Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

2014 Chinese Grand Prix team radio transcript

2014 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014The Chinese Grand Prix gave us some of the most revealing team radio messages of the year so far.

Sebastian Vettel was asked to let team mate Daniel Ricciardo by even though both drivers were on the same tyres. His response was a blunt “tough luck”.

Shortly afterwards he was told Ricciardo was on a different tyre strategy – he would be pitting twice while Vettel might have to make three stops.

Whether Red Bull were seriously considering that possibility for Vettel is no more clear than whether Ricciardo’s pass at the start of lap 26 was because Vettel made a mistake or let his team mate go. Just a few corners earlier Vettel had been defending his position, but because radio messages aren’t played in real time there’s no way of knowing whether the last instruction for Vettel to move aside came after that.

Very soon after Ricciardo had gone by, Vettel was told to stay out and stick to a two-stop strategy.

Vettel wasn’t the only driver holding his ground in the cockpit. Nico Rosberg had a tough race after his telemetry failed on the first lap and had to read out his fuel consumption figures to his team.

It clearly vexed Rosberg to have to broadcast such a sensitive piece of information and in the second half of the race he made it clear he wasn’t going to do it any more.

While Mercedes weren’t getting fuel data from Rosberg’s car, FOM were and it was being displayed during the broadcast. But no information at all was coming from the Williams of Valtteri Bottas.

Here are all the broadcast team radio messages from the Chinese Grand Prix.

