2010 F1 testing live: 17th February

Fairuz Fauzy will drive the Lotus at Jerez today

Fairuz Fauzy will drive the Lotus at Jerez today

The F1 teams reach the halfway point in their preparations for the 2010 season today – it’s the eighth day of their 15-day testing allocation.

We now have 11 teams working at Jerez as Lotus has joined in with its newly-launched T127. Join us to follow testing as-it-happens below.

Times from today’s test

Driver Car Best time Laps Difference
Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault RB6 82.593 99 0
Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 83.017 72 0.424
Felipe Massa Ferrari F10 83.204 72 0.611
Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR5 83.322 79 0.729
Pedro de la Rosa BMW Sauber-Ferrari C29 83.367 76 0.774
Michael Schumacher Mercedes W01 83.803 111 1.21
Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes VJM03 84.272 28 1.679
Paul di Resta Force India-Mercedes VJM03 85.088 74 2.495
Vitaly Petrov Renault R30 86.237 55 3.644
Rubens Barrichello Williams-Cosworth FW32 87.32 109 4.727
Fairuz Fauzy Lotus-Cosworth T127 91.848 76 9.255
Timo Glock Virgin-Cosworth VR-01 92.417 10 9.824

Testing notes

The weather in Jerez last week wasn’t great with two of the four days’ running disrupted by rain. Unfortunately it’s set to be just as bad if not worse over the next four days.

Due to the agreements the teams have with the circuits, they’ll only be able to move to a different venue if they look like getting zero chance of dry running. At the moment it looks like they willl get a dry day on Friday, but heavy rain is forecast for today and tomorrow.

Today Lotus becomes the second of the new teams to join testing – we’ll see if they an get their car on-track more quickly and with fewer problems than Virgin did last week.

Another new addition to this week’s test is Paul di Resta, who will get half a day’ running in the Force India.

Today’s testing line-up

McLaren MP4-25Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes W01Michael Schumacher
Red Bull RB6Sebastian Vettel
Ferrari F10Felipe Massa
Williams FW32Rubens Barrichello
BMW Sauber C29Pedro de la Rosa
Renault R30 – Vitaly Petrov
Force India VJM03Adrian Sutil/Paul di Resta
Toro Rosso STR5Sebastien Buemi
Virgin VR-01Timo Glock
Lotus T127 – Fairuz Fauzy

The track: Circuito de Jerez

The teams are testing at the Circuito de Jerez, formerly the home of the Spanish (1986-1990) and European Grands Prix (1994 and 1997):

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Eight of this year’s pre-season test days will take place at this circuit. Last week Lewis Hamilton set a best time of 1’19.583 at the track.

Tweets from the test

Here’s the ten latest Tweets from people at the track (plus me):

If you would like to suggest a Twitter feed to add to the list, please name them in the comments. The list only updates when this page is refreshed.

2010 F1 testing

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129 comments on 2010 F1 testing live: 17th February

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  1. good to see lotus hit the track, looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

    keith, have you taken out recidency in spain yet? seems youve been there ages you lucky… :)

  2. Mariusz said on 17th February 2010, 8:08

    Read somewhere, that current R30 is only 60% of this which we will see at Bahrain. . .

    • maciek said on 17th February 2010, 9:02


      • Mariusz said on 17th February 2010, 9:30

        Maciek, guess U r my countryman… Well, this information comes from polish f1 sites, but main source can be different. Anyway, beside possible 215 million dolars budget of Renault, it was the biggest news.

        • It was here, amongst other places: http://sport.onet.pl/f1/f1-zmiana-decyzji-renault-dobre-wiesci-dla-roberta,1,3177958,wiadomosc.html

          Brief summary in English:
          “According to French media reports, Renault are preparing a vastly improved chassis for the Bahrain GP (In previous statements Ranault said a new car would only be ready for the Canadian GP.). The new and/or modified parts should alter the car we have seen Renault testing so far by as much as 40%. The biggest changes concern the front wing, sidepods and the diffuser.”

          Perhaps I should consider changing my nickname for sth more Polish-sounding?
          Still, a Pole called Damon (which is kinda the equivalent for my real name) is less confusing than a Czech guy called Pedro. ;]

          • less confusing than a Czech guy called Pedro


          • Ned Flanders said on 17th February 2010, 16:37

            So Damon, what is your real name? Damonski?! Pedro said his name is actually Petr, which is fine with me because they’re all just variations on Peter to me!

            It is a bit misleading, but loads of people on this site (including me) don’t use their real name. Plus I think it’s great that we have contributors from Eastern Europe, it seems as though F1 is really growing over there.

    • David said on 17th February 2010, 9:17

      so it’s going to lap about 30 seconds faster than it currently is? Kubica, you genius!

    • spawinte said on 17th February 2010, 10:41

      If thats true then maybe it is an r29b and Renault are hiding some insane developments up their sleeve. Doubt it though.

      • Yer its something that a lot of people have suspected since the ‘R30′ was unveiled. I think they’re running still running the R30 with mostly R29 aero and will have massive new update for Bahrain.

