Champion of Champions: Michael Schumacher vs Fernando Alonso

Michael Schumacher vs Fernando Alonso

Champion of ChampionsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Champion of Champions: Michael Schumacher vs Fernando Alonso

“The most dangerous champion for me is always Michael”, said Fernando Alonso last week.

But does Alonso have the measure of the man he beat to the 2006 world championship?

Alonso has acted as Schumacher’s successor more than once in his career. He took the Renault team (previously Benetton) back to championship glory ten years after Schumacher won his last title for them.

Today he is in a similar role at Ferrari, picking up where Kimi R??ikk??nen left off as Schumacher’s successor.

The statistics make it clear how much work Alonso has to do to emulate Schumacher’s success at Ferrari. He doesn’t have the ‘dream team’ of Jean Todt, Ross Brawn and Paolo Martinelli behind him – but time is on his side.

Schumacher, meanwhile, had a troubled comeback season with Mercedes after three years out of the cockpit.

Both these drivers are still racing and adding to their records. But which should go through to the next round of the Champion of Champions?

Vote for which you think was best below and explain who you voted for and why in the comments.

Michael Schumacher Fernando Alonso
Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Istanbul, 2010 Fernando Alonso, Interlagos, Renault, 2004
Titles 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 2005, 2006
Second in title year/s Damon Hill, Damon Hill, Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard, Rubens Barrichello, Kimi R??ikk??nen, Rubens Barrichello Kimi R??ikk??nen, Michael Schumacher
Teams Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari, Mercedes Minardi, Renault, McLaren, Ferrari
Notable team mates Nelson Piquet, Eddie Irvine, Rubens Barrichello Giancarlo Fisichella, Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa
Starts 268 158
Wins 91 (33.96%) 26 (16.46%)
Poles 68 (25.37%) 20 (12.66%)
Modern points per start1 14.05 10.58
% car failures2 8.21 10.76
Modern points per finish3 15.30 11.86
Notes Missed several races in 1999 after breaking his leg at Silverstone Debuted for Minardi in 2001 then spent a year testing for Renault before making race return
Retired in 2006 after 11 seasons with Ferrari Back-to-back titles for Renault in 2005 and 2006
Returned with Mercedes in 2010 Formerly the youngest ever world champion
Bio Michael Schumacher Fernando Alonso

1 How many points they scored in their career, adjusted to the 2010 points system, divided by the number of races they started
2 The percentage of races in which they were not classified due to a mechanical failure
3 How many points they scored in their career, adjusted to the 2010 points system, divided by the number of starts in which they did not suffer a race-ending mechanical failure

Round one

Which was the better world champion driver?

  • Michael Schumacher (77%)
  • Fernando Alonso (23%)

Total Voters: 777

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  1. Pepole always say that Michael was number 1 driver and the 2 one was only a pupet. But check this out×328.jpg

    1. Once again, Alonso rides Massa to victory …

      1. There must be another one of Schumacher taking Barrichello into a snow bank.

        1. no, that was the hungarian pitwall.

          1. It’s Schumi 110%. Alonso is good but he is being compared to the Best of all best.

    2. Haha wow. It reminds me of that brilliant caricature/cartoon that was posted on F1 fanatic sometime last year, of the five title contenders and Alonso being carried by massa! Anyway, I am very surprised they did that, surely its just inviting attacks from all sides! I bet it was Alonso’s idea. Smedley: ‘Alonso needs to be faster down the mountain and humiliate you at the same time. Do you understand this message!’

      Then again…it does look like massa is having more fun. so. who knows.

      1. “Smedley: ‘Alonso needs to be faster down the mountain and humiliate you at the same time. Do you understand this message!”


      2. Theres a spectacular photoshopped version of that cartoon that came up after the Wroom event:

        1. Haha, Saved.

          That is a great picture. :D

    3. lol!! thats a priceless photo…
      i saw two pictures where both were seperate in these same positions and this picture reflects my exact thoughts at that time…
      hope alonso does not ride massa in a similar vein in 2011…

    4. What a…lol!

    5. That would make a good caption competition

    6. “Fillipe, Fernando’s car is broken, Please confirm you understood that message!”

    7. MSC got my vote. Alonso is same level as Bruno Senna and Chandrok if they have the right car..

  2. Hard stuff!!!
    Michael is still over…Alonso has time enough to reach him, even if he already lost a pair of great opportunities.

