2014 Bahrain Grand Prix grid

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014

Row 1 1. Nico Rosberg 1’33.185
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’33.464
Row 2 3. Valtteri Bottas 1’34.247
4. Sergio Perez 1’34.346
Force India
Row 3 5. Kimi Raikkonen 1’34.368
6. Jenson Button 1’34.387
Row 4 7. Felipe Massa 1’34.511
8. Kevin Magnussen 1’34.712
Row 5 9. Fernando Alonso 1’34.992
10. Sebastian Vettel 1’34.985
Red Bull
Row 6 11. Nico Hulkenberg 1’35.116
Force India
12. Daniil Kvyat 1’35.145
Toro Rosso
Row 7 13. Daniel Ricciardo 1’34.051
Red Bull
14. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’35.286
Toro Rosso
Row 8 15. Esteban Gutierrez 1’35.891
16. Romain Grosjean* 1’35.908
Row 9 17. Pastor Maldonado 1’36.663
18. Kamui Kobayashi 1’37.085
Row 10 19. Jules Bianchi 1’37.310
20. Marcus Ericsson 1’37.875
Row 11 21. Max Chilton 1’37.913
22. Adrian Sutil** 1’36.840

*Ten-place penalty for unsafe release in Malaysia.
**Five-place penalty for impeding Grosjean

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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79 comments on 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix grid

  1. Andre (@lheela) said on 5th April 2014, 17:05

    What a exciting and unpredictable qualifying. *yawn*

    • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 5th April 2014, 17:08

      yes, we all knew well ahead of time that Rosberg would be on pole right? No, I don’t think so, there were several interesting fights.

    • atta said on 5th April 2014, 19:45

      You’re all like little children squabbling around the table and fighting for scraps; butting in with your all so clear crystal ball predictions.
      It’s fairly boring and predictable which team will come first and second. (Just look at most online sporting betting outfits)
      There is however some slight interest as to who will come out as best of the rest. Also some potentially team mate battles all along the grid; and it’s for that reason that I’ll watch it tomorrow.

  2. Roald (@roald) said on 5th April 2014, 17:05

    That was so boring it’s unbelievable.

    • Albert said on 5th April 2014, 17:06

      It was quite unpredictable. What else did you expect?

      • Roald (@roald) said on 5th April 2014, 17:19

        My expectations have nothing to do with it. Throughout the years I’ve seen plenty of predictable qualifying sessions, which I usually didn’t mind because at least the cars were interesting to look at. It’s 2014 though and the cars look slow, ugly and boring all throughout. Wow, the extra torque means drivers have to correct their cars while they slowly creep through corners! Yay… I know laptimes are similar, but conditions were very, very different. There’s nothing to make up for predictability because the cars themselves are so boring to watch.

        • Albert said on 5th April 2014, 17:27

          So… It was boring because you think the cars are ugly.

          I must say, that’s a somewhat original complain.

  3. Aimal (@aimalkhan) said on 5th April 2014, 17:06

    Was Fernando asleep at the wheel of that Ferrari? :(

  4. puneeth Bharath (@puneethvb) said on 5th April 2014, 17:08

    What happened to Alonso and Vettel? Both so far off their team mates?

  5. Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 5th April 2014, 17:08

    Rosberg was excellent, Ricciardo was excellent, Bottas was excellent.

    Vettel, Alonso and Hülkenberg were all pretty disappointing.

  6. Ivan B (@njoydesign) said on 5th April 2014, 17:08

    Some interesting results)) I wonder what happened to Alonso, this was really bad…

  7. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 5th April 2014, 17:09

    Really happy for Nico. Hope he fights for the win tomorrow.

  8. Albert said on 5th April 2014, 17:09

    I wonder if Alonso, Vettel and/or Hulkenberg had any mech. issues. Such a difference between them and their team mates is weird. Anyways, the three of them are close and going for comebacks, that should be fun!

    Good for Rosberg, will he make up for a somewhat weak Malasya? I hope he does, it will keep things interesting.

    I must say, I like this grid.

  9. Oscar (@oscar) said on 5th April 2014, 17:10

    HUL out of Q3, that was really unexpected…

  10. kpcart said on 5th April 2014, 17:11

    I preferred when aero made a difference in lap time, not engine asis the case this year. This years best car is only good for 3rd because of an underpowered engine. Lewis… Typical of his career, has the momentum and car and fluffs it.

    • Theoddkiwi (@theoddkiwi) said on 6th April 2014, 3:00

      yeah because second on the grid is terrible. He’s rubbish, starting on the front row in all three races. He might as well give up on the championship he really should go back to GP2 to justify his place in F1

  11. Pole Time prediction – 01:33.273
    Pole prediction – Nico Rosberg

    My prediction is going well so far this weekend!