  3. sagar said on 17th February 2010, 8:11

    Tell me something more about R30. I want to see those Renault’s great days back.

  4. Dougie said on 17th February 2010, 8:23

    Is Twitter working, there doesn’t seem to be any Tweets coming out of the test… nothing for over half an hour… which is unusual.

    • You need to refresh the page to get new feed.
      Thats probably why it looks like it isnt working.

      • Dougie said on 17th February 2010, 9:35

        Cheers Max, but I’m referring to F1 Testing Tweets generally… I get them direct to my phone with the Twitter app sitting open refreshing automatically every 5mins.

        They are coming through from Keith, so I guess all is working okay, just nothing from anyone else e.g. ClaireVWilliams, VirginRacing, McLarens TheFifthDriver, JamesAllen etc etc… it’s possible they just haven’t tweeted anything due to being busy or whatever.

        Its just not like the first Jerez test last week, which was a Twitter frenzy… guess can’t always be like that.

        • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 17th February 2010, 9:55

          I think Claire said she wasn’t doing anything at this teat. James Allen wasn’t at the test last week and I don’t think he is this week either. Fifthdriver has been pretty quiet from testing generally. There’s a fair bit coming from Lotus though.

          • Dougie said on 17th February 2010, 10:02

            Thanks Keith, I’m following Tony & Mike now, thanks for the info.

            Impressed with the Lotus so far, Mike Gascoyne never fails to impress me.

  5. Red flag already caused by Hamilton… not a good start. Looking forward to some video footage of the Lotus

  6. Prob. off topic, but I have my doubts

    How come BMW Sauber is still retaining the same name? Shouldn’t it be Sauber-Ferrari?

    Surprised to see BMW’s not worrying too much about branding…

    • If they change the name they lose the residual funding from last years participation as BMW Sauber. Peter Sauber needs every penny of income he can lay his hands on at the moment. So his team will probably remain with the existing title for some time yet, or at least until other income is secured.

      • But actually its more damage to BMW than Peter Sauber.

        If FIA’s naming regulations means money for a name change, it would be wise for BMW to fund Sauber to get its name off the team as I dont see it otherwise impossible since Brawn has changed its name.
        Its ironic to see a BMW run on a ferrari.

        And wonder why the team’s name isn’t listed at formula1.com yet.

        • Oliver said on 17th February 2010, 9:59

          If Sauber don’t score any points this year, you can bet the name will be changed quickly. Express approval was given to Brawn last year, because everyone thought they were poor. :-)

    • I believe the reason is because teams are only allowed to change their name once every couple of years or so. There is some sort of limitation (going off something I read, maybe someone else can elborate). Sauber is waiting for a big sponsor before changing its name.

    • The team can change its name but there is a process to go through which requires the consent of all the other teams. It’s just not a big enough priority for Sauber at the moment.

      • Exactly Tim !

        If the car was called Marmite-
        Spam-Feugtvengler Peter Sauber would
        stick with it till other vital things
        fall into place for him. How he managed
        to get the show on the road after last
        years BMW-exit debacle I’ll never know,
        but you can bet the details are still
        pretty messy.

        The thing that impresses me most is how superbly that Ferrari engine/gearbox oufit
        seems to be perforing in a chassis designed
        for a completely different mechanical set-up.
        me most

        • sorry guys screwed up that last para whilst actually doing some work to make a living!

        • Scribe said on 17th February 2010, 11:55

          Everyone knew that BMW where leaving for quite some time. Sauber would have had more time than say Brawn to adjust his chassis to another engine.

          Certainly not the hatchet job they where forced to do on the Brawn.

          • Robert McKay said on 17th February 2010, 14:29

            Do you know how much I now want to set up a Formula 1 team called Marmite-Spam-Feugtvengler? :-D

            Obviously we’ll put a “Racing” on the end, else it doesn’t make any sense!

  7. Second Red Flag of the day already

  8. Live timing with live lap by lap timing for every driver (click on the name):

    Greek language commendatory

  9. Stuart said on 17th February 2010, 9:33

    Keith, any chance of putting everyone who’s at the track in a Twitter list? Theoretically it would make it easy for tweeps like me to then get live updates on what’s happening.

    Hope the rain stops!

  10. Peter said on 17th February 2010, 9:53

    Whats happening at Virgin?

  11. Bertie said on 17th February 2010, 9:56

    Must say, hats off to Lotus. They are already done more than virgin’s first day. I suspect by the end of the day they will have done more milage. Considering they built it all in 4 months their future looks promising.

  12. LewisC said on 17th February 2010, 9:58

    Daft question – why’s the Lotus in the pic above wearing grooved tyres?

  13. Why is Hamilton bottom of the sheet? No running this morning?

    • He did run but apparently caused the first red flag of the day, his car stopped and had to catch a ride back to the pits.

  14. Wondering what’s happening with McLaren.. It seems like they are trying to keep quiet about the problems they’re facing

  15. Virgin and Renault without time?

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