No Canadian GP on 2009 F1 calendar

The 2009 F1 calendar has no space for the Canadian Grand Prix

The 2009 F1 calendar has no space for the Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix has been dropped from the 2009 F1 calendar in a shock move as the FIA published full details of next year’s schedule.

No reason has been given for the deletion of the Montreal race, held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The Canadian round has been plagued by problems with its surface at recent races, which were especially severe during this year’s Grand Prix.

But there had been no prior indication that the round might be dropped. The race was on the provisional 2009 F1 calendar. It was last missing from the calendar in 1987 due to sponsorship reasons.

Canada’s absence means next year’s calendar has 18 races instead of 19.

The FIA has not explained why the Canadian round has been dropped. It’s one of the most popular and well-attended races on the F1 calendar, held at a distinctive track which has been part of the F1 calendar for three decades.

Canada has loads of dedicated F1 fans and even though it hasn’t had an F1 driver since Jacques Villeneuve two years ago they’ve continued to support their Grand Prix. It’s a terrible shame Montreal is no longer on the calendar, and that F1 now has no North American round at all.

2009 F1 calendar

Rnd Date Event Circuit
1 27-29 March Australian Grand Prix Albert Park, Mebourne
2 3-5 April Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang International Circuit
3 17-19 April Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir
4 8-10 May Spanish Grand Prix Montmelo, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
5 21-24 May Monaco Grand Prix Monte-Carlo
10 5-7 June Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Park
6 19-21 June British Grand Prix Silverstone
7 26-28 June French Grand Prix Magny-Cours
8 10-12 July German Grand Prix Nurburgring
9 24-26 July Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring
11 21-23 August European Grand Prix Valencia Street Circuit
12 28-30 August Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps
13 11-13 September Italian Grand Prix Autodromo Nazionale Monza
14 25-27 September Singapore Grand Prix Singapore Street Circuit (night race)
15 9-11 October Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka
16 16-18 October Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit
17 30 October – 1 November Brazilian Grand Prix Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos, Sao Paulo
18 13-15 November Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Island

2009 F1 season
2009 F1 calendar

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96 comments on No Canadian GP on 2009 F1 calendar

  1. did anyone tell Bernie in advance ? would be inetresting to hear what he has to say about all this …

  2. But by that logic Germany should have been off the calendar as well.

    Patience my friends, ADAC, the German motor club is under strong attack by Max, it’s only a matter of time before the German GP is gone as well.

  3. We don’t need online petition.. lets give Max what he likes (Lots of Spanking)and that should suffice :D.
    Now for the dreadful part – We need some volunteers to see spanky’s “Back”

  4. Kubica said on 7th October 2008, 18:19

    BMW Sauber is gonna be ******!!! Now they have nowhere to have spectacular crashes and/or win races.

  5. Also ADAC controls Hockenheim and not the Nurburgring.

    Someone needs to go and kick Max’s teeth in because Montreal is one of the best tracks in the world both to race and watch! I am sure this has to do with the Canadian motor club voting against Max than anything to do with Bernie. Think about it why would Bernie want to cancel it anyway? It has nothing to do with money just an old sick ******* getting his revenge on the Candian motor club!

    Hopefully the press can blast the FIA over this as that’s the only thing left for F1 fans to be hopeful over.

  6. Scootin159 said on 7th October 2008, 18:26

    I have a feeling there will be major fallout from this.

  7. Pedro Andrade said on 7th October 2008, 18:29

    Great to see my favourite track go.

  8. Scootin159 said on 7th October 2008, 18:36

    What would it take for Mr. Eccelstone to lose his job?

  9. Scootin59 – To answer you question, Nothing. He has already sold his rights over F1 to CVC and now fleecing F1 as CVC paid employee.

    As I mentioned before, If I am organizer whose event has been recently dropped by Bernie/FIA. I will be relieved that the Mafias have left :).

    What is an emotional attachment to the fans, is just business for Bernie/FOM/FIA ( and most team owners as well)….

    Love of sport,its tradition, etc doesn’t permeate the thick skin of the parties mentioned above

  10. Uppili said on 7th October 2008, 19:11

    I know, who is to blame for it. Me!! Every race that i plan to attend bites the dust that year. Last year i vowed to attend this year’s US GP after moving closer to Indianapolis!! Then I vowed to go to Champ Car’s cleveland Grand Prix!! This year i vowed to go to the next Canadian GP. :(

  11. Pedro Andrade said on 7th October 2008, 19:14

    Ecclestone and Mosley’s time to go can’t come too soon…

  12. Robert McKay said on 7th October 2008, 19:15

    Canada has been one of the few races over the past couple of years to consistently produce an exciting race in the dry – and for this very reason should be one of the FIRST tracks on the calendar, not dropped off the end. Partly due to the surface, partly due to tyres not reacting as expected and mostly due to the close proximity of the walls.

    But no worries, Valencia can entertain us instead.


  13. Pedro, thats not going to happen, Max’s deputy quitting soon (read last para). Which mean a new puppet will take his place and Max will continue for another term under pretext help the Deputy protect interests of Motor Sports

  14. Robert McKay said on 7th October 2008, 19:36

    I know, who is to blame for it. Me!! Every race that i plan to attend bites the dust that year. Last year i vowed to attend this year’s US GP after moving closer to Indianapolis!! Then I vowed to go to Champ Car’s cleveland Grand Prix!! This year i vowed to go to the next Canadian GP.

    Uppili: fancy a trip to either Magny-Cours, Catalunya or the Hungaroring? Just promise me you’ll never plan to go to Spa :-D

  15. sven duva said on 7th October 2008, 19:43

    MotoGP has three races in Spain, and still manage to maintain interest all over the world with races in Europe, North America (2 of them), Middle East, Asia, and Australia. And next year even in Africa, I think I read somewhere. I don’t know where this F1 circus is heading at the moment. OK, Singapore were alright for me, but Shanghai, Hungaroring, Bahrain, Catalunya and Magny-Cours are really boring tracks that sparks no F1 passion at all. Is this the official “screw U.S.” from Bernie, or are there any hope for a world wide F1 again? I know there are different opinions about the U.S, but a motor sport series without any presence at all over there is not truly world wide.

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