Who was the best driver of the German Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Hockenheimring, 2010

Which driver did the best job during the German Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the German Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the German Grand Prix weekend:

Fernando Alonso – Unrepentant victor. Most impressive in qualifying.

Felipe Massa – Moral victor. Defended his position well until he was told to hand it over.

Sebastian Vettel – Pole position and fastest lap, but lacked the speed to challenge the Ferraris.

Robert Kubica – Best of the rest, kept the Mercedes drivers behind.

Vitaly Petrov – A point and 14 seconds behind his team mate was probably his best performance yet

Pedro de la Rosa – Game effort on hard tyres, late-race fight spoiled by Heikki Kovalainen.

Compare all the drivers

You can review what happened to each driver in the race and compare their race data with their team mates using the links below:

McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Nico H?â??lkenberg
Renault: Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Koalainen
HRT: Sakon Yamamoto and Bruno Senna
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Pedro de la Rosa
Virgin: Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most in the German Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the German Grand Prix weekend?

  • Jenson Button (3%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (7%)
  • Michael Schumacher (1%)
  • Nico Rosberg (1%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (2%)
  • Mark Webber (1%)
  • Felipe Massa (49%)
  • Fernando Alonso (22%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (0%)
  • Nico H?â??lkenberg (0%)
  • Robert Kubica (6%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (2%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (0%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Sakon Yamamoto (1%)
  • Bruno Senna (1%)
  • Pedro de la Rosa (2%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (1%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Lucas di Grassi (0%)

Total Voters: 2,243

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118 comments on “Who was the best driver of the German Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)”

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  1. Alonso was great early on in the weekend. But I have to give my vote to Massa. I only really care about the race, and for me Massa was the best driver in the race.

    1. Well that would be good if the article was called “Who was the best driver of the race” but is’t for the whole weekend. For me the vote has to go to Alonso.

      1. Gentleman Alonso lol
        28th July 2010, 13:12

        By your logic(?), you could only choose Alonso if the article was called “Who was the best at whinging to the team”

        1. My logic you mean? Alonso is my favourite driver, so what say is not true.

          I rarely get a chance to watch the practice sessions, so I can only really base my choice on what I’ve seen in qualifying and the race.

      2. I completely agree. It’s between Alonso and Massa, and over the course of the weekend, including practice and qualifying, Alonso performed better.

    2. and de la rosa whos race was spoiled aswell but heikkis fault who lost a lot of ground to the unlucky trulli who is showing to be the best of the “others” on qually but unreliable

  2. Electrolite
    27th July 2010, 23:33

    I said Pedro, he seemed to be really battling with those Williams cars even if it wasn’t for points scoring positions and outshined Kamui for me, for the first time this season.

    1. Electrolite
      27th July 2010, 23:38

      Actually I think Liuzzi, changed my mind. ;)

    2. I voted Pedro. Good feedback to the team (although my judgment made from one radio message!) and some good passing maneuvers (Legard awful commentary aside).

  3. It’s got to be Massa, and not as a sympathy vote, but because he made a massive start and got the jump on Vettel and Alonso both of whom had been consistently outpacing him up to that point in the weekend. If it hadn’t been for his team’s manipulation of the race he’d have clinched a well earned and properly raced win, a year to the day after he was shot in the head by an errant Brawn GP spring.

    1. Agree 100% with this.

      I was about to vote for Robert Kubica because I thought everyone would be sympathy voting for Felipe but fact is he drove the best race IMO up to the point where he was shafted.

      1. Felipe drove a great race until he got shafted by his team. I give him extra credit for not whining about the team order. Hopefully, when all is said and done, he will come out the best in this mess!

        1. Hopefully, but doubtful.

        2. Depends really. If he wants to be remembered as a nice guy, then yes he’ll come through with flying colours.

          If he wants to be remembered as a winner, he should leave Ferrari and try somewhere else because he isn’t going to win a championship with Alonso at the team.

          1. William Wilgus
            28th July 2010, 11:42

            Where would he go? What car will be fast enough for him to win the championship? I can understand your thinking that Ferrari considers Alonso to be their #1 driver and Massa their #2, but Massa is certainly no slouch and I think he’s capable of beating Alonso in the right car—and that might be Ferrari even though Alonso would also be in a Ferrari.