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2014 Chinese Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* From To Message
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton And yeah just have a think about this front wing angle. If you think you’ve got the scope as we said use the diff, use the [unclear] to manange the balance in the cockpit, and also it’ll be easier for you to manage the exits, whereas the front graining that’s something we’re going to struggle with. Plus half one [edit] happy with it if you’re happy with it.
PR Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez Magnussen to the left of you ahead is the only car starting on [medium].
FL Bernie Collins Jenson Button Launch map off and yellow G10.
FL Unknown Nico Rosberg Cancel RS. We have no telemetry so feedback on the start please.
FL Nico Rosberg Unknown It was a perfect start, just right.
FL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel We still need gearbox sync when we can. Engine looks good, engine is on target. So sync up to eighth gear.
FL Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Eight burn-outs: Three before 16, five after.
FL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Remember to park on the right. Stay within the box, but on the right.
FL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton RS modes on, please.
FL Bernie Collins Jenson Button Last cars forming up.
1 Felipe Massa Andrew Murdoch Alonso and Massa banged wheels on the way into turn one.
He crashed me, Fernando. Crashed my car.
1 Xevi Pujolar Jean-Eric Vergne Remember to look after the front-left.
2 Kimi Raikkonen Antonio Spagnolo What the hell is happening on the straight, why? There was no power whatsoever. The switches are in the right position?
2 Antonio Spagnolo Kimi Raikkonen Switches are OK.
2 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas That’s a good move, Valtteri.
2 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas So we don’t have telemetry, is everything OK with your car? Let us know if you need to come in.
2 Valtteri Bottas Jonathan Eddollls Car’s feeling OK.
2 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Copy that.
3 Kevin Magnussen Mark Temple It feels like I’ve got damage at the front wing or something.
3 Mark Temple Kevin Magnussen OK understood, we’ll keep looking into it. It’s OK to keep going how bad is it?
3 Kevin Magnussen Mark Temple I don’t know but it feels alright.
3 Mark Temple Kevin Magnussen OK just keep going, you’re doing a good job, we’ll keep monitoring it.
4 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Bottas has passed the Lotus behind so we need to get into the DRS train if we can.
5 Nico Hulkenberg Brad Joyce Front-left graining starts.
5 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Copy that.
5 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo How is the balance?
5 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie Little bit limited on the left-front at the moment. Traction not great.
6 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Give us some updates on tyre wear.
6 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington So far tyres seem to be OK.
6 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg We have no telemetry, we’re not expecting to have any in the race. So we will get you to start looking at the fuel later, it’s OK at the moment.
7 Fernando Alonso Andrea Stella Left-front graining.
7 Xevi Pujolar Jean-Eric Vergne One click rearwards hydraulic brake balance for temperatures. To the rear with the brake balance.
7 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Tyres are looking quite good. Small graining at the front but not causing any problems.
8 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Just letting you know Valtteri we don’t have telemetry so just confirm you’re blend one.
8 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel The ‘beeps’ are heard by the drivers heading in to braking zones to let them know when to lift off the throttle to optimise their fuel saving. The last part of the message seems to be a contradiction or correction.
Respect the beeps. Target plus zero zero two. Target plus zero two.
9 Max Chilton Gary Gannon Tyre is graining a lot.
9 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Understood, Max, understood.
9 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin OK I start to have some serious graining on the front left.
9 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood, Sebastian. There are no good gaps behind.
10 Kevin Magnussen Mark Temple Understeer, high speed, medium speed. I need more front wing.
10 Mark Temple Kevin Magnussen OK, understood.
10 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie If we were to go out again with this set, I’d go at least four clicks up.
11 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian some cars are pitting. Massa in.
11 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Cars behind are starting to pit.
11 Andrew Murdoch Felipe Massa Massa’s pit stop went badly wrong when his team got his left and right rear tyres mixed up.
Can you select neutral.
12 Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez Just to confirm white engine six position three.
12 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin We have to go up on front wing, probably four to six clicks.
12 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood.
13 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Come to the pit wall and check my front wing and everything.
13 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg That’s possibly rubber in the front wing.
13 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross How many laps to go?
13 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Rich four at the moment Nico. Correction Nico, will be rich five. Let us know how the tyres are again.
13 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Got some graining on the right-front now.
13 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK Danny we’re looking at two or three more laps.
13 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie Understood
13 Marco Matassa Daniil Kvyat We stick on the plan. Think about flap adjust for this set.
13 Daniil Kvyat Marco Matassa One or two turns up.
13 Marco Matassa Daniil Kvyat OK, OK.
13 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Box, box, box.
14 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo We do not need to save fuel.
14 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Which brake bias map is for [mediums], again?
14 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Map five. Bias five.
15 Mark Temple Kevin Magnussen Where energy is low we can afford to push the fronts harder.
15 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Ricciardo the only car in our pit window at the moment, you were four tenths a lap faster than him last lap.
16 Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez And overtake. OK, nice work. OK let’s break his DRS. Good job.
16 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg You’re close with Ricciardo on the pit stop window so pushing three out of three, please.
16 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin We are too slow on the straights, we won’t pass him. Do you think it’s worth backing off?
16 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Confirmed. It’s worth backing off.
16 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Surprisingly the front tyres still feel really good, as well as the rears.
16 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK copy that Lewis, we’re just discussing.
