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2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix team radio transcript

2017 Azerbaijan Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel was still fuming about his penalty when the chequered flag fell on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver received a ten-second stop-go penalty for his contact with Lewis Hamilton. It was a subject his Ferrari team clearly did not want him to discuss on the radio.

“I cannot recall somebody who got a ten seconds penalty,” Vettel complained after finishing in fourth place. Such penalties aren’t common but one was handed down at the previous race to Daniil Kvyat (albeit in two stages sue to an error communicating the sanction).

His Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen was angry for different reasons. Contact with Valtteri Bottas at the start spoiled his race, then he got very agitated when his steering wheel was slow to appear as his team prepared to send him back out after his car had been repaired.

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The drama which cost Lewis Hamilton the race victory began to unfold when he was warned about his loose headrest on the radio. He was eventually ordered into the pits to change it.

Hamilton, unsurprisingly, had something to say about Vettel’s penalty as well, telling race director Charlie Whiting it had been too lenient. It wasn’t the first message Hamilton had directed to Whiting: Earlier on he had complained about the slow speed of the Safety Car and expressed a view that it was causing more collisions.

As the front-runners hit trouble others capitalised. Daniel Ricciardo, whose race appeared to be ruined when he was called into the pits early due to overheating brakes, won. And Lance Stroll finished on the podium – despite losing second place to Bottas at the line.

For Stroll’s team mate Felipe Massa, a broken rear damper meant a missed opportunity to take his first victory since 2008. “Unbelievable”, he said as he coasted back to the pits.

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* Driver Message
PR To Esteban Ocon

So just remember you need to sync all of the gears. I won’t be able to tell you that on the formation lap.
PR From Lewis Hamilton Bono for the first few corners can I be in strat nine so you can get the temperature on that stright?
PR To Lewis Hamilton

Lewis I reckon you can run strat nine probably just for the first sector. But then just focus on getting that [unclear].
PR To Lewis Hamilton

Lewis obviously we don’t want to touch the bite point switch so just leave the brake magic off if you want to push those two straights, then we’ll put the brake magic on.
PR To Kimi Raikkonen

Final thing from me Kimi just think about that track temperature it’s dropped quite a lot, when we talk about balance for the tyres. Just make sure we have a quick chat.
FL From Jolyon Palmer Feel some vibration.
FL To Jolyon Palmer

1 From Carlos Sainz Jnr Yeah Danny came back like a madman to the track. Check the front wing.
1 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

OK Carlos we are checking. Let us know if you can see some damage.
1 From Carlos Sainz Jnr I think there is damage, but not very much.
2 To Lewis Hamilton

Looks like front temps are about to enter the window,
2 From Max Verstappen I think I have damage from debris.
2 To Max Verstappen

We think maybe you have debris in your [radiator] duct. We’re monitoring it, Max.
3 From Kimi Raikkonen Yeah my rear end definitely doesn’t feel very good. Don’t know what has happened there but something has, straight after the hit, it’s not very good.
3 To Kimi Raikkonen

Understood Kimi. Just let’s get these temps under control.
4 From Lewis Hamilton Is everything OK with Valtteri?
4 To Lewis Hamilton

Affirm, he has stopped for a nose change.
5 From Kimi Raikkonen It cannot be again the [censored by FOM] same guy hitting me. I don’t know if I have a puncture.”
5 To Kimi Raikkonen

“OK I’m watching the pressures. Looks fine so far.”
5 From Kimi Raikkonen Something doesn’t feel fine on the left-rear.
5 To Kimi Raikkonen

5 From Kimi Raikkonen But this is… I mean he just hit me completely.”
5 To Kimi Raikkonen

“Understood Kimi pressure is fine we’re just checking suspension.”
6 From Marcus Ericsson I have no battery.
6 From Esteban Ocon I’m struggling with low grip.
6 To Esteban Ocon

Torque four for entry oversteer.
6 To Max Verstappen

Alright Max you’re doing a good job.
6 To Fernando Alonso

Fernando keep trying to cool the brakes in that sector.
7 To Marcus Ericsson

OK Marcus keep pushing. How are the tyres?
7 From Marcus Ericsson Tyres a’re good but I have no [unclear] any more
7 To Marcus Ericsson

I know it will take a few laps to come up.
8 To Sergio Perez

Raikkonen in P5 is two seconds behind Verstappen, lapping two-tenths slower than you.
8 To Daniel Ricciardo

We have a brake issue, box this lap. We need to cool the brakes. Looking at it in the pit stop.
8 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel. We are stopping for tyres. We’re going to check the brakes so it may be a longer stop. Watch the lollipop, watch the lights.
8 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel brakes are now fine, everything is OK. We had some debris in the brake scoop. Everything got very hot very quickly. So now debris is clear, you are free to race, let’s go.
9 From Jolyon Palmer Bit of smoke out of the back.
9 To Jolyon Palmer

Scenario 12 and box. Switch off and coast into the pit entry. Careful, brake pedal might be long. Jo if you have to jump out of the car don’t forget to go to P zero.
9 From Jolyon Palmer No it’s OK.
10 From Romain Grosjean I ask you one thing, Gary. If the car becomes dangerous because of the braking, stop me. It’s going now.
10 To Romain Grosjean

