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2010 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I’m living in Singapore. Do feel free to post any questions regarding the night race here.

    I’ll be more than willing to answer them! =)



    1. Hey robert,

      What is the average cost of tickets for Singapore GP.
      Checked out some websites…. seems to be very expensive..
      Is it better comin there and buying tickets ot do it online

      1. Maddy,

        the prices range from S$168 to $1,088, depending on the location and seating.

        These are the ‘early bird’ prices, so you must book by 31 Apr 2010 to enjoy the discounts. There are no major differences whether you purchase online or locally.

        I recommend the S$348 “Premier Walkabout” tickets, because this is the 1st time the organisers are opening up the Sector 1 and 3 areas for Walkabouts.

        You can refer to http://www.singaporegp.sg/ticket/ticket_price.php for updates.

    2. Robert Payne
      11th March 2010, 18:30

      hi Robert
      I am doing a gap year at the end of my working career.
      I also am thinking of coming to Singapore F1 Grand Prix from England, as part of working my way round part of the world. Am thinking of staying at the Hangout hostel, it seems near to track to walk. I will stay on to see more of Singapore after. Any ideas. Sentosa Island has some good reviews. I will book tickets from the web site you suggested. Am travelling alone.


      Robert Payne

      1. Hi Robert,

        you may want to check out the website below for more budget accomodation within proximity of the track:


        As for non-race activites, the stuff at Sentosa will be relatively expensive so unless you are keen on visiting the Casino, Universal Theme Park and the beaches on Sentosa, I would suggest the following places:

        1) Orchard Rd for shopping
        2) East Coast Park for its beach
        3) Geylang/Little India for their orient flair
        4) Bugis Village for its flea market
        5) Any hawker centres for the Food. Newton Hawker Centre is popular with the tourists but the food there is EXPENSIVE but then again, if you are lucky, you may bump into some F1 celebrity there!


    3. Robberty,

      I am coming to the grand prix all booked up, but I have not bought my F1 tickets yet, any advice on which area’s have the best views / entertainment? I was looking at the Republic tickets for Turn 3 with access to all zones but I am not sure if access to all zones is worth the extra cash. Do they have similar entertainment, food, drink etc… in all zones. I have read that they also sell tickets on the day for others zones if you don’t have access.

      1. Best view for racing action:
        Stamford Grandstand at Turn #7 – the best overtaking spot for the circuit

        Best entertainment area:
        Almost every zone will have its own little “party”, complete with entertainment, food and drinks. Zone 4 near the Padang is pretty happening.

        My suggestion to you will be to buy the tickets early as it seems to be selling out fast.

        1. Hi Robertty,

          Thanks for the reply I will be buying my tickets this week.


    4. Hi Robert:

      I’m looking for one Premier Walkabout ticket for the 2010 Sing GP. Do you know where I could find one. They’re officially sold out.
      Thanks, Greg gregoryseven@yahoo.com

      1. I actually have 2 3 day premier walkabout tickets, they are s$398 each. I had friends coming out from UK and unfortunately their father is seriously ill.
        Please let me know if you would be like to purchase.

    5. The organisers are remarkably coy this year over telling us what the support entertainment will be this year.

      Any info on this ?.

      1. Hi Bill

        They had Formula BMW and the Porsche Carrera Race as the support races last year.

        This year should not be any different.

        1. Don’t forget the Aston Martins, roberttty. They were awesome!

  2. Hi Robert,
    My husband and I are planning to go to Singapore for the race but a bit apprehensive about booking our flights as so far there is no information on tickets .Trying to find out if the dates are definite or still to be confirmed.
    Also any suggestions on hotels for 5 nights (GBP100 – 150 per night),
    thank you

    1. Hi Aileen,

      the information for Singapore GP 2010 isn’t out yet but you can bookmark the following websites for updates:


      Currently, the race is scheduled for 24-26th September 2010. Which are the days will you be staying in Singapore? I will try to check the hotel races for you.



      1. Robert,
        Thanks for the info . We intend being there
        from 24-28 , therefore 4 nights accommodation.
        Will book flights as soon as tickets become

        1. @Aileen,

          sure, no problem.

          With your budget of GBP150 per night, you shouldnt have a problem getting a decent hotel near the circuit.

          1. Robert,
            Thanks for your help. With tickets etc. still up in the air we have booked for Monza instead but still looking at Singapore two weeks later. If not perhaps next year.
            Thanks again,

  3. Hi Aileen and everyone else who are thinking of coming to Singapore,

    the ticket pricings are out:


  4. Hi Aillen and all.

    As Robertty mentioned, ticket prices just released by Singapore GP. Tickets go on sale 1st March.

    One thing to remember is that you save a load of money at Singapore GP by not needing to book a rental car or coach transfers to/from circuit.

    You can walk from many hotels to track, or use the MRT underground. Tickets cost less than a pound a trip. Even airport to hotel taxi costs less than a tenner!