    1. Fast Fred and the Kaiser sure had some big battles in the past ….
      but I think that FF will stop when he reaches 5 WDC. That is historically a good number

  3. I have to vote for Michael. As much as I disliked him in his previous incarnation (before he came back) he has given us F1 fans a lot of things to complain about and praise about him.

    He was fast and had a great team and provided many controversial moments.

    Alonso is good but MS is/was better.

    1. I ended up voting for Alonso mostly because he was the man that beat Schumacher, and put and end to his domination. But that statistic, of 91 race wins, from Schumacher, is incredible. he may have had the best car, on the superior tyres, and a team concentrating on only him winning; but even so that is incredible.

      1. Alonso beat Schumacher, Schumacher didn’t beat Alonso. Schumacher started to win his 5 titles with Ferrari at half of his career, so it’s early to say Alonso won’t manage the same. Alonso has just joined Ferrari and nearly won the title, Schumacher lost it in 1997 and 1998 at the end, so they are very similar. Both had won two titles before joining Ferrari and had beaten great opponents.
        This is my working out to decide who to vote for… I always liked Schumacher, but since Alonso came in Ferrari I’ve supported him…
        Schumacher. He is at the moment, in terms of statistics, the better driver. Once both will have retired, then we will be able to judge them better,

        1. Sorry Mate, but Alonso was lucky in 2006….do you remember GP Japan? Schumacher beat Alnoso in 2004 for example!

          Generally Schumacher can be compared only with Senna, Clark or Fangio. Alonso is far away from this level! Just like he is far from loyal worker. That is important part of being profesional!

          1. Ferrari were incredibly fortunate to have such a second-half run to the championship, considering the FIA’s interference in the R26 and Bridgestone’s come to form.

            Not to mention Monza, Shanghai, Indianapolis, Hockenheim.

          2. Ferrari weren’t fortunate, they lobbied with the FIA to have the WMSC protest the FIA’s own stewards!

            Ferrari got the FIA to ban Renault’s damper as an illegaly moving aerodynamic device.

          3. Do you remember Monza? Alonso also got his engine blown. A championship is made of all the races, in the end, who wins deserve it. To be honest Alonso would stand the comparison against most of the championship winners, I understand that the tally of schumacher is incredible, but he still has some years to prove what he is up to

    2. Its Hammer Time
      17th January 2011, 20:30

      Deciding between these two for me is like deciding the best evil cartoon Villan:

      The Hood from Thunderbirds, or Lex Luthor?

      Which did you hate/ get scared by the least :-)

  4. The quality of the opposition, not being in the ‘best team’, his skill and guile, beating Schumacher at Ferrari to win his 2 titles and the potential to win more… my vote goes to Alonso.

    1. Schumacher never jumped into the best team or car. He worked to ensure that the team could eliminate previous mistakes and become the best. Alonso is similar in that vein, but hasn’t dominated F1 in the same vein as Schumacher.

      MSC gets my vote.

    2. “the quality of the opposition”? Come on… This way you take all the credit from guys like Schumacher, Fangio, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Pelé, Ronaldo, Federer and all the greatest champions…
      If there was no Schumacher, we would have Hakkinen, Raikkonen, ALonso, Montoya and other with 2, 3 championships and we would be saying “what amazing drivers they were”
      Since 2007, several different champions… Think about it.

      1. Good piont

      2. Exactly. It’s not like the quality of the grid suddenly improved in 2007. Correct me if I’m wrong, but of the 2007 rookies only Hamilton and Kovalainen are still in F1.

        1. We had Alonso in a midfield Renault and Brawn having a double diffuser.

  5. totally MS

  6. I think I voted for the wrong person! Damn, I don’t know who I should have voted for. I dislike both of them equally, but admire them equally!

    Ahh well

    1. Snap! I really dont like either of them. They have both cheated in the most blatant manner (and I am not thinking team orders) to win. But they are also undoubtedly fantastic drivers/competitors.

      1. Both of them have done things that are not great champion like but Alonso being a very poor loser is worse to me than MSC cheating.

        I also find MSC to be the true racer and without doubt the better more complete total driver probably only 3rd after Senna and Fangio.

        On stats there is no question as shown above – so my vote goes to MSC and hope he proves all the critics wrong by at least winning 1 more race in 2011.

    2. I love this but I’m changing the “think” to “I’m not sure” Where is the stat for most sneaky and underhanded. Glad to see Alonso get the bounce. Great pairing.

