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This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix.

Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

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2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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  1. Hi all
    I will be in Spa again 2011 as its my annual “highlight”.
    Welcome to our 2011 thread and I hope it is as successful as our 2009 and 2010 efforts!
    Looking forward to chatting with you!

    1. Where is the best place to see the race

    2. Hi
      Wat is the best place to see the race

  2. Hello –

    I am planning a trip to 2011 Belgian Grand Prix and would appreciate any advice. For instance are the views of Eau Rouge better in Gold 2 or Gold 3 grandstand. I would like to book the best possible seats, so any comments are welcome. Also, looking for recommendations for hotels that are in walking distance or that offer shuttle to course. I would prefer not to stay in Liege, but rather Spa. I have read mixed reviews on the hotels in Spa so any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance. We are very excited!!

  3. Hello,

    We are planning a trip to 2011 Belgian Grand Prix from Cyprus. Since this is our first time in Spa we would appreciate any advice or tips. I would like to book the best possible seats, cause travelling from Cyprus is a long trip and an expensive one. I was thinking of Gold 7, are the views there worth the money? Also, we will be staying in Brussels, so any reccomendations on how to get to the circuit are more than welcome. Thank you deeply, in advance, for your help. I’m sure it will be a lifetime experience.

  4. I am planning to travel to Spa for 2011 GP. Looking for the best seats for race day, was planning to walk around Friday and Saturday. Also looking for good information on transportation to and from Spa each day from Aachen where I have a hotel. Would prefer public transportation as I would assume an auto would be problematic. Thanks

    1. Hi Jim,

      if you stay in Aachen (~40 km to the circuit) the best will be if you hire a car. By train and bus you need long time (there goes only some busses). BTW, use a GPS and don’t take the highway. So you have no traffic jam and the rip needs ~ 40 min.
      Parking you can take at The Elephant (pls see my site)

      1. Hi Michael,
        Thank you for the information…I looked on the internet and the train connections did look like they would take some time so I guess we are back to a car hire. Will we need to reserve parking or can we drive in and pay when we get there?


        1. Jum
          you can do either. WE can always find space for nice peeps!

  5. I was in Gold9 just sunday, this year. I must say those were the best seats in the track, cause they were close to the very end of start/finish line. And way till Parking was quite close too

  6. Does anyone know if there is any possibility of camping close to the circuit? And also what are the seats like at the bus stop chicane? Any comments would be greatly appreciated guys

    1. Hi SAM,

      As michael said below, check out his camping website. I camped there this year for the belgian grand prix and you are well looked after. close to the track, great people and also a great cheap pub close by!


      1. Hi Sam,

        Quite a few sites near the track. Have a look at Camping l’eau Rouge.. a permanent site with good facilities, run by a good team, English website.

        Other sites, just as good, around Malmedy. I found a great wee site last year after l’eau Rouge was booked up. Beautiful setting, electric hookup, good facilities, maybe a little too quiet, if anything.

        Worth shopping around. I’ve always paid around 70 or 80 Euros for 2 people for 4 / 5 nights.

        NO WAY I’d pay the 250+ Euros that elephant and similar sites were asking for.

        1. Hi Robert, the ‘wee’ site you found – was it within walking distance (with kids!) to circuit, not been before, so any info would be great.
          Thanks :)

        2. Hi Robert
          where was the site you found? does it have a name/website? We’ve been at the elephant the last few years, but it was alot more crowded last year than previously, so are looking at other options, but being able to walk to the track is a must……

          1. Candy
            totally agree with your comment- also never seen Elephant so crowded as 2010. Hope we sort things better this year- we’re working on it!(And hope you come back of course!)

          2. Hi Candy / Helen,

            I think that Eau Rouge camping is closer to the track than the site I was at last year. If your heading for the Les Combes entrance its a walk of around 35 mins, maybe 50 mins with kids. Around 2.5kms as the crow flies. Its a fair ascent at first but a really pleasant walk through beautiful countryside. The site also runs a shuttle bus service up the West side of the track to La Source. Eau Rouge has an excellent staff who allow everyone to enjoy themselves but dont permit loud music late into the night etc..