Understood. Alright temps are getting hot so let’s try and lift and coast for a while.
11 To Daniil Kvyat

Consider battery nine. Correct, we can do it. Radio check, can you hear me?
11 From Nico Hulkenberg I’m having a lot of derates.
11 To Nico Hulkenberg

OK Nico we have brake wear level two. You do have to respond.
11 From Nico Hulkenberg Already? How is it possible?
11 To Nico Hulkenberg

Don’t know Nico but we have to respond. So we need some lift-and-coast, please.
11 To Nico Hulkenberg

We may have a blocked brake duct, right-hand front
11 From Nico Hulkenberg I can’t hear you man, need to speak louder.
11 To Nico Hulkenberg

We may have a blocked front-right brake duct so we need more lift-and-coast.
11 From Nico Hulkenberg At the moment the number is coming down on my dash so I think it is not too bad.
13 From Max Verstappen Ah no, issue, issue with the engine. Yep, here we go again. [Censored by FOM] hell.”
13 To Max Verstappen

“Fuel two position two, Max.”
13 From Max Verstappen Verstappen: “Nope, no.”
13 To Max Verstappen

“Fail one fail please Max. You’ve got Stroll coming through.”
13 From Max Verstappen No.”
13 To Max Verstappen

“OK you’ve got Stroll behind you.”
13 From Max Verstappen Yeah I don’t [censored by FOM] care, tell me what to do.
13 To Max Verstappen

Fail one fail again please Max.
13 From Max Verstappen Verstappen: “Agh, rear locking, everything. Any news
13 To Max Verstappen

Mate as soon as we have any news, I will get it to you.
13 From Max Verstappen It’s something with the ignition.
13 To Max Verstappen

We’re looking Max we’re looking.
13 From Max Verstappen It still sounds very rough.
13 To Max Verstappen

Yep I understand Max.
13 To Max Verstappen

Just stand by for the minute, Max.
13 To Max Verstappen

Max that is the end for us. I’m sorry about that.
13 From Lewis Hamilton The Safety Car is driving so slow it’s dangerous for us. We can’t get the temperature in these tyres as it is.
14 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel we are boxing this lap. You need to be just positive on the delta.
14 To Daniel Ricciardo

So keep up the pace now, let’s work these tyres. These are brand new tyres. Let’s work these front tyres.
14 To Daniel Ricciardo

There is a vehicle on track, left-hand-side, exit turn 12. So caution exit turn 12.
15 To Kimi Raikkonen

Just feedback Kimi we have seen the car is heavily damaged on the left-hand side. I’m sure that’s where the loss is coming from. Nothing we can do for now.
15 From Kimi Raikkonen Anything happen on the incident? Any investigation?
15 To Kimi Raikkonen

No Kimi, no action.
15 From Kimi Raikkonen That is [censored by FOM] stupid.
15 To Sergio Perez

You need to push up to the cars ahead.
15 From Sergio Perez I mean, I’m right on his tail, you know. But the Safety Car is really slow.
16 From Lewis Hamilton Valtteri a lap down?
16 To Lewis Hamilton

Affirm, he had a puncture along with wing damage.
16 From Lewis Hamilton Should slow the bunch up in one go to give the car time to get around.
16 To Lewis Hamilton

Stay with the Safety Car, ten car lengths.
16 To Kimi Raikkonen

So seems like warm-up might be quite poor, Kimi. They’ve given the message to Bottas that his tyre temperatures are still low. Obviously he’s unlapped himself and he’s pushing full pace.
16 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel think there is a high chance of a Safety Car in this lap.
17 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis that was pretty close on that last restart.
17 From Lewis Hamilton Close to what?
17 To Lewis Hamilton

The Safety Car, and Safety Car Line One.
17 From Lewis Hamilton Trust me, it wasn’t.
17 To Lewis Hamilton

OK, copy.
17 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate nice job. I can confirm you overtook Magnussen in a correct place. Well done.
17 To Sergio Perez

Tyre temps are critical. Front and rear tyres are critical.
17 To Esteban Ocon

So your tyre warm make sure you get your tyre warm-up really good relative to the others.
18 To Lance Stroll

So we need to drive through the pit lane with the Safety Car.
18 From Lance Stroll Drive through the pit lane? Is everyone doing that?
18 To Lance Stroll

Yep, everyone.
18 From Stoffel Vandoorne How do I do that? Overtake button?
18 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Confirm, overtake button and used some full throttle. You do not need to save fuel any more.
18 From Lewis Hamilton Is there a big crash somewhere?
18 To Lewis Hamilton

Negative just debris. Debris on the track from the restart.
18 From Lewis Hamilton Why didn’t they put the VSC out, then?
18 To Sergio Perez

Checo we think the Safety Car will stay on-track so follow the Safety Car. The Safety Car is still deployed.
19 From Lewis Hamilton The Safety Car needs to speed up, guys. It’s just too slow.
19 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis we’ll pass the message on.
20 To Daniel Ricciardo

For info, I don’t know if you saw it or not, but Max retired.
20 From Daniel Ricciardo OK I didn’t see. Mechanical or accident?
20 To Daniel Ricciardo

Mechanical. Engine.
20 To Sergio Perez

What did Esteban do, guys?
20 From Sergio Perez How are the tyres, Checo, do you have damage.
20 To Sergio Perez

