No Canadian GP on 2009 F1 calendar

The 2009 F1 calendar has no space for the Canadian Grand Prix

The 2009 F1 calendar has no space for the Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix has been dropped from the 2009 F1 calendar in a shock move as the FIA published full details of next year’s schedule.

No reason has been given for the deletion of the Montreal race, held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The Canadian round has been plagued by problems with its surface at recent races, which were especially severe during this year’s Grand Prix.

But there had been no prior indication that the round might be dropped. The race was on the provisional 2009 F1 calendar. It was last missing from the calendar in 1987 due to sponsorship reasons.

Canada’s absence means next year’s calendar has 18 races instead of 19.

The FIA has not explained why the Canadian round has been dropped. It’s one of the most popular and well-attended races on the F1 calendar, held at a distinctive track which has been part of the F1 calendar for three decades.

Canada has loads of dedicated F1 fans and even though it hasn’t had an F1 driver since Jacques Villeneuve two years ago they’ve continued to support their Grand Prix. It’s a terrible shame Montreal is no longer on the calendar, and that F1 now has no North American round at all.

2009 F1 calendar

Rnd Date Event Circuit
1 27-29 March Australian Grand Prix Albert Park, Mebourne
2 3-5 April Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit
3 17-19 April Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir
4 8-10 May Spanish Grand Prix Montmelo, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
5 21-24 May Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo
10 5-7 June Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Park
6 19-21 June British Grand Prix Silverstone
7 26-28 June French Grand Prix Magny-Cours
8 10-12 July German Grand Prix Nurburgring
9 24-26 July Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring
11 21-23 August European Grand Prix Valencia Street Circuit
12 28-30 August Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps
13 11-13 September Italian Grand Prix Autodromo Nazionale Monza
14 25-27 September Singapore Grand Prix Singapore Street Circuit (night race)
15 9-11 October Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka
16 16-18 October Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit
17 30 October – 1 November Brazilian Grand Prix Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos, Sao Paulo
18 13-15 November Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Island

2009 F1 season
2009 F1 calendar

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96 comments on No Canadian GP on 2009 F1 calendar

  1. qazuhb said on 7th October 2008, 16:47

    Will Robert Kubica miss it?

  2. Scott Joslin said on 7th October 2008, 16:53

    Too Good the reason we are

    lambasting and lamenting.

    is because as you quite rightly put it, it is not about benefit of the sport long term or the majority of F1 fans, more for money, which disappoints a lot of F1 fans.

  3. wtf? Why would they drop Canada and yet keep the absolute awful spain tracks?!? that no one passed on at all. FIA has lost it.

    or this is Bernie’s way of getting Canada to pay more money for the gp./

  4. That’s fine,, I’ll just go to the other North American and Central American F1 races.

    NO,, wait, I can’t do that.

    Fine, then I’ll just watch it on network television like people in the rest of the world and,,,

    No, can’t do that.

    Then I’ll watch replays on youtube and,,,

    No,, can’t do that.

    If I was an F1 sponsor I’d be HEAVILY ANGERED about my brand Euros not reaching the worldwide audience I was promised. Call your local Bernie and Max and tell them. Only you can prevent the short uber rich from angering entire continents.

  5. HounslowBusGarage said on 7th October 2008, 17:13

    I thought Bernie was saying recently that he thought 20 races per season was about right. Next year there will be 18. Does that mean that one more race will suddenly appear in the four week gap between Hungary and Valencia?
    And wasn’t India going to get a race in 2009, or were they promised one for 2010?

  6. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 7th October 2008, 17:14

    This just gets stranger. The Canadian Grand Prix organisers say they weren’t informed of the FIA’s decision to drop the race beforehand: story.

    I wonder if the FIA has unilaterally taken the decision to drop the race and not consulted Ecclestone on it.

  7. There’s something dodgy going on here….

  8. Mafhew said on 7th October 2008, 17:27

    I’m suprised that in this era where racing is being lamented for not being exciting enough, the only one real race which has provided exciting racing year after year is dropped. Nice decision FIA.

    Oh well, i suppose we still have the Valencia street circuit =)

    And wow that is strange about the fact there was no notification.

  9. Way to go Bernie you arrogant pompous ***, like you don’t have enough money already. I have attended the Canadian GP for the last 3 years and it was a fantastic venue! This is nothing more than a pathetic old man proving he can do whatever he wants with the sport of F1, I hope you rot in hell Bernie!

  10. Keith, As posted by other posters, This development definitely has connection with the American Motorsports bodies not backing Spanky, in the vote of confidence. But by that logic Germany should have been off the calendar as well.

    And what about Constructors keen for “American Races” as they have sizeable market in this continent that they really care for.

  11. donwatters said on 7th October 2008, 17:42

    What’s going on here? Cancelling a successful event for no stated reason? Not telling the organizers about it? It’s like something out of the Twilight Zone. I just don’t get it.

  12. This is a scandal! Bring back the Canadian GP now. Why are the decent circuits all being modified to rubbish or dropped. Who’s starting the online petition?

  13. TommyB said on 7th October 2008, 17:47

    Canadian GP is good EVERY year. I can never remember I bad one. Why not stop the crap boring race tracks like Hungary which never produce good racing

  14. definitelly something does not smell right here … how glad I am I went to Canada for the race this year instead of waiting for the next season …

    this can’t be real … I want to believe the race will be back on the calendar next year, but with the way the calendar looks now, there does not seem to be any room for it, unless another reshuffle takes place …

  15. Brigitte said on 7th October 2008, 17:49

    I just can’t believe the Montreal GP F1 has been taken out… I’m from Quebec Province and I go to the GP F1 every year since 1996.

    A huge disapointment for the Quebec Fans as well as other fans around (like Toronto, North of the US, etc.)


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