Paul di Resta, DTM, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Di Resta: People know I can succeed in F1

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Paul di Resta, DTM, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014In the round-up: Paul di Resta, who lost his F1 seat at the end of last season, believes he has convinced people he can succeed at the top level.


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No shortcuts for Di Resta on the path back to F1 (The Herald)

“I am confident people have seen that I have the qualities to succeed in F1 but, of course, things keep changing in the sport, whether it’s the rules or the driver line-ups and, unfortunately, the situation arose where there wasn’t a place for me.”

Back to Work (Lotus)

“We have made some progress in reducing the deficiency from losing the interconnected suspension but we are still hurting a little bit. We have some revised mechanical parts for Spa including some new springs and enhanced suspension settings which should help.”

The Ecclestone trial unravelled (Autosport, subscription required)

“‘Too low’ said the prosecution, desperate for a headline number to salvage a modicum of pride, of the £18m offer. They sensed that Ecclestone could be open to a deal, for in the event of conviction CVC would surely carry out its threat.”

‘Why shouldn’t I inherit daddy’s billions?’ (Daily Mail)

“In [Tamara Ecclestone’s] opinion the money her father [Bernie] made should definitely be passed to her – just as the money she’s making from her own business ventures will be passed on to her children.”

Comment of the day

Paddy Lowe has said people wouldn’t have expected teams to impose orders on their drivers so readily before Michael Schumacher’s time at Ferrari. @Robbie agrees:

I find it depressing that people expected Mercedes to use team orders in that way. Just as with the Schumacher-Ferrari era, and especially when the car is dominant, the only thing it does is make the ‘rooster’ and the team’s life easier, while the rest of the world is robbed of a real rivalry, real racing, in the pinnacle of racing.

I praise Mercedes to no end for their behaviour this year. While they have shown it is not easy, that is the point…even though it is not easy they are doing it. For us. And for themselves. They are racers racing in the pinnacle of racing.

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