Renault R30 launched (Pictures)

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Renault has gone retro with its 2010 F1 livery
Renault has gone retro with its 2010 F1 livery

The Renault R30 has been unveiled by the team at Valencia. See the first pictures of the new car below.

Renault R30 launch

As was widely expected, the new livery marks a return to classic Renault yellow and black colours. The team used a similar scheme for its first F1 team from 1977 to 1985.

Since its return to F1 as a full constructor in 2002 Renault’s colour scheme has been largely dictated by sponsors.

Renault has lost 2009 title sponsors ING, who intended to pull out before 2010 but hastened their departure after the Singapore crash scandal. Mutua Madrilena also left the team at the same time.

Renault has also announced Vitaly Petrov will race for the team alongside Robert Kubica and revealed its two reserve drivers for 2010. More here:

Renault R30 launch pictures

Pictures of the R30 at its launch plus some studio images of the new car:

Renault R30 studio video

2010 F1 car launches

Image (C) Renault/LAT

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  1. I think its fine other than the “Total” red which ruins it. Hopefully Kubica can get some results out of this car!

  2. now that right there is a good looking F1 car!!

  3. That Total red Totally ruins it! haha get it total, totally…. Yah im so lame….

  4. Sébastien F.
    31st January 2010, 18:12

    The wings look really basic compared to the other teams. I hope these are only on the car for today.

  5. Its a repainted R29, and everybody in the press just swallowed it. What a load of rubbish.

  6. Why they cover up the diffuser one day before testing is beyond me

  7. Very nice paint job. Today we’ve seen two very colourful liveries, great to see a break in the corporate tedium…

  8. inc0mmunicado
    31st January 2010, 20:44

    I think I may have owned an open wheel car that looked like this in one of the Gran Turismo games!

  9. And… What’s this?


  10. wait there hideing the diffuser at the back? why ?

  11. i dont like the red parts of it. i edited it and put my own twist on it but i dont know how to post it up.

  12. Prisoner Monkeys
    31st January 2010, 21:09

    I like it. It’s not earth-shattering like the MP4-25, but neither is it simply apeing the competition, like the F10. I don’t like the vertical lines on the shark fin, though. Maybe it needs a good Sberbank or Gazprom logo in there …

  13. It’s noticeable today from the Sauber and Renault launches that F1’s era of austerity is here. There is such a dearth of sponsors! I’m torn in how I feel about this – on the one hand I prefer the look of F1 cars light on sponsors, it just looks cleaner and more “pure”, and if the next few years means F1 teams can be run effectively on little more than TV money then we’ll get more of this. Fantastic. However, the pragmatic side of me says that this ain’t healthy. Some of these teams will surely not survive for very long if they can’t get sponsors – and I’m not just talking the new teams…

    1. To clarify, by “this ain’t healthy” I really meant “this ain’t realistic” – I just can’t see F1 teams surviving on TV money and dribs and drabs of sponsors (as Renault and Sauber seem to be doing at the mo) – even if the cost cutting measures are effective. But I do hope I’m wrong!

      1. You’re right. Look at Super Aguri. They couldn’t get their sponsorship money, and they folded. No reason why that couldn’t happen to Renault or anyone else.

  14. in paint i edited the red parts of it out, took the ING off the back wing, and modified the stripes on the fin. i wish i could get it posted somehow it looks great. i think the cleanest cars thus far are mercedes and ferrari. the renault is nice, but the red def needs to go. the sauber is hideous. mclaren isnt far behind the sauber. one has to wonder about f1 sponsorship among some teams like a couple of people mentioned. i mean the cars look cool n all, but makes you wonder if teams will be able to survive.

  15. The livery is classic, and much better than the ING mish-mash… but the car shape itself is still so fat and ugly looking.

  16. wow now I’ve to say thats the R29 -_-
    At least, thats what this Q&A says

  17. Confirmed that was a R30, wow im really dissapointed :(

  18. This guy puts up a convincing argument that it IS the R30:

    The question is, why have Renault decided to evolve the R29 instead of starting with a blank piece of paper?

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