    3. Schumacher for me. Really hard though, because like smifaye I don’t have an obvious like for either of them. In terms of what they have done for F1 though, Schumacher wins. He is one of the reasons for the high standard of modern F1 drivers, being 110% committed to his cause. Alonso and Schumacher are similar in many respects though.

      Interesting point – in the two largest F1 team orders scandals – Austria 2002 and more recently Germany – Schumacher pushed Barrichello onto the top step. He acknowledged that Barrichello had won the race and not him. Alonso never even suggested that Felipe had won the race.

      1. sw6569,

        Interestingly, that acknowledgement put Ferrari into more trouble. Alonso knew such an acknowledgement would be hypocritical and mindless. If he was truly concerned about integrity he shouldn’t have complained about not being able to get past him. But changing steps on the podium by Michael seemed to me like blowing the trumpet, “You know guys, I’m an honest person.” What I like about Alonso is that he just isn’t bothered about mere facades.

        As for who to vote for, well, it’s a really tough one. But Alonso just zips past for the simple reason, neither of his two championships were handed to him on a platter. And even when he didn’t win the championship Alonso finished 3rd (2nd on pure points) in 2007 and 2nd in 2010.

        In 2003 he did have an outside chance of winning the championship, but was turned down by an unreliable Renault.

        For Schumacher, his 1995 title is controversial considering the suspected use of banned electronics. His titles in 2002 and 2004 were won in a car miles ahead of the rest.

        But that’s not taking anything away from him, but Alonso’s composure in the second half of 2006, when everything seemed to be going against him and the team he just held on piling on the pressure in an inferior car, is just amazing. So I think Alonso should get past this one, because if stats were the final word there wouldn’t be a need for this competition.

        1. The reasoning in your first paragraph bemuses me but in any case it probably had more to do with team orders being legal when MS got the advantage of it but against the rules when FA got the benefit.

  7. Ok, so because the pairings, if an actual list of drivers gets compiled at the end of this, as opposed to just the one winner, I am going to completely dismiss anyone below the top spot. MS deserves to win this pairing, but neither of them deserve to go out in round one and there are certainly several drivers who when paired up with either of them, would loose. And loose badly.

    So anyway, my vote goes to Schumacher, there are very few drivers who would beat him and Alonso, good as he is, is not one of them.

    1. Ral, this isn’t the 1st round… and Alonso did beat Schumacher, twice. (3 times counting this year).

      1. Alonso beat Schumacher once. If I take it by your logic, Schumacher beat him 3 times, although they didn’t actually compete for the same positions those years.

        1. I meant Alonso beat him in ’05 and ’06 and ’10 but that wasn’t really a fair battle.

    2. I think Ral meant beating Schumi in the poll. But I agree with you on the fact that both Alonso and Schumacher would beat a lot of other people who have now advanced to the next round.

    3. It’s round nr. 2! But I agree, that it is a hard choice to make.

      I think Alonso is currently better and might get very far. But Schumacher has already acheived a lot more and I think he should problably win this.
      But I am not decided Yet.

      1. Huh? Rounds in this excercise of coming up with the best F1 driver of all time I mean. Not talking about the actual F1 WC.

        Surely this is the first round? It’s the first pairing for Schumacher and Alonso. Second pairing for a driver would make the second round etc.

        1. Round 1: Alonso vs Scheckter, Schumacher vs Farina

    4. but neither of them deserve to go out in round one

      You see the image at the top which reads “Champion of Champions Round 2”?

      1. Yes, but while you can call it round 2, it’s still these two drivers’ first matchup. Unless I missed their first and you didn’t link them in the list at the bottom of this article.

        It doesn’t matter, it’s your setup. My point was that the result will not be a valid list of best drivers (ie. best, second best, third best of all time etc.), but rather only the single best driver.

        1. My point was that the result will not be a valid list of best drivers (ie. best, second best, third best of all time etc.), but rather only the single best driver.

          Exactly. That’s why it’s “Champion [singular] of Champions”.

          1. Also one might add that’s it’s not about the best driver it’s about the best champion, which I’m not sure exactly how to quantify but that’s my issue I guess…

      2. It’s the luck of the draw. This is bound to happen. It’s like in the World Cup where you get one quarter final being Holland vs Brazil and another USA vs Ghana.

