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Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

2012 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

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210 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. Great race, my only hope was that Sauber could have got that P1…..

    1. I agree. A combination of Sauber waiting one lap too long to bring Pérez in, an instruction from them to hold back, and Pérez’s own mistake combined to rob us of a fantastic battle for first place and the prospect of a wholly unexpected winner. Though having said that, I doubt many people expected Alonso to win!

      I gave it eight out of ten. Lots of unpredictability, but still no real battle for the lead, as I described above. Also, a long and boring period under the red flag, many laps behind the safety car, and too much DRS passing for my liking stop it from getting the highest marks.

      1. Cluffy_Wedge
        25th March 2012, 21:18

        For me it was like a classic old wet race. pretty great!

    2. So happy for Sergio and Fernando…but those HRT’s are boiling my blood.

      Seriously, frankly, truthfully, are they even F1 level? We should compare HRT’s cars to the GP2 cars. A better race will happen if we put those HRT’s in the GP2 races. Those HRT’s have made sicken me for the past years.

      1. They’ve paid their dues and they’re under the 107% mark with two respectable drivers. They have as much right to be in F1 as anyone else.

        And anyway, in both cases they were minding their own business when they were needlessly hit by other cars. Karthikeyan was in P4 on merit, and had every right to hold his line against Button. The speed of their respective cars has no bearing on that.

        1. Indeed @lin1876, I really think both Button and Vettel should take at least half of the blame (and I read on twitter that Button did). Absolutely silly that Karthikayan got a penalty for the incident with Vettel.

          1. Button did accept the blame for hitting Karthikayan. However I thought Vettels reaction was disappointing. Not only did he stick his finger up at him during the race, in his post race interview on the BBC he called Karthikayan an idiot and suggested he shouldn’t be in F1. I think both those things show a lack of respect to a driver, who at the end of the day, is trying just as hard to be successful as he is.

          2. Maybe Vettel needed another saftey car to show him the way through the crowd…poor Dr. Helmut’s baby.

      2. McLaren fans: was Jensons fault :)

        1. GEOFFREY (@)
          26th March 2012, 11:52

          jenson’s fault & vettel’s misjudgment and arrogance

      3. Narain should be minding his own business if he is racing with other drivers (RE: Button, after the restart). That incident is Jenson’s to blame, no questions about it. If some of you thinks Narain is at fault for Jenson’s incident, you’ve might need to rethink. On the other hand, Seb’s incident was totally different from Jenson’s. Narain was lapped for heaven’s sake, in (MODERN) formula 1, if you are a driver being lapped, its your responsibility to let the leaders through safely. I see Narain have failed in that aspect. He tried to get back under Seb a bit too soon, bad judgement from Narain. Who knows what those 12pts can do for Seb at the end of the year. Costly incident for Seb, so I can totally understand why he said and do what he did to express his emotions. I enjoy seeing drivers expressing their emotions.

        1. Narain did mention after the race that he put his rear wheel on a white line which caused him some wheel spin, he was just trying to catch the car, unfortunately for Vettel, he got caught.

          A lot of drivers ( or sportsmen/women in general) say lots of things in the heat of the moment, its not secret how much pressure these guys are under. Vettel was out of line in his post race interview and should apologize out of professional courtesy.

          I think we should ease of on HRT. I admire their passion and efforts, but they have to get their act together. We had Mark Gallagher of Cosworth on Star Sports for the Oz GP, and he mentioned that the stark difference between HRT and the likes of Caterham and Marussia is their infrastructure, not so much cash. The fact that they havent settle on a head quarters is surely affecting how the team operates. This is something that Luis Perez Sala needs to sort out soon.

          Im not a Narain fan boy, but people do easily dismiss him as a rubbish driver. His did fairly ok at Jordan, and I remember even Martin Brundle talking him up at one point.

        2. It was Vettel’s fault – he cut in too soon. He isn’t exempt from blame just because he’s a double World Champion.

          1. @dev_iant Agree’d, he cut in far too early.

