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2010 Korean Grand Prix

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  1. Chris Yu Rhee said on 24th March 2010, 6:50

    Does ANYONE have any info on this race in English? I live in Korea, understand and speak Korean pretty well, but have yet to see ANYTHING in English anywhere. Do they think that only the average Korean, who earns less than $20,000 a year, is going to plunk down close to a month’s salary to go to the whole weekend?
    We’re going down to the site sometime in the next month, so I’ll post pics, etc., but I’m not encouraged by what I’ve seen so far…
    I’d love to hear from someone who’s had success even buying tickets..

    • Bob said on 25th March 2010, 9:31


      I sent an inquiry into a website selling tickets for other GP’s to let me know when tickets are available. My Korean wife and I are planning to visit in October and I thought that attending the race might be a nice break from sitting with her relatives. I’ll post something if my inquiry ever receives a reply.

      • Chris Yu Rhee said on 1st April 2010, 6:49

        It';; be interesting to hear if you can get any info. I am checking out all of the sources I can here and have come up with zip.
        The only thing I see is an omnipresent “Korean GP” banner on a Korean racing channel on Skylife satellite T.V.

    • Hi I am the owner of Waegook Cook in Gumi. I am an expat and my wife is Korean. We have been busy with arrangements for the Korean F1 since it was first announced. We met with construction engineers and visited the track and attended the ticket launch. I will also be there for the opening of the track with Chandok in a Red Bull tomorrow. We foresaw language problems and started making arrangements long ago. We are well know in Korea for our trips and events we organize. Our rooms were already booked a year ago. many people have booked through us and we will have buses leave from Gumi / Daegu and Seoul. Our packages include tickets, accommodation, bus, transfers and a T-shirt. Packages start as low as Won 299 000. Tickets are getting harder to come by. We will also be making rooms and buses available separately soon.

      For more info please see:
      E-mail: thewaegookcook@yahoo.com

  2. Samik Ghosh said on 4th April 2010, 4:06

    The Formula One race, dubbed the Korean Grand Prix, will take place Oct 22 to Oct 24 in the southwestern county of Yeongam, about 400 kilometers south of Seoul. KAVO held a press conference in Seoul and announced the ticket prices, which range from 117,000 won ($103) to 920,000 won ($794), exclusive of tax. The venue can accommodate 123,000 spectators.
    Booking starts from mid of April.

    • Chris Yu Rhee said on 4th April 2010, 10:38

      Thanks Samik,
      The problem is does anyone else know this information? I live in Korea. I haven’t seen it anywhere.

  3. Chris Yu Rhee said on 6th April 2010, 23:40

    My wife just spoke to the person in charge of lodging for the Korean F1. They are going to have campgrounds, and they have a list of around 180 places to stay. I am putting together a to-do list for him of what would help foreigners, and would appreciate any suggestions.
    We are going down to the track to visit the site and check out the surrounding area, so I’ll post pictures later.
    Please put your suggestions in this thread if it’s ok with Keith.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 7th April 2010, 0:26

      Sure that’s what it’s here for! I’m very keen to hear from people who are going to the first race in Korea, do let us know if you’re going there.

    • Chris Yu Rhee said on 20th May 2010, 13:53

      Had to cancel our trip down to the track. I’m sick as a dog. Nothing helpful yet from the people we’ve been talking to, except the English portion of the official website should be working by the end of this month.
      There are several Korean websites that are selling tickets, but you have to be a Korean citizen to buy from them. I can’t even buy them, even though I’ve lived here for seven years, because I’m not a citizen!
      The only place I’ve been told (by the people inside the housing office for the Korean F1) that foreigners are buying tickets is as a package through tour agencies.
      Bass Ackwards. That’s all I have to say so far… sigh.

  4. murli said on 20th May 2010, 6:49

    Do i need to take adult korea F1 tickets for my kids who are less than 5 year old. Is there any separate tickets for child, will they be allowed inside for free if they dont occupy any seats?

    • Chris Yu Rhee said on 21st July 2010, 6:41

      You do not need to buy a ticket for kids 6 or under, but they do not get a seperate seat.