Yeah I have damage, suspension damage.
20 From Sergio Perez Checo we think front wing, confirm, we have front wing.
20 To Sergio Perez

The car is just pointing to the left massively.
20 From Sergio Perez Can you continue with it like that? We will change front wing.
20 To Sergio Perez

I don’t think so, guys.
20 From Esteban Ocon Damage, damage.
20 To Esteban Ocon

Right-rear puncture.
21 From Kimi Raikkonen A very angry message from Raikkonen.
Oh [Censored by FOM] I got a puncture from some debris. [Censored by FOM] the Force Indias hit each other and some debris flew and caused a [censored by FOM] puncture.
21 To Kimi Raikkonen

OK Kimi we go ahead with the change. We’ll look at the car, decide what to do.
21 From Kimi Raikkonen Change the rear wing? Because the end plate is broken.
21 To Kimi Raikkonen

Switch off, Kimi.
22 From Kimi Raikkonen The Force India overtook me even though I’m not behind the other guy.
22 To Kimi Raikkonen

I think it’s because you have an obvious problem with a puncture, Kimi.
22 From Kimi Raikkonen So why was it 45.01?
22 To Kimi Raikkonen

OK, we’ll do it after.
22 From Fernando Alonso I think ideally will be red flag. It’s true there is debris everywhere and it’s too fast this circuit to have this risk around.
22 To Fernando Alonso

Yep understood Fernando we agree it should be red-flagged. We’re doing what we can.
22 To Nico Hulkenberg

OK Nico believe that the possibility of stoping the race is being discussed. So just keep where you are, we’ll inform you.
23 From Sebastian Vettel “He brake-tested me. What the hell is going on?”
23 To Sebastian Vettel

“Understood. We’re reporting it. Focus on the restart.”
23 From Sebastian Vettel “I have damage I think.
23 To Sebastian Vettel

“Focus on the restart. We will check.”
23 From Lewis Hamilton Vettel literally just came alongside me and turned in and hit me.”
23 To Lewis Hamilton

“Yep. Copy.
23 To Sergio Perez

Checo shortly we’re going to be able to push the car to the end of the pit lane and you’re going to be able to do a lap and come back around to the end of the pit lane before the rest of the group starts behind the Safety Car. So shortly we’re going to be pushing you down there and starting the car from the end of the pit lane. Shortly we’ll be able to go to the end of the pit lane wherewe will start the car. Then you will do a lap, all the way around, and you’ll stay on-circuit. In that time the rest of the grid will have left the end of the pit lane and you will rejoin the back of the grid but you will have gained one lap obviously on where you are at the moment.
23 From Sergio Perez And under the Safety Car I cannot pass the other time? I cannot recover the other lap?
23 To Sergio Perez

Checo we think not. It’s going to be one lap.
23 From Kimi Raikkonen An agitated message from Raikkonen.
Steering wheel. Pass the steering wheel here. Hey, hey! Steering wheel! Somebody tell him to give it to me.
23 From Kimi Raikkonen Come on! Move!
23 From Lewis Hamilton Charlie can you not see that the Safety Car is actually dangerous. Make us all slow, with a VSC, there’ll be no crashes.
23 From Lewis Hamilton What are they going to do for this start? It’s going to be even more dangerous on fresher tyres.
23 To Lewis Hamilton

Sorry Lewis it’s Jock here. The only thing in the rules that they can do is a Safety Car restart. It’s the only option that they’ve got. But we took your point that VSCs are a lot easier than doing restarts.
23 From Felipe Massa I think I have a problem on the car guys. Maybe not.
24 To Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo moved up to third.
Brilliant mate. Stay focused. Let’s keep it smooth now. Stay ahead.
25 To Felipe Massa

We can see the problem, we think it may have fixed itself. Keep going.
26 From Felipe Massa Guys I don’t know what’s happen. The car is shaken. Very difficult to drive the car.
26 To Felipe Massa

OK it’s a broken rear damper. Felipe we need to reitre the car.
26 From Felipe Massa Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
27 From Nico Hulkenberg “[Censored by FOM] I hit the wall.”
27 To Nico Hulkenberg

“What’s the damage Nico?”
27 From Nico Hulkenberg “Front-right. [Censored by FOM]. [Censored by FOM].”
28 To Sergio Perez

Sainz, Ocon and Bottas one lap ahead of you all on same age tyre, super-soft.
28 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

We are missing to second to Alonso to catch his DRS.
29 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis looks like headrest is a littel bit loose at the back, see if you can pull it into position on the straight.
29 To Esteban Ocon

So you’re catching Alonso and Magnussen. You need to get Sainz before you get to Alonso and Magnussen.
29 To Lewis Hamilton

Still seems to be lifting. Keep pulling it down, knocking it back with your head. Keep doing what you’re doing.
30 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Stoffel we know Grosjean’s had braking difficulties so if you can put him under pressure it will make life difficult for him.
30 From Lewis Hamilton If this thing comes off, what happens?
30 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis you’ve got to box next lap, we need to fix this headrest. Box this lap, we are just changing the headrest.
31 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis so box, give us pit confirm, got to pit this lap.
31 From Lewis Hamilton Have I had a technical flag yet?
31 To Lewis Hamilton

