Jean Todt’s Approval Rating VI

Are you happy with how F1 is being run by the FIA president?

Once every month at F1 Fanatic we look at how the president of the sport?s governing body, Jean Todt, is managing the championship.

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FIA developments since the last approval rating

The 2011 tyres impasse

A tyre supplier for 2011 still hasn’t been appointed. In the last Approval Rating I wrote:

It seems the sticking point at present is the teams? inability to choose a preferred supplier. Michelin and Pirelli are said to be the favourites. Will the FIA step in and make the decision for them?

And it now looks like that is exactly what’s happening. While the teams are believed to be close to agreeing terms with Pirelli, Todt told a French newspaper earlier this month that the FIA would open a tender for the contract:

[The FIA] will soon launch a tender, with the commercial promoter of the championship, Bernie Ecclestone.

[The Formula One Teams’ Association] FOTA may suggest that it decides, but the strong man is not he who speaks the loudest.
Jean Todt

As well as being a direct challenge to FOTA, the tender threatens to further delay efforts to appoint a tyre supplier for 2011. An agreement was originally expected at the Spanish Grand Prix weekend.

Road safety

Two weeks after Lewis Hamilton was formally charged over his ‘hooning’ driving incident in Melbourne, Todt warned that drivers who break the law on public roads could face sporting penalties.

The FIA’s ‘Make Roads Safe’ campaign, intended to reduce fatalities on the roads, is already endorsed by all the F1 teams who carry the campaign’s logo on their cars.

Jean Todt’s Approval Rating

As an F1 fan, do you approve or disapprove of the way Jean Todt is handling his job as FIA President?

  • Approve (53%)
  • Disapprove (23%)
  • No opinion (24%)

Total Voters: 1,001

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Jean Todt?s Approval Ratings

Date Approve Disapprove No opinion
May 2010 78% 8% 14%
April 2010 63% 14% 23%
March 2010 53% 24% 23%
February 2010 57% 14% 29%
January 2010 55% 16% 29%

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58 comments on Jean Todt’s Approval Rating VI

  1. -A- said on 20th June 2010, 15:28

    I find the whole tire situation, at least as it appears from the outside, to be very unpleasant. If one assumes that Todt is correct and the teams aka FOTA don’t have the final say on the matter, I’m wondering why the selection process has taken this long into the season and, apparently, longer than expected at some point.

    The major perspectives, now, appear to be either to select a manufacturer who can and agrees to basically (re-)produce 2010-spec tires for next year – or leaving the teams with the tires as an unknown factor while they’re well into the development of next year’s cars.

    Both are not optimal choices, in my opinion. “Having” to continue with the current specs just because, by now, the teams can claim they won’t be able to adjust to anything vastly different in the time available validates the kinds of tires that are being used now, ignoring the whole debate that was already raised about whether, for example, the dimensions should be totally changed. It would also validate the compromise that was made for this year, by making the front tires smaller, because the current and soon former tire supplier apparently didn’t want to re-dimensionalise the rear tires.

    On the other hand, the possibility of bringing in a manufacturer who will produce tires to some other kinds of specifications that may or may not, then, still have to be determined, brings in the potential that some teams may not be able to get their car to work properly with the tires next year – and I think that’s going to result in criticism and very little opportunities to adjust that, because if chassis/monocoque homologation rules for 2011 would be similar or identical to what’s in place this year, I don’t think there could be “B-versions” as we’ve seen them in previous seasons.

  2. Chaz (@chaz) said on 20th June 2010, 16:10

    I have yet to hear a decisive argument why Todt seems to think its ok to penalise drivers (on track so to speak) for misdemeanour’s they may commit on public roads. Where will it end…

    • Christian Ditch said on 21st June 2010, 3:26

      Todt’s ideas should be supported, not lambasted.

      As an F1 driver, there is a responsibility to behave in a certain way. That involves driving in a correct manner. F1 drivers are ambassadors for the sport; role models to young men beginning to drive.

      Therefore, they need to set an example that the streets are no place for unsafe and reckless driving. Moreover, they need to send out the message that the place for speed is the race track, not the world’s road networks.

      If they fail to do this, they bring the whole sport into disrepute.