          2. Anywhere will do… anything other than the Rubens role, especially as he’s also Brazilian.

  4. Fernando. He was consistenly faster than Massa and would have won if silly Vettel didn’t close him at the start. But figures… Massa will won with sympathy votes.

    1. 100% agree.

      *writing something more just to avoid “to short comment” filter.

    2. I agree. Alonso was the quicker of the two Ferraris throughout the weekend. And if it wasn’t for Vettel’s ridiculous attempt to intimidate him, he would have entered the 1st corner in 1st position, and pulled away from Felipe comfortably.

      1. Sure Alonso was probably the fastest driver of the weekend but that doesnt mean he was the best.

        Despite being the fastest driver he couldnt overtake Felipe and he did have chances, whilst even though Felipe was slower he defended his position better and got a lightening start as well.

        With the pace Alonso had he should have ran away with the race, he didnt and therefore surely didnt preform at the level he could have done meanwhile Massa drove a little above himself in truth, hence being the better driver of the gp…imo ofcourse.

        1. “Despite being the fastest driver he couldnt overtake Felipe”

          Well, first time ALO was behind MAS with less than 0,5 sec, I was looking the back of the MAS car quite uncontrolled, it remembered me Kobayasi’s car in Brazil with Jenson trying to overtake him.

          Maybe ALO didn’t want to take the risk of crashing both cars and ruin the race for Ferrari (and for him, of course).

          At that time is when he comment the famous “This is ridiculous”.

          1. @ IDR : Yes, but Jenson managed to overtake unscatered. And Kobayashi wasn’t even his team mate!

        2. I agree with you, that Alonso was the fastest but not nessicarily the best driver of the weekend.
          Massa was OK in Quallifying getting 3rd, albeit 0.5 seconds slower than Alonso, His start was very good, thanks to Vettel not even thinking about the car behind him. And he drove a very good race, right until he was ordered to give it up and did so.

          But saying “Alonso should have overten Massa” is not really fair. OK Alonso had a chance and did not make it stick and later threw away another opportunity by a glitch.

          Surely the fact that you need more than a 2 seconds of speed difference or a mess up by the guy in front make that not something that is done just by being faster than Massa.

          By the way, i voted Petrov. He did make it a good ride into the points. Renault was not quite on the pace here, but he finally did it without running into trouble and it might have secured him the drive for next year.

      2. Vettel’s driving was within the rules and Alonso hasn’t complained about it. I don’t get why people are that bothered about it.

        1. Indeed. One move across to squeeze, and he gave Alonso a car’s width. That’s just racing.

        2. True, but I guess people see it as unsportsmanlike, I simply see it as a blocking move.

          However if more people in 3rd place take the lead as a result perhaps he might need to consider changing this tactic.

        3. Pablepete80
          28th July 2010, 13:19

          If the roles were reversed what would alonso do to Vettel?

  5. is the massa vote a sympathy vote? as much as i wanted him to win and as much as he deserved it for his excellent start(although mainly handed to him due to vettel’s stupdity) he really drove quite poorly for quite a while after the pit stop. i certainly wouldn’t vote that as driver of the day if any driver performed like that.

    1. and how is di grassi -1%?

    2. jose arellano
      28th July 2010, 17:03

      +1 on that… he didnt drive that good at all.. just the start..

  6. David Smith
    28th July 2010, 0:02

    Here’s a light hearted funny look at why fernando should get drivr of the day!!

    1. Haha that is really funny :D “Teeside riddles”

  7. Who voted for Yamamoto. He started with the pit lane limited on and then switched off his engine when trying to change brake bias. Hardly the best weekend

    1. Six votes currently. Ummmmmm…

      1. Well despite a rather lousy job to himself he managed to not take anyone else out! That in itself should be fairly impressive for Sakon ;D

  8. How about a “none of the above” option? No driver was really impressive. Also Massa needs to grow a spine before being awarded any moral victory.

    1. I think you could have just picked one driver in the 24 on thrack who did a very solid job, if you did not find Alonso, Massa, Vettel, Kubica etc. doing the best job this weekend.

      What about DiGrassi (trouble all weekend, but no foult of his), or Glock (he was very fast and looked like beating lotus before he had technical problems), or Trulli (until the car broke down he had been running very well. Qualifiying almost a seccond ahead), or whoever.

    2. I’m also having difficulty thinking of a driver who did perform well. No one really stood out.

      It could be Alonso for being fastest all weekend, but then he messed up his start and had to call on Ferrari to help him overtake.

