Hamilton and Rosberg put Mercedes on top

2014 Australian Grand Prix second practice

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Albert Park, 2014Mercedes took up their expected position at the top of the timing sheets in the second practice session.

Lewis Hamilton, who was forced to sit out the earlier session after his car broke down on its first lap out of the garage, ended Friday on top of the times with a best lap of 1’29.782.

Team mate Nico Rosberg was second having led the session until Hamilton beat his lap of 1’29.625.

As in the first session several drivers experienced car problems and once again the Renault teams were chiefly affected. Neither Caterham driver managed to set a time as Kamui Kobayashi was stuck in the pits with a fuel system problem and Marcus Ericsson had a hydraulic failure on his out-lap.

Pastor Maldonado also spent the session in the garage after more problems with his Lotus. Team mate Romain Grosjean did make it onto the track, unlike in the first session.

But his day ended when his car lurched left under braking at turn six, almost hitting the barrier, and leaving him stuck in a gravel trap. “Something strange on the braking,” he reported on the radio.

At almost the same time two corners later Nico Hulkenberg spun his Force India into a gravel trap. The team’s returning driver had run onto the grass in the braking area, provoking the spin.

Having been fastest in the first practice session Fernando Alonso took third behind the two Mercedes.

The two Red Bulls were fourth and sixth, Sebastian Vettel ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, giving them further cause for encouragement after their pre-season problems. Jenson Button’s McLaren separated the pair.

Pos. No. Driver Car Best lap Gap Laps
1 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1’29.625 37
2 6 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1’29.782 0.157 31
3 14 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1’30.132 0.507 28
4 1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 1’30.381 0.756 41
5 22 Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes 1’30.510 0.885 33
6 3 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull-Renault 1’30.538 0.913 38
7 7 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1’30.898 1.273 32
8 77 Valtteri Bottas Williams-Mercedes 1’30.920 1.295 38
9 20 Kevin Magnussen McLaren-Mercedes 1’31.031 1.406 34
10 27 Nico Hulkenberg Force India-Mercedes 1’31.054 1.429 33
11 25 Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso-Renault 1’31.060 1.435 35
12 19 Felipe Massa Williams-Mercedes 1’31.119 1.494 31
13 11 Sergio Perez Force India-Mercedes 1’31.283 1.658 36
14 99 Adrian Sutil Sauber-Ferrari 1’32.355 2.730 36
15 21 Esteban Gutierrez Sauber-Ferrari 1’32.468 2.843 26
16 26 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso-Renault 1’32.495 2.870 38
17 17 Jules Bianchi Marussia-Ferrari 1’33.486 3.861 29
18 8 Romain Grosjean Lotus-Renault 1’33.646 4.021 12
19 4 Max Chilton Marussia-Ferrari 1’34.757 5.132 29
20 9 Marcus Ericsson Caterham-Renault 1
21 10 Kamui Kobayashi Caterham-Renault 0
22 13 Pastor Maldonado Lotus-Renault 0

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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118 comments on Hamilton and Rosberg put Mercedes on top

  1. smokinjoe (@smokinjoe) said on 14th March 2014, 7:09

    So finally we are getting the true picture.Mercedes look like the fastest car followed my ferrari and mclaren,but red bull did nt look like they too far off the pace if they get there reliability issues sorted out i wont be surprised that bulls turns out to be the fastest

  2. TMF (@tmf42) said on 14th March 2014, 7:09

    can’t wait for qualy and race to see what’s really going on.

  3. Hemz Shaw (@hemzshaw) said on 14th March 2014, 7:09

    As expected, the pecking order will not come out until end of the race on Sunday! I am disappointed with what FI has achieved, but lets wait and watch :)

    • OneBHK (@onebhk) said on 14th March 2014, 8:09

      @hemzshaw That will depend, if mercedes sensors stop the engine like today, it could be another disaster, not to mention the freak weather

      • Hemz Shaw (@hemzshaw) said on 14th March 2014, 9:30

        @onebhk with wet weather, am sure hulk will come on top of his current level – he is good at that. But the sensor scare, or for that matter any other component should work just right till end of the race.

  4. andae23 (@andae23) said on 14th March 2014, 7:10

    Feel really sorry for Caterham today :(

    • SeaHorse (@seahorse) said on 14th March 2014, 7:23

      Yes, it is ironic that they being the only Renault team to run well in testing, have been hampered by these gremlins now. :(

    • OneBHK (@onebhk) said on 14th March 2014, 8:10

      When did we start feeling sorry for the backmarkers..

      • Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1) said on 14th March 2014, 8:13

        Marussia have done well. Looks to be a difficult year for Lotus ahead, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are bought out before the end of the year.

        • Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1) said on 14th March 2014, 8:17

          Williams have disappointed me, they were 2nd fastest in pre season but look like the 5th fastest at the moment.

