Start, Shanghai, 2013

Top ten passes of 2013: Vote for the best

2013 F1 season reviewPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Shanghai, 2013

Your nominations for the best overtaking move of 2013 have been counted. Now it’s time to vote for the best out of the top ten passes of the year.

Australia: Mark Webber on Paul di Resta

Mark Webber often found himself needing to make up ground following a bad start during 2013. Here he gets around the outside of Paul di Resta at turn nine during his home race.

Malaysia: Sebastian Vettel on Mark Webber

Extra spice was added to this tooth-and-nail scrap between the two Red Bull drivers by the fact Sebastian Vettel had been ordered not to pass his team mate. Webber put up a stern defence but Vettel squeezed through to claim is first win of the year in controversial fashion.

China: Lewis Hamilton on Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013

Lewis Hamilton passed former team mate Jenson Button twice during the Chinese Grand Prix. The pick of the two moves was a sweep around the outside into turn one, giving him the advantage into the following left-hander. No suitable video available.

China: Felipe Massa on Lewis Hamilton

Three passes from the Chinese Grand Prix made it into the top ten. Felipe Massa put an opportunistic move on Hamilton after team mate Fernando Alonso passed him for the lead.

China: Sebastian Vettel on Felipe Massa

Vettel wasted no time getting past Massa after his pit stop, diving past at the turn six hairpin.

Monaco: Sergio Perez on Jenson Button

Sergio Perez Passes Jenson Button @ 2013 F1 Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix saw a few surprising passes including this ballsy dive from Sergio Perez on team mate Button.

Monaco: Adrian Sutil on Fernando Alonso

Later in the race Adrian Sutil surprised Fernando Alonso with this pass at the Fairmont Hotel hairpin.

Hungary: Romain Grosjean on Felipe Massa

Unfortunatley for Romain Grosjean he put all four wheels off the track while overtaking Massa during the Hungarian Grand Prix and gave him a drive-through penalty. Grosjean later said he thought he had at least two wheels still on the track during the pass.

Italy: Fernando Alonso on Mark Webber

Fernando Alonso took third place off Webber with a late-braking move at the Variante della Roggia during the Italian Grand Prix.

United States: Valtteri Bottas on Esteban Gutierrez

Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Circuit of the Americas, 2013

Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Gutierrez went side-by-side through the snaking Ess-bends at the start of the lap at the Circuit of the Americas, the Williams driver coming out on top on his way to his first ever F1 points. No suitable video available.

But what about…?

This top ten was compiled from the Pass of the Year Nominations by F1 Fanatic readers throughout the year. If your favourite pass doesn’t feature in the final ten that’s because it didn’t get enough nominations.

Cast your vote

What do you think was the best pass of the 2013 season? Cast your vote below and having your say in the comments.

Vote for the best pass of the 2013 F1 season

  • Australia: Mark Webber on Paul di Resta (3%)
  • Malaysia: Sebastian Vettel on Mark Webber (28%)
  • China: Lewis Hamilton on Jenson Button (3%)
  • China: Felipe Massa on Lewis Hamilton (2%)
  • China: Sebastian Vettel on Felipe Massa (1%)
  • Monaco: Sergio Perez on Jenson Button (8%)
  • Monaco: Adrian Sutil on Fernando Alonso (13%)
  • Hungary: Romain Grosjean on Felipe Massa (21%)
  • Italy: Fernando Alonso on Mark Webber (14%)
  • United States: Valtteri Bottas on Esteban Gutierrez (7%)

Total Voters: 483

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  1. Loved Sutil on Alonso, too, but Vettel x Webber was the most exciting to watch and the one with he most interesting repercussions!

    1. Sutil did well to get Alonso there and it was a brave move, but I don’t think it was the best of the year because Alonso was asleep on that apex.

      To me a brilliant overtake is one where the defending driver does what he can to prevent the overtaking from happening, yet the overtaker finds a way through whether it be right on the limit around the outside of a corner or flying up the inside putting immense faith in their braking ability! Vettel’s overtake on Webber is a prime example of skillful overtaking and defending. As was the move by Grosjean on Massa, and probably the move by Alonso on Webber also.