  5. I’m stationed in Korea. I had a Korean friend purchase tickets for me, but the tickets have not been released yet, and they paid for the tickets 2 months ago. Nothing makes much sense here in Korea.

    I plan on going down during July 4th weekend to check things out. I will be surprised if the city of Mokpo will have the accomodations to support the amount of people coming to see the race, if there even is a race.

  6. just booked tickets for the race. Have flights and accommodation, but 200miles away!! I have spent days trying to find closer accommadtion, but cannot. Sites state that they are blocked for F1? Or cannot get on many sites
    Read on 1 web site that tickets were going on sale to koreans first. This was back in march.

    • Chris Yu Rhee said on 21st July 2010, 6:54

      Where in the heck are your accomodations? Seoul?
      On a good day, it takes five hours to drive that far as you have to go down highway 15, which is murder.
      There are very few Western-style hotels in or near that area. You will have to stay at a Min-bahk, which is really just a place to sleep (on the floor-Korean style). Some are good, some are scary. Got to http://www.english.seoul.go.kr and check out if you can get any help there. I do believe there is a phone number for foreigners to call. Trust me, it would be a good investment to speak to someone there. They are VERY helpful. I would ask them if they know of a contact number for housing for the F1 race (the number of the guy I have only speaks Korean). If they don’t, ask if Cheonan (Chuh-nahn) has a similar foreigner phone number to call for help in getting a room or min-bak reserved.
      I was going to go down and shceck things out for Keith during my vacation time, but got sick as a dog, so I never went.
      There is also a site “www.f1.waegookcook.com” that has some info. He’s really involved and I even think he’s actually selling ticket packages. His wife is Korean, and he’s actually been to the track site.
      I hope I can go this year, but it’s doubtful now for me. Maybe next year!
      I hope this helps,

  7. thomas said on 24th July 2010, 10:38

    just had a look on http://www.f1.com and went to tickets and korea is on sale


    the issue i have is there not making it easy to book no offacial website or accomdation that i could find , also the f1 news isnt really getting around .

    if it helps thomas

  8. Mary Park said on 30th July 2010, 9:59

    If is there anyone who wants to buy F1 Korean Grand prix ticket, I can help you.
    Please send me an e-mail angelp77@hanmail.net
    Actually, I am working for F1 Korean GP, so I can
    support you once I get your request !


    • Chris yurhee said on 8th August 2010, 17:07

      Are you in any position to find out if the campsite is going to happen? The man we talked to said it was, but I haven’t seen any info anywhere. Also, there are only 4 hotels that show up with rooms. Seeing as the F1 teams haven’t even booked shipping for their cars and equipment yet, but have for the following races, I’m wondering about this whole thing.
      I still haven’t seen anything about the race, in English or Korean.
      Can you have someone put info up on the official website?

      • Mary Park said on 18th August 2010, 9:34

        Hi Chris,

        Yes, I’ve checked the official site,
        but there is on campsite information in English, but in Korean, there will be a campsite at parking lot of Jeollanamdo goverment.

        • Charlie Robinson said on 18th August 2010, 11:51

          Mary, do you mean there will be no camping actually on site? How far is the parking lot of the Jeollanamdo government? Thanks.

          • Mary Park said on 19th August 2010, 7:21

            For the campsite, yes, unfortunately, near the circuit, there is no campsite, only use D Parking lot at goverment building.

            From D parking lot to Circuit, it takes 30 min. (16.99km) by car.

            More information, I will share with all of you!, as one of Korean! ^^

        • Chris Yu Rhee said on 9th October 2010, 13:06

          Here’s the camping info link:


          The text is in an image, so even Google auto-translation won’t work. I guess foreigners aren’t expected to come… sigh.

          • Chris Yu Rhee said on 10th October 2010, 11:43

            Here are the important bits about camping:

            Campsite is open Oct. 22 through Oct. 24

            Jeollanamdo government building – I think it’s the City hall. I’ll check further.

            tents (room for about 500)-parking lot D or beside the lake
            RV’s and trailers (room for 20-30)-parking lot C

            I doubt there will be any electricity or water as we were originally told there would be last year in July, especially since the campsite was supposed to be AT the track.