          • Mayank (@mjf1fan) said on 14th March 2014, 9:34

            Exactly what I feel for Williams. They looked very close to Mercedes in pre season testing and now are looking like 5th fastest team. Are they sand bagging on one lap pace because I saw few laps of both Massa and Bottas in mid 34’s during later half of FP2 which was near about what Mercs were doing at that stage.

          • Hemz Shaw (@hemzshaw) said on 14th March 2014, 9:39

            As they say, the race lap would tell a different story than test/practice. So do not feel disappointed just yet :)

      • matt90 (@matt90) said on 14th March 2014, 11:25

        For most people, since they joined the sport.

  5. Jay Menon (@jaymenon10) said on 14th March 2014, 7:14

    Ok..Merc on top, not a surprise..still not sold on Ferrari’s pace.

    Why is Kimi so far behind?

    • Imre (@f1mre) said on 14th March 2014, 7:18

      I’d been asking this for years. “Why is KimiMassa so far behind?”

    • mig said on 14th March 2014, 7:24

      because Ferrari has Alo in the other car…

    • MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 14th March 2014, 7:24

      Because he’s not as good as Fernando Alonso

    • OneBHK (@onebhk) said on 14th March 2014, 8:10

      First Kimi needs to better his attitude and his speaking skills, the laptimes can be improved later…

    • erix said on 14th March 2014, 8:28

      Different wings, Alonso (new), Kimi (old)..but for different tyre strategy, Alonso (3 stop), Kimi (2 stop)..and for different fuel strategy, Alonso (DNF), Kimi (Finish).
      See..Kimi is Finish! Lol

    • anthony said on 14th March 2014, 14:55

      haven’t u seen massa during the last 4 years with alonso?
      do you need some more explications?
      I think it’s far too obvious.
      alonso has a contract as a number 1 driver because there are come commercial and sponsor reason behind it.
      the other one should be number 2: did 1/3 of alonso’s laps in the winter tests, his car is very nervous and seems like it doesn’t suit his driving style at all, got one of the biggest gaps between teammates (0.8 between raikkonen and alonso . rookie magnussen got a smallest gap from button and he’s only a rookie! I don’t know if you get the difference).
      case closed, but if you don’t trust me, you’ll see in the following races.
      raikkonen’s career is finished the day he (re)signed with ferrari and 90% he signed to be number 2.
      don’t know why he chose to come back there, instead of looking for other opportunities. probably he likes being humiliated by a driver who, looking back at last 10 years, is not far better than him. probably he prefers money to dignity.

  6. Did I hear it right when Crofty said that Alonso’s time fell into the 1.36s by the end of his stint?
    Please tell me I was mistaken or that it was beacuse of traffic and not fuel management.

    • Hemz Shaw (@hemzshaw) said on 14th March 2014, 7:24

      it is true, his time fell to 1.35s something by the end of the FP2

    • OneBHK (@onebhk) said on 14th March 2014, 8:11

      I am skeptical about that fuel guzzling Ferrari

    • dragoll (@dragoll) said on 14th March 2014, 9:53

      @fihar At the end of FP2 when teams had pushed the softer tyres beyond the cliff, cars were struggling to stay on the track. I was between turns 3 & 4 and every car at the end of their stint on soft tyres were squirming on braking and acceleration, and by a large margin, from RBR, Merc, Ferrari right through to the Marussia’s and Toro Rosso’s. So I wouldn’t read too much into Alonso’s times falling off, he just hit the end of life of the tyres.

  7. Neel Jani (@neelv27) said on 14th March 2014, 7:19

    Expectations are high for the Australian GP 2014 with unpredictability the word circulating amongst the fans and the paddock alike. It might turn out to be the best Australian GP in years but I personally have reservations after the watching the 2 practice sessions.

    It depends on what one defines as ‘exciting’. If exciting means cars not going out at all in 3 hours worth of practice or cars struggling with brake-by-wire systems or cars saving fuel to complete a few target laps within the planned fuel consumptions or cars braking down on track or cars not running at full power due to the scare of having further troubles or teams planning not to risk running in practice 3 then one might enjoy the whole weekend.

    For me excitement would be when cars are able to fire up their engine in 3 hours worth of practice, drivers struggling on exits (like some did), able to run in all sessions and are able to compete in a race with screaming engine noises. Rewind to the Australian GP 2010 and you would enjoy the race thoroughly.

    It’s completely understandable that for teams, new rules are a huge challenge but after watching the 2 sessions, I have developed a sense of fear and pessimism that the GP might turn out to be farcical.

    I hope I am jumping the gun too soon but it’s my personal fear that it might not be very enjoyable although we might only see half a dozen cars finish

    • Hemz Shaw (@hemzshaw) said on 14th March 2014, 7:27

      Based on the two FPs that we saw, I think of cars that wont start rather than those which wont finish. Of course apart from driver errors forcing cars off the race.

  8. czhihong (@czhihong) said on 14th March 2014, 7:20

    Pretty much what everyone expected eh? If these times are representative, and they may well be not.

    Keith, I think you mixed up Rosberg’s and Hamilton’s in the second and third paragraph.

