Who’s got the best looking car? (Poll)

Lotus and Virgin have added a new splash of colour to the F1 grid

Lotus and Virgin have added a new splash of colour to the F1 grid

The only the thing that really matters about an F1 car is how quick it goes.

But we like them to look nice too which is why I always get lots of requests at the start of the season for this poll:

Which team has the best-looking car?

  • McLaren (25%)
  • Mercedes (9%)
  • Red Bull (11%)
  • Ferrari (14%)
  • Williams (3%)
  • Renault (8%)
  • Force India (2%)
  • Toro Rosso (2%)
  • Lotus (10%)
  • Virgin (13%)
  • Sauber (3%)
  • HRT (1%)

Total Voters: 5,596

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I think we have one of the best-looking grids in years this season.

Gone are the dull corporate colours of BMW and Toyota. In their place we have the classic British racing green of Lotus, Virgin’s racy red and black, and the best paint job on a Renault since 1985.

I struggled to pick a favourite, so here’s some more pictures of each of the cars to help you decide:



Red Bull




Force India

Toro Rosso





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128 comments on Who’s got the best looking car? (Poll)

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  1. Mark Hitchcock said on 10th March 2010, 0:33

    My favourite livery is either Lotus, Virgin and Red Bull. Favourite looking car is you ignore the livery is probably the Mclaren because of how aggressive and fast it looked on launch.

    My vote goes with Lotus, it’s not quite as good as it could have been (I think the green is gonna look a drab on tv) but A* for effort!

  2. Ads21 said on 10th March 2010, 0:47

    I think the McLaren looks the best this year, just a shame about the shark fin. I do have a soft spot for the Hispania car tho, i think there’s something attractive about sponsorless cars with basic liveries.

    • McLaren? Really?

      Do I have to keep saying this? Chrome is for bath taps, not F1 cars.

      • Sush Meerkat said on 10th March 2010, 8:26

        I’m with Red Andy, I’ve never found a McLaren good looking… well apart from in the 80’s

        • dmac99 said on 10th March 2010, 9:58

          The “orange” McLaren that appeared pre-testing a few years ago was much better – I even liked the 76 one. Shame about recent years.

        • steph said on 10th March 2010, 10:08

          I didn’t mind the black and chrome too much but maybe that’s just because I really can’t stand the livery of the last few years.
          Agree with Sush that Mclaren were at their best in the 80s (and possibly 90 and 91)

        • Scott said on 10th March 2010, 11:56

          I agree with Sush Meerkat, the Mclaren has never been a good looking car and the more “radical” they try to go the worse it gets….

      • CovertGiblets said on 10th March 2010, 9:00

        I quiet like the colour scheme however I think the back of the car is bug ugly.

        I voted for Virgin becuase of its simplicity.

      • GQsm said on 10th March 2010, 10:48

        Thought the McLaren was the best looking car last season by a massive margin.

        Shark fin ruins the lines for me though this season. Looks herse shaped from the side. Can’t believe so many people have voted for it on here. It seems to be a case of people voting for their favourite team not the best looking car!!

        • Hallard said on 10th March 2010, 14:55

          Yeah I think this is a case of people voting for their favorite team. I voted for Ferrari, because I think it is very clean and elegantly shaped, but its McLaren I want to win the title. I just dont like the look of the shark fins on most of these cars.

      • I liked Mclaren around 2000, when they were black-white. But in the last years it’s getting worse.

      • Great Browser tho’ :)

      • Great Browser tho’ :0)

      • Jay Menon said on 11th March 2010, 1:04

        Well said Red Andy! I was ******* myself laughing!

        Mclaren need to liven up their colours a little..anyways, the real Silver Arrows are back on the grid, so they should go back to their classic Red and White livery.

        In my opinion, Lotus has the best looking car on the grid. The paint job is classic, which is why I love it, nice finish to the rims as well.

        The white on the Ferrari takes the edge of it, so it isnt as striking as it usually is.

        The Mercs look great too, I love the silver and green bits. I saw one close up a couple days back. I went to the launch of the Malaysian GP 2010 where the revealed the MGP 01.

    • Dafizzner said on 10th March 2010, 14:32

      I agree completely! Ugly sharkfin. The Hispania car looks great…

    • Mike said on 10th March 2010, 15:25

      I do like the 97′ livery, and the older ones where quite nice… but now? err… no thank you.

      • Mike said on 10th March 2010, 15:29

        My god! I just voted so I saw how many went for Mclaren? What are you guys on? wow……

        • Kanyima said on 10th March 2010, 15:50

          Mike, the Maclaren is truly the best looking out there. Well, for me definitely and I’m sure for those 259 fanatics who voted before me.

          • Mike said on 11th March 2010, 2:44

            Fair enough, Maybe I’m stilling emotionally scared as the rear wing being attached to the billboard they have on there….

    • Kanyima said on 10th March 2010, 15:48

      Hispania looks like it’s got a faded colour of sorts. It was black and some other colours bu fading fast!

  3. Gerdoner said on 10th March 2010, 0:51

    That’s a hard one.
    My favourite would either be Virgin, HRT, Sauber or Renault (which I didn’t like at first, but it grew on me… I still think vertical lines look bad on a race car).
    I don’t really get the hype about Lotus’ livery… sure, it’s British racing green, so I know where you’re coming from… but I agree with Mark that it’s not as good as it could have been.
    Voted for Virgin ;)

  4. Ned Flanders said on 10th March 2010, 1:04

    I agree the cars will look a lot better this season than last. Not only are the liveries better but I imagine most of us are accustomed to the unusual looking post 2008 packages.

    I think my favourite livery is the Red Bull. I complain a lot about how they never change it any more, but to be fair it’s a very nice design, and I love that metallic blue they use.