            I thought giving him the finger was very entertaining though and it was nice see the childish side is still there in Mr Vettel.

      4. It’s always funny when I read comments like this, unless you truly know how hard it is to start up and run a race team, let alone an F1 team, you should not condescend these teams. It’s amazing that they have so much motivation to come in year after year, for being nothing more than back-markers.

    3. Same here, I meam Alonso has won a lot of respect back from me since last year but i would have liked to see that Sauber to raw past him on that straight and somehow i think Perez just might have won himself a Ferrari drive!

  2. Alonso didn’t win that race. Perez lost it.

    1. We’ve seen yet again why Maclaren under Whitmarsh may not win any Championship. What in god’s name was happening at the pits 2 times that Hamilton went it?

      1. Could not agree more!

        1. kenneth Ntulume
          25th March 2012, 14:38

          Like Fernado said…..
          THIS is getting “LUDIKULOUS”….
          Its mind boggling how Mclaren continuously mess up Hamilton for whichever reasons it is, its worth noting.
          Last week they told us the lead driver pits first this week the lead driver pitted second……
          i dont understand…….or is it me?

          1. i dont understand…….or is it me?

            There’s an explanation here:

            2012 Malaysian Grand Prix tyre strategies and pit stops

      2. At the first round of pit stops Hamilton overshot his mark, causing the rear jack operator to struggle to lift the car up. At the second round the mechanics couldn’t peel off some tape that was covering the brake ducts, which is permitted during wet weather.

        I don’t see how either set of pit stops could be conceived to be the fault of Martin Whitmarsh! I do think Hamilton should have switched to slicks one lap earlier though.

        1. He overshot his mark by a couple of inches, Brundle has just lost his marbles. Seriously, look again.

          Yet _another_ race where McLaren robbed Lewis of a race win. The good thing is that Hamilton is keeping his focus and finishing consistently.

          1. How can you say Lewis was robbed of win in either race this season? Hamilton failed to show race winning pace in both races, thus why he finished third in both.

        2. ”At the first round of pit stops Hamilton overshot his mark…”

          So no driver in F1 history, has ever done what you claim Hamilton did. Well, those pit guys don’t have to sit for hours, sweating under the most uncomfortable conditions that F1 drivers undergo. All they are required to do is to be prepared for their drivers. Unfortunately, Maclaren and her pit guys have not only messed up Hamilton’s races but also BUtton’s. This is definitely incompetence under the management of Whitmarsh. Today’s race was Maclaren’s to loose and Hamilton was leading the race…… until he went into the pits.

          1. Exactly.

            Well driven by Alonso and Perez, but the Mclaren strategists and pit crew cost them the win today. They know they have the best car and so far they are not capitalising on that.

          2. N, fair enough, I was just going by what Brundle said and I haven’t had a chance to look at it again. I still don’t see how either pit stop was Martin Whitmarsh’s fault though. It’s not like he was operating the rear jack. Those pit stop mechanics receive extensive training, and I have no reason to believe that McLaren train their guys any less than any other team. Humans make mistakes sometimes.

          3. @Estesark

            Agreed completely.

          4. Everyone that is thinking MClaren messed up one of Hamiltons stops, if you get a chance to watch it again, you’ll notice that the pitstop was complete but Hamilton sat there and he did that because the “RED/GREEN” Car Release indicator light (not sure what the actual name is) was RED, meaning he coldnt leave his pit yet and you’ll see on the Mclarens roll hoop camera, a Ferrari pull in the pit in front of Hamilitons car. Only then did Hamiltom leave his pit. Had Hamilton left as soon as the stp was complete, he would have slammed into the side of a ferrari. Having to sit for a few seonds because if another car entering the pits was just some bad luck. I think it was Hamiltons pit stop on lap 15 or 16 that this happened.

        3. PJ (@pjtierney)
          25th March 2012, 16:43

          Speaking of pitstops, when Red Bull and Mercedes both did a double-stop on the same lap, THAT was awesome.

