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  1. Wow, Seb really tring to act as if he did not turn into Hamilton when he was next to him. Yeah, reminds me of the behavior of the guy who got 20 years in the dock in the end over here because he moved onto another driver on the highway like that.

    1. It was recless and dangerous and should not be condoned but to me it looked more like a natural occurance of looking right -> right hand down

    1. Last time a rubbish track like this gave us a great race, it dropped off the calendar shortly after (Valencia). I wouldn’t be too upset if the same happened here too.

    1. Honestly, if the stewards do not bench him for next race, I think that would be a huge fail. And IF there is anything in the Data that points to Hamilton doing a brake test there they should consider that for him too.

        1. Some things just cannot be solved with just an in race penalty. Road rage is one of those things that shouldn!t have any place anywhere near a race track. And even less so for a professional driver and world champion.

  2. What a crazy race this was. RIC is really the luck box of 2017. Stroll on the podium, great!! BOT went bowling but got 2nd place in the end. No more friend zone for VET and HAM. OCO hit PER. And Max DNF again

    1. What? Sure enough Bottas was the first to start and set events moving towards this. His move on Kimi means he won’t get my vote. I think Stroll deserves it more than Bottas by a country mile. Got his first points last race. Outqualified Massa here and got on the podium.

    1. IF it was a brake test. Didn’t look like that from most of the footage. If Data pointed to that, I am sure they would have given him at least a drivethrough. But Vettel should have been shown the black flag there and then.

      1. You don’t low a gear at the exit of a corner.. Hamilton could have broken vettel front wing.. vettel move was bad.. and he got a 10 second stop and go… Hamilton should have gotten a 5second stop or a drivethrough

    1. It was idiotic, but even I don’t know what he did was exactly dangerous. The way hamilton slowed down was worse IMO. But Vettels respons was really stupid too. Both deserve a penalty, but Hamilton has already got one that worked out worse than he deserved.

    1. They forgot to re-attach. They’ll have to make him pit. Otherwise penalising brake testing and wheel banging for “safety” would look ridiculous. It won’t protect him in an accident – remember MAG last year?

    1. I’m amazed they haven’t punished Vettel for deliberate contact. That much is clear. Hamilton’s punishment is much more difficult and will have to be dealt with later when they can look at the telemetry.

    2. If I was the steward, I would wait until the end of the race. If I give out penalty/black-flag now to either driver, the Merc or Ferrari fans would just turn off the TV. This way people would need to continue watching to see what is going on.

  3. You can see from Vettel onboard that the steering is angled toward Hamilton after he pulls at his level. Thats fine… But then he gesticulates at Hamilton and let the cars bang… Bad temper and reckless but not like a fully volunteer bang… No penalty either side, warn Vettel and let them race

    1. He may not have brake tested after the corner, but the way he suddenly almost slowed down to a standstill for the corner, Vettel will surely have expected Hamilton to go faster than jogging pace! Just because of how unnessecerely slow Hamilton was makes be blame him for it happening in the first place. I just don’t get why he moaned so much about the safety car speed, then going far slower himself.

    1. Why are so many people defending Hamilton? The onboard with speed graphics from the official F1 feed clearly shows he entered the corner with more than 80 kph and then slowed right AFTER the corner to just 53 kph. Even though the leader is allowed to control the pace, it’s always wrong to brake directly after a corner, you know nobody will expect that. I sincerely hope Hamilton gets punished or otherwise has so much damage from his diffuser that he’ll lose speed.

      1. @Rick: I don’t understand it either. In replay it was clear to see black smoke from Hamiltons rear rigth, so he did a brake test on Vettel and the data shows it – he will be punished, I’m sure.

  4. I’m almost at the point of using explicit language, but I’ll keep myself from it. But what a farce this race is turning out to be. Where shall I start?
    1. Lewis has lost ALL my respect with his idiotic brake test. He should get a drive through/stop&go penalty.
    2. Vettel was completely right to complain and he DID NOT turn into Hamilton, he let go of his steering wheel to use his hands to communicate with Hamilton. Had Hamilton not done what he did, Vettel wouldn’t have done this.
    3. What a bunch of amateurs those marshals. *sigh* They’re so slow, chaotic and don’t know squat about getting a car out of the way.
    4. The 2nd SC was completely unnecessary and HAM is right with his radio comments, just as Alonso. SC is much more dangerous, since it’s so slow and the tyres get too cold. FIA is doing an amateur job.
    5. Yes, there’s a lot of action, but not the type of action we expect. We expect racing, not damage/incidents due to debris.