  12. Sam (@) said on 5th April 2014, 17:12

    I think we’ll see Sutil at the back because he seriously blocked MAL.

  13. In response to everyone saying it was boring and predictable, I actually quite enjoyed it. Accepting that the Mercedes’ were going to lock out the front row, it was still an intriguing battle between the two drivers and ultimately Nico starting in front is a good outcome for the race. Generally both he and Hamilton get good starts so we should get a good battle with Lewis pressing up behind him.

    Equally the battle for third place is unbelievable – pick any of the Force India, Williams, McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari drivers and you could feasibly see them on the podium tomorrow. That will certainly keep me interested.

    Then there is the battles between team-mates as well, which are close at the nearly every team – now Raikkonen and Perez have taken their first blow to their respective team-mates.

    I think it has the potential to be a very interesting race tomorrow.

    • Sam (@) said on 5th April 2014, 17:19

      @ben-n I guess you haven’t seen any of the long runs then…

    • Andre (@lheela) said on 5th April 2014, 17:23

      Red Bull drivers on the podium? Starting from 10 and 13, and with mediocre top speed at best that is a bold assumption! Hulkenberg is very much out of place, too. McLarens seem to just lack the pace in general right now.

      Also, last year everyone was moaning that Vettel’s dominance is killing the sport. Nobody back then said “Accepting that Red Bull is going to lock out the front row…” and so on. The only thing that really changed, is that it’s Mercedes now. If the other teams don’t step up their games massively by the end of the season, viewer figures might fall to a long time low.

      • I think the difference last year was that it was a given that Vettel would beat Webber. With the Mercedes line-up this year, you can have both of them fighting each other, despite Hamilton being quite a bit better over long runs.

        I’m not making an assumption, I’m saying that with the right strategy and reliability and a bit of luck going their way, I could easily see either Vettel or Ricciardo in third, even from 10th and 13th.

        • Sam (@) said on 5th April 2014, 17:36

          Both RBR cars are over 15kph slower than all cars ahead of them. Where are they going to overtake them then?

          • Take Vettel – a good start and he’s up to 7th, 2 cars retire, 5th. Up behind 3rd and 4th, pits a little early, gets the jump on them, 3rd. Without having to overtake anyone on track.

            I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but you must understand that at least 50% of position changes are not down to overtaking on track.

          • @ardenflo … pretty sure Ricciardo just overtook Magnussen…

          • Sam (@) said on 6th April 2014, 16:58

            @Ben-n Yeah, lovely move. But Look at how long Ric is already stuk behind Kimi.

          • @ardenflo – not to rub it in too much but Ricciardo was within a second of a podium come the end of the Grand Prix, during a race featuring multiple overtakes, including several on Mercedes-powered cars. ;-)

            Hope you can look forward to the Chinese Grand Prix a little more than this one!

          • Sam (@) said on 6th April 2014, 19:31

            @ben-n Thanks to a SC though. Otherwise there would be nothing more for them than 7th and 8th. Possibly the Ferraris would’ve taken their one-stopping asses.

      • HoHum (@hohum) said on 5th April 2014, 19:53

        “Viewing figures might fall” you mean like they did when Senna, Clark. Schumacher, started winning with ease.

    • Alex Brown (@splittimes) said on 5th April 2014, 18:21

      Agreed. I couldn’t get to any proper coverage so relied on twitter updates, which made it all feel quite exciting. And I agree that it could be interesting. Cars out of position is usually a sign of good things to come: either overtaking, pull-something-out-of-the-bag performances, or frustration and tempers and maybe even a little carnage. Red Bull aren’t a top team just because they can build fast cars though; their operation is slick throughout, and I expect them to come up with something. Whether its a left-field strategy play or ‘wildcard regulation usage’* I can’t guess. But even if it isn’t a huge, exciting overtake-athon, I’ll probably enjoy it anyway.

      * Not trying to stir up pro or anti-Red Bull replies. Its all drama to me, and whether I like their methods or it makes me mad, it certainly isn’t boring.

  14. DaveF1 (@davef1) said on 5th April 2014, 17:13

    Raikkonens performance gives me some hope for Ferrari but looks like it’s going to be another round of which Mercedes wins.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 5th April 2014, 19:59

      @daveF1, with the closeness of the performance of, Williams, Ferarri, Force I, McLaren,and RBR coming from behind, will it realy matter if Lewis and Nico are battling each other half a lap ahead.

  15. Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 5th April 2014, 17:14

    Wow, didn’t expect Kimi to be up there, he has been struggling since the start of the season. Good for him though.
    Happy for Rosberg, it’s great to have a bit of a battle up there. And I’m really excited for Bottas in P3! Finally we can see what the Williams is capable of from a decent starting position.

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