        4. herowassenna
          26th March 2012, 2:24

          estesark, At the second round the mechanics couldn’t peel off some tape that was covering the brake ducts, which is permitted during wet weather.

          Tape is allowed on brake ducts whenever the team wants it, not just wet weather races.
          The reason is to heat up the brakes to operating temperature quickly, because the wet tends to cool them down quickly which would result in practically no brake effect. Once the track dries, they remove the tape.

    2. I wouldn’t take anything away from the pure brilliance of Fernando. For a simple fan of the sport, one just can’t help but warm to him. I care nothing for Ferrari, really, but absolutely loved the emotion in the radio message after the race.
      Race itself was a 9/10.

    3. @demos12 Perfectly put. Couldn’t agree more.

    4. your favorite driver is Sebastian Vettel i am 100% sure

      1. Look how Whitmarsh did everything make sure Button would come ontop of Hamilton, did not one of these McLaren chiefs (or Whitmarsh himself, can’t remeber) said last week in Australia that the leading driver will be pitted first ?, but what did we could see today ?, the team pitted Button before Hamilton and let Hamilton drove longer on worn out tires, not 1 time the team did it but twice!. And then look how Hamiltons pit stop went ? a complete mess, the reason why Buttons second pit stop was messed up is simple because KARMA (no hard feelings for Button) look how nicely Hamilton did manage his tires, there was totally no speed in the car, that’s why it looks like Button is al that good but he is not consider the fact how the team messes up Hamiltons race/stratigy/pit stop

        1. @concalvez00 In dry conditions, the team rather than the driver generally makes the call on when to pit. It’s in this situation that teams generally give the preferred slot to the leading driver, to prevent the driver behind him using the undercut to come out ahead if they’re running close together on the track.

          In wet conditions, what tyres the driver thinks is suitable for the track plays a much bigger role in determining strategy. The question of the undercut is, obviously, not a consideration.

          So if Hamilton comes around and wants to stay on his intermediates, he stays on them. And if Button, running behind him, think it’s time to change, he changes.

          1. but they withheld information from lewis when it came to putting slicks on eventhough they knew drivers on slicks were alot quicker,but they did tell jenson and told him to pit.also if it wasnt for button making a mistake he would have ended up ahead of lewis again after a poorly timed messed up pitstop.its happened so many times.and its funny how button pitted first everysingle time in the race.
            its a shame some ppl cant see whats going on at mclaren.they seem to care more about buttons strategy than lewis’s.

          2. withheld information from lewis

            did tell jenson and told him to pit

            This is a claim, now back it up with evidence. Please demonstrate that this is true,

          3. MercedesBeanz
            26th March 2012, 1:39

            @mathew….well said

        2. Why is everyone so delusional. Why would any team want to ‘hold’ back their best opportunity of winning anything.

          I think the issue here is Alonsoism on the part of the fans believing in reality that their favourite driver be given biased treatment instead of equal.

          All I have seen is the Mclaren drivers doing their talking on the track. In the case of Button, having the balls to admit he made a mistake which cost him chances of a win and showing how Massa is passed without tears!!!!

          1. There’s a separate article on the Perez radio message (if that is what you’re referring to) here:

            Was Sauber’s radio message to Perez a team order to help Ferrari?

    5. Mc Laren lost it. Then Perez didn’t win it.

    6. Perez lost it. But before that, Hamilton lost it. Schumacher lost it too…and Button lost it by that incident with the HRT. ok thats it: McLaren and Schumacher lost it. One of them shouldve won it lol

    7. I disagree. Perez had two laps, I think, to try and pass Alonso down the straight before he made his mistake. He was nowhere near passing Fernando. It would’ve been close, but I think Alonso would’ve still won in the end. Catching is one thing, passing quite another.

  3. 10/10, Brilliant race! 2012 season rocks!

    1. Yesss 2012 season is fantastic

      1. +1
        one of the best seasons for a long time/ever?

        1. how can ou say that? we’ve only had TWO races!!!