        It’s a tough one because they are two of the greatest drivers from my era. I think Schumacher was just brilliant for so long though and I remember so many incredible drives from him e.g Spain 96, Spa 97, Malaysia 99, Brazil 06 And loads more.

        1. Is there actually a draw or does Keith just decide?

        2. It’s also a good pairing as it’s easier to compare 2 drivers from the same era.

        3. Same era??? Fernando was 10 when Mike started in F1, he was 11 when Mike won his first race, and he was 13 when Mike won his first championship.

          Granted, their careers have overlapped, but Mike has overlapped many drivers.

          Senna, Prost, Mika, Hill, Jacques are more relevant to Mike.

          Hamilton, Button, Vettel, Kimi are more relevant to Alonso.

          Yea, they raced each other, but Mike was one his down-slope and Fernando was on his up-slope. I don’t think this poll is very fair compared to some of the others I’ve seen, like many others have said in the comments, neither of these drivers deserve to go out in round 1, and on top of that, they are only somewhat relevant to each other. Not 100% relevant

          1. round 2…..somehow I missed that….doesn’t change my comment really though. Where is Mika, Hill, Jaques. Or maybe they went out in round 1, I must have missed some of them.

            Also, Keith, I’m not knocking the poll, it is fun and a great idea…

      3. Anyway it’s too early for both if the drivers will be in order of results. One of these two will be in the bottom of the list if there will be one.
        And are these matching ups casual?

        1. OK, there won’t be a list. A new idea for a new series of polls?

          1. I think that its really early to match these 2 drivers together, since Shumacher or Alonso (more likely) doesn’t deserve to leave in round 2.

    5. Ral, I agree. This was an easy way to get rid of Alonso (in this poll). I love this idea for the off season, but I was afraid of poll like this. I think Alonso should have been paired with Hamilton, their battles are FAR more relevant. Mike and Mika would have been a better poll in my mind.

      Or, just random pairings of drivers taken from a hat….or multiple pairings so that there is no single elimination….oh well, there’s no perfect way to do it and it’s still fun

      1. No that I see Keith’s response that it’s the Champion (singular), then I guess this doesn’t really matter huh. even if Alonso stayed in, he would eventually either face mike or be eliminated first, so it would change the result….

  8. I’ll have to vote for Alonso. Simply because Alonso is able to consistently perform in a mediocre car. As good as Schu is in a good car, I don’t think he can go toe to toe with Alonso in the same car.

    1. Even when the car wasn’t the best, Schumacher could put in some incredible feats – just look at 1996-98 in particular.

    2. Schumacher is driving in f1 since 1991. In those 16 years he definitly didn’t always have a good or the best car and always performed atleast great with the car he had (1996 for example). People always look at the 2nd part of his ferrari years (meaning 2000-2004). In which 2000 and 2003 were close battles by the way.
      Anyway Alonso is a great driver, but i rank Schumacher higher.

    3. Not quite right. From 1991-1999 Schumacher had never more than the 2nd best car. In 1992 in similar equipment to Senna he beat Senna to 3rd in the championship, in 1996 in a ferrari that Eddie Irvine could barely drag into the top ten he won 3 races and finished 3rd in the championship, in 1997 in a car inferior to the Williams he went into the last race leading the championship, 1998… 2005 the ferrari was well off the pace and Schumacher still finished the season close to the top, 2006 Alonso had the better machinery until about half way and Schumacher clawed back a 25 point disadvantage to almost win the title, but for bad luck in the last two races who knows. Alonso is good but not Schumacher good yet.

      1. well said, I particularly remember his first season at ferrari. That car was as bad as it was ugly, yet he still won at Spa.

        1. Yes, that for me also tips the balance – how he did so well in that Ferrari that seemed to loose parts on track like it was a 2010 Virgin.

          Last year the competition was fierce, and the car about as bad, relatively, as the early 2008 renault – he did about the same as Alonso could then. But he is already looking towards this year, and beyond, finding out what to change to challenge again. I don’t know that he will succeed, but it won’t be for lack of trying, so Schumacher goes through.

      2. In 1996 in a ferrari that Eddie Irvine could barely drag into the top ten he won 3 races and finished 3rd in the championship.

        This is a point against Irvine rather than one in favour of Schumacher in my opinion. Irvine won no races in three years (1996-1998), and in the last two Schumacher challenged for the title, so I don’t think Schumy outperformes so much that he almost won the title and his team mate won no races.

