2010 F1 testing live: 26th February

Lewis Hamilton in action today

Lewis Hamilton in action today

It’s day two at Barcelona and Fernando Alonso is among the drivers finishing off their planned test programmes ahead of the first race of 2010.

Join us and follow testing as it happens below.

Times from today’s test

Driver Car Best time Laps Difference
Nico H???lkenberg Williams-Cosworth FW32 80.614 99 0
Fernando Alonso Ferrari F10 80.637 134 0.023
Pedro de la Rosa BMW Sauber-Ferrari C29 80.973 114 0.359
Vitantonio Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes VJM03 81.056 90 0.442
Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault RB6 81.258 125 0.644
Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR5 81.571 104 0.957
Michael Schumacher Mercedes W01 81.689 85 1.075
Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 82.152 93 1.538
Robert Kubica Renault R30 84.912 53 4.298
Jarno Trulli Lotus-Cosworth T127 85.524 70 4.91
Timo Glock Virgin-Cosworth VR-01 85.942 52 5.328

Testing notes

Mark Webber was fastest of all yesterday but expect the times to get faster over today, tomorrow and Sunday as more rubber goes down on the track.

McLaren ran a set of sensors on the rear of Jenson Button’s car early in the session but the team suffered a blow when the car came to a stop late in the session.

But they were far from the only team to suffer problems. Fernando Alonso lost a lot of running after an electrical problem (he also tried a shark fin wing on the Ferrari F10) and Virgin’s test efforts suffered another setback after Lucas di Grassi crashed.

Several drivers are expected to make their last appearances in testing today before the Bahrain Grand Prix, including Alonso, Nico H???lkenberg, Pedro de la Rosa, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Jaime Alguersuari.

Today’s testing line-up

McLaren MP4-25Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes W01Michael Schumacher
Red Bull RB6Sebastian Vettel
Ferrari F10Fernando Alonso
Williams FW32Nico H???lkenberg
BMW Sauber C29Pedro de la Rosa
Renault R30Robert Kubica
Force India VJM03Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso STR5Jaime Alguersuari
Virgin VR-01Timo Glock
Lotus T127Jarno Trulli

The track: Circuit de Catalunya

The final test of 2010 is being held at the Circuit de Catalunya, where the teams will return later this year for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Rubens Barrichello set the fastest time during last year’s Spanish Grand Prix race weekend with a 1’19.954 in Q2. The fastest lap of the race itself was also set by Barrichello, a 1’22.762,

For further comparison, Valentino Rossi lapped the track in a 2008-specification Ferrari on GP2 slick tyres in a time of 1’21.900 earlier this year.

Live Tweets and times

Check out MSFree.gr for live times from the track during the test.

Here’s the latest Tweets from people at the track (plus me):

If you would like to suggest a Twitter feed to add to the list, please name them in the comments. The list only updates when this page is refreshed.

2010 F1 testing

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101 comments on 2010 F1 testing live: 26th February

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  1. Keith,
    There is a small change in today’s line-up: Kubica [friday, sunday]

  2. Derek said on 26th February 2010, 8:21

    Schumacher is out very early this morning!! Looks like Mercedes mean business.

  3. bwells said on 26th February 2010, 8:36

    Evening everyone… if anybody has the MSFree link for today’s test that would be awesome.. they always seem to be late getting it going… :)

  4. bwells said on 26th February 2010, 8:53

    I apologize… and thank you very much.. :) I love your site.. is there any chance of getting an english version?
    Thanks again.. :)

    • Actually… we thinking about it… For sure we are preparing a very good livetiming for the f1 periods with English commendatory…

      Thanks for your support!

    • MondoL said on 26th February 2010, 14:07

      I recommend you installing google chrome as web browser and getting the translator extension.
      It translates any page on the fly from/to a lot of languages! ( greek to catalan, for a strange but useful combination)
      auto-update of the page can be a bit frustrating, altough.

  5. bwells said on 26th February 2010, 9:01

    I just realized that it was me making the mistake.. I thought I was going to your home page and couldn’t find the testing.. I know now.. I wish it was all Greek to me.. 8)

  6. David B said on 26th February 2010, 9:03

    Today Alonso has pushed very hard.
    Seems like the track is much quicker. I think Alonso will like to set the pace at the end of his practice activity.
    Looking very exciting.

    • Yes, it’s his last day today so I’m sure he would like to head the day’s timings. Hamilton and Schumacher have not realy push in 3 or 5 lap runs yet. When they do I expect them to run very close to Alonso’s times.

  7. bwells said on 26th February 2010, 9:09

    Straight from Ferrari’s twitter…

    “First runs at Barcelona. We’ve started to look for performance, using the new aero solutions. Alonso’s quickest time so far is 1.21.183.”

    They will push very hard…

  8. Mercedes has been disappointing so far in all the tests… trailing by at least 1s from the top time. Anyone think this might change today ?

  9. geo132 said on 26th February 2010, 9:13

    what was the unofficial lap record? i saw yesterday somebody saying it was Barrichelo’s, but can’t remember the exact time.. anybody got any idea?

    • jonni said on 26th February 2010, 9:17

      The fastest time in the previous test in Barcelona is a 1:18.926, set by Rubens Barrichello in the Brawn in March last year (autosport)

    • geo132 said on 26th February 2010, 9:19

      Nevermind guys, found a post from yesterday by Kris
      “Barrichello in testing did a 1:18.926 last year.”

  10. bwells said on 26th February 2010, 9:20

    Ruebens was fastest in the last test last year with a 1:18.926.. on Wikipedia it says that the race lap record is a 1:21.670 in 2008… Fernando looks very quick today.. yesterday Webber went quickest but he was on 3 lap runs.. at least Fernando’s on 5 laps.. lol

  11. jonni said on 26th February 2010, 9:22

    ferrari is going really fast today…….com’on lewis go out

  12. bwells said on 26th February 2010, 9:29

    Shumi didn’t like those changes… goes out and does a 1:26 then a 1:30 then pits..

  13. Jacob said on 26th February 2010, 9:49

    Yey ! looks like lotus have finally changed the stickers on their rear wing!

  14. Jacob said on 26th February 2010, 9:56

    Keith in case you didnt already know mark webber now has twitter according to jake humphrey i think its aussiegrit

  15. Pilotes Equipes Temps Ecarts Trs
    1 F.Alonso Ferrari 1.20.738 +-.— 28
    2 V.Liuzzi Force India 1.21.812 +-.— 17
    3 J.Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1.21.989 +-.— 18
    4 P.De La Rosa Sauber 1.22.306 +-.— 31
    5 L.Hamilton McLaren 1.22.924 +-.— 18
    6 S.Vettel Red Bull 1.23.196 +-.— 30
    7 R.Kubica Renault 1.25.520 +-.— 10
    8 M.Schumacher Mercedes 1.25.693 +-.— 14
    9 N.Hulkenberg Williams 1.26.653 +-.— 23
    10 J.Trulli Lotus 1.28.676 +-.— 23
    11 T.Glock Virgin -.–.— +-.— 0

  16. Hi Costas your site looks really great, it would be awesome if you could set an english version, which seems hard enough, but maybe a lite version with timings, news or f1 goodies.
    Thank you so much!

  17. MacLeod said on 26th February 2010, 10:14

    why are the twitterscomments not on this page but one the yesterday page?

  18. Liuzzi now 1m21.056, just three tenths off Alonso. I think the track is with more rubber

  19. I was just going to say why are Mclaren doing so little running and then out pops Hamilton

  20. spanish senora said on 26th February 2010, 11:23

    Can’t seem to access msfree page. Is there anywhere else to see live timings?

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