      Massa was doing well in the race. Not spectacularly though and he was pretty poor in qualifying.

      Webber, meh.

      Vettel perhaps, but I’d guess the Red Bull was still the fastest car and he lost two places at the start.

      Hamilton perhaps. He did amazingly well to recover from his missed practice time, but then he crashed the car at a crucial time and has only himself to blame for his lack of setup time.

      Button didn’t impress me much at all. In the race he was OK, but he really need to start putting in some sort of qualifying performance. Of course he was ahead of Hamilton this time, but that was only because Hamilton made a mistake in his fast run in Q3.

      Similar for the whole field actually. A pretty average performance for all of them.

      1. Why don’t u show them how to do it?

        1. A thread about giving your opinion on the performance of the drivers and then some dumb kid comes whinign that I cannot give my opinion because I need to be better …

          Get lost

      2. So, Alonso messed up his start? Wasn’t Vettel anywhere near?

        1. Vettel had an even worse start yes. So?

  9. De La Rosa for me. Made a decent attempt to make a different strategy work, and almost pulled it off.

    1. He would’ve done well with it if it hadn’t been for Kovalainen turning into him.

  10. Realistically, Alonso was probably the best on the day – if he hadn’t been so busy making sure Vettel didn’t put him in the wall, he probably would have gone through turn one in P1. Still, I’ll give it to Massa – his starts are always typically beautiful, minimal wheelspin and a great pull-away, and then his feisty racing performance when he’s still struggling with the tyres was great to watch. The rest of the field were somewhat unimpressive. I enjoyed seeing Schumacher match it with Rosberg this time round, though.

  11. Massa showed last weekend how strong he can be even though I think his car is not the same as Fernando’s. I don’t know why his season is so bad, however I hope he wakes up in anytime and gets back to winning races.

  12. Voted Massa but not for sympathy. He had an excellent start and lead for most of the race which is better than what he usually does. De La Rosa was the other who impressed me and Alonsos quali performance and his actual race (bar TO) were good. Although, no one this weekend really impressed me that much.

  13. maestrointhesky
    28th July 2010, 1:37

    Massa may have got the votes but I think this marks the beginning of the end for him at Marrenello! What better way to mark the anniversary of his injury with a win. His team mate has no respect for him and now neither does his team. It’s a shame because they showed faith in him when others didn’t and now they’ve thrown it back in his face. I think when it comes to it, Ferrari will have trouble hiring a decent second driver, because Alonso will make sure his lawyers pour over the new contract to confirm it is manipulated in every aspect to ensure his dominance within the organisation. Any decent driver will not want to be a number 2 in that team.

    1. I agree, I wonder who will go to Ferrari with Alonso there, older wiser drivers sure won’t, It seems to me, that Ferrari will have an Italian, a Rookie, or a driver who really doesn’t deserve the car.

      That win “for the team” I think has pretty much shot said team in the foot.

  14. Charles Carroll
    28th July 2010, 1:56

    3 votes for the Yam! Not too bad for a guy who basically drove off the track, into regular traffic, and then off a bridge.

  15. Driving Category;

    Best … Massa – Took control for 49 laps, Alonso couldn’t pass
    Worst … Alonso – Couldn’t past Massa for 49 laps

    Tactic Category ;

    Best … Alonso – ” This is ridiculous ” – and got pass
    Worst … Massa – ” Understood ” – let Alonso passed too obvious

    Moral Category ;

    Luca , ” Moral, what moral ”

    Sucker Category ;

    Best … FIA / Jean ” No Interview, please ”
    Worst … Me, I’m still complaining !

    What else ….

    1. Where the hell did MORAL come into picture ?
      THey are drivers and not saints for God sake. I have seen on this portal, whenever Alonso is in picture, all take out their moral swords and start piercing him. Everyone out here is to win and if someone isnt, he has no right to be in any competitive field. FULL STOP

  16. why did people vote Hamilton?

    1. Because they are English !

      1. Charles Carroll
        28th July 2010, 4:38

        I voted for the Yam because I am a Potato.

        1. ^comment of the day?

        2. Nice one Charles!

        3. Christopher Vissing
          28th July 2010, 14:20

          Made my day! Btw it’s my birthday.. nice present!