So we’ve been instructed we have to pit this lap.
32 To Sebastian Vettel

We have a ten-second stop and go penalty for dangerous driving. We need to take in two laps from now.
32 From Sebastian Vettel When did I do dangerous driving then?
33 From Sebastian Vettel Can you give me an explanation when I did dangerous driving?
33 To Sebastian Vettel

Maurizio Arrivabene can be heard in the background saying “talk afterwards”.
We speak after. Now keep your head down and mode box.
33 To Sergio Perez

Tight with Vettel, he’s serving a penalty.
33 To Kevin Magnussen

Absolutely amazing job. You are in fourth position.
34 From Lewis Hamilton A ten-second penalty is not enough for driving behaviour like that. You know that, Charlie.
35 From Lewis Hamilton Just ignoring all the blue flags.
35 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK so race situation. You are leading, Stroll four seconds behind you. Then 13 seconds to Magnussen. Then there’s a big gaggle of cars.
35 To Kevin Magnussen

Ten laps to go I need ten clean laps.
35 To Esteban Ocon

Bottas behind’s in your DRS.
35 To Esteban Ocon

How is the balance now Esteban?
35 From Esteban Ocon When I push really hard the rears are a bit hot.
35 From Fernando Alonso What a shame. We could have won this race.
35 To Romain Grosjean

This level of braking travel is OK.
35 To Kimi Raikkonen

OK Kimi we’re going to be boxing this lap we have a water pressure issue.
35 From Fernando Alonso Where is the Haas in front of us?
35 To Fernando Alonso

Magnussen eight seconds in front.
35 From Fernando Alonso We need that tow.
36 From Romain Grosjean Yeah I think. I don’t know, the brakes are gone, I think.
36 To Romain Grosjean

OK, yeah.
37 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Stoffel, Grosjean’s going slowly ahead of you, could drag cars back, there could still be a chance here.
38 To

We touched. Marcus left me no space on braking.
41 To Sergio Perez

Checo if your seat is really broken we would want to retire the car.
41 From Sergio Perez Yeah it’s quite broken. I am moving around.
41 To Sergio Perez

OK Checo then we’re not happy about it. Cool the brakes and box.
41 To Marcus Ericsson

Push on him, push.
42 To Stoffel Vandoorne

OK gap 7.8 and you are 1.8 seconds faster.
43 To Valtteri Bottas

Nine laps remaining.
43 To Marcus Ericsson

We want to swap position back please. Vandoorne is coming back too strong.
43 From Marcus Ericsson But he cannot overtake.”
43 To Marcus Ericsson

“We’ll swap back if he doesn’t pull away.”
43 From Marcus Ericsson Are you sure about this?
43 To Marcus Ericsson

Yes we need to let him through turn three.
45 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Eight laps to go. points on offer if you can get both Saubers.
45 To Marcus Ericsson

OK Marcus keep pushing. Vandoorne is 1.5 seconds behind. Compared to Pascal we are losing turn three, turn five braking.
46 To Fernando Alonso

If there are any tyre problems we have space behind for the pit stop.
46 From Fernando Alonso I have no battery, no power. So have to risk a lot in the corners.
46 To Fernando Alonso

OK understood, we know that. It’s P9, first points of the season. Let’s bring it home. You’ve done a good job.
46 To Lewis Hamilton

Sorry about that Lewis, mate.
46 From Lewis Hamilton Don’t worry about it guys. Keep your head up. These things happen. Just move on. We had the pace to win this weekend. Let’s take it on to the next one.
46 To Lewis Hamilton

That’s good of you, Lewis. You’re doing a sterling job today as always.
47 To Marcus Ericsson

OK Marcus you’re doing well. Now Vandoorne is slower than you but keep pushing, try to close the gap to Pascal.
47 From Lewis Hamilton Guys if Valtteri’s not fighting anyone ahead need to have him slow down, give a bad wake.
47 To Lewis Hamilton

Copy Lewis. Valtteri’s trying to catch Stroll. We don’t want to give Vettel DRS.
48 To Lance Stroll

OK let’s stay focussed. Four laps to go. This is good. Nice and relaxed.
VL From Lance Stroll Oh did he get? [Censored by FOM]. Oh man he got me.
VL To Lance Stroll

Ah, unlucky. P3. Mega drive.
VL From Lance Stroll Haha! That’s awesome. Oh man. So cool. Oh my god.
VL To Lance Stroll

On the podium.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

Nice job mate. Absolutely brilliant. Nice job.
VL From Daniel Ricciardo Hahaha. Holy [censored by FOM].
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

Yeah good job mate.
VL From Daniel Ricciardo Cheers guys.
VL To Lance Stroll

Well done mate that was a absolutely stunning drive. That absolutely went past your age, 18 years old on the podium. That was absolutely brilliant. Well done kid. Thank you.
VL To Sebastian Vettel

P3. P4, P4. And mode slow.
VL From Sebastian Vettel OK. Well recovery the car was really good in the race. I pushed and as soon as you get a bit closer you lose a bit more. I don’t get it why I was done ten seconds, ten seconds penalty. I cannot recall somebody who got a ten seconds penalty.
VL To Valtteri Bottas

You’ve done it! P2!
VL From Valtteri Bottas Yeah! Woah!
VL To Valtteri Bottas

I bet you didn’t think that after turn one. Really good job Valtteri.
VL From Valtteri Bottas Never give up. Thanks guys!