            It’ll be cold at night, so I don’t think blankets will suffice…

  9. Thomas Hertslet said on 8th August 2010, 1:13

    Hello, require some help. Bought two (2) tickets in April for the event. Can you help me identifying the proper location of the race? The best approach to the gates? Will there be a bus service?
    I attended the German Formel 1 in 2008 and the organisation was just phantastic. What can I expect in Korea?
    Looking forward to some good advice.
    Thank you Thomas Hertslet

    • Mary Park said on 18th August 2010, 10:01

      Hi Thomas,
      Now, you can choose your seat you want,
      when you buy the ticket,
      so, pls check the f1korea site and you’d
      better to check.
      Maybe you can cancel two tickets you have already bought and then, buy new tickets.

      If you need any more help, please send me an e-mail.

  10. Charlie Robinson said on 14th August 2010, 8:31

    Don’t know how much truth there is in this article published 2 days ago (http://www.worldcarfans.com/110081227895/aragon-said-no-to-replacing-2010-korean-gp—report), but if there is any, it’s pretty worrying. I still haven’t purchased my tickets for Mokpo (from what I have heard, almost none have been sold so far) and am going to leave it very, very late. I’m yet to be convinced this is actually going to happen.

  11. Mary Park said on 26th August 2010, 5:51

    This is Mary, and I am not working for F1 Korean Grand prix, I just help you as a Korean. ^^*

    For the F1 Ticket, Anyone who bought the ticket already,
    you may choose your seat where you want,
    Please kindly check!

  12. Does anyone know what support races will be in Korea. This website only shows Formula BMW Asia but I have to hope there will be more than that.

  13. Saturday, September 4 is the opening of the Korean F1 track in Yeongam and Sunday there are some events too. The F1 Organizers just send me the schedule but it’s in Korean so I will just mention a few highlights.

    Anyone can attend free. The public will be granted access to the track from 13:00. Chandok in a Red Bull, Formula BMW and other cars will do a show run from 15:20. DVD shows, hot-air balloon rides, parades, camp fires etc will be things you can enjoy there. There is alos a MNET live music show from 16:30 to 18:00

    Free shuttle buses between Mokpo and the circuit. They leave from Hadang Pyeong Hwa Gwang Jang in Mokpo from 11:30 till 13:40 and will return to Mokpo from 18:00 to 19:00.

    I attached a photo with the schedule on our facebook event wall but it’s in Korean:

    Tickets are almost sold out. If you haven’t booked yet we strongly suggest you do so ASAP. Buses from Gumi and Seoul have been confirmed. Rooms and buses for people who bought their own tickets and not part of our package deals will be made available separately soon. packages still available from as little as Won 299 000 depending on where you sit.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.


    Derrick Smith

  14. I attended the circuit event this past weekend. Even got a picture with Karun Chandhok. Still a lot of construction around the track.

    We took the KTX from Seoul which is about a 3 hour ride. Once we got to Mokpo we took taxis everywhere which added up. The track is pretty far from Mokpo station. My wife and I don’t read or speak the language so it is challenging getting around, but we did it. Sometimes I had to phone a Korean speaking friend to tranlate for me. We plan to drive down for race weekend. It will be a long road trip but at least we will have our own transportation for the entire weekend.

    There seemed to be a lot of motels around. I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult to find a room somewhere. If not we can always camp out in the car. lol

    I have been told I will get my ticket delivered tomorrow. I just wonder whether or not there will actually be any stands for us to sit because they have only built the main grandstands so far. My tickets are for grandstand H which were not built yet. There is still time and I trust they will erect something (I hope).

  15. Just to answer a few questions you have raised.

    1. Early tickets and cancellation:
    Our tickets arrived today September 6. The tickets bought in the beginning, only showed your stands and had no assigned seats but they assigned the best seats for the early birds. Unless you want to be seated with someone who bought his or her tickets on a later date there is no reason for canceling. They assigned the best seats on a first come first serve basis. If however you need to cancel to sit with someone make sure that there will be seats left after canceling. There are not many available and some blocks are completely sold out. There is no cancellation fee on the same day as your booking but later cancellations have a 10% penalty.

