2010 Chinese Grand Prix – the F1 Fanatic Unofficial Race Programme (Video)

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We could be set for another wet race in China this weekend
We could be set for another wet race in China this weekend

Have all the important information for this weekend?s Chinese Grand Prix at your fingertips with the F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme:

The race

2010 Chinese Grand Prix preview – Will Shanghai see our fourth different winner in as many races?

F1 championship standings before the 2010 Chinese Grand Prix – Felipe Massa leads the drivers championship but Feranndo Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are just two points behind. And Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica are all within nine points.

2010 Chinese Grand Prix discussion – Going to the Chinese Grand Prix? Find other F1 fans who are heading to Shanghai this weekend.

The track

Shanghai International Circuit 2010
Shanghai International Circuit 2010 (click to enlarge)

The Shanghai International Circuit is one of F1’s modern mega-venues. It can seat up to 200,000 and cost $350m to build.

The circuit has some unusual corners from the ever-tightening first turn, which sweeps through 270 degrees before twisting back on itself, to the crucial turns 12/13, the long right-hander which brings the cars onto the longest straight in Formula 1.

Being a modern venue it has copious run-off but the drivers can find a wall if they try hard enough – as Adrian Sutil found out last year. And there are gravel traps hidden in the most awkward spots – just ask Lewis Hamilton.

The weather

Rain could play a role for the third race in a row this weekend.

Cool weather and chance of rain in China – The Chinese Grand Prix has seen several wet races and rain is forecast again this Sunday.

Following the race live

We’ll be commenting live on the Chinese Grand Prix from start to finish. Join us for the race, qualifying and all three practice sessions at these times:

2010 Chinese Grand Prix TV and live commenting times

Also make sure you follow F1 Fanatic on Twitter for updates throughout the race weekend.

2009 Chinese Grand Prix highlights

Last year Red Bull scored their first win – and first one-two – as the RB5 excelled in a very wet race.

2010 Chinese Grand Prix review – Vettel leads Webber in Red Bull one-two.

Ferrari?s nightmare season continues – After three races without a point, Ferrari faced their worst start to a season since 1981.

Sutil crash costs Force India first point – Adrian Sutil ran sixth before crashing out in the rain.

Previous Chinese Grands Prix

Rubens Barrichello cruised to victory in the inaugural Chinese Grand Prix in 2004. The following the year race was the season finale, but it was disrupted by a loose drain cover which ended Juan Pablo Montoya’s race and helped Renault on their way to the constructors’ championship.

The wet 2006 race was the scene of Michael Schumacher’s final Grand Prix win to date.

Lewis Hamilton fared less well in damp conditions in 2007, delaying a tyre change too long and famously skidding into a gravel trap in the pit lane. Kimi Raikkonen scored a priceless win which set up his championship victory in the final round.

Hamilton bounced back to win in 2008. In a largely forgettable race the only other noteworthy event was the Ferraris swapping places in the closing stages for the benefit of Felipe Massa’s title effort. Here are the previous Chinese Grand Prix reports on F1 Fanatic:

2008 Chinese Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton on cusp of title after dominant win
2007 Chinese Grand Prix: Raikkonen victory blows title race open
2006 Chinese Grand Prix: Schumacher win puts title leaders level on points
2005 Chinese Grand Prix: Renault claim constructors’ championship

Predict the pole sitter and top five finishers in the Chinese Grand Prix for your chance to win F1 tickets, DVDs, books and more

2010 Chinese Grand Prix

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11 comments on “2010 Chinese Grand Prix – the F1 Fanatic Unofficial Race Programme (Video)”

  1. I think the McLarens will have good opportunities for the victory with the long straight and their air-duct. But first they need to get the qualifying right!

    1. I disagree. Vettel is marvellous in rain. He has best car, so I think he will be the driver of weekend :)
      But Button can make some surprises :)

  2. My bet goes to Mercedes but the question is which one?

    Rain is expected on both Saturday & Sunday.

    1. damonsmedley
      15th April 2010, 13:51

      I am hoping for rain! Last years race had plenty of overtaking (for 2009 anyway) and it was fun to watch. Also, what time should I put in as the pole time? I have NO idea whatsoever.

      1. damonsmedley
        15th April 2010, 13:56

        And how precise does it have to be? To the second, tenth of a second, or in FOM style; a thousandth of a second? And what format should it be written in? e.g. Where M is minute and S is second, should it be MM:SS? Please help!

        1. There’s an explanation on the Predictions’ Championship page: F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship

          1. damonsmedley
            15th April 2010, 14:24

            Thank you Keith! Sorry for missing something so obvious!

        2. @ damonsmedley

          the rain also provided some great racing in 2006.

  3. God! Please give us another great race this weekend. Thank you!

  4. Keith according to my understanding and wikipedia Shanghai costs close to $450million and not $350 million to build (maybe just a typo).

    Last year in the wet it was a very fun race to watch (60 overtakes!!!) granted the RedBulls had the race under total control at all times. If we see a wet race again I think Vettel can be first driver that win the Chinese GP twice. Looking forward to the race and yeah hoping for either a wet quali or wet race and it looks like this very well will happen.

  5. I still have nightmares about 2007…

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