2010 F1 testing: February 3rd

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Schumacher is back on track for Mercedes today
Schumacher is back on track for Mercedes today

Much of the world’s media will be focused on Michael Schumacher’s return to test for Mercedes again today.

Meanwhile two other world champions will get their first official runs with their new teams – Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari F10 and Jenson Button driving the McLaren MP4-25. Join us for day three of testing below.

Testing notes

As we head into day three of testing the outward signs are that Ferrari have the upper hand so far.

Felipe Massa has been fastest on both of the two testing days so far and he’s racked up over 100km more in the F10 than any other car.

As ever it’s worth remembering we know little of the comparative fuel loads and set-ups being used. But so far it looks safe to say the F10 is not the turkey its predecessor was and Rubens Barrichello said he thought the car “seemed very good”.

But encouragingly, for those hoping for a closely-fought championship, several of the other teams were able to set times within a few tenths of a second of Massa’s.

We’ve seen some teams, including McLaren and Renault, using green ‘flow vis’ paint to suss out if their aerodynamics are working as expected.

Today’s testing line-up

McLaren MP4-25Jenson Button*
Mercedes W01Michael Schumacher
Ferrari F10Fernando Alonso*
Williams FW32Nico H?â??lkenberg*
BMW Sauber C29Pedro de la Rosa
Renault R30 – Vitaly Petrov*
Toro Rosso STR5Jaime Alguersuari*

*First appearance in testing this year

Timing and other resources

The following sites have live information from the test:

Motor 21
F1 Today
Live GP
La Sexta
The F1

If you know of any others, please post details in the comments.

Several drivers, teams and journalists are providing updates from the track. If you’re on Twitter and would like to follow them you can find links to their accounts in the F1 Twitter directory.

You can find details of future F1 tests in the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

Testing so far

The tables below shows how many laps and how much distance have been logged by each driver, car model and engine prior to today’s test:

Drivers’ test mileages

Driver Total laps Total distance (km)
Felipe Massa 227 909.135
Robert Kubica 188 752.94
Rubens Barrichello 177 708.885
Nico Rosberg 158 632.79
Sebastien Buemi 125 500.625
Lewis Hamilton 108 432.54
Kamui Kobayashi 96 384.48
Gary Paffett 86 344.43
Pedro de la Rosa 74 296.37
Michael Schumacher 40 160.2

Car test mileages

Model Total laps Total distance (km)
F10 227 909.135
W01 198 792.99
MP4-25 194 776.97
R30 188 752.94
FW32 177 708.885
C29 170 680.85
STR5 125 500.625

Engine test mileages

Engine Total laps Total distance (km)
Ferrari 522 2090.61
Mercedes 392 1569.96
Renault 188 752.94
Cosworth 177 708.885

The track

The teams remain at the Ricardo Tormo road course just outside Valencia in Spain (not the street track which is the venue for the European Grand Prix).

The weather is expected to remain dry with temperatures around 14-16C.

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2010 F1 testing

Image (C) Mercedes

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  1. I take it massa is back from the accident after doing that many laps. Good for him!

    1. Yeah is really good for him,thanks to Ferrari for giving him more time on track.

  2. Why oh why does Michael still use that Ferrari era red helmet? He really should go back to the classic one he had before that.

    1. yes, but that red helmet has become a bit of a classic in it’s own right, and it does give a nice contrast to the grey of the car

    2. Just don’t forget he is has many beliefs, like those of the odd numbers, and he probably associates it with his best time on F1, just note that he won 5 of his 7 World Championships with that colour scheme, which he debuted at Monaco back there in the unforgettable 2000 season

      1. Does anyone apart from me pooh-pooh that odd numbers superstitious Shumi stuff? I thought it was because if he gets the odd member he’s the lower number and therefore feels more like the team leader he’s always been. Am I too cynical?

        1. I have my doubts. As Vee put it the other day:

          He will also reveal that he has a special form of OCD that means he just has to brake-test any drivers that are behind him, and cannot stop himself from driving straight into anyone who has just overtaken him. He also has a strong superstition for getting to choose his own parking space, and will park his Mercedes car in Race Control, where he can literally control the race by tampering with the timing system.