17 Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez Use more road on the exit of turn three and turn four for a better exit.
17 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Box this lap. We’re going to go for the [medium] tyre. Make the standard adjust.
18 Mark Temple Kevin Magnussen This is [soft], we’ve added max front wing. Racing cars at the exit, stay right of the white line.
18 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So it’ll be rich 19 Nico. When you cross the start/finish line, can you read the number on the lower-left of the dash, it’s fuel remaining.
18 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross 71.9, 71.9.
18 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy. You have more fuel at this point than neutral target so fuel is good.
19 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Hulkenberg, however, does need to save fuel and is told to do so at the place where the most gain can be made – the braking zone which marks the transition between the fastest and slowest parts of the lap.
We’re after 20 metres lift and coast in turn 14 only.
20 Andrew Murdoch Felipe Massa OK skip DRS for Chilton, you should get DRS for Chilton.
20 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Just consider using lower gears in slow speed for understeer.
20 Daniil Kvyat Marco Matassa I can overtake him now.
20 Marco Matassa Daniil Kvyat OK overtake him, do it now, DRS, DRS.
20 Nico Hulkenberg Brad Joyce Graining is kicking in again.
21 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Nine-tenths last lap. Gap at 5.4. Your tyres are six laps newer than Alonso’s.
21 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Pace looks… Only the Mercedes are quicker than you. You are quicker than Alonso and Vettel
21 Daniel Ricciardo Simon Rennie Understood. Keep me posted.
22 Mark Slade Pastor Maldonado OK to use power paddle as qualifying for one lap.
23 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington The blue light’s coming on for my brakes.
23 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Looks like the fronts are getting cold into turn 14, they’re OK the rest of the lap, so it’s just turn 14.
23 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So that’s a really good effort Nico, just think about your strat mode now.
23 Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez Some good pace, Checo. That’s a good pace for us at the moment. Let’s make light work of Grosjean haead if we can, save the tyres. We can’t really afford to follow too much.
24 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian let Ricciardo through, let Daniel through please.
25 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Which tyre is he on?
25 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel [Mediums], but he stopped later than you.
25 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Tough luck.
25 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo OK close up to him and overtake him.
25 Mark Temple Kevin Magnussen And last lap wear energy’s good.
26 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Little bit of rear locking into turn 14 so just think about using ‘B bell’.
26 Angel Baena Marcus Ericsson Blue flag, Alonso.
26 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Sebastian, Daniel is on a two-stop, Daniel on a two stop.
26 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Think about boxing.
26 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood. We’re looking at gaps.
27 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Both Mercedes very quick. You are three-tenths quicker than Alonso, he is ten seconds ahead of you.
28 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Shortly after Vettel let Ricciardo by he is given the instruction to stay out, indicating he is staying on a two-stop strategy.
Sebastian stay out, it helps us, please stay out. We are aware.
28 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu I don’t have any fourth gear.
28 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK we are looking.
28 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK Romain we’ve got a problem with fourth gear. Try to use fourth gear as little as possible.
28 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu I cannot!
28 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean Yeah we have to try Romain otherwise it’s just DNF.
28 Xevi Pujolar Jean-Eric Vergne We need a few more laps on that set, keep pushing like this.
28 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington How’s my pace compared to people behind Fernando?
28 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Pace is good, Lewis. .75 faster than Nico last lap.
29 Romain Grosjean Ayao Komatsu Stage three.
29 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK, copy that.
29 Ayao Komatsu Romain Grosjean OK box Romain, box, we’re going to retire the car.
30 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington This tyre doesn’t feel as good as the last one. Starting to get graining on the left-front.
31 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Up .7 on the aero balance for this tyre.
32 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Impressively, based on their data Mercedes are able to estimate how much Hamilton’s rubber build-up is affecting his car’s balance.
We’re seeing some rubber build-up in the front wing, equivalent to about two turns, so don’t worry about the understeer.
32 Antonio Spagnolo Kimi Raikkonen We’re thinking to stop at the end of this lap. Front wing?
32 Kimi Raikkonen Antonio Spagnolo The front wing is OK I’m losing the rear and the front so it’s… I just don’t have the grip. Just understeering, I have to change the front a lot. We can try half a turn [unclear] front wing.
33 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Push hard now, pass Alonso.
34 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Alonso in the pit lane now. Nico the car behind, 17.9.
34 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg You need to do a better job looking after these tyres, they’re going to do more laps. Do a better job than you did on the first set. It’s onlyBottas that we’re racing and we’re 1.3 seconds ahead of him.
34 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel While some have wondered whether ‘default 13’ is this year’s ‘multi 21’ for Red Bull, this message indicates it isn’t because at this point Vettel (1) was around six seconds behind Ricciardo (3).
Still default 13, default map one three, still.
34 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Vettel is unhappy about the Caterham of Kobayashi ahead of him.
Are you kidding, honeslty? I mean tell him to get out of the way. He’s got… unbelievable. He’s got new tyres, of course he’s quicker. He’s got two laps and then he’s off.
34 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Understood. He’s getting blues.
35 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Box, box, box. Torque map one and box.
35 Tim Wright Kamui Kobayashi Kamui you have to pull away from Vettel. You will keep getting blue flags unless you pull away.
38 Craig Gardiner Esteban Gutierrez Despite this tip from the pit wall Gutierrez was easily passed by Maldonado in the DRS zone.
Multi-performance three to defend on the straight.
39 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington [Unclear] about one or two more laps with these tyres.
39 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington I might be able to take a little bit more front wing. There is more understeer now than there was before.