        1. Am i the only one who thinks Irvine was a good enough driver. Meaning i don’t rate him lower than Barrichello for example. I don’t know the stats but at jordan they were evenly matched if i remember correctly. Anyway if you ask all schumachers teammates under ode if schumacher outpreformed the car, i think most would agree. Maybe barri not but he still thinks he could have been WC at ferrari. This while he was 95% of the time slower meaning move over 2nd driver (yes ferrari also didn’t handle this very well).

      3. Schumi and Alonso are pretty much the same type of driver. They are ruthless in their quest for glory. As I always say, they have a one track mind, just to win at any cost.

        All great champions are/were ruthless, look at Senna and at all costs.

        This is a difficult vote. Michael clearly won the chunk of his championships at a time there wasnt any one driver that posed a threat. Alonso on the other hand, toppled the The King to be the youngest double world chanmpion.

        I think this vote is highly subjectiove. Schumacher is the finished article, a closed book that just launched its second edition, while Alonso on the other hand essentially has another 7 to 8 good years left.

        I call a draw!!

    4. Sorry but I never get the argument about Schumacher not being able to win in a good car.

      His Benetton was not a top car from 1992-1994 and from what I’ve seen he drove brilliantly and even one a title in it.

      1. hmm i’d dispute that it was not a top car in 94, but you are right. 2005 he got a win too in a car that wasn’t great, and his Ferrari in 96 was terrible yet we all remember his race in spain!

        1. His 2005 win was in a race (USA) where there were only 6 cars: Ferraris, Jordans and Minardis.

        2. 2005 he got a win too in a car that wasn’t great

          Albeit practically by default when the far stronger Michelin teams pulled out at Indy…

          Did well to finish third in the WC holding off Montoya though mind you that year.

          1. ah, i just looked at the stats but hadn’t realised it was that race. I take back that point. His race at Imola though, that same year, was fantastic

        3. Ask Johnny Herbert or Jos Verstaphen, both regarded as very fast & both completly unable to get anything out of the benneton at the same time that MSC was winning races..

          In 2010 MS had the 1 thing that can slow him down, a car with understeer. Think about it, for a guy with briliant car control, if a car has a sharp pointy front end then they just make it work for them & hence the cornering limit of the car becomes higher in their hands.

          If the car understeers? Well no amount of driving input or throttle control can stop that understeer(short of slowing down even more), all you can do is try & drive around it as much as possible. It still has no front end grip, hence no possibility of being made to go through a corner faster than what your teammate at the time (ahem Rosberg) can also manage…

          Fingers crossed the 2011 Merc is pointy in the front end, I’m not saying Rosberg won’t like it every bit as much as MSC, but I think its then that we will see what MSC is fully capable of in a car again. A well balanced car with good front end grip would be even better for both drivers, but I think as long as the front end has the grip, MS will shine again.

      2. I hear the argument about Schumi and “only winning in a good car” rather a lot.

        Then I mention his drive in San Marino 05 in that terrible Ferrari, lapping two or more seconds a lap faster and the argument falls quickly, lol.

        Alonso is special, no doubt, but Schumi is a rare breed.

        1. I just tend to think people who say that either have short memory, or weren’t around in the ’90ties; I remember how exciting he was before he won the ’94 WDC surrounded by (rumours of?) trick car and “missteering” into Hill. That was rather disappointing because I used to like the young incredable German. And then the disbelief as he went to a Ferrari that had been midfield runners for years but immediately showed he could get good results if they lasted until the finish.

          Schumachers’s stats are of course heavily influenced by the years of Ferari dominance, and likewise Alonso has had both his early Minardi, the growing pains early at Renault and then the ’08 and ’09 bucket to bring his stats down, but those stats do tell the story of how much in control Schumacher was for years.

          1. I completely agree, I remember as a kid Schumacher was one of my favourite drivers to watch. He always seemed to outdrive his car and I also loved the fact that whenever he made the podium he had a big smile on his face, and it always seemed genuine.

            Then he took out hill and I started to dislike him. Then I didn’t like him cause he was dominating too much (I was a kid and I wanted to see racing!).

            Now I kinda like him again. I’d prefer it if he didn’t win another championship (save that for Rosberg; he deserves it), but I’d definately like to see him on the top of the podium a couple more times.