          1. Har-de-har. Hope I don’t offend anyone on a personal level, but all superstitions are stupid. If Mercedes want to go with superstition as the deciding factor for their drivers’ numbers it just reflects poorly on them.

          2. Mouse_Nightshirt
            3rd February 2010, 9:16

            @ Maciek:

            Either that or they’re listening to the expensive 7 time world champion they’ve hired.

          3. And so does Hamilton, with a wider quota of cynism and hypocrisy

          4. Slightly surprised at you Keith for quoting that, thought you had a less biased view of Schumacher.

            Michael has only ever raced one F1 car with an even number and that was the Jordan 191 that didn’t last a lap.

            Maciek you may find superstition stupid and I may not be a superstitious person but you can’t deny the psychological effect it can have on people who strongly believe in such things.

            Superstition in sport is not something confined to Michael Schumacher.

            To be honest I don’t really care, it makes sense that Schumacher has number 3, and if Rosberg is not superstitious then it will matter little to him. He knows it won’t effect his driving and he would do well to take a similar approach to Irvine or Massa with regards to being Schumacher’s team mate. There’s no point in fighting it and causing unnecessary friction when he might only be in the sport for a year and Rosberg stands to not only learn a lot but inherit the team leadership after Michael leaves (if he can’t make a claim for it during the season that is).

            Given Schumacher’s experience and record I think any team would feel inclined to give him what he required and that’s understandable.

        2. Far too cynical. Don’t you have any lucky pants?!

        3. I really think Rosberg should have fought it. Michael will be trying everything he can to get the psychological edge, Rosberg should have got in an early blow and told him to stick it.

          1. I hope Nico got something worthwile out of giving up his number.

            I don’t know about F1 but here in the states, ball players usually pay a hefty ransom to buy their favourite numbers off teammates when they switch teams.

            Players that have had the same number their entire carrier have paid thousands of dollars to other players when they switch teams in order to keep their favoured number.

            Does anyone know what price, if any Schumi paid to get #3?

          2. None. It’s the teams choice.

  3. looking forward to seeing alonso and button in their new cars, be interesting to see how many laps each one of them does compared to their teammate.

    1. will it?!?!?

      maybe they will do tyre work and big fuel load testing with an extra sand bad in the boot.
      Or maybe they will do qually sims…

      and how that relates to the team mates prior work is ….

      1. will it?!?!?


        Because i will find it interesting, and no amount “the times don’t matter blah blah blah’ will take away from the fact, that i, personally, will find it interesting. end of.
        There is also the fact that massa is making a come back. To see a high number of laps completed by him is good, because as a fan, that gives me hope that maybe he will be back to his best this year. time will tell. I will find the number of laps alonso do will be interesting, because he is adjusting to a whole new team, new car, steering wheel, brakes, personal, so will he do the same as masa to ‘get use the new environment’, or will it be a quick shake down, pull in etc. There is nothing to scientific about it, just a personal interest. If it does not interest you… then good for you.

        1. Massa is not in the same league as Schumi, Lewis, Alonso, I dont know why so many people follow him, hes totally overrated, he often drops it under no pressure, and only has pace when hes really pushing, in midfield he just ambles along.

          Of course Im glad hes back, and hope he has the same level as before his accident.

          These tests are interesting, but any comparisons of any stats are quite tricky for so many variables.

          1. I’m going to be predictable and jump in because I find this argument isn’t that strong but only because there’s no point making any assumptions at all about Massa because of the accident.
            He also is yet to go up to Alonso in the same equipment and he might just keep up, he might not either.
            Pre-Hungary Massa though was in the top tier I believe. He made the F60 look alright, beat Kimi two years running, he’s making fewer mistakes (sorry but in 08 both he and Hamilton made plenty of errors so that isn’t an exclusive ‘Massa’ trait), he can put in awesome stints what makes Smedley compare him to Schumi and he pushed Hamilton all the way for the title and at times pushed Schumi in 06.
            He isn’t as brash as Hamilton but that’s because he has a different style.
            Oh also China 09 qualified 13th and raced up to a podium position.
            2007 he made a mess of a lot of the year but he still showed some spark like Nurburgring which agve a hint of what he really could deliver. He’s matured way beyond then just as it would be a bit pointless saying Vettel was always going to make mistakes like Monaco and Hamilton hasn’t grown at all. Most drivers need time to mature, some are more error prone but generally the errors get cut out as they develop.
            I know I’m a Massa fan so I’m likely to argue for him but time and again he’s proved himself to be an excellent driver, top tier in my view or just below it for some others.
            He does have a problem with making mistakes and I suspect at times he’ll prove he can be quicker than Alonso but Alonso should win because he will be more consistent.
            But as I say we can’t make any real judgements about the Massa we have now because of the accident.
            It’s his early days and 07 I think makes him judged in a more negative light. He isn’t perfect but Massa seems to get -not negative criticism persay -but just a lot of disregard as those he’s only there to fill up the numbers.