  9. MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 14th March 2014, 7:20

    Very glad to see that RBR have managed to make some progress since the last test. Could a podium be a possibility? Ferrari look quick over a single lap but their race pace wasn’t great, so they may qualify well but go backwards through the race.

    Still, Mercedes look pretty unstoppable at the moment. They want to capitalise on that advantage while it lasts.

  10. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 14th March 2014, 7:26

    Mercedes have a history of sandbagging in practice. I remember how in 2013, they were apparently “struggling” in Bahrain, Spain, Germany, and Belgium; yet still took pole. This makes their pace in FP2 even more frightening.

  11. SeaHorse (@seahorse) said on 14th March 2014, 7:26

    I just can’t wait to see how the quali and race unfold.. Btw, I am eager to see the long run analysis from @Keithcollantine to get a good understanding of the race pace pecking order this weekend.

  12. Slava (@) said on 14th March 2014, 7:27

    Well, it’s great to watch Formula 1 again. But I am not happy with the sound on TV. I hear only commentators. Even at the end of the practice when everyone was on track it’s too quiet.
    Happy to see that Ferrari is not that far behind. Something wrong with Kimi’s car which is really bad. Expected more pace from Williams.

    PS: when I told my mother that Hulkenberg is becoming very good racer he just went off the track. Sorry, Nico, I didn’t mean to hoodoo you)

  13. Toto said on 14th March 2014, 7:29

    It doesn’t even matter who will be on pole tomorrow. We still don’t know which car is the one that take care of the tires the better and which engine has the better fuel consumption. It could be the Ferrari or even the red ill. Also Alonso was just 4 tenths behind the Mercedes yet alonso was the only in the top 10 who did the fewer laps. So I don’t think mercedez are the fastest because Alonso was pretty consistent. Fastest in fp1 and third in p2. Last but not least the red bull are there probably they are the third best team but with newey and the amount of development they have done in the past plus all the time they will get to know the car in each race I think and unfortunately that the red ill will be the fastest in a matter of days. Also and according to button that car is the best in the curves.

  14. Ean (@ean) said on 14th March 2014, 7:31

    I think for a team whose chances were written of before the season started Red Bull is doing rather well. If they recovered from hopeless to be among the front runners in just two weeks Think where they going to be say in a months time

  15. Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 14th March 2014, 7:33

    I enjoyed the Red Bull camera solution. I expected them to do something clever as they did not show what they were doing at the tests, but like everybody, I was thinking more along the lines of fancy wings.

  16. quads said on 14th March 2014, 7:56

    Disappointed with the new sound of “F1″. We have gone from sound of roaring lions to sound of domestic cats. Listening at the sound in onboard footage…a joke.

    • OneBHK (@onebhk) said on 14th March 2014, 8:15

      I was waiting when people are going to admit that these V6s sound horrible…

    • Breno (@austus) said on 14th March 2014, 9:39

      Seriously? There are so many things wrong with F1, amount of teams, amount of engine manufacturers, double points, drs, and you complain about the sound?

    • cheepy said on 14th March 2014, 10:47

      Yeah the sounds is definitely underwelming . I do miss the scream of the v8s and I even enjoyed the dirty burbling from the exhaust blowing days. I suppose the v6 formula is really the future, I’m just glad that we didn’t end up with 4 cylinders this season.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 14th March 2014, 12:52

      It’s different, that’s all, get over it.

  17. stevensanph said on 14th March 2014, 7:57

    Having watched the session this is what I see:

    Mercedes look incredibly quick without actually looking like they were trying. When Hamilton came round the last 3 turns on his flying lap I actually initially thought he was on a slow lap. He wasn’t using all of the track.

    Red Bull look quick, but also looked like they were wringing everything out of the car. Both drivers went off track multiple times, or started sliding.

    Ferrari were similar to the Mercedes, just 0.5seconds slower on both low fuel and the race simulation runs.

    Williams were about 1 second off the Mercedes

    Looking forward to a full breakdown of long run times. I didn’t see much for them, other than the first few laps where Mercedes looked 0.5 – 1 second faster than anyone else.

    Assuming no reliability problems it will be a Mercedes 1-2, followed by a Red Bull 3-4 IMO.

  18. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 14th March 2014, 8:00

    Mercedes look good. Both on the time sheets, and with the way their car handles on track.

    Hoping for a Merc 1-2 :D Go Lewis!

  19. JP (@jonathanproc) said on 14th March 2014, 8:00

    “But [Grosjean’s] day ended when his car lurched left under braking at turn six, almost hitting the barrier, and leaving him stuck in a gravel trap. ”

    I’m pretty sure he did hit the barrier. The left-rear suspension appeared to be broken before he entered the gravel.

  20. OOliver said on 14th March 2014, 8:02

    Engines are not even revving to the max and we are already concluding.
    I see RBR as a good bet for the win this weekend, they’ve only been slow because they were asked to run slow.
    Mclaren also seem to be very fast.

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