“I am much quicker than Felipe” – how Alonso urged Ferrari to use team orders

Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Hockenheimring, 2010

New video of the German Grand Prix published by FOM reveals how Fernando Alonso urged Ferrari to order Felipe Massa to let him pass.

Alonso said to the team “I am much quicker than Felipe” and was told “we got your message”.

Because of the editing of the video it’s not clear how much time elapsed between that and the infamous coded instruction to Massa ordering him to let Alonso pass.

When Alonso tried to overtake Massa on lap 21 Rob Smedley told his driver, “he’s pretty close, he’s going to go, you’re going to have to defend.”

Massa was later advised, “you need to pick up the pace because Alonso is faster.” After the race Massa sounded thoroughly unimpressed when he told them, “so, what I can say? Congratulations to the team.”

Ferrari were handed a $100,000 fine for using “team orders that interfere with a race result” and “bringing the sport into disrepute”. The World Motor Sport Council will decide next month whether they will face further penalties.

The move was widely condemned by fans, with 78% on this site calling for Ferrari to be punished.

This is not the first time material published by FOM online has shed new light on the discussions between teams and drivers during a race. After the Turkish Grand Prix FOM published a new portion of McLaren’s team radio showing Lewis Hamilton was advised Jenson Button would not overtake him, shortly before Button did.

Ferrari team orders controversy

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315 comments on “I am much quicker than Felipe” – how Alonso urged Ferrari to use team orders

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  1. mateuss said on 6th August 2010, 20:36

    The Hungary race edit has been released now, and I must say – there are some more juicy radio transmissions.

  2. Stepney said on 6th August 2010, 21:26

    Hamilton was “told” Button would not pass,team orders? saving fuel? Or so we are led to believe,which ever way you look at it Mclaren used team orders as much as Ferrari did,regardless of fuel saving (don,t pass Hamilton) mode.

    • Rubbish Dave said on 7th August 2010, 2:04

      Team Orders would be telling Button not to pass Hamilton or Hamilton to let Button pass. We heard none of that.

      Given what happened on track, it’s hard to argue that Button was told not to overtake.

      Given what FOM have decided to put up in both the Turkey and Hungary edits, do you not think it odd that they’d only play what Hamilton heard if Button had been given instructions not to pass?

  3. Every team has team orders, so it’s better to stop all the hypocrisy and make them legal in every single way.

    According to the rules, asking your drivers not to overtake each other isn’t a team order.
    That is just wrong!

  4. All the FOM info does for me is show me that Massa was nursemaided yet again lap after lap by Smedley. He was given multiple opportunities to pick up his pace. He didn’t. So he was told to move over. End of story.

  5. pater001 said on 13th August 2010, 16:13

    “I am much quicker than Felipe”

    “Try and pass him if you dare”

    “this is ridiculous”

    “Yes we can see that you can´t pass him”

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