39 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis box, box. We will clean the front wing. It should give you the equivalent of one turn of balance.
39 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Got it.
39 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel The primary objective is stint length.
39 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Tyres will be good to the end.
40 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Let us know on the fuel number, Nico.
40 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross 33.5. It really annoys me to do that so I need to stop doing that now.
40 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy that, Nico.
41 Craig Gardiner Esteban Gutierrez Kill the tyre.
41 Paul Davison Jules Bianchi We have two more laps of clear air, let’s try and build temp again.
41 Craig Gardiner Esteban Gutierrez Box this lap Esteban we’ll be [soft tyre], front wing plus two.
41 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Read the value on the left-hand side when you cross the start/finish.
41 Valtteri Bottas Jonathan Eddollls Nothing comes up with that too. If you want to know the fuel it’s ten four.
42 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Let’s keep him behind us, he’s on [softs].
43 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Alonso and Rosberg fighting ahead of you, you are still catching Alonso at one second a lap.
44 Dave Robson Jenson Button Evidently Button said something prior to this which wasn’t broadcast.
OK Jenson understood, still we’re looking into it. And Jenson default X1C, please.
44 Jenson Button Dave Robson You’ll have to explain to me how many pushes of each button.
44 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson so one push on the left and thirteen on the right.
44 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton We’ll just manage the pace. Look after these tyres instead of a late Safety Car.
45 Marco Matassa Daniil Kvyat Watch for front-left in turn eight, it’s the most critical part, save tyre there.
45 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Fuel is fine to the end.
45 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross What is the gap to Lewis?
45 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Gap to Lewis is 15 seconds.
46 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Cars still good.
46 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK, we got the update.
47 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo You are +12 Vettel. You can catch Alonso.
47 Max Chilton Gary Gannon Mid-corner oversteer.
47 Gary Gannon Max Chilton Go up diff mid, up on diff mid.
48 Marco Matassa Daniil Kvyat Come on Dany, very good job.
49 Jenson Button Dave Robson Button is unable to attack Kvyat
He seems to be using power all the time, he seems to be using the ERS power all the time.
49 Dave Robson Jenson Button OK Jenson understood. As you can tell we are having some difficulties with it, I don’t think there’s much we can do at the moment.
50 Gary Gannon Max Chilton In now Max.
50 Max Chilton Gary Gannon Where’s Marcus?
50 Gary Gannon Max Chilton We should come out ahead, we will come out ahead.
50 Gary Gannon Max Chilton You have a blue flag, blue flag for Vergne.
51 Xevi Pujolar Jean-Eric Vergne Chilton ahead will get blue flag, blue flag for you.
52 Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez So at the moment we’d just like to bring this home. We have a pit stop window on the Toro Rosso behind, for your info.
52 Simon Rennie Daniel Ricciardo Five laps to go, keep going.
52 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas Five laps to go. Risk from behind very low, 17.3 seconds to Raikkonen. Push a bit harder if you can.
54 Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Push in turns seven, nine and ten.
55 Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas That’s good Valtteri, six tenths on that lap, you’re catching him, good work.
56 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Because Hamilton was incorrectly shown the chequered flag a lap early the race result was declared based on the running order on lap 54.
I just got the chequered flag.
56 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton No, negative, keep pushing.
VL Marco Matassa Daniil Kvyat Yes Dany, yes. P10. Bravissimo! [More congratulations in Italian]
VL Gianpiero Lambiase Sergio Perez Well done mate, well done, P9. I think that’s a valiant effort from where you started. A lot of cars to get through and yeah, that’s a good job, something to take away.
VL Kimi Raikkonen Antonio Spagnolo I don’t understand why we have to save fuel when [unclear] because we were close to finish
VL Antonio Spagnolo Kimi Raikkonen We see some problem, some movement on the fuel system.
VL Jonathan Eddollls Valtteri Bottas P7 Valtteri, good job today, another solid weekend. Good push at the end there as well. Shame about being pushed wide in turn one but the car held together, you kept your head down, did a good job, nice one.
VL Valtteri Bottas Jonathan Eddollls Thanks guys, well done. Was not easy race for you guys without telemetry. In the last lap I felt my front end go. I was hoping to get at him but we just needed a bit more time.
VL Brad Joyce Nico Hulkenberg Well done Nico, great job mate, very good job P6.
VL Nico Hulkenberg Brad Joyce Just mechanically we are having a lot of understeer. And all the low-speed corners I’m losing shit loads of time because we can’t rotate the car. And at exit you have a lot of steering angle, and when you go power you get snaps. So that was quite penalising.
VL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel OK Sebastian good job, I’m sure it wasn’t very enjoyable but good job, these are good points.
VL Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin OK. Yeah not the best Sunday afternoon but great job. Fantastic pit tops, guys and it will take time but we’ll get there.
VL Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel Thanks mate, that’s the attitude, good job mate.
VL Christian Horner Sebastian Vettel Horner explains Vettel’s strategy considerations.
Yeah absolutely Seb, chin up, still a long, long way to go, that was a tough afternoon. We switched the cars because at that point we were looking at three-stopping the better route to you to the end of the race, going [soft soft]. Then as the gaps weren’t opening up that nicely behind and whatever the two stopper was actually the better race for you. That’s how we ended up where we were. But as I say chin up, keep fighting, we’ll work our way back into it.
VL Andrea Stella Fernando Alonso Grande, Fernando. Grandissimo.
VL Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Excellent drive Nico, excellent drive P2.
VL Unknwon Nico Rosberg Great job Nico, great recovery.
VL Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Thank you buddy.
VL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Get in there Lewis. Excelent drive there. Absolutely epic.
VL Unknwon Lewis Hamilton Well done Lewis, great
VL Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Really amazing job guys this weekend. Really happy with all of the effort. And what a great race, thanks so much.
VL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Yeah great stuff Lewis, made it look easy again.
VL Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington And also the guys back in the factory.
VL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Cheers for that mate, they appreciate it. Bite point check and then switch off. We’ll see you up there.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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Chinese Grand Prix data

