‘It won’t happen again’ – Webber

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The picture, taken today, which Red Bull issued along with its latest statement
The picture, taken today, which Red Bull issued along with its latest statement

Red Bull have issued another statement which the team hopes will ‘draw a line’ under the fall-out from their drivers’ collision on lap 40 of the Turkish Grand Prix.

Mark Webber Said the pair will not allow a repeat of the collision:

It?s a shame for the team, as we lost a good opportunity to win the race. It?s sport and these things can happen, but it shouldn?t have done. I feel for everyone at Red Bull, at the factory and everyone involved. Seb and I will make sure it doesn?t happen again and will continue to work openly together, no problem. We have talked enough on it now, it?s done, we?re looking ahead and I?m focused on the race in Canada next week.
Mark Webber

Vettel added he was “sorry” about the collision:

The team had got us into a great position and it wasn?t good for them what happened ?ǣ so I?m sorry for them that we lost the lead of the race. Mark and I are racers and we were racing. We are professionals and it won?t change how we will work together going forward. We have a great team and the spirit is very strong. I?m looking forward to Canada.
Sebastian Vettel

The team may be keen to move on but they can expect plenty of questions about the state of the relationship between their two drivers and what exactly happened in the run-up to the controversial collision when they next face the media at the Canadian Grand Prix weekend.

The Red Bull crash

Image (C) Red Bull/Getty images

99 comments on “‘It won’t happen again’ – Webber”

    1. Let’s see:

      “Following instructions from the team principal, Red Bull drivers now have a standard response to media questions: I dunno.”

      “I could have sworn there was THIS MUCH room between our cars.”

      “They took away my baseball bat before letting me in to see you.
      The same thing happened to me!”

      Eh. Those weren’t very good.

      1. lol – I like “I could have sworn there was THIS MUCH room between our cars” for Webber, but see how Seb’s hands are farther apart, saying “But I wanted THIS much.”

    2. Not a caption but an observation. They may appear all loved up, but I think the photo is misleading. They aren’t actually smiling; Vettel is about to bite Webber, and Webber is getting ready to plant a nut on him…

    3. “Why did we agree to this?”

      Answer: Who cares, we still have our shot at the WCC and this makes the sponsor happy (as per the usual in F1 …).

    4. Webber: Mate, where’s my apology?
      Vettel: *cheesy grin*

      And if I may shoehorn this is crowbar stylee:
      Horner to Mateschitz(off camera): I thought you’d asked for an AUSTRALIAN driver!?!?

    5. i blame mark, as u can see after the crash the faces of both was too different than we was waiting 4. Seb: angry, Mark: asking himself guilty… and i think than we don’t know all the information that they were using during the race!!!
      probably the team explain mark the seb’S situation, in short, the team sitiation… seb should overtake because his pace was faster, but mark didn’t help the team,

      1. I would have had so much respect for Vettel if he had just come out and said sorry, it was my fault.

        It would have also made the bosses of Red Bull look stupid and that would have made me feel a bit better as well.

  1. I wonder if straight after that photo they had their hands round the other’s neck :P

    I’m glad they’re moving forward. This is probably still going to be a hot topic at Montreal.

    1. Sorry, that would be impossible. Have anyone noticed how incredibly slim they are? Maybe the dialog was like this:
      Seb: I am this hungry.
      Mark: Mine is bigger.

    1. Especially as he does not even apologize to Mark Webber.

      Maybe the picture was taken when they were asked to show in which hand the knife is hidden.

      Red Bulls**t is all what it is up to. But Hey, Webber has bagged a new contract (did the prize go up or down after last weekend?) so lets play good friends, no worries.

      Interesting they wont bring the B-duct wing in Montreal, i suppose Newey will need some time to develop it in the weeks until Valencia. Or maybe they figuered bringing updated suspension parts for Montreal.

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