’re still on Plan A. Let’s see when we have to make the stop.
27 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Close the gap progressively. We’re not racing Mark, we’re racing Grosjean.
27 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean We are on target, look after rears
28 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Ricciardo is the next car in front. He is on [hard] tyres.
28 Andrew Murdoch Pastor Maldonado Keep pushing like this.
28 Felipe Massa Rob Smedley The rears start to go away.
28 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Understood.
29 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Put pressure on Grosjean.
29 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Confirm -3 for [hard] but we stay out.
29 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Yeah getting quite understeery as well. Maximum -2.
29 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Copy Nico -2, looks good, we stay out.
29 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Rear tyre temperatures completely under control.
30 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Box, Romain.
30 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel As with Webber earlier, Vettel is told not to follow Grosjean in.
Opposite to Grosjean now, this lap.
30 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Grosjean has just pitted, you are clear.
30 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Diff entry five,
30 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach How many laps are left?
30 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg 23. We need to push quick before Alonso.
31 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Good job, Sebastian. Same plan as the previous stint. Margin behind. We goes as far as we can.
32 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen It’ll be tight with Ricciardo on the exit.
32 Mark Temple Sergio Perez We did 18 laps on the last set of tyres, let’s try and close up on Gutierrez ahead, make sure we’ve got tyres that are in a good condition at the end of the race.
32 Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil There’s still some three-stoppers left that have got stops to make. We’re still in this race so look after those and get them to the end of the race.
33 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Kimi’s out of the pits and four seconds behind. Start managing the tyres now. If we are going to get to the end it’s 21 more laps.
33 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Ricciardo went off on the outside of 130R while passing Sutil on lap 26, which he was penalised for.
Drive-through, Daniel, drive-through penalty this lap.
33 Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Why?
33 Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Overtake on Force India.
34 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Default map 12.
34 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Last tyre set had some damage to the rear-left. Let’s look after the tyres in turn one, two and twelve.
34 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Massa was also given a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pits, which caused a moment of confusion at Lotus.
Massa has a drive-through penalty.
34 Kimi Raikkonen Mark Slade Why do I have a drive-through?
34 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Massa! Massa has a penalty. Massa.
35 Tim Wright Charles Pic You are doing the same lap time as Chilton. He is on new [hards].
35 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Your pace is good so look after rears. We are just monitoring the gap.
35 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross You need to take one tear-off off my visor at the stop.
35 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Which side, Nico.
35 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Left side.
36 Tim Wright Charles Pic Charles you can push.
36 Simon Rennie Mark Webber It’s not all over yet. Keep pushing mate, we’ve got some chances to come yet.
36 Gary Gannon Max Chilton One more lap to the blues. Make sure the blue is very clean, let them through and don’t lose any time.
36 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross OK don’t worry I managed to remove it. Forget about it.
37 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach He’s not going to push, maybe I should take some speed out?
37 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg OK Nico copy. Behind Alonso there’s Kimi charging so maybe it’s OK to keep the pace like it is.
37 Jean-Eric Vergne Phil Charles Push two.
37 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Understood Jev. Gutierrez behind you will have DRS this lap. Think about KERS.
37 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Push hard now just to get that gap, pit stop window.
37 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Box, torque map one and box.
38 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Perez on the new hard, same as you, and he stopped two laps after us.
38 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel That’s Grosjean in front of you. Go and get him.
38 Mark Temple Sergio Perez There are three cars in front who have much older tyres than ours, they are Rosberg, Jenson and Vergne. Rosberg could pit soon, we might be racing him out of the pits. We definitely expect two more cars to have to pit before the end.
39 Mark Temple Sergio Perez In front of Massa is Vergne who is struggling a lot on his [medium] tyres. Could be an opportunity to get Massa as well as him.
39 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Target one.
39 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Alonso closing around a tenth a lap. 18 laps to go.
39 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Blue flag Alonso and Raikkonen, let them through as easily as you can, don’t lose any time.
39 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Perfect.
40 Simon Rennie Mark Webber This is good stuff, mate, keep it going.
40 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Pick up the pace a little bit now, please. Rosberg in front of you willstop again so at the minute he’s putting enough of a pit stop window so pick up the pace and we can make sure he pits behind us.
40 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Vettel returns to the track following his last pit stop.
Towards the end of the race you’ll come under pressure from Mark. So make sure you’ve got some tyres left.
40 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg We don’t need you to push on the out-lap, you’ll come out ahead of Ricciardo. So just managing the temperatures for the first few laps.