  4. That Sauber engineer really should have kept his mouth shut. Gutted Perez didn’t win.

    1. Totally right about that. Can’t help but to feel there was a “Ferrari hand” in that.

      1. +1 – very disappointing to see that impression given even if there was nothing in it – very strange message to say the least.

        1. Yeah, not saying Alonso didn’t deserve that victory (he did something I think only he can do – work his way up, never making a mistake, pushing the car far off it’s own limits) but to Alonso haters and casual F1 adepts this can be read as a “free” victory to Alonso, which is certainly far from the truth.

        2. Yeah right, nobody remembers maldonado in Australia? …

          1. A fair point, but Perez was almost assured the win provided no mistakes were made. It was a terrible idea to plant the seeds of doubt in his mind.

        3. Why exactly was peter giving instructions when it is usually the driver’s engineer? This is more fishy than a rick stein menu

        4. whats so strange about that message? Didnt WILLIAMS give a similar message to MALDONADO at the Aussie GP when he threw 6th away on the last lasp?? when was the last time Sauber came second????

        1. Glad to see so far only a small minority believe it was dodgy @keithcollantine. Thanks for putting up the article/poll , so other threads can just consider the rest of the race :)

          1. so other threads can just consider the rest of the race

            Thanks for getting it :-)

    2. +1 clearly Perez was faster, but he seemed pretty happy with second in the end.

      1. He tried to pass Alonso and couln’t. He gamble on the 1st stop and paid off otherwise he wouln’t have finished on the points.he made two mistakes where he got out of the track. The sauber is faster than the Ferrari and it take care of the tires better than the Ferrari and still coiln’t pass him even if he had the advantage of the drs. Alonso did not make a single mistake, the Ferrari is a dog and you could see how Maldonado and Peres are the ones making mistakes when is the car in front Alonso the one that should be making thrm

    3. I posted elsewhere that this is a classic beginners error – they gave Sergio too much information, disrupted his flow, broke his concentration… Hopefully Sauber’s pit crew have learnt a lesson from this.

    4. @novotny I think it would be fair to say that Sauber made the right call. 2nd place to Sauber is a great deal considering the healthy points haul. By the time Perez caught Alonso, he was reporting his fronts we going off and was experiencing understeer, which he duly demonstrated running off track.

      Asking him to take it easy and be careful was the most sensible thing to do given the conditions. We all so what happened to Maldonando at Albert Park. Perez is fairly inexperienced, with Alonso being one of the more difficult people to pass on the grid, why put 2nd place at risk? I think it was a good call from the team, I would have done the same thing. This result could potentially be key for Sauber if they are aiming to finish as Best of the Rest.

  5. If Sergio had passed Alonso I would have had to think hard about that being a 10 even with my drivers not doing too well. As it is, even my girlfriend was so interested she didn’t go to bed, which quite frankly makes it a very special race!

  6. 9/10

    Oustandingly, crazy race. Overtaking, drama, underdogs. Would’ve been a 10 if Perez had been able to fight Fernando at the end.

    1. well summed up. bit anticlimatic with perez but a crazy race is always a good one! 8/10.

    2. I’ll slot in here with the other 9 out of 10s, the interval spoiled it for me. Fantastic to see Perez chase down twice and get within DRS, as well as a resurgant Williams and many overtaking manouvers.

  7. If it weren’t for the SC/red flag it might have been a ten, especially if Perez actually launched an attack on Alonso. What a drive from both of them – I would have loved Perez to win.

    May I just say, what a season we have ahead of us!

    1. I got so excited I forgot what grammar is! And if I were Massa I would hide in a corner and cry.

      1. Good Question. Should Massa be replaced midseason? I say he should be replaced immediately. I can’t remember a sadder driver in F1.

        1. Looks like the 2nd chassis just took all of Massa’s excuses away. Alonso finished FIRST, and Massa finished LAST . (I’ve taken the Caterham, Marussia and HRT out of the equation as their drivers wouldn’t have finished any higher even if they had brilliant races)

        2. And as Button finished 2nd last, then he too should be replaced?

          1. He did win the previous one ! :D

  8. Wow, Mercedes car seems to be only good in qualy, their race pace is so bad. They fell down the order so much, especially Rosberg.

