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Are you happy with how F1 is being run by the FIA president?

Once every month at F1 Fanatic we look at how the president of the sport?s governing body, Jean Todt, is managing the championship.

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FIA developments since the last approval rating

Sidepod mirrors banned

The FIA outlawed sidepod-mounted wing mirrors, originally giving teams until the Chinese Grand Prix to get rid of them, then extended the deadline to the Spanish round.

More recently is was announced that F-Ducts will be banned in 2011, but the decision to do this was taken jointly by the teams.

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Briatore and Symonds settlement

The FIA had declared its intention to protest the Tribune de Grande Instance’s January verdict striking out the FIA’s bands on Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds over the 2008 Singapore controversy.

Last month the FIA announced it had reached a deal with the pair which will see them prohibited from working in F1 until 2013.

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Women in motor racing

Todt has begun putting one of his election promises into practice by setting up a commission with the target of increasing the participation of women in motor sport.

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2011 tyre supplier

A decision remains to be taken on who will supply tyres to the F1 teams in 2011.

However it seems the sticking point at present is the teams’ inability to choose a preferred supplier. Michelin and Pirelli are said to be the favourites. Will the FIA step in and make the decision for them?

2011 teams

Applications remain open for a 13th team to enter F1 in 2011. Among the teams believed to be planning applications are Epsilon Euskadi and ART – the latter run by Todt’s son Nicolas.

Two former applicants have confirmed they will not be making a bid this time:

Splitting qualifying in Monaco

There was pressure from some teams and drivers to change the format of qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix to ensure the front-running cars would not be impeded by the slowest runner.

The FIA’s Charlie Whiting said he would consider a proposed alternative arrangement for qualifying if the teams could agree on one. They did not, qualifying went ahead as usual, but there were no significant problems for any of the teams in Q1.

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Stewarding and rules clarification

The role of stewards in F1 races has come under fresh scrutiny following the decisions on Lewis Hamilton weaving to keep Vitaly Petrov behind in Sepang, Hamilton’s clash with Sebastian Vettel in the pits at Shanghai, and Michael Schumacher’s post-race penalty at Monaco.

The FIA reacted to the latter yesterday by conceding its rules were unclear and promising to change them.

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Jean Todt’s Approval Rating

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Jean Todt?s Approval Rating so far

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April 2010 63% 14% 23%
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February 2010 57% 14% 29%
January 2010 55% 16% 29%

Jean Todt’s Approval Rating