    Taxis are brilliant in Singapore. You never normally have to wait for 5 minutes to flag one down. or you SMS the taxi company with your location and they send a message with the Reg. no of the taxi on its way to collect you!

    Big tip on eating out, if you like chinese, indian, thai or vietnamese food, is to eat at some of the better ‘hawker food’ centres or the upgraded one unde rhte name Kopitiam. Excellent food, good hygene and a cracking meal for less than five pounds per head!

  5. Hi guys, I have covered the Singapore Grand Prix for two years and if you have any questions, please let me know. I have here some of my best pictures (I’m a newbie F1 photog) and check out the related posts to see my Singapore F1 trips. I usually travel on a budget.

  6. Hello! I’d like to ask for your opinion about the Premier Walkabout tickets for SG GP. Is it really good? Would I be able to watch the race properly even though I’m standing up? I like the idea about the Premier Walkabout that you’re not limited to zones. At least I can find my spot on Fri-Sat right? Tell me if I’m wrong.


  7. For sure, the Premier Walkabout won’t provide you the spectacle seen by in the grandstands but you are not restricted and can get the complete experience of the circuit, including the Zone 1 areas, opened for the 1st time to Walkabouts.

    If you want to “watch the race properly”, I guess Grandstands will be better. I highly recommend the STAMFORD GRANDSTANDS which offer you the view of the best overtaking corner Turn #7

  8. i want to buy grandstand tickets this year but im actually on a tight budget, that’s why im planning to buy premiere walkabout as zones 1 to 4 will be open to spectators, plus there will be ton of bleachers :) so its still okay.

  9. I’ve got my premier walkabout ticket..!
    last year I only bought qualifying walkabout, for me it’s ok, you can choose places to watch it and you can see clearly the tracks, my favorite was near the esplanade

  10. @kimikanen awesome!!!! im planning to buy before the end of the month, i’ve still got a week :) premiere walkabout ticket is goona be one of the best seller i think….

  11. There are two new press releases regarding earlybird tickets and additional viewing opportunities for Premier Walkabout ticket holders on the SGP website:

    “25 earlybird ticketholders will win the chance to see their favourite FORMULA ONE drivers up-close at an exclusive Driver Autograph Session.”

    “Zone 1 and Premier Walkabout ticketholders now enjoy an enhanced experience.”

  12. hi,im from the philippines.we will be arriving at singapore this coming sept.24th any idea where is the cheapest hostel nr. f1 race?this is my first time to go out of the country. pls. help

  13. we dont have a big budget…pls. help

    1. you may want to check out the website below for more budget accomodation within proximity of the track:


  14. @jhoy,
    why not try to look for a hostel instead of a hotel. Its cheap and most of the places in Singapore are accessible to MRT’s and buses.
    And if you do have friends or relatives in SG, then you can ask them if you could stay with them (if its not too “dyahe naman”). When I went there last year to watch SG GP, I stayed in my friend’s apartment and i just bought her “pasalubong” as a gift for letting me stay into her apartment.

  15. thanks to all of your suggestions.

  16. hi. i’m planning to watch SG GP but will arrive in SG on the 25th… is there tickets available for just 1 day only? will have the 26th only… just want to experience watching the GP for the 1st time…

    1. I think you can buy a 1 day/night ticket only for the race night. Last year there were SG Gp staff who sells tickets, they have booth’s located in different gates. But if you do really want to experience the race weekend, I suggest that you buy the 3 night/day tickets, it will be really worth it.

  17. Hi.

    I’m coming from England but want to book a ticket before I book my plane ticket!

    I am a student and need to do things on the cheap. Is the Zone 4 ticket a waste of money or will I be able to actually see the race? I’m about 5ft 11 if that makes a difference lol.

    Also anyone know the cheapest place to buy the ticket?

    Thanks all. See you all there!

    1. hi tod! zone 4 walkabout ticket that costs 188sgd is only accessible of course to zone 4. You can see different turns, and you just need to find the best place to watch the race. I dont know where else you can buy cheap tickets because it costs the same. You can see the map and the price list of tickets here : http://www.singaporegp.sg/ticket/ticket_price.php
      But if you want to see the best turn or view of the race you can buy the premier walkabout ticket that costs 398sgd, and it is accessible to all zones.

  18. I’m trying to get hold of tickets for Sunday 26th September only. Is this possible? I called the Singapore F1 Ticket hotline and they said NO, only wheelchair access. Can anyone advise?
    Also what time does the race start on the 26th? Any ideas. They said 12am?

    1. Hi Lina, I have checked http://www.singaporegp.sg/ticket/ticket_price.php, and it seems that they do not sell 1-day tickets for the 2010 race.

      The race starts at 8.00pm local time, or 1300hrs GMT.

      1. maybe they will sell 1day tickets during the race day, just like last year.
        and for the time 12 am is a bit early, but they have other races that starts at 3pm or 4pm….

  19. hi all,

    i think i’ll just get myself the SGD 188 walkabout ticket. I hope i can buy the premier walkabout ticket, because it can access to many zone. :(

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