          I vote for Pedro.. Otherwise it may be Alonso and Massa.. They did both well pace wise, and was pretty dominant.. But that incident with teamorders was kind of sucky..

          1. Christopher Vissing
            28th July 2010, 14:21

            Charles Carroll of course :)

      2. I am glad that you point out the word ENGLISH for certain voters.
        WHY??? Although we British – me included – live in the British Isles we have 4 very different nationalities.
        I am NOT English,but I am British and I gave my vote to Michael Schumacher for a very good start,in fact MSC gets very good starts, and, if the Mercedes GP cars suddenly reach the performance levels of ReD Bull and now Ferrari,you will see MSC and Nico on the podium regularly.
        Also Michael has a good calming effect on the team,can you imagine if it was Alonso with Mercdedes GP? LOL he would be throwing his childish and hysterical theatrical performances daily…he needs to grow up.

    2. He did beat his team mate and webber… ok maybe they are all super hamilton fans bacause crashing the new car that the team are desperatly trying to get data for on friday morning was not the best driver of the weekend stuff

    3. Because Hamilton finished in front of Button?

      Why did anyone vote for any driver? There just wasn’t anyone who actually stood out. Especially Massa and Alonso didn’t, yet they got a ton of votes.

  17. I have to go with Pedro he out drove his team mate in good fashion. I can’t give it to either of Ferrari drivers because they didn’t race each other. They didn’t demonstrate any race craft when the opportunity was there for the world to see. One cried for help from big daddy, while the other punked out, gave in and looked miserable on the podium. That behavior does not deserve a reward.

  18. I will say that Massa deserve that trophy but after the race I will say Kubica for his good overtaking move on Michael Schumacher.

    1. I think you might have watched a different race. Kubica didn’t overtake Schumacher in Germany. Robert did put up a robust defence against Michael after leaving the pits, but he was in front of him the whole race.

      1. The moment it happened was on lap 18 (I think) at that time the Star Sports Channel which shows F1 in Asia went for a commercial break so when they showed us the race highlights they only showed us the the last 4-6 second of the battle before both went to the hairpin.So I think there is were I was mistaken, trust me I wasn’t watching a different race.

  19. Vincent1972
    28th July 2010, 3:30

    Even if there’s no “team orders” happend I will still vote for Massa. He’s the most impressive on this race compared to his performance so far.

  20. People here are voting Massa because they want to make it clear that they are unhappy with what happened. All Massa did was have a good start. That’s it. He was slow in the race, and if he didn’t let Alonso through i believe Alonso would have either overtaken him or they would have crashed.

    Alonso was the fastest of the week-end regardless of what happened so gets my vote.

    I wish we could vote twice as Kubica would get my vote also.

    1. All Massa did was have a good start. That’s it. He was slow in the race

      You have to give him credit for his defence from Alonso on lap 21, I think.

      I wouldn’t say he was the best driver of the weekend though. I voted for Kubica.

      1. Bang on Keith.

        The defence on lap 21 was pretty amazing. Never have I seen Massa or any other driver defend so well.

        For me, the vote goes to Massa for 3 reasons:
        1. Capitalizing on Webber’s mitake in qualifying to get 3rd
        2. Making a fast as well as smart start. He had pre-planned to use the run-off after Turn 1, one can easily observe.
        3. Defence on Lap 21

      2. You’ve got to give Massa credit for gaining so many fastest laps – both before and after Alonso took the lead.

        He was more than 3 seconds in the lead – that’s pretty good, no?

      3. My only question to you Keith is, if Alonso was the faster driver, why wasn’t he able to overtake Massa in the 49 laps that he had, as Fernando himself had said at the start of the weekend that overtaking was possible?

        Also we must not miss the point that Massa could have planned on backing Alonso into Vettel so he could get Alonso off his back while Vettel and Alonso battled for second place. Its a shame that Ferrari didn’t let this happen, as we could have seen the Vettel Vs Alonso battle that we missed out in Valencia and Silverstone.

        And as to explain why my vote went to Massa, its not because he was cheated or robbed of a victory but i saw him battle hard with his weakness of maintaining temperatures on hard tyres. Kubica or Alonso did what they do every race, but i saw Massa put in a genuine effort to get over his weakness and that’s why he got my vote.

    2. And Alonso had 49 laps to overtake, and failed, even when Massa was struggling on the harder tyres. And the circuit isn’t in Spain, Hungary, or Monaco.

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