Image © Renault/DPPI

36 comments on “2014 Chinese Grand Prix team radio transcript”

  1. The Red Bull hint at a 3-stopper for Vettel, closely followed by a ‘stay on a 2-stopper’ message is still somewhat suspicious for me.

    Of course, their radio is clear of any sign of bait, and Horner did provide a well-suited explanation, so this will surely remain a suspicion forever.

    That’s as far as ‘against’ is concerned, but I’d like to point out a ‘for’ for Red Bull.

    Looking at the race chart, it is clear that while Vettel was fighting with Rosberg and Ricciardo, his gap to the leader (and I reckon his fuel usage and tyre wear) notched up a fair bit, so it is quite probable that if he’d had continued to put up a fight against his teammate and succeeded, he would have had to switch to a 3-stopper indeed. But not because of gaps not emerging for a stop at those moments.

  2. When Horner needs to get a message to Vettel to just justify the Ric overtake 3 or 2 pit stops, i think is all just said.
    Don’t get me wrong, i think for know RIC is the most solid driver at RBR, and i know that in the past Vettel had the same protection from the team in the past, but for me it’s more honest to say, Vettel, just move Ric is better…that to give this poor image….If told like that Vettel will just try and mantain the place (like Massa did).
    I recon that for the future it’s better for RBR to avoid this 3rd degree encounters beetween VET and RIC because it will got them problems…

    1. I agree I think RIC is the more solid guy right now. I’m interested to see how it goes as the car evolves over the year.

      However I don’t think they can avoid these encounters if Vettel is struggling. I’m looking forward to watching Vettel’s temperament if Daniel keeps it up.

  3. Nico Rosberg: What is the gap to Lewis?
    Tony Ross: Gap to Lewis is 15 seconds.
    Nico Rosberg: *Swallows*

    Jenson Button: You’ll have to explain to me how many pushes of each button.
    Dave Robson: OK Jenson so one push on the left and thirteen on the right.

    You mean they can’t come up with another way of effecting the same action, or am I getting it wrong.
    Unless he’s doing that on the very long straight.

    1. Yeah, it does seem excessive regardless of where he is on track>

      I wonder if Default X1C is like Default (button) Times (X) 1 (one, hahaha) 3 (C being the third letter).

      I’m tired, don’t know why i’m thinking about this…

      1. C also being 13 in hexadecimal….

        1. scratch that, it’s 12. doh!

    2. “Nico Rosberg: *Swallows*”


    3. this seemed absolutely bizarre to me too. imagine doing that at monaco – “10, 11, 12, aaaaaah, lost count!”

      i wonder if they could manage all this complexity if they were driving absolutely flat out (i.e. in the refuelling days). part of me thinks they could – these guys just seem to have an extra brain for that kind of thing.

      1. They are all intelligent racing drivers of course but the routine that you develop while using the simulator sure helps a lot. Maybe thats the reason why Kimi is struggling a lot this year. He sounds like he is completely lost:”Kimi: The front wing is OK I’m losing the rear and the front so it’s… I just don’t have the grip. Just understeering, I have to change the front a lot. We can try half a turn [unclear] front wing.” ANd we all know that he is bloody fast when he is settled.

        1. Seems to me Kimi knows what is wrong with the car, but is unable to get the help he needs from the team to fix it. Lotus were able to react to his needs within a couple of races, including building him a custom steering wheel.

          Ferrari, generally, seem to be woefully bad at managing things during the race, on the fly. Admittedly Alonso just gets on with it, to his credit, and has been with the team much longer etc.

          But I have never been very impressed with Scuderia on race day when they have to deal with anything other than a confident driver in a car that suits them, and no drama around the pit stops or with strategy.