    5. For what I have been reading, I suppose MS is gonna lose. It makes me laugh…
      Forget his titles and just look how good he was from 96-99 with Ferrari…
      3 wins in 96? I am a Ferrari fan and remember really well how “fast” was that car. :)

  9. Schumacher, easily. It’s difficult to argue with seven World Championships.

    1. Agree with PM,SCHUMI ALL THE WAY TO GO

      Michael Schumacher 100% the BEST EVER!!

      I also think Alonso is a great driver,a truly great driver,but not as good as the Champion of Champions in my book and zillions of others.In all fairness to Alonso the man totally resepcts Schumacher in every way.I think this is a great head to head.

  10. I’m a huge fan of Alonso and I think his championship victories in ’05 and ’06 with a car that wasn’t the quickest, were remarkable.

    However, Michael Schumacher did even better at Benetton, winning against the mighty Williams-Renault duo. And don’t forget that the car advantage he had at Ferrari was of his own making – no other driver could’ve lifted the Scuderia to the dizzying heights they reached. He may have had a rough couple of years after ’04, and his comeback hasn’t been great. But in the context of the rest of his frankly stupendous career, they are trifles.

    My vote goes to Michael, but I believe Alonso is more than capable of becoming a greater champion. Time will tell.

  11. Personal opinions aside, the results speak for themselves. Schumacher love or hate him won championships before his Ferrari reign and deserves this more than Alonso does.

  12. As much as it pains me to say it, I can’t vote for Alonso. Could he match Schumacher’s achievements? Yes. Is he as good as Schumacher? Yes. Is he better than Schumacher? Who knows.

    At this moment in time I can’t discount what Schumacher has done, as much as I’d like to. Alonso is only half way through his career and If this were done in another 10 years it would be easier to make a case for voting for Alonso.

    1. I tend to agree with you on this.

    2. This was my case too, I couldn’t vote Fernando. Maybe, ten years from now on, some fully winning seasons at Ferrari, and then, we could compare. But magic team or not, as much as I hate him, what Schu did from 2000 to 2004 was remarkable. Absolutely.

    3. “Champion of Champions”.

      Today not what might be.

      In 5 years we will do it again.

    4. I’ve been spending the best part of a week trying to rationalise a vote for Alonso but to be honest there’s just no way I could vote against the overwhelming acheivements of Schumacher, so I’m abstaining today. Its a shame to see Alonso go out so early but I guess there’s no shame in losing to Schumi.

    5. I agree with your reasoning. It was hard for me to give an unbiased vote on this one. But the way I look at it is, the only season they both had equally competitive cars(2006), Fernando came out on top. So he got my vote.

    6. Well said, and I tend to think you are right.

  13. Alonso is a good driver, Schumacher is a better driver, the stats don’t lie, no matter what you might think of them as persons ( and I dislike Alonso) , their preformances speak for themselves

  14. As fernando career is still relatively young, well compared to michael! id have to go with michael simply due to what he has achieved.

    But side by side you cant split them. they both have helped turn around benetton/renault and ferrari. people say ferrari were rubbish before michael, not so just check out alesi in 95 mega! fernando challenging for title up til final round in first season at ferrari is not too disimilar to 97 in both cases the other teams williams/red bull and mclaren (towards end of season in 97) were by far the faster yet through sheer determination and skill they clung on when anyone else on the grid would of thrown the towel. i cant help but think if lewis had this year had that same attitude he would of won the title. he only missed out by a few points but going into final 3l rounds he was giving the impression of a beaten man. you dont get that with fernando or michael and thats what makes them great team leaders.

    1. An Alonso vs. Hamilton contest will surely spawn fireworks!

  15. Shumacher. The regenmeister, the legend, the one who inspired a whole generation of young German drivers to even try their hands in motorsport.
    7 WDCs is insane, and for my money on the spirit of that alone, should he win the whole champion of champions debate.
    The guy did some dodgy stuff in his career, but somehow unlike Alonso, he doesn’t have that ‘unpleasantness’ about him, you know where you stand with Michael, he is the dominant force in the team, you dont get that feeling however, as you would with Alonso that he’d stab you in the back, or agree to a strategy forcing a teammate to crash(highly likely Alonso was in the know), or blackmailing a team because his demands of being a number one weren’t met.
    Shu all the way.

    1. In terms of ethics the only difference between the two is that Micheal would do his dirty work himself on the track whereas Alonso would try to do it secretly.