      It is important too, to remember that the FIA grants F1 drivers a superlicense in order to compete in grand prix. Should they at any point demonstrate that they cannot drive a car in a safe manner, whether it be on track or off track, then why shouldn’t they get a hefty fine from the FIA as a reminder to buck up their ideas?

      Granted, F1 drivers have exceptional control over cars. But that exceptional control does not extend to the drivers that surround them on public roads, whose reactions are unpredictable. All it takes is one driver to react in a sharp way to Hamilton’s fish-tailing, and suddenly there can be a pile up.

      Of all people, it is F1 drivers that understand best how split second reactions can cause monumental accidents. As the granter of a license to race, the FIA arguably has a responsibility to act if such accidents are caused by recklessness on the part of license holders.

      F1 drivers need to set an example. Speed is for the race track, not for the streets.

      • fordsrule said on 21st June 2010, 10:42

        F1 drivers are not role models, its there job, same as any other person on TV, its there job and they get paid to do it. Parents should not blame role models for what there kids do, they should make sure they do the right thing in the first place.

        • Christian Ditch said on 21st June 2010, 20:53

          Burying your head in the sand won’t ever solve a problem. They are role models, whether people like it or not; people look up to Lewis Hamilton in the same way they would to David Beckham.

          Yep, it is their job, their role. And with roles come responsibilities. As they are the ambassadors for a whole sport they have a responsibility to act in a certain manner. See John Terry. Or Tiger Woods.

          The point in Todt’s proposal is that F1 drivers should know better than to act dangerously on the roads. Acting irresponsibly should surely be reflected in punishments by the governing body.

  3. GeeMac said on 20th June 2010, 16:14

    My first disapproval of Todt as FIA President. He is dilly-dallying over the choice of tyre supplier. Sign the deal already! We all know it’s going to be Pirelli!

    • Journeyer (@journeyer) said on 20th June 2010, 17:12

      Joe Saward has said Michelin is back in the running. The longer they take to decide, the better it gets for Michelin because they’re the ones with more recent F1 experience…

      • Steven (@modtl) said on 20th June 2010, 23:25

        Bad news. Pirelli in my opinion should get the contract. I’ve never liked Michelin since they entered F1 in 2001 an believe they should stay away. Surprises me that Todt is talking to them … he wouldn’t give them a second glance when he was running Ferrari.

        • Scribe (@scribe) said on 21st June 2010, 0:39

          Because frankly Michelin are the better choice, they’ll be safer, greener, more reliable, easier to work with, etc.

          Pirelli don;t have the experiance.

  4. F1Yankee said on 20th June 2010, 16:32

    i still think schumacher’s penalty in monaco was mishandled – he should have been classified right behind alonso. also, this tire business has gone on too long now, and the rumored standard-issue kers would be a huge mistake. a “no opinion” vote from me this month, inching towards “disapproval”.

  5. richard s said on 20th June 2010, 17:49

    no opinion on the basis that my opinion is worthless and the whole BP saga has put me off public opinion for life.

  6. Scalextric said on 20th June 2010, 17:57

    I disapprove of recent prevarication but overall approve and this approval is strong relative to my opinions of his predecessor. As there’s no ‘Approve a little bit less than last poll’ option, I chose ‘approve’.

  7. BasCB (@bascb) said on 20th June 2010, 18:55

    I voted “no oppionion” but it was getting close to disapprove this time, after approving his work before.

    I think the handling of the tyre issue is not good. First he did want to force everybody to go with his choice – Michelin, overstepping his hand. Then he let it go on for pretty long without results and now FOTA and Bernie agreed he starts postponing an agreement.

    Also one thing you did not mention is the process to choose the 13th entry for next season. With his sons ART and Epsilon Euskadi believed to be the main contenders he would do good to avoid any steps that might seem to favor ART.
    Delaying the desicion i cannot help but feel a certain advantage of ART, if they are really planning to use the Toyota 2010 chassis. This car is already developed, so having less time speaks for ART instead of EE who would have to do the car from scratch.

  8. James said on 21st June 2010, 0:08

    If Mosely had been running the show this year, I’m pretty sure we would have a tyre supplier by now. And if Todt hadn’t stamped his authority by saying the FIA decide who will be supplying the tyres, I’m sure the teams would have agreed on a supplier by now.