          2. I have to agree Massa is not a top tier driver, and how he got the ferrari gig is beyond me. Only reason I see was he was a good lacky!

            as it HG
            “to see how many laps each one of them does compared to their teammate”
            This is what you said…I still fail to see why. What are you going to compare????

            yes it’s good to see cars on track again but to start rating and comparing is well stupid…wait until at least test#2 for goodness sake!
            Or here’s a kicker wait untill there are the majority of teams testing!

            I never diverted from that

          3. be interested in the whole testing program, be interested in hoe each team goes about it, be interested in the whole mechanics of how a car is born on a screen and is then rolled out on the track and what each team does to get ready for the season…last of all start making excel spread sheets on lap times.

            To even compare a lap on day 1 to a lap on day 1.5or 2 or 3 of a GP weekend is just plain stupid never mind in the seasons 1st test/shake down.

            Lets just forget the cars are brand new and have zero track data for setups and how no one has driven them yet…lets just focus on the weather/temp/how the tracks rubbered in, what levels of fuel are they on, are they adding extra weight, are they on softs or hards are they new old scrubbed or well worn, is ti this years ddd and wings is it last years……
            Do you see or can you understand why this fanboi enthusiasm is getting old so quick.

            Enjoy test for …what it is….testing

          4. AP I failed to see why Hamilton got a Mclaren drive so early, why Kimi had such a small CV and got into F1 in the first place but these guys spot talent. It isn’t how they get there it’s what they do with it once they are there

          5. I generally agree with Steph.

            Massa did not have the same impact that Schumacher, Hamilton, Alonso had when they first came into F1 but he has consistently improved year on year which I think pretty respectable. Maybe you could say there is a tier with Massa, Raikkonen & Vettel, the guys who look like they can step up. Remember Massa did very well against Schumacher particularly in Turkey.

  4. Prisoner Monkeys
    3rd February 2010, 1:08

    I’m interested to see what sort of program Renault put Vitaly Petrov through. He’s never driven the car before, so I imagine they won’t be looking to get complete data from him. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they try and do two full race distance runs with him. The need him to get expeirence with the car under all conditions, and as the final day for the week, time is of the essence.

    I also find it a bit odd tht Virgin are launching their car at the same time as tsting begins, given that today will be the debut of Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, ont to mention Schumacher returning to the circuit. But Virgina re releasing their car online, so maybe they figure since all the dedicated fans will be on the internet discussing testing, the car will also be talked-about.

    1. You’re probably right on the last point, only so much you can say about testing after all :P

  5. ‘the F10 is not the turkey its predecessor was and Rubens Barrichello said he thought the car “seemed very good”.’

    keith don’t you mean Massa said that?

    1. No he doesn’t. Barrichello posted on Twitter today that the Ferrari seems very good.

      1. kk. it is confusing.

        1. If Prost got fired for calling the Ferrari a truck, I doubt Ferrari would be happy with Massa if he called it a turkey :)

  6. Guys, it’s just tests! We will see what they can at Bahrain.

    1. Burn the heretic! :)

  7. Jhonnie Siggie
    3rd February 2010, 3:01

    I know we shouldnt read too much into the times but is it a coincidence that the top 2 cars both have Ferrari engines?

    1. Giuliano Vilela
      3rd February 2010, 3:49

      It’s been reported by a few that the Mercedes engine has a better top speed, so I wouldn’t read too much on that.

    2. Yes, almost certainly coincidence.

  8. Inc0mmunicado
    3rd February 2010, 3:39

    How bout a white helmet and suit for the schu…err i mean the stig!