            I’d been hesitant to name the site I found last year (at least til I’d booked it again) as it felt like such a hidden gem. Still, share and share alike among fans.. It’s called Camping du Moulin and has a website though I think not in English.. I just phoned. It’s a good bit further out (around 5kms I think) but worked really well for me as we hired bikes from a place not far from the site and happily rolled around on them for the weekend. It’s also on the far side of Malmedy from the track which was perfect as we would stop in town for supplies on the way home and also enjoyed the restaurants and bars of Malmedy. Beautiful wee town too.

            p.s I’d recommend using google earth if you can to look at the site locations, just get a view of the track and search camping.

            p.p.s If anyone goes to Camping du Moulin get a route to the track from me. Last year we found ourselves on an insanely steep road, I’ve cycled alot and never seen anything like it.

            I could go on and on. Feel free to ask any more questions.

          3. Try this campsite also if you want comfort and family friendliness:




        3. Hi Robert

          could i ask you When/if you get a chance would you be able to give me the route you cycled from du moulin camp site to the circuit please.

          many thanks


        4. Hi Robert

          Not sure if you will be checking back on here before the big eventbut if so would you be kind enough to send me the route you cycled from camping du moulin please?

          This is my first grand prix and so looking forward to it :)

        5. Hi Robert

          I’m not sure if you will be checking on this site again before the big day but if so would you be kind enough to give the cycle route from campng du moulin please?

          This is my first grand prix and it’s so exciting :)

        6. oooooooops sorry for the multiple request the stupid comp kept throwing me off saying internet explorer not working ……. grrr
          so wasn’t sure if it went through

          sorry toni72

  7. Hi Sam,

    have a look to our web …


  8. Hello,
    Does anyone know the best side to buy F1 tickets on the internet? Do we have to buy them from the official F1.com or are there any other cheaper and safe sites?

    Any respond would relly be appriciated.


    1. Hi Dnos,

      I bought mine for the 2010 Belgian grand prix from http://www.bookf1.com but some other safe sites include http://www.gpticketshop.com :]


      1. Hi Kingsley,

        Thanks for the feedback on F1 site. Can I ask you one more think. I have visited these sites for a ticket, but in none of those i don’t get pick a sit number. Do i just pick the grandstand and they put me anywere on that grandstand?


        1. Kingsley Newman
          23rd November 2010, 13:49

          Hi Dinos,

          I have never booked a grandstand seat before, I have only gone for GA. But I would say you just pick your grandstand and they will assign you a seat. (I think)

          Best of luck!


        2. Hi Dinos

          The official site for spa is http://www.spagrandprix.com. Here you can’t pick you actually seat, but you can request roughly where you would like to sit when you book your tickets – we’ve booked twice and been where we wanted to be.


          1. Dear Cathrine,
            Thank you for your reply. Unfortunatly a little bit late though cause my doughter already booked tickets through http://www.grandprix-tickets.com, fingers crossed then now that we will be allocated in good seats, cause this trip from Cyprus will cost us a lot of money, at least make the best out of it.


    2. Official web site F1 GP at Spa Circuit:




  9. Alternative sites for Spa tickets are –
    These are the official site and the official Spa ticket agent so you know you are getting best price but not sure if either let you pick your ticket.
    I’ve used these sites without problem.
    Do not buy Silver 2 tickets though…rubbish.

    1. Hi,

      We just used spa-tickets to book & they were cheapest by far.
      Can’t wait till Aug!
      Thanks :)

  10. Hi Jack,
    We have booked our Spa 2011 tickets from http://www.grandprix-tickets.com, do you think we should be worried or is it a safe site? And one more thing Gold 8 Grandstand is a good spot to see the race?


    1. Hi Maria,

      I haven’t used that web site, they say they are ‘official reseller’, should be fine, just a little more expensive than Spa’s own sites.

      La Source is a great place to watch so Gold 8 will be cool. Should have great views of start / finish and if you are lucky with your seat allocation down towards Eau Rouge too. It is close to the main Francorchamps entrance so not too much walking. I would suggest getting out in the GA areas for a while on Fri / Sat though, great fun.