    2. I loved Grojean on Massas at Hungary – but penalty is a penalty and it required a slightly passive Massa.

      Vettel V Webber at Malaysia – everything about it. Attack/Defend and over several turns once the move had begun with mm’s to spare against the pit wall. Brilliant stuff.

      Mark’s finger was the icing on the cake.

      1. Yeah, When MW had his engine turned down, Team orders were Multi 21 (see finger)
        SV still struggled to overtake, Was a daylight mugging from a team member. This was not sportsmanship, this was a display of selfish childish behaviour. My grandmother could have made that pass in those conditions.

        1. @aaaa – Webber had to turn his engine down, he had used more fuel than Vettel.

          It wasn’t a “daylight mugging” or “childish behaviour”. It was a legitimate pass, using the tyres Vettel had saved from Q2 the previous day. It was only twisted around by people like you to make Vettel look like a villiain & Webber look like a victim, when he’s blatantly disobeyed team orders of his own, at more crucial points than the 2nd race of the season.

          Vettel was faster. He passed. End of.

        2. When MW had his engine turned down

          Did you watch the video?

        3. @aaaa

          Horner later came out and confirmed that Vettel had also turned his engine down, just that he didn’t need to turn it down as much with his own fuel savings from earlier in the race. (here’s one source –

          So it’s not like Vettel knew Webber turned down his engine more, as far as Vettel knew, they both were on equal terms, Webber was just slow.

          I can understand Webber being po’d, thinking he turned his engine down but Vettel didn’t, but after the fact, both were on equal terms based on how they had managed their resources in the race (i.e., Vettel having fresh options at the end) and Webber defended about as aggressively as a driver can without crossing the line (though close to a Schumacher on Barrichello in Hungary).

    3. what about perez overtaking hamilton and raikkonen in a single move at the indian gp?

  2. Surprised none of Kimi’s passes made the list. There a large number of his overtakes better than a few here…

    1. Surprised his overtake on Button in Singapore is missing..

    2. In the same register, no Button in USA ? He had a good one on the downhill …
      But still great selection overall.
      Had to be Gro on Massa for me, nice overtake and deserve more than a penalty, true F1 racing and overtake to me

    3. @wsrgo @jee1kimi @adityafakhri None of them had enough nominations. The margins were very small – one or two votes here or there could have changed half the list – so you might have been able to make the difference. But obviously it’s too late now. I should point out the ‘Pass of the Year’ nominations were mentioned after every race and there were extra reminders at the end of the season. So everyone had ample chance to play a role in the selection of the final ten.

      1. @keithcollantine yes Keith, we’re aware of that. I just want to point out that vote quantity doesn’t automatically determine quality. but yeah, it’s fine, anyway it’s the member vote. pass of the year feature is probably the most controversial stuff we had in this site, hehehe. cheers!

      2. There should be a poll after every race for overtake of the race because I think quite few are active in the forum or where ever these nominations has taken place!

        1. @alexanderfin There are nominations after every race, they run in the forum and are mentioned in the round-up. They were also mentioned here:

          Be part of the F1 Fanatic 2013 season review

      3. @keithcollantine
        I’ve always saw the reminders in the round-ups, but didn’t realize if someone nominates an overtake, others have to mention it too to get the chance to be part of the end of year vote. Could you point it out next year? Because I think I wasn’t alone not knowing about it.

    4. Because if Keith put Kimi’s overtaking here, it would make the others look like amateurs.
      If you want Kimi’s then better check the world best overtaking of all time.

  3. Vettel vs Webber was way too exciting to watch, a highlight of the season. The 2 laps long battle was never gonna end right, and while it did on track (i.e. they didn’t crash), it kept things far from cool afterwards.

    1. @fer-no65 I am wondering what would have happened if VET and WEB had crashed

      1. Remember Turkey 2010. Seb caused the crash 100%, and not happy with that he behaved obnoxiously to Mark afterwards.

    2. Jelle van der Meer
      10th December 2013, 20:59

      I only now notice that Webber still had almost FULL KERS, that is shocking. If he actually would have used it, Vettel unlikely would have gone past at least that lap.

      Ignoring the team order crap around it, these are the battles I want to see when watching F1

      1. Webber was saving his KERS for the straights. If he had used it in the run to turn 3, Vettel would have gotten him on the long straights later.

