Debate: Postpone energy recovery rules?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mario Theissen, Sebastian Vettel, BMW, 2006BMW’s Mario Theissen wants the FIA to delay rules planned for 2009 that would require teams to use energy recovery systems on their cars.

FIA president Max Mosley is pushing for kinetic energy recovery systems to be mandatory on F1 cars to make them more environmentally friendly and road relevant.

Do you want to see these system on F1 cars sooner rather than later? Or never at all?

At present the teams are slated to start using kinetic energy recovery systems in 2009 and biofuels in 2011. Theissen has proposed swapping the deadlines and bringing in biofuel for the season after next.

Theissen feels that if energy recovery systems are brought in for 2009 they will have to be entirely re-designed two years later when new engine rules come into force. He claims he wants to spare BMW and the other teams the expense.

The counter-argument is that F1 needs to take drastic steps to improve its environmental image sooner rather than later.

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