    Forget about pitching up on the day. Almost a year ago my wife and I spent hours to find suitable accommodation. We managed to book 70 rooms in Gwangju and months after that the motel owner suddenly doubled the prices and we had to settle for that or not have rooms for our guests. The few motels, which have not been booked out are holding out for last minute sales at double the price.

    Language and Information:
    I am glad I speak enough Korean to help myself and that my wife is Korean If you are not so lucky join our package tour.

    Taking your own car:
    We have permits allowing us to park right at the track. All other vehicles will be stopped. Free shuttle buses are available but the traffic is going to be horrendous. I suppose there will be lines waiting for these shuttle buses. Ours go non-stop between the track, our motel and other venues. Our buses leave from Gumi (nearby Daegu) and Seoul.

    Stands and Track Progress:
    Everyone had doubts but I have faith in Korea. We had really bad weather this year and that hampered the progress. They are cutting it very close but I see no reason why the race won’t go ahead. The financial implications and pride will see to it that everything is ready on time. The tickets were delivered today. Chandohk was very impressed, Bernie wants it and they would have announced any cancellations way in advance. The facilities might not be in tip top shape yet, but who cares as long as we can see the race.

    For more information on our packages including accommodation, bus, tickets etc please see:

    Derrick Smith

    • I am getting the impression that Waegook Cook is using fear as a way to convince viewers to book with his package tour.

      Yes, there could be a lot of people attending the event but I have heard the numbers are low right now because of fears over the track not being finished.

      Plenty of tickets are still available and there are loads of places to stay in and around Mokpo. Here are a couple sites which name a few:



      There are even more places to stay that are not online and as a last resort you can always stay in Gwangju and commute down to Mokpo, though it is over and hour away.

      Bottom line, it will be tough to find someplace last minute but don’t be fooled into believing the only way a foreigner can go to the race is through the packages above.

      Best of luck to you all in getting things sorted out,

      • Hi

        Our package tours are not the only way to book, just convenient and cheaper than most other options. A year ago I couldn’t find accommodation in Mokpo because the local government booked them all out and some motel owners wanted to hold out to see if they could get higher prices. Our package deals are almost booked out and many people booked just the rooms with us. Sure, there will be other options and I encourage people to try and find better deals and still join in the excitement of so many foreigners on the same buses all the way to the track.


        Waegook Cook

        • Chris Yu Rhee said on 11th October 2010, 15:01

          Waegook cook has put a lot of effort into this event, starting (at least) the middle of last year.
          If I was going (I’m not) and didn’t have gobs of camping equipment, I’d seriously consider a headache-free package deal. I’ve lived in Korea a long time, and so has he.
          He’s done a good job putting stuff together. Too bad he didn’t work for KAVO. Maybe there wouldn’t have been so many doubts about the race…

          • Thanks Chris

            Next year should be much easier. It was almost impossible to navigate through all the endless obstacles of no information, track delays, language barriers etc but I am glad we did the groundwork and we are almost fully booked. The next year will be easier (that is if the Charlie says the track is fine. We will know tomorrow or Wednesday. The inspection started and everything sounds OK but the report is expected to be out on Wednesday.

            Although our packages are almost booked out we still have have some rooms for Saturday and Sunday. Rooms are located across from Gwangju bus terminal. They are neat and comfortable. All the people on our package tours will be staying there too. Not part of the package the rooms are available at Won 120 000 per room (prices expected to go up in the few days before the F1. Travelers coming alone can share a room with other travelers (Won 60 000) per person but will have to arrange their own tickets and transport.

            If there is space on one of our buses for people booking the rooms they will have the first opportunity to get transfers straight from the motels to the track but it depends on availability once our package tours are finalized in a few days. There are also public buses leaving from Gwangju to the track.

            Chris, thanks for your confidence. I think you did a great job on this blog because it gave people options and important information. E-mail me because I think together we will be able to make information on the F1 in the future much easier for foreigners to access.

            (Waegook Cook)

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