  4. I would go with HAM pass on Webber at Hungaroring, from the outside of T2 :o (should be included into Top10 IMHO)

  5. I was undecided between VET on WEB or SUT on ALO. I picked the latter, because though both were magnificient, contact-free overtakes, Sutil did it in the brutally narrow Monaco Hairpin, while Vettel did it in wide open Sepang. Still, I don’t want to underrate Vettel’s. Despite the after race controversy, the move was brilliant, and honestly, as much a fan of Webber I am, I had to agree with Vettel. But Sutil’s had… that something, you know ;-)

  6. Not a vintage year for overtakes was it. There weren’t any with real wow factor like the Webber move on Alonso at Eau Rouge a few seasons back.

    1. What about the favor returned by Alonso this year at Eau Rouge?
      That was a good one..although not in the list.

      1. Ah yes, but like you said, not on the list (for the reasons Keith pointed out above). ;)

  7. choosing Sutil vs Alonso.
    reason? it was Monaco, in unlikely place to overtake, and no DRS involved

    1. I picked up Sutil on Alonso because this is the kind of move I would love to do.

      Vettel on Webber in Malaysia is nonetheless my favorite, that was scary and brilliant. Perez on Button was brave too and looks alike the one of Sutil.

  8. Alonso on Webber for me. That move had it all, such close wheel to wheel racing that you couldn’t put a whisker between the two, extremely marginal contact on exit, and around the outside in Monza with the Tifosi cheering on.

  9. Alonso on Webber for me. I could watch those two battle all day. They’re both fantastic wheel to wheel and know exactly how much space to give each other. I’ll miss Mark’s hard but fair racing next year.

  10. Robert McMillan
    10th December 2013, 12:53

    Honestly, they are all too easy with DRS. The overtakes of the past era, pre DRS, these are the ones we should look at. I look forward to the day DRS will be banned.

  11. Voted for Sergio on Button. It was very good, risky move, and he made it just right.

    1. I voted for this one, too. It was very daring.

    2. Yes, so risky that when he tried to do it on Kimi he crashed into him…

  12. I was just scrolling down, waiting to get across one of Kimi’s. Scrolling, scrolling…
    Now I’m just wondering, who is going to vote for the ones which only have pictures attached?

    1. Nobody, as nobody remembers any of these as they were probably asleep!

  13. Vettel on Webber in Malaysia no doubt, the fight was carried through four corners and had a scary moment when Mark squeezed Seb near the pitwall.
    I wish more drivers would race instead of listening to team orders.

    Kimi had some pretty nice moves that are not listed.

  14. I didn’t like the politics surrounding it, but VET on WEB was a fantastic battle. You can almost hear Mark cursing in his helmet as he threw it down the inside, yet he kept it clean.

  15. What about Alonso on Hamilton AND Kimi in Spain? I mean not one but two world champions in one pass!!!!!?????

    1. @guix Did you nominate it?

      1. @keithcollantine No, I missed the nominations… but I am though wondering how it didnt get nominated, even the BBC voted it as the best 2013 pass!! oh well…..

  16. Difficult in this day and age of F1 to make an informed decision. I’d imagine that some of these passes were due to tyre wear being very different for the two drivers.

  17. For me the best overtaking of the year was the one made by Fernando Alonso on Raikkonen & Hamilton on the outside of corner 3 on the first lap of Spanish GP. I couldnĀ“t believe my eyes when I saw it: That was an outstanding, clever and incredible challenging overtaking manouver worth of a top class driver.

    IĀ“m surprised itĀ“s not on this list of 10 best passes.

    1. That should definitely be in the list! Easily #1!!

      1. @krelk999 As noted in the article, if it’s not on the list it’s because it didn’t get enough nominations.

        1. DidnĀ“t realise! I think I miss that… However IĀ“m even more astonished now that I Know it wasnĀ“t nominated. O-O

    2. Yeah that was fantastic. The way he positioned his car before the 3rd corner, his intelligent use of KERS, his bravery squeezing around the outside…very good move.

    3. I think the only reason that’s not on the list was because it was on the opening lap, otherwise I probably would have voted that one as well.

  18. I’ll go for Vettel on Webber. The only real edge of seat battle for the lead, that wasn’t in the first stint of a race.

  19. Seb on Webber then GROS on Massa.

    Loved how Seb was so tactical.

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