    I hope this isnt relations between the FIA and FOTA starting to crack again…

    I voted no opinion, because Todt hasnt done a lot for us to have an opinion about in the past month or so… This kinda worries me though, while he has stepped back into the shadows a little, which is a good thing to a degree, it almost seems like he has gone too far into the shadows…

  9. Tomás said on 21st June 2010, 5:27

    About Todt. I believe he is doing a good job, but there are still many issues to be resolved

  10. Red Andy (@red-andy) said on 21st June 2010, 7:39

    I don’t see why Todt is being blamed for the tyre situation. It’s FOTA’s fault for failing to agree amongst themselves, I am sure that the FIA were hoping that they would not have to step in. But now that it’s clear FOTA aren’t going to agree, the FIA are having to act. The process may be delayed, but not by half as much as would be the case if FOTA were going to try and get universal agreement. We’d still be here in 2013.

  11. Dougie (@f1droid) said on 21st June 2010, 8:52

    I disapprove of the way the FIA has handled the Tyres and 13th Team situation, we are halfway through the season and we still don’t have a decision on either for next year. That can only compromise the teams for 2011, particularly the 13th new team, and ultimately waste money.

    FOTA have their part to play in the Tyres situation, but ultimately its the FIA that pulls the strings.

    • Casanova (@casanova) said on 21st June 2010, 13:10

      Agreed – I voted disapprove for the first time because of this. It matters more that a decision is taken promptly, so development work can begin, than what the decision actually is.

      Is it in the FIA’s (or anyone’s) interests to have this development delay?

  12. Puffy said on 21st June 2010, 9:27

    I think a simple approve/disapprove poll is a very naive way of determining how the F1 fans feel about how the president is doing his job. A much more effective way would be to have a rating system like you do with the F1 races. Case in point, should I disapprove because of the delay in agreeing on a tire manufacturer or should I approve because he is taking a strong stand on road safety? If I approve it appears if I support him fully, if I disapprove it would appear that I think he’s not doing a good job. And the no opinion is clearly not relevant in this case, as I have one, I just don’t feel that either of the options reflects my opinion.

  13. PJA said on 21st June 2010, 14:30

    My opinion on Todt has gone down from previous months because of the tyre situation.

    It is all very well saying that the FIA have the final decision and that they will put out a tender for a tyre supplier, but if that is the case then a tender should have been done months ago.

    It came across to me as the Todt flexing his muscles, trying to remind the teams who is in change,

  14. maestrointhesky said on 21st June 2010, 21:54

    How can we not be pleased to see the back of Mosely! The fact that the new President doesn’t have his face plastered across the back, and front pages for that matter, is surely monumental progress! No outside influence of results; no bedroom antics? The base we were coming from was pretty dire admittedly but the fact is, results aren’t changed by the bureaucrats in suits and the president is kind of anonymous, which I like!

  15. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 21st June 2010, 21:56

    Surprised to see him go from 78% to 51% approve in the last month. What’s he done that’s been so bad?

    • bosyber said on 21st June 2010, 22:11

      We heard from him a bit more? That post by Pete was quite apt. The levels are roughly back at what they were in Januari, so it seems he has lost

      Both the tires, and the 13th team decision are getting later every month. Two months ago we thought FOTA would soon decided on the tires, a month ago we were thinking FOTA takes too long. Now we see that FIA is partly to blame for dragging it out further.

      And many people seem worried that the stewards have now become to lenient instead of being erratically harsh.

      Maybe Mosley gave quite a few people a trauma that they cannot easily shake off, so that credit built up is easily discarded in case of doubt with the FIA. I certainly do feel something like that, the “surely not again” response.

      • bosyber said on 21st June 2010, 22:13

        … lost trust he gained over the earlier part of the season.

        sorry, lost end of 1st paragraph, time to go to bed.

    • Casanova (@casanova) said on 21st June 2010, 22:19

      Well, that’s only 27% of people changing their mind. Amongst a relatively small, well-informed number of voters, you would expect to see a much greater reactive variation in opinion (than large-scale political surveys for example, where people’s opinions are less informed, more ingrained and inert).

      Todt’s handling of both the 13th team and tyre decisions has been slow and opaque. When he remedies this, his rating will improve, whatever the decisions.

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