41 Jenson Button Dave Robson Some information please, Dave.
41 Dave Robson Jenson Button We are still Plan B and we are box this lap.
41 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Good job Sebastian. It’s all about having enough tyres until the end.
41 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Mark has to stop again and he’ll close up the gap after that. Save your tyres.
42 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa As I said, exit chicane pull later to get a full throttle. Very, very gentle to get to full throttle.
42 Mark Webber Simon Rennie Webber is on a three-stop strategy and was catching slower cars as he neared his final pit stop.
Lots of traffic coming up ahead, mate.
42 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Yes mate we are looking at it.
42 Mark Temple Sergio Perez Massa in front has been told to look after his rear tyres. There may be an opportunity to overtake him. We’re currently P9. Let’s see if we canget some more places before the end.
42 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Box, Mark, box this lap.
43 Tim Wright Charles Pic Charles your pace is good. You are seven seconds behind Chilton. He is lapping 39.4 last lap.
43 GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Di Resta briefly had a hold on tenth place but it wouldn’t last.
Button has pitted and passed Adrian so expect Jenson behind. You’ll be racing Jenson. Expecting Ricciardo to pit very soon.
44 Sergio Perez Mark Temple Perez and Rosberg made contact at the chicane, leaving Perez with a puncture.
I think I have a puncture,
44 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Check my front wing.
44 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy.
44 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Webber pitted and came out behind Vettel and Grosjean.
Obviously Mark has to pass Grosjean still.
45 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Vettel was held up by Perez while lapping the McLaren.
Tell him to get out of the way [distorted].
46 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Try to save just one of the lights from exit hairpin so you have one at the chicane. Anyway this is very good just keep him behind.
46 Simon Rennie Mark Webber To use KERS on the exit of the chicane only use 25 KERS early to get full KERS exit 17.
46 Jenson Button Dave Robson How far is ninth ahead?
46 Dave Robson Jenson Button Jenson that is Massa it’s nine seconds.
47 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Good effort, I’ll give you an update in a second.
47 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg At the end of this lap we have seven laps remaining. Gutierrez you are over a second a lap quicker than him, he is five seconds up the road. And we need Hoagie 25s.
47 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel After a delay, more of Vettel’s messages about Perez were played on the pit wall feed.
47 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Perez getting blues.
47 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Get out of the way! I’m losing time.
47 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood. Calm down, he’s still getting blues.
47 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Charlie, get him out of the way. That is not fair.
47 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Thank you, thanks for that.
47 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Mark is still behind Grosjean. The cars ahead are fighting for position.
48 Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Reminder to use the overtake button if you need it.
48 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Di Resta was about three-tenths quicker, he is fighting with Button, Button has stopped the third time and he’s put on a new medium so he’s fighting with Button. Di Resta a little bit quicker but should be no problem as there are six laps to go now.
49 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Release six.
49 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Having held Alonso back for several laps Hulkenberg was passed by the Ferrari and later Raikkonen too.
Oh man, Marco, we’re talking about seven places again today.
49 Simon Rennie Mark Webber Webber continued to press Grosjean for second and eventually passed the Lotus on the penultimate lap.
Concentrate on getting a good exit from the chicane.
49 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Behind Vergne is the race-leader Vettel.
49 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne You’re getting blue flags for Vettel behind you, you have to let him go. Try and follow him through on Bottas.
50 Jenson Button Dave Robson How many laps?
50 Dave Robson Jenson Button Five more laps to go.
50 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa He’s five seconds behind now and at the end of this lap it’ll be four laps to go.
50 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Important to get past Gutierrez now, critical on fuel.
51 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa Four seconds behind, he’s got Chilton in front of him.
51 Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Jev you can catch Sutil and overtake him, he’s very slow, come on, there’s only a couple of laps left, come on.
52 Rob Smedley Felipe Massa KERS magnettino position plus one for more power. Press the ED, we will have to defend for these next three laps his top speed is not very good.
52 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu Censored by FOM. Webber passed Grosjean as the pair lapped Perez and Bottas.
**** blue flags!
53 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Last lap. Webber’s last lap: 36.2.
53 Dave Robson Jenson Button Jenson, great job with Massa. Car in front is Pic, traffic.
VL Christian Horner Sebastian Vettel What a drive, Seb, great job! You managed that fantastically well, brilliant drive.
VL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Awesome, mate, awesome.
VL Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Censored by FOM.
****, boys! Ichiban! Yes, boys! Unbelievable. You stayed there, patient, great job. Thanks a lot for bringing the car back. Unbelievable. You’re the best team in the world. Thanks very much guys, I love you. Yes! Ichiban
VL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Just so you know Alonso finished P4, 45 seconds back. That was a very good race, mate, very patient. Better deg, better pit stop, better pace. And then you had to pass for the lead. That’s beautiful.