    2. Maria
      I sincerely hope you checked your prices there.
      2008 they charged me pounds for euro which ended up being about 40% more than what they should have cost. I also only got my tickets literally 2 hours before I left…..can’t recommend them sorry.

      1. Unfortunatly There isn’t much I can do right now about it. I don’t think I can cancel those tickets. :o(
        I must say I am very worried now. How many days before the grand prix did you leave home?

        1. I always leave on the Wednesday before the race………..
          Don’t worry- things will work out.

    3. Maria I got my ticket frm the f1 web page and they send me a voucher via e mail to exchange at the gate

  11. First ever F1 for us in Spa2011, we will be VW campervanning with 2 kids aged 12 & 9. Can anyone tell me whether Green camping at the circuit is suitable for kids and if not whether Yellow is any better for a family? We are planning bronze tickets and will be mainly around the malmedy end I think. We are festival goers so can endure a but of mud and filth but there is a limit if its costing a premium! Any advice for first time F1’ers with kids would be great.
    Many thanks :)

    1. Hi Helen,

      I only have experience of Yellow camping at the track…it’s total nut’s. Petrol-heads from alll over Europe partying hard. Great fun if you are away with your mates but not good if you want your kids to get a good nights sleep. There is no quiet time on most of the sites at yellow zone.
      When I am with the kids I always use this lot which I would recommend,http://www.campingf1.com/. A good F1 crowd but quiet at midnight. It is 15mins by car from the track but if you want to park up your camper for the weekend the shuttle bus is a good option. The Elephant that all the guys on here use is close to the track and I believe it has a noise curfew at night http://www.francorchamps-camping.com.

      1. Hi Helen, Jack
        I landed up at Elephant quite by chance back in 2005 and its sorta like home to me.
        Agree with Jack that yellow/green are crazy-also your pitch is restricted and if you need 1cm more room you will have to pay for a second pitch (a guy gave up this year and came to us).
        Elephant was very busy 2010 but we are working to improve things due to all the comments we got of things that did not go quite right- the weather did not help.
        But if you want a quieter spot with loads of good folks and selfmade fun with also the kids then we’d love to see you there.
        And yes it may not be the cheapest- but you save on transport and parking as you can walk to the track. Clean loos and showers and the team will do almost anything to help (even drive you to a bank if you forgot to bring your cash with you!)
        And what is more important- the place is also pretty secure.

        1. Just read post regarding yellow and green camping. I paid for tickets 2010 and was disgusted when we got there. The plots were way to small and crammed together, the toilets were awful (not fit for human use) and the noise was bonkers. And this was Thursday lunchtime. Just couldn’t face staying so left straight away, and thankfully Michael got us in at Elephant. I complained to Spa after getting home but no one wanted to know.

          If you have a family and are looking for a decent camp site this is not where I’d be staying.

      2. I am taking my daughters (15 & 16) and I didn’t want a 24 hour party going on around us so have booked a pitch in the Yellow camping section because the website says:

        “Camping in the yellow zone (Francorchamps).

        Located at 800m of the track. This camping is reserved for families or campers who want to be in a quiet area with a curfew between 10pm and 7am.

        Each pitch (40 m2) has running water, access to toilets and showers.”

        So is that not the case ?

      3. Thomas - Denmark
        24th August 2011, 20:06

        I wish I read this before I ordered my ticket for the Green Area Camping. Are there electricity in the Camping Area? Is it all muddy and very poor conditions?

    2. Please see my response above, to your previous question.

  12. A few tips on grandstands.
    Some of the uncovered ones also have great views- but if it rains (which is pretty guaranteed in Spa) and the folks in front of you put up their umbrellas then you see absolutely NOTHING. If you want a good view and only worry about being in your seat a little before race start then grandstand is fine- if you like being totally cramped- because you will be.
    If you are on a tight budget and really want to enjoy the weekend and still have great views (only drawback is getting up pretty eraly on raceday) then go GA- I personally would not do anything else and 2011 will be my 5th trip to Spa-you could call it my annual pilgrimage- love the place- but excellent value for money.
    Also depending on which grandstand you choose (decide that first) then decide where you want to stay. The track is over 7km long and the walk around the outside even longer- so don’t go and camp in green if you are sitting at La Source- you will spend all your time getting there! And believe me- in the pouring rain its not a lot of fun!