Note: Only includes messages which were broadcast in the race coverage.
Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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Azerbaijan Grand Prix data

83 comments on “2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix team radio transcript”

  1. “I cannot recall somebody who got a ten seconds penalty,” Vettel complained after finishing in fourth place. Such penalties aren’t common but one was handed down at the previous race to Daniil Kvyat (albeit in two stages sue to an error communicating the sanction).

    If I’m not mistaken Kvyat was a 10 second penalty, but Vettel’s was a stop-and-go. While Kvyat could have had his added up at the end of the race, it wasn’t because he did a pit-stop with his car stationary for 10s, Vettel had to go to the pits within 3 laps while his car could not be service. They are different penalties.

    1. Neil (@neilosjames)
      30th June 2017, 12:25

      I think Keith means that Kvyat’s two penalties in Canada (for the same offence) were, added together, a full 10-second stop-go, which is what the stewards should have given him. They gave him the 10-second penalty to bump his drive-through (that he’d already served) up to the penalty he should have got:

      NOTE: In accordance with Article 36.2 the penalty for this offence should have been a penalty under Article 38.3d. Instead a Drive Through penalty was incorrectly imposed when the penalty should have been a 10 second stop and go. Accordingly an additional 10 second time penalty is imposed.

      1. @neilosjames thanks, I hadn’t seen that note previously. I thought that they added the 10s to his penalty just to adjust what they had done previously, but I didn’t knew the original penalty should have been a 10s stop and go.

        1. @neilosjames @johnmilk Yep as alluded to above Kvyat’s penalty was a ten-second stop-go but because it was communicated incorrectly it ended up being served in two stages:

          The last ten-second stop-go penalty prior to that was Palmer in Britain last year. And Vettel should remember the one before that because it was Kvyat’s penalty for hitting him twice in Russia! Details here:

      2. @neilosjames Yes but it isnt the same thing as Kvyat got it handed to him two times in different random parts of the race and it completly destroyed all his strategy and efforts for no good reason other than low quality stewarding. Kvyats penalty was the worst and sloppiest penalty i have seen in F1, at least in recent seasons. If they only had the decency to admit they where wrong and live with it instead of messing up the race further with another penalty it could be excused.

        The Hamilton/Vettel debacle is another farce but for completly different reasons.

  2. Neil (@neilosjames)
    30th June 2017, 12:20

    Well, “I cannot recall somebody” getting a severe dose of red mist and driving into the side of the lead car at a Safety Car restart, but I don’t broadcast that on my team radio…

  3. Grosjen really need some of Merc’s brake magic.

  4. A series of very measured and mature radio messages from Hamilton there I thought. In no particular order he:
    – Offered to slow up the pack to allow Bottas to catch back to the end of the snake under the first SC.
    – Gave his view on the incident with Vettel
    – Offered a good rallying call to his team after the headrest problem, which I presume was actually human error when he was plugged back in after the restart. After losing a race like that I’d have expected him to be fuming.
    – Suggested Bottas back Vettel into him IF there was nothing to be gained in front… which there was.

    To me he showed great awareness during the race.

    1. @ben-n Perhaps I’m being too cynical but I can’t help but wonder if the third of those was an attempt to soften up the ground before making the request in the fourth…

      1. @keithcollantine – a very good point… you could be right. Even so, at this stage in the season it’s clear that Hamilton is the best bet in the WDC for Mercedes. If there was nothing to play for (eg: if Stroll had an extra 10 seconds on Bottas), then I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Valterri fall back into Vettel to raise Lewis’ points haul.

        Having said that – Schumacher was clearly a better bet than Irvine for Ferrari in 1999 and look what happened there. Anything can happen until it’s mathematically impossible.

      2. @keithcollantine I think you’re partially right – although I would call it good team management rather than cynical.

      3. Good catch ! The timing of the messages certainly supports your cynical interpretation.

        1. I’m not sure you can interpret the timing of the messages on here. Just look at the Vettel- Hamilton incident. Listed as 3 laps after the Force India’s crashed, when in reality these events were the other way round.

          I think the timing listed above is simply when the message was broadcast on the FOM feed, and bears no relation as to when it actually occurred.

      4. Keith you’re just being a cynic, because you’re assuming he the idea pre-planned.

        Lewis pretty much repeated the same thing in the interview pen about how his guys will be feeling down, but they shouldn’t be.

    2. Yep, nothing to complain about Lewis on this race.

      1. So on the one hand LH is complaining about the slowness of the SC and on the other hand he’s volunteering to slow up the pack? Gee I wonder how SV got caught out thinking he was being brake tested!

    3. A ten-second penalty is not enough for driving behaviour like that. You know that, Charlie.

      No use of four-letter words here, but this is insulting and patronizing

      1. @EagleMk1

        How so? that comes across as calm, mature and, indeed, correct.

        How is that insulting and patronizing, and to whom?

        1. Ms Appropriate
          2nd July 2017, 6:06

          You already know what’s insulting and patronising about it.