    1. yeah, fighting for poles and then slipping waaaaaay down. C’mon Ross,Aldo,Bell,Wills..

      HRT – 0
      Marrussia – 0
      Catheram – 0
      Mercedes – 1


  9. 9/10 – if Perez had taken the win, it’d have been a definite 10. Great race!

    1. @bpacman

      Don’t rate the result… However, I kind of agree. I rated it a 9 as well, it would have been a 10 if we had seen an actual infight between Alonso and Perez, no matter who would have come out as a winner.

  10. Brilliant race, 9/10. Can only be a matter of time before Perez is driving the same car that won! Button, though, what a disappointment. I love the way both he AND Vettel hit the same HRT!

    1. Surely Perez should take Mark Webber’s seat when he retires at the end of the year. It would make a mockery of the RB young drivers thing but here’s a guy who can win in the right machinery.

  11. I’m so disappointed – Perez deserved to win that race. He should have won that race.

    1. Aleksandr Nausedas (@)
      25th March 2012, 12:28


    2. I dont think Parez deserved it anymore than Alonso. They were equally as quick, just at different times. Alonso deserved it more IMO because Perez made a mistake…

  12. 10/10

    Entertaining througout the entire race! Great driving by ALO in a not so great car. The rain delay wasn’t enough to ruin this race!

    1. yes yes yes 10/10. Perez is the feel good story of F1. Love it

  13. 9/10.

    Sauber win obviously would have made for a 10. But wow, what a start to the season! It’s like 2010 with some of the unpredictability and fun of 2009 thrown in!

  14. 9/10 for me. Great result for Perez, but could have been better. Grosjean had the audacity to say Schumacher hit him, incredulous.

    1. 9/10 for me for the reason of Perez podium and MSC ahead of Britney. :)A bit disappointed about Schumi hit by Grosjean ruin his chances..

  15. Pointless red flags and too much safety car laps decreases the possible 10 points race to 7 points

    1. I think red flag was a right call, better than watching cars cruising behind the safety car.

      1. IMO the conditions weren’t too bad. There’s a lot of space for drivers to recover if they run a corner wide. It wasn’t too dangerous to drive there. F1 drivers are pretty much the most talented race drivers out there, so they should handle difficult track conditions.

        Moreover, the crowd has paid expensive tickets to see some racing, and then they only get to see some cruising behind the safety car?!? Luckily they decided to continue racing. But still it was postponed for way too long time without a good enough reason.

        1. no one can drive a car when the tires are not making contact with the track,
          the right decision was made, which by the way was the drivers call, they where the ones complaining.
          even i dont like Red Flags but sometimes and in this case it was right.
          complain about money bags “Bernie” it is his fault for bending over to Eruo fans hence the time slot so he can make more money..

      2. I feel like i could have given it a 1 simply because the sky coverage is so bad that i was within seconds of switching off during the red flag period.

        1. I too don’t like their coverage, although having people from BBC makes it good and show isn’t that bad. Although, I still don’t get why when analysing a race they have to show them touching a screen and me watching them watching a TV monitor.

          1. I hate the cheesy looking up from the ground shots the drivers all have been made to do when they are running through the grid order before the race.

    2. Button had a different opinion: “It is like a lake!”

  16. 9/10. If Perez put up more of a fight, would’ve been 10/10, such a shame. Can’t stop feeling happy for Ferrari even though I have never liked them.

  17. Races like these don’t come often. Right up there in the league of Canada 2011, Suzuka 2005 and Interlagos 2008. Brilliant stuff. A 10!!

  18. Easily a 9! Overall it was better than Canada 2011.

  19. Soon, Checo. Soon.

  20. Great race but massively dissapointed with the result. It was Perez and Sauber’s race. They lost it…

    There will be another chance for Perez, that’s for sure. But I’m not so sure about Sauber. It was now or never, really.

    So so soooo sad. But the race was great, and Alonso’s drive in the wet was on a class of its own.

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