    Of the new liveries, I imagine I’m in the minority which likes the ‘silver arrows’ Mercedes the best. The mix of turquoise and silver has worked out far better than I expected. The Lotus livery is also growing on me, though like Mark says above the shade of green isn’t bright enough.

    And even though no one’s asking my least favourite liveries are Hispania’s (sooooo boring) and Sauber’s (soooo unimaginative)

  5. Fer no.65 said on 10th March 2010, 1:24

    i can’t see why people choose Mclaren as their favourite car… the livery is okay, but since they spoiled it a bit when they introduced the Vodafone red…

    and the car, appart from the livery, was horrid last season and it’s horrid this season!. The nose, the shark fin…

    the Virgin and Lotus, on the other hand, have some neat liveries!

  6. Mouse_Nightshirt said on 10th March 2010, 1:31

    The Virgin gets my vote.

    The jokes are going to get tedious after a while…

    • LewisC said on 10th March 2010, 10:12

      Another vote for the Virgin here. Interesting-shaped car and a really nice livery (not shown by the picture above).

  7. Swanky F1 said on 10th March 2010, 1:38

    If anyone says HRT they might need to have their eyes checked, that car is like a grey box with some of the ugliest shapes and colors I’ve ever seen!

    The Red Bull car, on the other hand is simply beautiful and the same goes with the Mercedes, McLaren, and Renault, and Toro Rosso… all stunning vehicles!

  8. Icthyes said on 10th March 2010, 1:38

    If it didn’t have the shark fin, I would have said McLaren. As it is, my favourite is the Williams, although I think Renault and Virgin have very nice liveries.

    • explosiva said on 10th March 2010, 2:49

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I don’t understand the McLaren shark fin hate. I actually think the shark fin & the teardrop Vodafone sidepod paint gives it a certain low-slung aggressiveness that’s just stunning.

      However, I do like Virgin’s livery the best.

      • ajokay said on 10th March 2010, 8:54

        As shark fins go, I’ll agree that the McLaren’s is the prettiest. At least they’ve coloured it so as to give the illusion that it isn’t there.

  9. MEmo said on 10th March 2010, 1:45

    Like the most:
    1. Lotus
    2. Merc
    3. Macca
    4. Red Bull
    5. Virgin

    The worsts:
    9. Ferrari (white? c´mon!)
    10. Force India
    11. Sauber (boring!)
    12. HRT (***? is that even a livery???)

  10. Kallan said on 10th March 2010, 1:51

    I went with Sauber for the aggressive shape, makes me think of a shark. The livery could be improved with sponsors.

    • Electrolite said on 10th March 2010, 10:57

      voted for sauber as well! surprised at how many little votes it’s got as everyone was impressed at the launch.

      mine would be followed by mercedes and perhaps toro rosso.

      • verstappen said on 10th March 2010, 18:51

        here too, photo with the article is so so, but indeed at the launch it looked stunning to me!
        …and in fact, the wheels alone are enough for my vote

  11. rfs said on 10th March 2010, 2:09

    IMO the Ferrari is the prettiest, and the McLaren is the most sophisticated looking.

    • Scott said on 10th March 2010, 12:00

      The Ferrari is defiantly the best looking car and the Mclaren looks like they had a parts bin and put a car together from what they had left. It is really bug ugly…

      I do like the livery on both the Lotus and Virgin cars.

  12. Tom Moitie said on 10th March 2010, 2:10

    You know what? For the pure reason of all the colour on the grid I am hugely excited for this season – it feels like real Formula One again. Full of real racing teams rather than manufacturer teams. For the first time in 10 years, it feels like Formula One is going in the right direction – there’s barely no politics! Lets go racing

  13. matt90 said on 10th March 2010, 2:15

    I really don’t see the appeal of the vigin. I’ve seen lots of praise for the tribal design, but to me it seems like a tribal tatoo- mostly tacky, rarely particularly good-looking, and a sign of not knowing what else to put on. Other than that I find the colours to be a bit midland. I think the Ferraris quite nice, even though I didn’t like the white originally, but the nose is to long a pointy from some angles. I think the Red Bull is best, closely followed by the McLaren.

    • rooks said on 10th March 2010, 7:19

      I agree so much about the super tacky Virgin. I normally wonder whether it’s me or the general public with a terrible taste, but come on. That car is such a pain to look at.

  14. Clay said on 10th March 2010, 2:25

    HRT actually looks okay, but my vote is with STR. The navy red and gold looks awesome and the car looks a bit more cohesive than the RBR with its ‘devil horns’ on the nose.

    The McLaren’s nose is ugly and I don’t like the look of their sidepods even if the shape works. The Ferrari looks anorexic, the Renault has the best paint scheme but the car is so-so, and Lotus despite having the great classic colours looks a bit late-90’s – very boxy at the back.

    So STR for me!

  15. Vikas said on 10th March 2010, 2:26

    The Force India car is bright and cute… i voted for it….i like the mclaren too!

  16. Bandes said on 10th March 2010, 2:28

    Toro Rosso
    brilliant color combinations, great design. looks the coolest to me.

  17. Voted for Force India! Yeah, Im just being patriotic!!

  18. Lotus is beauty, but Virgin is most!

  19. Realist said on 10th March 2010, 3:19

    McLaren the most beautiful?

    If McLaren were French, it wouldn’t have half the votes.

    • Cyclops said on 10th March 2010, 8:07

      Agreed, McLaren gains votes for being British, with Renault losing them for being French ;) I love to watch biased people voting in the morning ;)

  20. José Baudaier said on 10th March 2010, 3:27

    I voted Red Bull, although not 100% sure. If it were the ugliest car it would be easy: HRT.

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