  9. Today we will see how Alonso & Button compare with their teammates.I do know they may have different fuel loads & even separate setting,but still some track action is better than none.

    1. Nick Somebody
      3rd February 2010, 5:12

      It’s better to go second. more rubber on the track, a better setup has been found and you know the time you need to beat for the media to think you are doing a good job.

      I predict that Button will be faster than Lewis tomorrow, and that 60% of the tabloids will report that as significant. 30% of normal media outlets will report it as significant and 6% of F1 journalists will report as significant.


      1. You’re way too generous. I’d put those figures at 100%, 100% and 99%.

        1. Agree. Everyone in the media wants to poke a stick in McLaren and see who stings first. Makes good copy…

          1. Yeah but a lot of fans (casual ones) will swallow it up which allows such British-Mclaren hysteria. Have to love British attitude they want to beat the German squad, are very proud of the full British line up but can’t wait to see just which of their drivers fail so they can have a go.

        2. Ha ha, soooo true!

        3. and add that to 99.9999% here too.

  10. It seens prety obvious from the tests so far that Ferrari has the upper hand and i strongly believe they have tested the car with full load of fuel on the first day and yesterday with less fuel to make all checks!
    Alonso will have a go in the car today and i bet heŽll be fast from the begining: first heŽs in his home soil (Spain) with lots of his fans and secondly, heŽs fired up to beat Shumacher for the third time!
    I always have been a Shumacher fan, but his comeback have created me many doubts, not on the physical side, because all seens to be ok with that but on the psichological side, his initial demands for number 3 not 4, the sudden change of plans to put Shumacher on the first day os tests, like always, he likes to be the star in the garage and more will come!
    To the guys who are predicting Hamilton-Jenson or Massa-Alonso problems in the garage, instead i will put my money in Shumacher-Rosberg.

    1. Penelope Pitstop
      3rd February 2010, 11:09

      Well, I’m hoping there’s conflict among all three pairings! For one thing, it’ll make for better story-lines. And there’s also the possibility that all those drivers will be so preoccupied with battling their own teammates that Vettel will be able to run away with the Championship (which would mean that I’d win the bet I’ve got going with my brothers and my boyfriend!).

    2. they were fastest in the 1st test last year…
      so what does this mean…NOTHING

  11. Looking forward to seeing Alonso back in the driver’s seat.

    Also looking forward to Vigin Racing’s launch online today at 10am UK time.

  12. Predictably the top 3 teams perform very well in the testing so far in general (speed, reliability, photogenic ability). can’t wait to see how Red Bull will perform, the way their car will look. just a bit worried about the renault engine perfrormance would effect their overall speed too much

    1. I have a suspicion that Red Bull will clean up this year. We will see.

    2. I was a bit worried about the Renault power, but if it does run very lean, then maybe we’ll see some races won by the most efficient drive rather than the out-right quickest car… ah the good old days! Fingers crossed anyway

  13. Hi, live update on test is found on this page as well. It can be translated from google and works really fine : http://www.f1-direct.com/include/livegp/we/temp/essais.php

    Moreover I was really happy with your website in full, the high-resolution pics from Valencia test were great and the coverage, the news and the blog is really cool. Thanks

    1. Here here, this site is really excellent

  14. No need to use the translator if you use the autosport link.. it’s in plain english.. :)

    I think that there is a lot for the media to focus on today.. Shumi.. Button getting his first laps in the macca.. but I think by far the biggest buzz will be Fernando getting his first laps in the Ferrari.. I can’t wait to see the pictures..
    I’m also glad that he’s gone back to the blue on his helmet.. although I thought it was a precursor for his Ferrari days I never liked the red lid..

    The Virgin launch will be of interest as well… man it’s great having the wheels rolling again!! :)

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      3rd February 2010, 7:20

      but I think by far the biggest buzz will be Fernando getting his first laps in the Ferrari

      While no doubt very good at what he does, I also think Fernando Alonso is over-rated, particualrly by the Spanish press.

      1. CounterStrike
        3rd February 2010, 7:38

        PM, how wrong you are. Alonso is the only man on this planet to have beaten Schumi apart from Hakkinen,Prost,Senna,Mansell,Villeneuve,Patrese,Coulthard,Hill,Raikkonen,Irvine & the rest.