      2. Theres a +1 button and a +10 so 13 is just 4 button presses.

        1. @spinmastermic There’s a Button in the car pressing buttons ;-)

          1. Buttons everywhere.

  4. LOL, Massa seems so lame !

    “Fernando crashed my car ! Why ?!?! Uauahahahahahahaaaa !” Because Fernando “is faster and stronger than you !”

  5. I would have loved to hear Massa say something during that botched pit stop. He looked so frustrated on video, I wonder if any words were actually said.

  6. Is it just me that Massa sounds too paranoid for his own good?

    1. No actually he straightened the car and thought Fernando had seen him in his mirrors. So when there is even the slightest of contacts , there is always reaction . He must also be full of adrenalin . So , yeah , an outburst initially in the radio is okay as long as it doesn’t become permanent and Pastor-ish .

  7. Are you kidding, honestly? I mean tell him to get out of the way. He’s got… unbelievable. He’s got new tyres, of course he’s quicker. He’s got two laps and then he’s off.

    The funniest moment of the season so far for me. It was just the sheer cheekiness of Kobayashi to dive down the inside to unlap himself.

    1. Yeah I agree :D. Crazy Kamui, and this is why we love him. And Vettel should pull his act together as he is starting to sound a bit too frustrating race after race. I guess there are lot of changes in his life at work with Daniel and the new rules, but maybe also at home with the baby (everyone whos having a kid knows how tough it is when you try to balance between job and family).

    2. Well , Kamui proved one thing . He is absolutely on par with vettel as far the amount of cheek in him.
      That was a LOL moment

    3. GB (@bgp001ruled)
      24th April 2014, 6:12

      are lapped cars allowed to do that???

    4. Best overtake of the Race :D

    5. Does anyone know if Kamui stayed ahead for a few laps, or was he unable to pull away so had to give back the place?

      @bgp001ruled Yes lapped cars are allowed to overtake if they are faster. Have to say, it can lead to some dumb situations and screw up the leaders’ race. I remember one a few years ago where Hamilton had pit issues (probably 2012 then!) and was a lap down, unlapping himself against Vettel i think, and costing him a lot of time. Was quite funny, but i thought pretty unfair too. What’s to stop a team having a 2nd driver run a lap down just to interfere with their rivals?

      On the other hand, if a lapped car had to sit behind a slower, leading car, then their race could effectively be over as they couldn’t run their own pace. And they could still be in the points, so i can see why the rule is there.

      1. @keithedin
        Vettel ran behind Kobayashi for a lap or two and then pitted.

        I can see both sides of the story but ultimately I think unlapping should only be allowed in exceptional circumstances as ultimately the lapped driver is interfering with the driver in front, and the driver in front is more likely to be fighting for points.

        1. Whoever is the faster driver should be the driver in front. There were races in the long distant past where drivers unlapped themselves and ended up winning the race.

  8. Mercedes team is perfectly tuned racing machine right now. They know how the car reacts and in what condition is at every moment (except of course when it got a problem like Hamilton in Australia). It’s not just a performance of the car. It’s the whole coordination of the team. I don’t know how much time they spent developing this car and organise the whole team (courtesy of Brawn of course) but they will pick the fruits from it for a looooong time. If the rules stay stable for a longer period than they’ll dominate even more, for sure (as Felipe would said it :)).

  9. Tyres,tyres,tyres, bluddi tyres ! Can we have some racing please?

    1. Amen to that. A few races into the new era and they’re already becoming the dominant factor again. Not just because of grip, also the rubber on the track, the rubber on the front wings, and so on.

  10. Funny enough if Kobayashi wouldn’t overtake Vettel he would probably not be able to overtake Bianchi on the last lap. He was faster than Vettel so he did and Vettel really sounds some times like a big cry baby.
    It’s a pity though that the place was taken from the Japanese driver.

    1. And how he had to be consoled after the race by Horner. You’re the team principal Horner, you don’t owe your driver an explanation.

  11. These are great ut my favourite was on Brundle’s grid walk. Horner when asked regarding the contract saga, replied to a Ron Dennis comment about good sense and honour by saying that such accusation coming from Dennis was completely empty. Horner had my respect but that comment earned my sympathy.

  12. A great read, as always

  13. The default message to Vettel came through on the timing app and it was “Default 31” not 13.
    I am 100% certain what I heard.
    My theory is that where a Multi 31 would be an instruction, Default 31 is the expected prediction on current strategy. This is where I believe Vettel was told by the team that Ricciardo was expected to finish ahead of him.

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