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  1. If anybody’s been taking notice on the onboards, does it seem like a lot of teams are running out of deployment at the end of the back straight? Maybe they’re just doing some lift and coast, but I’ve heard a few do it on low fuel runs too

    1. It is not only about the qualifying, the first stint of the race needs to be done on US and Mercedes might find themselves in a similar position as Australia if they don’t find the pace.

          1. Yeah what I meant was even Grosjean would be an improvement over Raikkonen.

            Funnily enough we don’t seem to hear much from Perez at the moment. Of course it’s all down to what they choose.

            And just as I type this Grosjean is complaining again!

          2. They have to get Perez. Put him on a totally different strategy to prolong tires and he will be a proper team player, getting home the points while not disturbing Vettel.

  2. Some lovely tech close-ups at the moment. One of the things I’m hoping we’ll get more from the change of ownership in F1 is a big disruption to the amount of secrecy teams are allowed. It’s time to let everyone get a proper good look at the cars. It’s part of the attraction of the sport and it’ll promote better competition too.

  3. Am expecting big things from Bottas this weekend. This has been a good track for him. He should come here knowing he can lead a Mercedes front row and with it being a one-stopper a win is a serious possibility for him.

    1. I doubt he minds too much in the grand scheme. If he can prove himself on the pace and reliability in a top team he will build a solid platform for many, many years to come in the sport.

    1. Merc is subpar? If Ham started on pole… Didn’t get that penalty, hell even if they let him past Bottas sooner on that strategy call before the second stops. Result could have been different and none of it down to the car.

      Mid field coverage was decent on the overtakes, but agreed, they can’t get a good digital solution fast enough if you ask me.

      1. Without Hamilton raking in his penalty it might have still been a fight for the race win. I just think that Ferrari worked better on their tyres here in the warm weather. Bottas did seem to struggle a lot especially, but Hamilton couldn’t really get much pace out of them in the warmer half of the race either.

    1. Whatever issues were with those softs for Ricciardo cost him any chance at a podium. I have a feeling Verstappen would have handled them better. Questions for sure.

    2. There don’t seem to be too many intra-team battles this year.
      Sadly, RIC doesn’t doesn’t seem to be up to Max’s level in the race, although he’s still pretty top notch during qually.

    1. Did you watch Austrailia? where Bottas was way faster than him towards the end of the race. Hamilton was overall better. But Bottas wasn’t far off.

      Then in this race, he beat hamilton in qualifying. He may have been off the pace in the arce but this was due to an issue. Also, Bottas certainly had a better start to the race than Hamilton even with uneven tyre pressures. It was this that was partly responsible for his slow performance. Then even after his pit stops, he continued to have issues. Hamilton certaainlly didn’t have his best race here too. I certainly can’t say there is as bigger difference between Bottas and Hamilton as you are claiming. We also haven’t seen Stroll get the chance to complete a race yet. But yes, elsewhere, Massa clearly looks stronger.

      1. LOL. Last race last season? Funny how the Lewis defense team kept explaining how you must do everything you can to win…..
        Guess that’s possibly one reason Paddy Lowe is not there anymore, and let’s be honest – it has hurt the team. But who cares, as long as Lewis is happy…

  4. this is why there doesn’t need to be mandatory pit stops, they do nothing but string the field out.
    they were all really close & fighting before the pit cycle began then they all got strung out.
    same thing happens in indycar, the pit stops string them out.

    the pits should only be used if a car has an issue like it was prior to the 1990s.

  5. If HAM comes in for a pit stop, why do they have to give him 5 second stop? Can’t they take the five seconds at the end? If that means putting on super-soft and trying to get ahead of VET?

  6. So, the question is, can HAM last until the end of the race?
    If he can’t, surely VET can just mirror what HAM does. He has enough pace to keep that gap, especially considering HAM has a +5 penalty.

    1. Vettel will have to pit a lot earlier than Hamilton. Then Hamilton will either have to keep the gap up to do another stop or get all out of the tyres fast and then go on the SSofts for the last stint

  7. does anyone else think Alonso just talks too much at times? “I’ve never raced with less power in my life” in the middle of a race, driving… like get on with the job and then continue complaining afterwards pal

  8. I know Alonso is annoyed but I think he is also very disrespectful to his team. If he’s going to complain this much, he may as well allow Button to race next year. Button seemed to look like he had more respect to the teem to me.

  9. Thanks everyone for joining us today, hopefully a good race ahead. Enjoy the Bahrain Grand Prix!

    As always look out for Rate the Race, Driver of the Weekend and loads of post-race reaction after the chequered flag falls.

    For now, let’s see if Bottas can keep that hard-won advantage…

  10. Up the Cauberg, 19k to go in a highly exciting Amstel Gold Race. With a bit of luck they finish just in time for me to catch the start of the Grand Prix.

  11. Sky have shown Charlie Whiting footage they had of a part of Ferrari’s floor flexing & Charlie has referred the matter to Jo Bauer.

    Sky have been rather obsessed with pointing out parts of the Ferrari which may be flexing all year so far while ignoring the shots that seem to show similar levels of flexing on the Mercedes & Red Bull front wings.

  12. Sainz’s power unit failure kept Toro Rosso busy overnight. Here’s everything they changed:

    LHS and RHS front brake caliper
    ICE (new)
    Exhaust system
    TC (new)
    MGU-H (new)
    MGU-K (new)
    ES (new)
    HV cables
    Oil tank
    CE-DCDC (new)
    CE-CUK (new)
    CE-CUH (new)
    CE-PSU (new)
    Front engine loom
    PU associated seals and fixings
    Rear light
    Settings for change of PU elements and associated control electronics units

  13. Worst scenario for everyone would be Ricciardo passing and hold Vettel at start and Mercedes disappear in lead. We need one Ferrari in between the two Mercs.