  5. Interesting how Marcus Ericsson had to let Pascal pass him, but they didn’t return the favour at the end. So Ericsson should have scored that point. I guess this proves Sauber isn’t favouring the Swede though.

    1. Sauber couldn’t swap the drivers around as Vandoorne was too close behind.

  6. 23
    To Sergio Perez

    Checo shortly we’re going… So shortly we’re going… Shortly we’ll be able… Then you will… In that time the rest of the grid will… and you will… but you will… obviously

  7. “I cannot recall somebody who got a ten seconds penalty,”

    Take him at his word and give him a race ban instead ?

  8. Another classic from Kimi. Anyone who hasn’t seen it I’d recommend checking it out on YouTube.

    1. thanks for the suggestion. It. was. awesome. His shouting from the cockpit keeps increasing in volume and by the end, it was so loud that I couldn’t stop laughing.

    2. I watched it the other day and I’ve made myself laugh again just thinking about it!!

  9. As Stoffel Vandoorne put it , one things for sure the Hamilton, Vettel drama will reach to more people out there, may strike a chord with some. People will want to know what happened and what will happen in the upcoming races, who will get the better out of the two and boom, more fans on the way. It might be positive in a way for F1 in terms of viewership.

    So I expect the drama/hype to be continued by the FIA in the following weeks even though the drivers will put it aside.

  10. The safety car driver seemed too reluctant to leave the race track. In the time Vettel rear ended Hamilton then drove around to gesticulate and swipe and hover beside, you could just then make out the safety car in the distance, turning left and away from view. This was all of 12 or so seconds. Perhaps Vettel misjudged the true pace of the safety car.

  11. I hope those who demand further punishment for Vettel are aware that one or more race bans will most likely put an end to the tight WDC battle. I know there is certainly no legal foundation, but why not sentence Vettel to do a month of community service with young offenders and/or a course in anger management?

    As a supporter I am very disappoint by his actions and believe that his tantrums are toxic for both his performance on track and the team. I wonder if he is working with some mental coach, if not he should really consider to hire one elsewise get a better one.

    1. But that shouldn’t mean he isn’t punished @d0senbrot

      I disagree it would end the WDC anyway. We’re not even halfway yet and a DNF from any driver would be just as costly. it’s part of the championship and he’s only got himself to blame. He shouldn’t be let off simply because he’s leading the championship, in fact that shouldn’t play any part in the thinking process.

      1. @Tom
        Yes completely agree with you Tom, infact I was going to post the same wordings.

        I’ve said it before, it shouldn’t matter if a driver is leading the championship or has yet to get his first points, a fair penalty is what is needed, yes F1 might be 50%show, 50% sport but to keep it good with the race fans things need to happen in a fair and consistent way. No emotions or favoritism should come in the way when making such decisions.

        1. I never said he is not to be punished.

          1. @d0senbrot

            Yes I was not trying to counter that,

            my point was that drivers are not going to care much about punishments outside the race,

            penatly in the race or whatever affects their race results, that is what is needed to get the message, thats when they will fear to do such things in the future.

          2. @redbullf1

            You have a point there. But those punishments were mostly fines that would never hurt them as they are multimillionaires. The officials should be more creative in that. But eventually the legal foundations are not fulfilled. :[

          3. @d0senbrot

            Right on !

        2. @redbullf1 remember 2007? McLaren cheated, and got DSQ, but to keep the drivers championship alive, they were permitted to keep challenging for the WDC. So either Hamilton or Alonso almost won the WDC with an illegal car. (Illegal as McLaren got benefits from the Spygate). So FIA might be applying a similar criteria with Vettel.

          1. @omarr-pepper

            Yes nothing is ever fair in F1 is it,

            oh well, it has happened in history and will keep happening I guess. sucks but yeah ! It’s becoming more of who can cheat/abuse and get away with it ! sigh !

    2. @d0senbrot Firstly, I completely disagree that a race ban will end the title fight. Even if Hamilton was to win the next race, the gap between them would be less than it is now! It’s currently at 14pts in Vettel’s favour, it would be 11 on Hamilton’s favour.

      And even if that was the case, the effect on the championship should not be considered when deciding a penalty, only the facts of the case. A court of law is not allowed to say “this guy is a big business man, and putting him in prison could bankrupt his company and cost hundreds of jobs, lots of tax money…”, they have to behave in an impartial manner. The FIA should act in the same way (as should any governing body of a sport).

      1. @dormouse well said

  12. “A very angry message from Raikkonen.
    Oh [Censored by FOM] I got a puncture from some debris. [Censored by FOM] the Force Indias hit each other and some debris flew and caused a [censored by FOM] puncture.”

    It’s uncommon Kimi will be angry like that.

    1. I think Kimi was already angry after the turn 2 incident with Bottas using him as a doorstop!

      1. @iluvsoundtracks I think Kimi was already angry after the turn 2 incident with Bottas using him as a doorstop!

  13. @keithcollantine
    Is there a particular reason that you used this photo of Vettel on this article?
    If it was on Caption Competition, it would have been fine. Not here.
    We already know that he made a fool of himself last week with his actions, but this has got to stop.

    1. @sakis What’s your objection?