      I think that in terms of character and mentality, Alonso is in fact the closest one to Schumacher. As far as skills go, I really can’t tell. Alonso defeated Schumacher on the track twice for the championship and until now, never had a Ferrari powerhouse behind him. I think that this pair could be decided in 5 or 7 years from now, when Alonso is in the same position where Schumacher is now. I wouldn’t be surprised if their ways went ridiculously similar.

      Currently I have to vote Schumacher, but it’s purely because of overwhelming stats of Schuey.

      1. I am already tired of explaining that 2005 WC was Kimi vs Alonso, not Alonso vs Michael. Alonso won once Michael for the Championship, not twice.

        1. And 7 WC plus coming back after three years out with another team wich isn´t Ferrari is hugely brave. I vote for Michael and i think he´s the best ever ahead Prost and not only for statistics. His force of willness and ablity to work hard in his own sucess is superior to everybody in F1 story. Yaeh i know he don´t care about manners something but this is not kart racing, and nobody could have won all he won being the cleanest guy in and out he track. In modern F1 era it´s harder to make a diference and he did it 7 years at least.

          1. “he don´t care about manners something ” I wanted to say sometimes

    2. “or agree to a strategy forcing a teammate to crash(highly likely Alonso was in the know”

      The FIA found that Fernando had no knowledge of it and Piquet has said the same.

  16. Why do I get the sneaky suspicion by round two a Hamilton vs Senna final is on the cards.

    And no, thats not a conspiracy theorist at work.

    1. Assuming the round two brackets are going to be like this one, I don’t see a Senna-Hamilton faceoff. Specifically, I don’t see Hamilton beating Jack Brabham.

      I could be wrong though.

      1. I’d personally like to see Graham Hill get rather far, and/or Alain Prost.

    2. The only possible justifiable final could be Clark vs Senna. With Clark winning out.

  17. It’s impossible to argue with the Championships and the Stats, Schumacher is way out in front.

    In reality though I think this is very close and, as already pointed out, this match up is too early and will allow Champions through to the third round at Alonso’s expense. Ultimately it don’t matter though as there is only one winner and that is all that counts. The placings after that cannot be considered accurate, unless we use one of those sites that repeatedly pits random champion against random champion and scores accordingly, without the knockout element.

  18. It’s unfortunate, but Alonso is probably going to go out in round two. Schumacher is head-and-shoulders above every champion since ’94. He’s the master of the refueling era. I can’t imagine any other driver winning Hungary ’98 or France ’04 the way he did.

  19. Alonso is now approaching the same age/stage of his career that brought Michael Schumacher so much success at Ferrari. These next few years could be what defines his career and what he is remembered for if he manages to build Ferrari around him, as he did at Renault and like Schumacher did for so long.

    I had a look at the stats and when Schumacher was 29 (same age as Alonso is now)he had won 33 races which is close to the 26 Alonso has now, so there’s not that much in it at the same stage of their careers. They have also been competing for the championship the same number of times at the same age (both 4 Schumacher -94,95,97 and 98 and Alonso 05,06,07 and 2010)so there are some interesting comparisons.

    Despite not being a fan of some of his on track behaviour over the years Schumacher has to take this, I can’t see Alonso being the total dominant force he was in his prime, and the 96-99 years at Ferrari for me stand out from his career as he worked to develop the Ferrari, as well his Benetton title wins where the Williams was a better car.

    I suppose you could argue though that if Alonso ends up with four or five titles at the end of his career with drivers like Hamilton, Vettel, Button, Kubica etc as his rivals the competition he will have beaten will be much stronger than Schumacher, and then maybe he could rank ahead of him as after all he did beat him head to head in ’06 (when both had competitive cars) That is all rather hypothetical however so at the moment Schumacher wins in my opinion.

    1. There’s also the question of longevity. I remember Alonso saying in an interview after he’d won his first championship that he didn’t see himself being in F1 as long as MSC had been around.

      Then again back in ’94 I don’t think MSC would have seen himself being in F1 for at least another 12 seasons!

      1. Alonso did say that Burnout but I wonder if he’d be more willing to stick around now. At the time he had his title, was fighting for his second with Schumi about to retire and he was going to move to his dream team Mclaren. It looked liked he’d be the number 1 of F1. Since then he’s had two uncompetitive years at Renault, has a more challenging grid to face and has only just joined Ferrari. I don’t think he would have dreamt things would turn out the way they have.

  20. I’ve worked out the bracket, and Round 3 is going to get pretty crazy. All multiple champions and no easy choices. Vote wisely!

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