    But looking at start of last 2 races, Ferrari seem to be slow away compared to Mercs/RBR. Maybe another anti-climax.

  14. The Q3 Showed that Merc is still by far fastest atleast in Q pace. Ferrari doesn’t had the edge at all in Q. Seb made a briiliant Q in last 2 races so far from the looks of it.

  15. it looks mag caught out by Sainz Yellow Flag he was on course to do 32.2 even with his previous S3. so if he doesn’t get the yellow’s in S3 he could done it his s1/s2 showed an improvement of 7 tenths

      1. I could have told you that without any doubt before the season even started. But so many wanted Giovinazzi over Wehrlein, although I believed that he wasoverhyped and Wehrlein is better.

        1. Also, Ericsson did manage to get through to Q2 in both of the previous race weekends in what many believed world be the weakest car this year. I think both drivers will be evenly matched.

  16. NBCSN blows. Showing a delayed broadcast for this qualifying session. Starts in about an hour and a half. So, do I watch here and F1 timing or avoid all news to see it delayed without knowing the results…

    1. I saw an article about that in AMuS a couple of days back. Apparently the back part of the floor bends down on the sides according to rival teams, meaning it seals the floor better

  17. Had a listen back to Grosjean’s radio up to and including his crash, here’s what he had to say:

    Grosjean: “OK so I’ve got a lot of understeer. I want you guys to check the data. A lot of understeer.”
    “Understoor, box now.”

    “That was plus 0.5, how did the balance feel then?”
    Grosjean: “I can’t tell.”

    Grosjean: “[Censored by FOM] mate the guy was absolutely not on an in-lap. It screwed me over. OK so I’ve got a lot of oversteer. I don’t know what’s going on. We need to change the front wing. Something’s not right.”
    “OK so Mag and Kvyat behind out-lap. I’ll just talk about it with the guys here.”
    Grosjean: “I just did a CSL for you, check everything you can. But it’s something not going right
    Grosjean: “Come on, what is Mag doing? Come on guys. Bloody hell.”

    Grosjean: “Yeah well basically…”
    Grosjean: “We need to do a better job. Max completely screwed me over on that one.”
    “Understood. So we can box right now and change to the other wing.”

    Grosjean: “OK I crashed the car. I don’t know what to say, mate, there’s something not going right.”
    “Understood. Raikkonen arriving to turn four now. The car is safe.”

  18. This didn’t crossed my mind until now they are slower than FP2 by 9 tenths. Winds made it tricky or Teams didn’t bother to show pace in this session

  19. So I wonder if Hass did actually fit Grosjean a new front wing after he complained about it?
    That could be two wings down now…
    Considering the first thing he did on his next run was to bust his front wing!

  20. My first session of F1 in Bahrain watching. Let’s see whether we have any more cothes’ hangers flying around, and whether Ferrari can have both cars doing the session without any issues!

      1. Yep, it was 34 Air and 38 Track temp with a decline of it by the end of session but tomorrow will be fun expect 15-20kph winds (cross winds) during the race time

  21. With such concerns over brakes, I doubt anyone would go for a one stop. Puts great pressure to get each braking point absolutely fine with aging tires.

    Better to go for new tire grip with two stop IMHO.

  22. i love this info from pat symonds, but I’m thinking that Sky will be trying to make him more entertaining and we’ll lose the long winded explanations which are terrifically great

  23. It’s weird you know… to be a Ferrari fan. We were losers for so long and MS came along. We got used to being winners. Then we became losers again. Well win or lose… we’ll still love Ferrari.

  24. Hello everyone and welcome back for the second practice session from Bahrain.

    First practice was hardly any more useful than those two disrupted sessions in China were. But with cooler conditions at the track hopefully the upcoming 90 minutes will be more representative.

  25. Sector time comparison
    Driver – S1 – S2 – S3
    Vet – 29.885 /39.858/22.954
    Ric – 29.678/40.245/23.174
    Ves – 29.765/40.344/23.363
    Ham – 30.255/40.812/23.569
    Bot – 30.313/41.122/23.567
    the merc is on race mode and used the fresh tires to set on very quicklap and continued on race sim in high 36’s at first then low 36’s first time around then in 2nd round they did in 36 high’s and dropped into 37’s.
    Considering the s1 of seb it looks like he didn’t pushed in s1 either there is more to unlock in SS and representative conditions

      1. I guess the big straight tracks wont show much of a difference as the time gained on corners will be cut down with the high drag in straights. They will be much more K limited here than other tracks. In these long straights the cars will be as fast as last year may be slightly faster but i doubt they can lap say 25high or 26low in Bahrain any time.

      2. The areas where the big speed gains have been made, are barely prevalent here.

        And it may be 3 seconds off 2016 pole (3.2, actually), but it’s only 0.4 off last year’s FP1, which is a much more relevant comparison.

        The temperatures were quite high as well this afternoon in Bahrain, which likely contributed to slower speeds as engines won’t have been risked.

        They will probably edge last year’s pole time by a tenth or 2 during Q3, is my guess.

  26. Hi all! Glad we only had to wait 1 week for F1 action! For reference, the fastest time in FP1 for Bahrain in 2016 was Rosberg’s 1:32.294, with Hamilton +0.505 behind that (1:32.294). Oddly, 3rd fastest was Raikkonen, who was a whopping +1.834 (1:34.128) from P1.