VL Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Good day at the office I’d say. Thanks guys. Great job, great strategy. We managed that well. Yes! I’m so proud.
VL Simon Rennie Mark Webber Nice job today, very good job. We were pretty marginal on wear which is why we switched. I think we’d have been very tight to do a two, which is why we switched mate.
VL Christian Horner Mark Webber That’s a very good drive, Mark, that’s a very good drive. Unfortunately we lost too much time behind Grosjean in the end there. But it’s a really good drive, well done.
VL Eric Boullier Romain Grosjean Brilliant drive Romain, wow!
VL Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu Fantastic race guys.
VL Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Brilliant Romain, nice job. Let’s remember you were the only one to challenge Red Bull today so great job.
VL Mark Slade Kimi Raikkonen Well done Kimi, another fantastic race. Just superb. Thank you very much again.
VL Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Good job Nico, thank you. They had in front again quicker cars. That’s a decent result, thank you Nico.
VL Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Yeah that was it, couldn’t hold these guys at the end. The tyres were just giving up too much. But the car felt very good today. Thank you.
VL Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Copy, Nico. Behind you Esteban scored another point so he’s P7. Vettel won, Webber, Grosjean, Alonso, Kimi, yourself, Esteban, Rosberg, Jenson, Massa. Good result for the team, thanks a lot. Save fuel, remember end of race procedure.
VL Francesco Nenci Esteban Gutierrez Good job, Esteban.
VL Esteban Gutierrez Francesco Nenci Thank you guys, good job.
VL Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Pull over, Nico, and find a fire post. Right-hand side so just turn the engine off, find a fire post, should be end of the pit lane.
VL Dave Robson Jenson Button Nice job, I know that’s not quite what we hoped for but after a little tricky start that’s a really good race, some great overtaking at the end. So another couple of points and another classy drive, well done mate.
VL Jenson Button Dave Robson Yeah I’m sorry about the first stint I don’t know what was going on there I couldn’t find any grip out there. The front lock-up hurt me quite a bit. Good job finding me pace, guys. Sorry about that but I personally don’t think we were going to do much better than ninth anyway. Good fun in the end, that’s the important thing, couple of points.
VL Dave Robson Jenson Button Yeah absolutely I agree. I think, yeah, that’s a pretty good recovery from the first stint. Plan B actually worked not too bad in the end. Three good moves there on a track where it’s not easy to overtake. Good job, good few points well earned.
VL Jenson Button Dave Robson Cheers. Did a Sauber finish in front of us?
VL Dave Robson Jenson Button Yep both Saubers finished in front of us Jenson so it’s a Red Bull one-two, Vettel winning the race.
VL Jenson Button Dave Robson Did they have good pace, the Saubers, or did the strategy just work?
VL Dave Robson Jenson Button They had good pace, similar pace to us.
VL GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Hard luck, Paul. P11. We’ll look into the first round of stops, obviously the second stint behind Bottas cost us in terms of race time. Whether it would have saved us a point or not we’ll have to look a bit closer. Hard luck.
VL Paul di Resta GianPiero Lambiase Yeah, and also our start needs to be better, we lost too many places. But the car was much better obviously last stint. But no tyres to keep Jenson behind, absolutely no way.
VL GianPiero Lambiase Paul di Resta Copy that, Paul. We obviously went for an aggressive second stop in order to jump the Williams but I think in the end it’s all gone a little bit too early and we’ve run out of tyres. Hard luck, I think that’s where it is at the moment.
VL Phil Charles Jean-Eric Vergne Hard luck, yesterday was a real unlucky thing for you. Recovery one. We’re P12. Daniel P13, he had a drive-through.
VL Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Ricciardo was very unhappy about his penalty.
P13 Daniel. Hard luck today but very good performance. I’m proud of you, well done today, very good job.
VL Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Understood. Where would we have ended without the drive-through?
VL Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Between P8 and P10.
VL Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa Just to clarify, before I go off and kill somebody, was it for the move in turn 15 on the outside of Sutil or Di Resta?
VL Marco Matassa Daniel Ricciardo Yes, Daniel.
VL Daniel Ricciardo Marco Matassa That’s unbelievable. Alright, understood.
VL Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Unlucky Adrian, P14.
VL Adrian Sutil Brad Joyce The race pace was just not there today. We have to work on that a bit more.
VL Brad Joyce Adrian Sutil Copy that Adrian.

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