  13. Does anyone know if Dave managed to sort out the issues with Elephant? I was going to book for 2011 but I’m little worried after his post in the 2010 thread.

    1. Hi Rose,

      I listen to Dave – I listen to my Staff. And me in a difficult situation. So I did not care and arranged it with Dave. Dave is satisfied – you can read his following thread.
      I don’t like problems and if my guest are not satisfied.
      Best way: if there are some problems: find me directly.
      Hope to see you.

    2. If you dont fancy the Elephant campsite, fear not as there are several excellent permanent campsites near the track which cost (based on my quotes of last year) around a third of the price.

    3. Rose
      yes Dave did get sorted and posted that on last year’s thread.
      An unfortunate one off.

  14. Hi,
    Just booked a weekend bronze ticket with my brother. We wanted to be able to walk round the track, are there any spots we should look for? I reckon Pouhon will be a good corner to hang around.
    Also just wondering for any information related to the thursday pit walk? Have seen that any weekend pass allows you to have a pit walk on the thurs, any info related to this would be appreciated. Lastly we are camping on the site, is there any music/evening activities?
    Thanks, Grant.

    1. You’re spoiled for choice at Spa. Seeing them fly up through Eau Rouge is awesome, watching the drivers find their braking point at Les Combes during FP is good. Standing over Liege corner gives you maybe the longest view of them in front of you and you can see a lot of the track further from you too. Pouhon is, indeed, a great corner to watch at, I particularly like it if its wet as its an unforgiving corner.

      Last year I enjoyed watching the race at Les Combes with a Kangaroo TV (recommended and not too expensive), previously I’ve also watched at Liege for the sheer amount of track you can see (best with binoculars).

      On race day, irregardless of where you are headed, be prepared for an early start to bag a good spot. You really want to be there for the gates opening around 7am.

      You’ll be able to decide which spot you really want for race day by walking the track on Friday.

      Pit lane opened at 4pm last year I think, you must enter at the La Source entrance. Get there early if you want to be near the front of the massive crowd and get to the garage of a front running team. Last year I made it only about halfway down the pitlane before I just couldnt handle the squeeze anymore.

      1. Thanks! Actually can’t wait to go, hopefully going try stick the pit walk out so can get up front. But we’ll see!

        1. I had an even more stupid problme getting to the pit walk last year…..was in the Paddock as guest of Renault and could not figure how to get back out into the pitlane……made it just! But the crush for the big teams is madness!

  15. Spa 2010 was my first ever GP and after an amazing weekend I’m already excitedly planning a return in 2011 (this time taking the good lady.) Played it cautious last year and booked into the official Green campsite but am more willing to look around this year, so was hoping for some advice please.

    Not too worried about price, and (although not essential) I would prefer a quieter site with clean toilet and showers. My biggest factor in deciding is location. I really want to be at the circuit for 7am on race day so that we can bag our preferred spot, then after the race we need to get on the road back across France as soon as possible (appreciate we’ll struggle to a certain extent wherever we are staying.) Happy getting up early and walking 30-45mins each way to the track if necessary, but would obviously consider any transport that may be on offer to get us there in time.

    Any suggestions on which site will be best for us would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Stuart
      I am obviously biased as I always stay at elephant. It is about 20 mins walk to the track and I can guarantee the loos are clean. Where do you want to be race day? We are a bunch that rush to top straight but Pouhon and other areas are also great. Track opens 7 am so yes agree you do need to get there early (we always have good fun being a bunch so we can bag places/wander about or whatever).
      There is also a shuttle to get you there but sadly you have to walk back after the race as the road is closed. also its onyl a few minutes back to the highway so you can escape pretty quickly. Have a think and if you want more details let me know.