      1. @keithcollantine I think that I already made my point. It has been established the last few days that he reacted like a 5yo kid. This snapshot concurs. Alright, there is no need for bashing anymore. Don’t you think that this pic maintains the fire instead of extinguishing it? I’d more than happy to find something funny for a Caption Competition with a pic like this than reading again and again the “war” arguments between VET and HAM fans. It’s time to move on.

        1. *I’d be

        2. @sakis I still don’t really understand what your complaint is but I don’t think a picture of Vettel looking unhappy in an article which refers to him being unhappy justifies any of the negative things you’re describing.

    2. maybe he wanted to show how fool he is to ignore something ever happened despite millions watched, and he continued to deny it despite many current and ex f1 drivers said he was in the wrong, and he continued to deny he did anything wrong….
      openly swearing at officials and denying everything… if that is not fooling himself, nothing is…

  14. I think Vettel is not racing in Austria and that will be a very fair punishment. He wasn’t disqualified from last race and now he should be banned for the next race. He needs to be taught a lesson on how to be respectful towards fellow drivers and Referees (Charlie). I really admire Vettel as a driver and enjoy his jokes and interviews but at the same time some of his behavior (last year against Kvyat, Charlie) needs to be condemned and especially the angry swerve at Hamilton was totally intentional and simply unacceptable.
    Hamilton has been so respectful and generous towards him and he still does that to him… Even if he does the same to Maldanando who used to hit people left, right and center, i would still say he should be punished with a race ban or disqualified for 1 race.

    1. What is worse is that he was reminded of his second clash to hit ham’s side, and he shrugged saying what did you expect me to do? really shows his no remorse feelings… he even says i dont ham did it (assumed brake checking/slowing down) intentionally, but here we are he did it… wth is he smoking?

      1. Totally agree. One has to admit the mistake then only the person learns from it. Post-race he was completely mum about his clear wrongdoing and tried to put full blame on Lewis or the least he agreed was that both should get penalty which is absurd as Lewis was the one in front and got hit twice by Vettel due to Vettel’s own misjudgment. Vettel should remember when Kvyat hit him twice in Russia last year, how much he complained and Kvyat immediately lost his seat at Redbull as a result. Even though Kvyat didnt hit him on purpose.

        Recently i was watching F1 2010 season and the race in china, Button as the lead car, slowed down the field so much that many drivers including Lewis had to go off-track to avoid contact with other cars in front but didn’t hear or see many drivers complaining or hitting Button intentionally after that. These things happen and are quite common but one should not retaliate by intentionally hitting the other car and if done so should be punished severely.

    2. Slavisa (@sylversurferr)
      30th June 2017, 19:32

      I think Hammilton should have race ban to with Vettel,so in future we wouldn’t see brake testing from him ever again.

      1. Sir you need to take off those Red Ferrari Ray-ban glasses…Vettel is the one wrong here. He already got a heavy penalty and wont be surprised if he gets another one coming his way.

        1. Slavisa (@sylversurferr)
          30th June 2017, 19:56

          Sir I dont have red colour in my nickname opposit to some other people with obvious silver colour in their nickname.

          1. +1 well said

          2. Marchinghammer
            3rd July 2017, 4:53

            I’m that case you’ve not got a clue, sorry.

      2. @sylversurferr

        Do you have some new information not available to the race stewards then?

        If so, please share it with us.

        1. Slavisa (@sylversurferr)
          30th June 2017, 21:00

          Show me official info from stewards,did they show telemetry from Hammilton car? And pls explain this,exit of corner down to 1st gear 52mph and brake is still on.

          1. Explain how it would be any better if he did that on the straight then @sylversurferr slowing down very slightly on the corner exit doesn’t mean Hamiltons done anything wrong. Even after the Vettel contact the safety car is still to make the final corner. Hamilton needed to slow down to let the safety car get away. Where he does this is up to him. As long as he doesn’t slow too much (which he didn’t) he’s free to control the pace. Vettel got it wrong and accelerated into the corner. It was his mistake. You’ll see the data next week when hopefully Vettel gets a few race ban too.

          2. @sylversurferr

            I think the answer you are looking for, in response to my question, is ‘no’.

    3. The only difference between Vettel and Maldonado on track is about two/three tenths of a second

  15. * i dont think ham did it

  16. If Lewis was so concerned about tyre temperatures why was he driving so slowly being the safety car?
    Also at which point can you ignore the so called 10 car length rule?

    1. Did you not read the transcript where he said, “the safety car is going too slow & it’s dangerous for everyone”?

      How much faster should he have gone?

      “Also at which point can you ignore the so called 10 car length rule”

      When the safety car lights go out. Are you new to F1?

      1. Did you not read the transcript where he said, “the safety car is going too slow & it’s dangerous for everyone”?

        That comment is from Ham is just rubbish. Maylander who drives the sc is driving as fast as he can.
        I don’t know why Ham is always complaining about the pace…

        1. I think Hamilton should drive the safety car in future, then it will go as fast as he likes

      2. Marchinghammer
        3rd July 2017, 4:57

        And he got a bit of a warning on the radio after the previous restart that he’d cut it fine with the safety car line, which he denied but must have been at the front of his mind to make 100% sure and be even slower for the ‘crash’ restart.