    This is just 100% looking like an F3/F4 race. Awful.

  5. But what I don’t get is why Hamilton was complaining so much about the speed of the safety car. He then suddenly went MUCH, MUCH slower. This was just before the corner but I still don’t blame vettel for going into the back of Hamilton. That was just too slow. What Vettel did after was just stupid though. Both should be punishid, but Hamilton did just what he complained about the safety car, but much slower.

    1. And no way he stayed within 10 car lengths of the safety car while the lights were still on. Japan 2007 style shenanigans from HAM again. VET may have thrown away a potential win with actions…

    1. I think that’s being generous to Vettel. Vettel had no need to pull up beside him and take a swipe at Ham, even if he wasn’t trying to make contact. Vettel should be disqualified.

    2. The first hit was certainly Vettel getting cought out, he mentioned he thought Hamilton brake-tested him. But after that he clearly looked at him, gesticulated and at the same time turned into Hamilton. That was intentional. I would probably consider a black flag for Vettel AND call him into a tribunal to discuss a further race ban.

  6. From Perez’s camera angle it doesn’t look like Hamilton brake tested Vettel, Vettel was just being impatient. He knew how vulnerable his car was to the Mercedes customers on the long straight at the restart and was getting impatient.

  7. I hope the stewards dont take any action and just let these two race. Yes i agree it was dangerous but this kinda of stuff makes the race more entertaining for the viewers!

      1. Well, we’re talking about a move who could litterally take out the guy behind him with no reasonable explanation (car failure or rain).
        Mind you, it pales in comparison to what Vettel did just afterwards.

  8. Stewards take too long to make these types of dicisions! HAM needs drive though for break checking. VET needs DSQ straight away other wise they will both affect race out come. Penalise now while race is still going!

  9. Both Hamilton and Vettel were stupid here. But Hamilton started it. All that moaning about how slow the safety car was. Then going far, far slower himself and then slowing down even more suddenly and brake testing Vettel. What Vettel did after was also totally inoppropriate. But Hamilton should not have started it.The other drivers are starting to do more messy driving than Bottas did at the start.

    1. Hamilton did nothing wrong. It’s been shown multiple times now he drives on a constant line at a constant speed and Vettel hit him, twice. Utter idiot Vettel should be dsq definitely but Hamilton doesn’t deserve anything

      1. I totally disagree with You. HAM’s brake testing was really unsporting and causing the red flag in the end. You could argue that Vettel don’t hit HAM by purpose – You tend to turn the car to the side You look to and he was very angry.

  10. This race hasn’t certainly turned on its head, bad for Force India and Ferrari, great for Williams.

    I believe rules regarding the safety car are clear that you can’t stop like that during the restart.

  11. If they did the VSC instead of the second safety car we’d be having a race. These we saw from GP2 last year that safetycars are a joke here so why keep throwing them ! What needs a safety car out there now ?

  12. When it comes between health and safety law versus sport and entertainment, health and safety always win. We should think ourselves lucky that they even put a race on. Hell, even that we have cars. Or even allowed to leave our homes.

  13. Absolute joke. The pack all together. Throw a VSC ! Didn’t need a full safety car. Obviously they just want some easy overtakes on the restart. Let’s give Vettel a few more chances to take the lead…

    1. Large chunks of debris on 3 or more spots on track. Relatively inexperienced Marshalls. I think this taking caution is the sensible thing to do, especially with the high speeds they do here.

    1. Well if the SC is late in the race and there are lapped cars jumbled within the leaders that would be so annoying just to see the leader run of whilst 2nd and 3rd have to jumble with the traffic…

  14. Think a VSC would have done there. Car was well off line and on the exit of a slow section. Safety car tow should easily give vettel the lead. I wonder if Hamilton will have the pace to get it back.

    1. If they have to get a JCB on the track though, I cannot imagine doing that with cars constantly going round. When the SC gets past, they get 2-3 minutes to freely move around.

    1. RAI was only there because BOT lost grip on the previous corner. So a similar lack of grip just before the crash would have made it hard for him to stay tight inside at the speed he’d chosen.

  15. I watched the F2 sprint race this morning and it was superb, loads of on track action and Charles Leclerc in storming form. Can F1 deliver a similar race….I’m not so sure.

  16. This circuit is hilarious, it’s like a race on “Middle East street” on the Paramount Studios production lot. There are few “fans” in evidence, and the ones in evidence are likely paid “extras”.

        1. They spent a capital on staging those first (maybe only?) “European Games” a few years back. It’s not about loss, but about paying to get a large ad on many screens