      1. Last year we sat right at the top of Pouhon, really enjoyed it but am considering somewhere else this year for variety. I assume by ‘top straight’ you mean Kemmel, just before Les Combes? We watched FP1 there last year and was a definite possibility for race day. Can you get near to the bus stop with a GA ticket? After what happened there between JB and Seb that would’ve been a cracking place to be…..

        If you could send through some details for Elephant I’d appreciate it – if it is definitely within 20mins walking distance of the circuit then we’re certainly interested.


        1. Hey Stuart
          I heard from a couple of our mates form last year that Pouhon is great. We nuts however do sit on Kemmel….its good – you got the screen there and can see a lot so its our fave pitch. also easy to get to for our post race beer/shampoo on the Eau Rouge!
          You can get near to Bus Stop with GA but you need to be really fit to run but will check that out for you.
          If you want some details on elephant then just drop me a mail and I’ll send you details:

  16. We wish all our friends Merry Christmas


  17. Hi

    I’m starting to read this site and i’m going to my first F1 race live ever here in Belgium 2011. I was getting a little bit nervous when i saw your notice regarding fake tickets. I have bought my ticket thourgh f1.com and i hope i did the right choice? I bought for Granstad gold 8 Source. I got numered vouchers that should be trade into race tickets at the track – is this normal? Fredrik

  18. Hi,

    Going to my first GP ever (Spa 2011) and undecided between Silver 1, Silver 2 and Gold 4. I’m guess Gold 4 would be a better location (higher up, great view of Eau Rouge etc) but I’d appreciate comments from the people here.

    There will be 3 of us going (and a birthday weekend for one of us), this guy loves F1 and Spa as well!

    What are te relative views from each stand and what would you choose?

    1. I was in silver 3 last year up at les combes and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had had my doubts about the spot in the months between booking the tickets and the GP, but it was actually a fairly good place to watch from. There was a decent amount of jostling at the end of the kemmel straight and then out of malmedy down to bruxelles as well, and we even got to see Alonso bugger it up and crash out, which was the highlight of my weekend. I would strongly recommend getting a Kangaroo TV for Spa as the lap is so long that a lot can happen between the cars coming round each time.

      If I had a choice of any stand though, I think that gold 3 or gold 6 would be my choice, but out of the silver stands I think 3 was the best choice.

      1. The one thing I forgot about though was the walk to S3. Our coach dropped us off at the La Source coach park each day (which is already about 1-1.5km from La Source, and then we had to walk all the way up to S3. It was fun the first time, and after the race when we walked the length of the Kemmel straight, but it was a bit much otherwise. Kemmel is deceptively long and steep!

        1. I have been in Silver 1 for the last 2 years. Great view of the first corner then all the way through Eau Rouge. There is a TV screen opposite the stand and it is also opposite the stairs that lead from the paddock to the pits so you tend to see the drivers who give you a wave. Another benefit is that it is opposite the pit-lane exit which amongst other things is where the drivers carry out practice starts during the weekend.

        2. For my 1st trip to Spa I got tickets for silver 3, thought it was dreadful. Even went to a GA spot on raceday instead.

          I expected to see them through Les Combes and exit through Malmedy, but from the left side of the stand could only see them exit and disappear from view before Bruxelles. Visible for about 2 seconds, maybe less.

          Maybe you were lucky and sitting on the far right of the stand?

          I just wish they’d put up a decent grandstand at Les Combes, though standing there with a KTV is good enough.

    2. I was in Silver 2 in 2009 and was disappointed. View up to La Source is obstructed by a bridge / gantry over track. TV screen opposite was not well positioned and the best view of Eau Rouge is from the top not the bottom which is where Silver 2 is.
      I have been in Silver 1 and it is much better than Silver 2, reasons as per comments by Paolo below.
      I have no experience of Gold 4.
      As is often mentioned on here always worth thinking about GA tickets at Spa, unlike other tracks some of the best viewing points are available on GA tickets. Many who are lucky enough to be able to afford grandstands choose GA at Spa becaause of the choice of viewing spots available, all future Spa trips will be GA for me.

  19. From The Elephant®: Happy New Year!

  20. Thanks all, I think it will be Silver 1!

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