    2. Rule 39.13 of the sporting regulations 2017, see

      which says
      When the clerk of the course decides it is safe to call in the safety car the message “SAFETY
      CAR IN THIS LAP” will be sent to all teams via the official messaging system and the car’s
      orange lights will be extinguished. This will be the signal to the teams and drivers that it will be
      entering the pit lane at the end of that lap.

      At this point the first car in line behind the safety car may dictate the pace and, if necessary,
      fall more than ten car lengths behind it.

      In order to avoid the likelihood of accidents before the safety car returns to the pits, from the
      point at which the lights on the car are turned out drivers must proceed at a pace which
      involves no erratic acceleration or braking nor any other manoeuvre which is likely to
      endanger other drivers or impede the restart.

      As the safety car is approaching the pit entry the yellow flags and SC boards will be withdrawn
      and, other than on the last lap of the race, replaced by waved green flags with green lights at
      the Line. These will be displayed until the last car crosses the Line.

      Vettel apologists should have read this before they leapt to his defence

    3. The problem with Baku @fran is the last sector is very quick. F1 cars can go much,much quicker than the safety car. Watch the footage back and you’ll see even after the second Vettel contact the safetycar is still only just going through the final corner. This means Hamilton really had to slow the pace down to ensure he didn’t catch the safety car on the restart. I think he’d have liked to keep more pace if possible but the safety car can’t just disappear.

      1. @ben you are wrong, if vettel was leading, he SURELY accelerate and hit the SC and push it up to speed or he would just go alongside and give it a love bite to show how angry he is, and SC SUREEEELY would have to speed up!

    4. @fran

      he was concerned about it, but he could not do anything, you cant speed up a SC or give it a tow to tag a long… what Ham could do and which he did, was to pace slower to bunch the field… if he sped up, he would be right behind the SC next corner which was at a super short distance…

      people complain he braked too hard aka erratic braking? really? 60-62 KMH (that is ~40mph) at apex and he is slowing down already, to 53-54 KMH (that is ~33mph) when Vettel rear ended him… an F1 car can stop from 100KMH to 0 dead at about ~1.1 secs at the speed he was doing at apex, if he slammed the brakes, he would be stationary mid corner!

      10 car rule for this track is already dangerous, it is the fastest section of the track after the last corner, and ham came too close to SC line and was warned by his team! And when ham made the corner SC was at 4-5 car distance! he would no way accelerate to give himself a disadvantage or risk overtaking SC, Vettel surely knows this himself as well, he just misjudged the situation… this was not the problem every driver can make silly mistakes, but he found no blame attitude after that and showing his car against Ham, and stating what else should he do in that situation makes is check all the bad marks and asking for a ban….

  17. God, this race was wild…

  18. I swear F1 has turned into a bunch of cowards. Senna regarded the best yet rammed a fellow driver at full speed. Vettel shunted Hamilton at a speed my granny drives . Yet Vettel is some sort of pig. Let’s get real here Stan’s, Senna could have killed, Seb gave a nudge. Damage to cars,…nothing, nout. Hamilton should remember that his overrated hero nearly whacked a guy. Hamilton should also rem his meltdown with Massa when that broad dumped him.

    1. Hamiltons melt down? I assume you’re referring to 2011, where Massa was being instructed to ruin hamiltons races?
      The same year Hamilton won races whilst going through a traumatic period?

      Also, Senna overrated? You clearly don’t know much about F1. He was one of the best to ever grace this sport, case and point his quali record has only just been broken, with many more races per season.

      As for him taking Prost out, I think you’ll find Prost did it to him first. Yes it was dangerous, but past transgressions don’t excuse present day ones. What’s wrong is still wrong

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        1st July 2017, 16:28

        You know what? I never thought that Massa had been instructed to ruin Hamilton’s races but that year was wild.

        I couldn’t believe how McLaren would put Hamilton in a collision course with Massa. Even David Hobbs was stating how uncanny it was for Hamilton to almost always find himself behind Massa.

        It’s hard to say that he wasn’t instructed to do it looking back – Massa has proven time and again that he can drive safely over his career so that year made no sense. He was essentially a moving missile looking for Hamilton.

      2. “As for him taking Prost out, I think you’ll find Prost did it to him first.” “… but past transgressions don’t excuse present day ones.”….Dude

        1. Marchinghammer
          3rd July 2017, 5:01

          Yes smedley was on the radio and broadcast to Massa saying ‘lets really screw his race’ or words to that effect in Brazil or Spa or Monza or somewhere fast as far as I can remember.

  19. I don’t understand how Senna is held in high regard. This man rammed a fellow driver at full blimp, yet they say Vettel is copying Schumacher , why? Because Senna is dead? Let’s brush aside Senna’s dirty tactics because he’s dead.

  20. A lot has been said on this topic. What I’ve learned is that it is acceptable to shout at race control and to intentionally drive into other cars. You WILL get away with it, is the message from FIA.

    1. How so? He’s received reprimands and penalties and demerit points.

  21. Good catch……………. I like it.

  22. 18 From Stoffel Vandoorne How do I do that? Overtake button?
    18 To Stoffel Vandoorne Confirm, overtake button and used some full throttle. You do not need to save fuel any more.

    This is all that needs to be said regarding Vandoorne’s struggles, McLaren can thank him kindly for not throwing them under the bus with every interview.

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