Honda RA108, 2008

Pictures: Honda revises ‘Earth car’ livery for 2008 season

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Honda have revealed they are sticking with their innovative ‘Earth Car’ livery for a second year in 2008.

The RA108 features the familiar green and blue globe printed on last year’s car, but merged with Honda’s traditional colours of white and red.

More pictures and high resolution versions below.

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  1. Looks better than the old one, livery-wise.

  2. Ugly ugly ugly, I prefer last year’s livery!

    But I’m more concerned that Honda are following a different design path than the other teams yet again (the shape of their nose looks about 5 years old) – I’m worried they’ll struggle again :(

  3. Heh, still can’t get any sponsors.

  4. From the side it looks like a BMW

  5. Im sure they can get sponsors. This is just a great PR campaign because every blogger that is in any way concerned about the enviorment will probably write about Honda F1. id say thats great exposure for the Honda name.

    Now lets hope that the car will usually finish at least in the top 10 heh

  6. Perhaps – here’s some of the bloggers reactions from last year. They’re not all positive!

  7. Just as bad as last years.

  8. I agree with Scott. From the side it looks just like the BMW, with the blue sidepods and white body! Still, it is much much better than what they had in 2007.

  9. Ha. I just noticed the “earth dreams” decals. Maybe those should just say “Honda”. “Earth dream”, “my earth dream”, or whatever, is just too cheesy.

  10. I think it’s better than last year – the Earth stuff is a lot smaller, perhaps next year it will be gone completely!

    A nice design totally in white and red would be the bees knees.

  11. White, green, red and aqua blue, that well known colour combination. I think it looks a bit weird – it doesn’t quite work.

  12. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. honestly, Honda, that’s just gross

  13. I keep expecting the worst from Honda, at yet somehow they manage to “surpass” it by going even lower.

  14. Yep, definately worse than last years livery….actually it looks like whoever’s responsible for it had a really bad night before the deadline then decided to quickly get something out with a quick mock up in Illustrator.

    The red blue and white reminds me of British Airways.

    As a side note, I just checked one of the spam email accounts I have – apparently I was one of the many thousands who had pledged to Honda’s Earth Dream last season and got the name on the car.

  15. I’d also argue that advertising reduces the duration of viewership of F1.

    An average viewer sits down to watch a race, it starts, it settles down, not much happens in the first few laps, the adverts come on so he flips to another channel…

    How many viewers does F1 lose that way?

  16. I guess at least it’s not another red and white car.

  17. with that nose it looks like a very fast snow shovel – or perhaps another organic material – F1 is not about saving the planet – it is the equivalent – without the fatalities of course of chariot racing – wheel to wheel stuff with the baddie(literal excess there)- and the goodie battling it out – but the days of shoving an opponent(accidentally of course) of the track went with earlier rivals – wait a minute – thats what the big nose is for!! – brilliant thinking honda

  18. Poor Jense has to drive the ugliest car on the grid again!

    ….the first thing I noticed,like many of you,was the nose(or is that a loader bucket)-take the run off pit and just scoop the gravel out of your way…Ha!

    Let’s just hope it is faster.

  19. I actually don’t mind it……

    My fave car so far is the Force India car. Man, that thing looks hot !

  20. I am not sure who is managing the Honda branding, but they need to be sacked. Their is no consistency or recognisable element since they lost the Lucky Strike deal. I honestly believe if they where going to stick with the whole Dream Earth concept then they should have kept the exact livery from last year. It is almost as if someone has said that the car will be faster if it is painted differently….erm, no, more fundamental than that I am afraid Ross!

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