        Also no other driver can bring 0.6 sec advantage over to a new team like he does.

        And the Spanish media are amongst the best in the world. They are particularly known for unbiased reporting. Their reporting during the feud with McLaren & Hamilton was absolutely exemplary & totally fair.

        I’d say Alonso is heavily underrated, just like Gaston Mazzacane. Both are champion drivers & deserve a lot more credit.

        1. You sure are a trusty reference on objectivity.

        2. And so does the british press really unbiased towards hamilton.

        3. Prisoner Monkeys
          3rd February 2010, 9:00

          Okay, the fact that you’re praising Mazzacane means pretty much everything you say is inadmissable. Seriously, can anyone (except you) even remember that guy?

          1. Mouse_Nightshirt
            3rd February 2010, 9:19

            Yup. Good ol’ Gaston. Or rather not so good ol’ Gaston…

          2. You do know that hes being sarcastic right??

      2. Fernando over rated?

  15. I agree, Alonso is the best driver at the moment and he knows how to beat Shumacher!
    Great to see the motors rolling again and next week iŽll be in Spain to wacth more action!
    IŽll keep you guys posted with any good comment.

    1. CounterStrike
      3rd February 2010, 8:09

      Well beating Schumacher isn’t that difficult as its made out to be. Two things if you want to beat him:-

      1) Make sure you are not driving for the same team as Schumi.

      2) Ensure you play even dirtier than him.

      The Title is yours :D

      1. Nurse Ratched where’s that Shock Cart??

    2. Alonso is the best?

      Except for being comprehensively beaten by his rookie team mate in 2007 you mean?

  16. So we are waiting to see what happens today.
    Times, laps, etc.
    Alonso vs Button vs Schumacher

  17. The lap record set in 2008 is 1.08 something. In my opinion I would imagine the 2010 cars are of comparable speed if not faster. Is this true? or were the 08 models far quicker.

    1. Im not entirely sure but I think the lap record was set in 2006 by Ant in a Honda..Maybe someone can confirm..

    2. The lap record was set in 2006 by Anthony Davidson in a Honda. On the basis that the fastest cars in 2009 were generally slower than the fastest cars in 2006, it’s safe to assume 2010 cars will also be slower than in 2006.

  18. Looking forward to seeing the Hulk in F1 for the first time. Wonder how he’ll stack up against wily ole Rubens.

  19. Rest easy, AP, this post makes no reference to testing times!
    An article in the German motorsport-total.com yesterday had Gerhard Berger pointing out that the test ban takes away one of Schumacher’s old advantages: Namely that (especially with Ferrari, on their own track) he could and would spend hours and days pounding around, making improvements, learning more about the car. So when he got to the race, he already had something on most others.

    This reminded me of a story from the online karting magazine tkartweb about the F1 drivers getting together at Lonato last summer for a couple of days of karting. Some (i.e. Piquet) just hopped in the karts and drove. Schumacher, naturally, tinkered and modified and constantly changed things (including mounting the steering wheel upside down) to get a few hundredths better.

    But the better story was about Timo Glock, the normal guy of F1. All of the other drivers were working with the factory kart teams, had various new chassis and motors, etc., and hung out in the secure area away from the crowds. Glock DRIVES down from Germany in an old Mercedes transporter, pitches an awning in the public parking lot, pulls out a beatup old Maranello chassis with a motor that had dozens of hours on it, and hits the track. When the Maranello factory finally heard about this, they rushed to Logano to assist – and promised Timo a new package to use next time.

    1. More respect for Timo then, to show up with his own kart…

  20. Prisoner Monkeys
    3rd February 2010, 9:01

    I have it on good authority that Ferrari have set their fastest times on super-soft tyres. I don’t know tyre data for anyone else except Renault, who apaprently haven’t touched anything but the hardest compounds. One has to wonder if they’re not going to arm Petrov with a set, suck his fuel tank dry and send him out to set some quick laps with the intention of making Moscow pay attention and net some sponsor roubles.

    It’s what I’d do.

    1. hmm, i guess that explains why renault are slower atm. must be doing heavy fuel load/hard tyre runs only.

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